33rd Degree (1802) Of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Unite

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

33rd Degree (1802) Of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Unite

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33rd Degree (1802) Of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, Called Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Or Supreme Council of the 33rd
by Anonymous
(Note by publisher, Kessinger Publishing: This article was extracted from the book: The Original and Complete Rituals, Fourth Through Thirty-third Degrees of the First Supreme Council, Thirty-third Degree at Charleston, South Carolina, by Anonymous)






33. “Satan is the minister of God, Lord of the seven mansions of Hades” . . . .

The seven or Saptaloka of the Earth with the Hindus; for Hades, or the Limbo of Illusion, of which theology makes a region bordering on Hell, is simply our globe, the Earth, and thus Satan is called —

33 “. . . . the angel of the manifest Worlds.”

It is “Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god,” and this without any allusive metaphor to its wickedness and depravity. For he is one with the Logos, “the first son, eldest of the gods,” in the order of microcosmic (divine) evolution; Saturn (Satan), astronomically, “is the seventh and last in the order of macrocosmic emanation, being the circumference of the kingdom of which Phoebus (the light of wisdom, also the Sun) is the centre.” The Gnostics were right, then, in calling the Jewish god “an angel of matter,” or he who breathed (conscious) life into Adam, and he whose planet was Saturn.


“Tri-dasa,” or three times ten (30), alludes to the Vedic deities, in round numbers, or more accurately 33 — a sacred number. They are the 12 Adityas, the 8 Vasus, the 11 Rudras, and 2 Aswins — the twin sons of the Sun and the Sky. This is the root-number of the Hindu Pantheon, which enumerates 33 crores or over three hundred millions of gods and goddesses. In short, if ever unravelled, the theogony of the Vedic Gods will reveal fathomless mysteries of Creation and being. Truly says Parasara: “These thirty-three divinities exist age after age, and their appearance and disappearance is in the same manner as the sun sets and rises again.”


The animals regarded as sacred in the Bible are not few: the goat for one, the Azaz-el, or God of Victory. As Aben Ezra says: “If thou art capable of comprehending the mystery of Azazel, thou wilt learn the mystery of His (God’s) name, for it has similar associates in Scriptures. I will tell thee by allusion one portion of the mystery; when thou shalt have thirty three years of age thou wilt comprehend me.”

-- The Secret Doctrine, by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

This Council chamber must be hung with purple, with a number of Skeletons, Skulls, thigh bones, and fire brands painted thereon.

The presiding officer represents his Most August Majesty, Frederick the 2nd King of Prussia, who was the Sovereign of the whole Masonic order. He must be dressed in robes of Crimson silk edged with white fur, wear a regal Crown on his head, and have a drawn sword in his hand. His title is "Most Puissant Sovereign." He sits in the East, on a Throne elevated with five steps, under a Canopy of Crimson, a triangular pedestal before him covered with crimson.

The 2nd officer represents his Serene Highness, Louis of Bourbon, Prince of the Blood Royal of France. He wears on his head a Ducal Crown, and has a drawn sword in his hand. His title is "Most Illustrious Inspector General." He sits in the West, on a Throne elevated by 3 steps, and has before him a triangular pedestal covered with Crimson.

The Treasurer in the North is styled "Illustrious Treasurer General of the Holy Empire." -- Table triangular. --

The Secretary in the South is styled "Illustrious Secretary of the Holy Empire" -- Table triangular. --

The Master of Ceremonies -- "Illustrious Grand Master of Ceremonies."

The Door Keeper must be dressed in the Military Uniform of the order and is styled, "Illustrious Captain of the Life Guards. The Degree must be committed to him, but he is not to be considered as a Member of the Council. The members are styled, "Sovereign Grand Inspectors General."

In the Council or procession, they must always wear Black clothes, a sword, cocked hat, black cockade, and all must wear the attributes of the order.

The Order is worn from the left shoulder to the right hip, and is a white water tabby'd ribbon, 4 inches broad, on the bottom of which is a red and white Rose. -- On the part which crosses the breast must be gilt or embroidered, or cut out of gold, a triangle, surrounded by a Sun, and within the triangle the figures 33 in Gold. On each side of this figure must be a dagger thus. [1]


Jewel. -- At the bottom of the Order is suspended the Jewel, which is a large, cast-black spread-eagle, with two heads and gold beaks, holding a naked sword in his claws. Gloves -- White -- No Apron. --

Over the head of the Most Puissant Sovereign is the Great and Awful name of HIM who gives us Life and Immortality. -- Thus Image

In the Center of the Council Chamber must be a small, quadrangular pedestal covered with crimson, on which must be placed Bible open, and a drawn Sword laying thereon. A Human Skeleton on the North side of the pedestal, with a naked dagger in his right hand, in the attitude of striking with it, and in his left bearing the standard of the order.

The Standard is of white silk, 3-1/2 by 2-1/2 feet, edged with Gold fringe and tassels -- in the Center a Black spread-Eagle, with 2 heads, gold beaks, and a naked sword in its Claws. Under it, on a blue Scroll, these words in Gold Letters,

Deus Meumque Jus

the staff 8 feet in length with a spear on the top. -- Thus, over the inside of the Council Chamber door, are these words in Gold Letters,

Deus Meumque Jus

In the East must be a Candlestick with 5 branches, in the west one with 3, in the North one with 1, and in the South one with 2. --

§. To Open.

S. -- Most Illustrious Inspector General, what age are you?

I. -- Accomplished 30, Most Puissant Sovereign.

S. -- What is your employment?

I. -- To Combat for God and my rights, and to inflict Vengeance on Traitors.

S. -- What is the hour?

I. -- The Watch word is out. The Guards are set, and we remain in perfect security.

S. -- Since we are safe from interruption, give notice by the mysterious numbers that a Supreme Council of the 33rd is going to be opened, AD GLORIAM DEI, that we may revolve in our minds the business of our enterprise, and implore the assistance of the God of Armies to aid us in our struggle for justice and our rights. --

He then strikes the hilt of his sword 5-3-1-2

The Most Illustrious Inspector General repeats the same when the Supreme Council is open.

The members of the Council then kneel on both knees while the Most Puissant Sovereign, also kneeling, humbly and devoutly offer up to God the following prayer: --


O thou Great and Eternal Lord God, Father of Light, of Life and of Love, the world's Supreme Architect, who dost from thy Throne in the heavens behold all the people of the Earth, vouchsafe, we beseech thee, to hear and receive the prayers and petitions of thy unworthy servants now prostrate before thee.

Instill into our hearts a knowledge of thy Eternal Word, and grant that our high Institution may always be governed by the principles of Virtue, religion, and Justice.

Defend us, O Lord, from the machinations of the wicked; frustrate the evil designs of our enemies; and give us strength to overcome all those who may be armed against us, or who may wish to do us evil.

And the honor and the Glory shall be ascribed to thy most Holy and Mighty Name, now and forever.

The Council answers -- Amen.

§. Form of Reception.

As this is the most solemn and important of all the degrees of the Royal and Military Art of Free Masonry, it is necessary that the utmost precaution should be used, in the selection of persons for admission.

It does not follow that because a Brother may have received the degree of Prince of the Royal Secret, he is then entitled to receive this. None must be admitted whose character is not irreproachable, and whose zeal, virtue, discretion, fidelity, and fortitude are not fully known and approved. Such a person must apply in the following form:

To the Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, in Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree

Most Puissant Brethren,

Ardently attached to the Glorious enterprise established in the degrees of K.H. and Prince of the Royal Secret -- and being anxious to arrive at the summit of Masonic Knowledge, and to enjoy its privileges, I most humbly beg leave to offer myself as a Candidate for admission into your Illustrious and Puissant Council, and your suffrages in my favour will ever be held in grateful remembrance.

K.H. -- P.R.S

The Candidate is then Voted for Viva Voce. One nay excludes him forever, if the reasons which are given shall be deemed sufficient.

The Illustrious Grand Master of Ceremonies goes out to the candidate and examines him in all the preceding degrees, as none can be advanced into this Supreme Council who have not been regularly and lawfully initiated into the Ancient Mysteries, and received every degree from an Entered Apprentice to the 32nd or Prince of the Royal Secret, and produces certificates of the same.

The Candidate must then declare that he believes the Holy Scriptures to be the revealed Word of God, for if he swears on a book which he does not believe, he will deem his obligation of no importance. No one can be admitted who has not attained 30 years of age. The candidate then knocks on the door of the Council chamber 5-3-1-2, on which the Most Illustrious Inspector says --

"Most Puissant Sovereign, some person knocks at the door and disturbs the deliberations of the Council. The Most Puissant requests him to go and see who it is. He then goes and knocks 5-3-1-2, and when the door is opened he demands -- "Who is it that knocks and disturbs our deliberations."

The Illustrious Grand Master of ceremonies answers -- "It is a Knight of Kadosh, and prince of the Royal Secret, who is sincerely attached to his order, his Country, and his God, who feels for the sufferings of humanity in the death of the Master, and humbly solicits admittance into the Supreme Council, that he may enjoy the privileges which hereunto belong."

The door is then shut, and the Most Illustrious Inspector General reports the answer in the same words to the Most Puissant Sovereign, who desires the Candidate to be admitted if he possess the necessary qualifications.

The Illustrious Grand Master of Ceremonies then introduces the Candidate, who must be dressed in black clothes and without shoes, hat, apron, sword, his head inclining forwards and downwards, his arms crossed on his breast, his fingers touching his shoulders, a black cord round his neck which is held by the Grand Master of Ceremonies in his left hand, and a fire brand in his right. --

In this situation he is led round the Council, and when he passes in front of the Most Puissant Sovereign, he bows before the Sacred and Ineffable name of God which blazes in the East, while the Most Puissant Sovereign says to him --

"Let us with the deepest veneration and piety, humbly, adore the fountain of all good, that Glorious and Gracious Being, who with mercy and Beneficence governs the Universe, and all the works of his Creation, Glory be to his Holy Name, now and forever."

The Council answers -- Amen.

He is then led round again, and again bows before the ineffable name; and the Most Puissant Sovereign says: --

"How adorable and wonderful is that Being who irradiates the world with the light of Reason and of Revelation -- We adore thee Jehovah Sabaoth for all thy goodness, thy power, and thy Glory be to thee for ever and ever."

The Council answers -- Amen.

He is then led round the 3rd time, and on approaching the East, he again bows before the great Name, and the Most Puissant Sovereign addresses him as follows --

Most Respectable Knight and Prince, impressed with the solemn scene through which you are about to pass, in taking an obligation, which of all others is the Most Awful and important that men can subscribe to, and feeling, as I do, a consciousness of the dreadful penalty which the Great Eternal will most assuredly inflict on all those who violate it -- And as temptations may frequently occur that may put your religion and fortitude to the test -- It is necessary we should have some proof of your firmness and resolution of mind. You will therefore, my Respectable Brother, advance to that cauldron, and wash your hands in the melted lead which you see therein, that your hands may be cleansed from the stains of Vice and immorality; and that you may give us an assurance that you are capable of enduring any sufferings in the cause of virtue, religion and truth. All of us have gone through the same trial and have escaped unhurt. Put your trust in God, and resolutely determine to fulfill the Obligation which you are about to take, and the Lead, though melted, will lose its heat, and as you immerse your hands. it will recede from your touch. Brethren, attend to see the Mystic Ceremony.

They all advance and see it performed. The Cauldron must be an iron basin, under which must be a furnace or chafing dish, containing a few pieces of lighted Charcoal, and placed in the South, so that in going round, the Candidate may pass behind it. Some incense must be thrown on it, composed of Amber, Olibanum, and Mastick, each three parts; Storax, two parts, Labdanum and Benzoine each one part, mixed in a gross powder. This will make it smoke, and yield a grateful perfume.

The Cauldron must be half-filled with Quicksilver, which has the appearance of melted lead, but cannot be made hot.

After washing his hands in it, the Candidate is led to the Quadrangular Pedestal, at which he kneels and takes the Obligation of an Inspector, during which the incense is kept burning, and every Member kneels, inclining his head downwards in humble adoration, with their right hands upon their hearts. The Candidate places both his hands on the Holy Bible, and takes the following

§. Obligation.

I -- Knight of Kadosh and Prince of the Royal Secret, do most solemnly pledge my sacred word of Honor, and do most sincerely swear and promise on the Holy Bible, which I verily believe to be the revealed Word of the Everlasting God, that I will never reveal, either directly or indirectly, any part or parts of the Secrets or Mysteries of this Inspectors degree which I am now about to receive, or any degrees which I have heretofore received, to any person or persons in the world, except it be to a true and lawful Grand Inspector General of the 33rd, who has received it, in as lawful a manner as I have, or unto those to whom the same shall justly and lawfully belong. And I do furthermore swear that I will strictly and religiously adhere to all the Statutes, Constitutions, Orders, and regulations of this degree. That I will diligently and faithfully, and without partiality, favor, or affection, discharge the duty of Grand Inspector General. That I will never receive or acknowledge any higher degree in Masonry than this. That I will worship the only true and living God in the manner and form which I conscientiously believe revealed in the holy Scriptures, and regulate my conduct by the unerring guide of his divine commands. That I will bear true allegiance and fidelity to the Country in which I live, and be obedient to all the orders and laws of the Government. That I will to the utmost of my powers endeavor to inculcate to all around me, both by my language and behavior, the duty we owe to our God and our Neighbor, that it is Virtue alone that can make us respectable, and religion that blesses us with happiness. -- All this I swear without any equivocation, mental reservation, or self-evasion of mind, or in the hope of any future dispensation from any power whatever, under the penalty which I hereby implore upon myself of being dishonored among men, of having my name exposed in large red letters in all the Councils and Lodges in the World -- and I hereby most solemnly Invoke the Great and Eternal God to pour his curses upon this execrable head [here the Candidate places his right hand upon his head], and to let me languish in misery and wretchedness should I violate this my Inspectors Obligation.

So may God Almighty bless me with sufficient strength and resolution to fulfill it, in all its points, to the Glory of His Most Holy and Almighty Name -- Amen -- Amen -- Amen.

He kisses the Bible three times, and the blade of the sword three times.

N.B. -- If a Jew takes this obligation, he must wear his Tephelin, and have the Hebrew Bible on his breast, with his arms crossed thereon.

The Most Puissant Illustrious Sovereign then delivers the sword into the candidate's right hand and says to him --

"Respectable Knight and Prince, we place into your hands a weapon of death, which we solemnly enjoin you never to use against the life of a fellow creature, except on the following occasions (vizt): in your own defense, and against the common enemies of your Country or your order when lawfully called so to do."


He then places upon the wedding finger of his left hand a plain gold ring of this breadth, on the inside of which is engraved the following Motto, vizt. --


and the name of the owner, and says to him: --

"With this ring I wed you to the order, your Country, and your God, and receive you and acknowledge you as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General. Let it always put you in remembrance of the solemn obligations you have taken. Swear to me never to part with it but when you believe yourself to be near your death, and then to give it to your wife, oldest son, daughter, or dearest friend as a sacred deposit -- under a solemn promise never to part with it but in the like manner."

The Candidate answers -- To which I swear, and pledge my sacred Honor.

The Most Illustrious Inspector General then raises him and Invests him With the order and Jewel, and gives him the following Signs, Token and Words. --

§. Signs, Token and Words.

1st Sign. -- Go on both knees, cross your arms over your breast, your fingers touching your shoulders, your head and body bent downwards.

2nd Sign. -- Draw your sword, fall on your left knee, and place your left hand upon your heart.

Token. -- Kiss the blade of your sword three times.

1st Pass Words. -- are DEMOLAY, when the other answers HIRAM ABIFF.

2nd Pass Words. -- are FREDERICK, when the other answers OF PRUSSIA.

Grand Words. -- are the same as in Kadosh, MI CHAMOCHA BAELIM -- ADONAI -- (i.e.) Who is like unto thee in Strength! O God!

The Candidate then puts on his shoes and takes his seat among the Inspectors.

§. History.

The Most Puissant Grand Sovereign, Grand Master Commander-in-Chief, Sovereign of Sovereigns of the degree of Prince of the Royal Secret, was our Illustrious Brother, Frederick the 2nd King of Prussia. He established this degree in connection with our Brother, his Serene Highness Louis of Bourbon, Prince of the Blood Royal of France, and other Illustrious characters who had received the degrees of K.H. and Prince of the Royal Secret.

The degree of K.H., or Knight of Kadosh, is a most awful and important degree. In it we have, without restriction, solemnly obligated ourselves to destroy an order of men for crimes committed many Centuries ago, without regard to the common principles of Humanity or the Laws of the Country. And notwithstanding the utmost precaution in the selection of Candidates, some unworthy persons may be received into that degree who, through a mistaken zeal for the order, or a religious enthusiasm for the literal observance of Obligations, might be induced to commit acts which never were contemplated. The King on the first of May, 5786, formed and established the 33rd Degree to give some elucidations of the K.H. --

The King was conscious that, agreeably to the common course of human nature, he could not live many years; and he conceived and executed the glorious design of investing the Sovereign Masonic power which he held as Sovereign Grand Commander of the order of Prince of the Royal Secret in a Council of Grand Inspectors General, that they might, after his decease, regulate agreeably to the Constitution and Statutes which he then formed, the government of the Craft in every degree, from the 17th, or Knights of the West inclusive, leaving the control over the Symbolic Lodge, the Grand, Ineffable, and Sublime Lodge of Perfect Masons, and the Knights of the East or Sword, to the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, whom he conceived to be justly entitled to that Honor and power. --

This new Degree he called "Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, or Supreme Council of the 33rd.

The Princes of Kadosh, or K.H., are Deputy Grand Inspectors General, acting under special patents granted for that purpose, but to this degree the Sovereign power is committed. The Council, when formed, can take cognizance of every circumstance appertaining to Masonry, from the 17th Degree upwards: grant patents to deputy Inspectors General, or warrants for Council, to hear all appeals from Councils or Individuals above the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, &c &c, as is more fully explained in the Constitution accompanying this degree.

No Inspector General possesses any Individual power in a Country where a Supreme Council of Inspectors is established, as a Majority of their Votes is necessary to give legality to any of their proceedings. --

In consequence of the power with which the Inspectors of this degree are invested, it is necessary to limit their number. Therefore, a Council cannot consist of a greater number than Nine; at least five of whom must profess the Christian Religion. No business can be transacted, or the Degree given, but when three are present, except on its first establishment as pointed out in the Constitution. There must be one Council of this Degree in each nation or Kingdom of Europe, two in the United States of America as remote from each other as possible, one in the British West India Islands, and one in the French. None of the Inspectors can be possessed of the Manuscript of this Degree but those two who first formed each Council. When an Inspector goes to another Country to establish this degree, it shall then be given to him under an Obligation never to give it, except in the like manner. The Signs, Words and Token are to be given to all the Inspectors.

The unjust and unprovoked cruelties, insults and injuries inflicted on the Knights Templars, in which the Knights of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, or Knights of Malta assisted which gave rise to the degree of K.H., and are feelingly described in that degree, and in Vertot's history of the Knights of Malta. -- The Knights Templars, otherwise called Knights of the Temple, were a Masonic order of Knighthood instituted in the Reign of Pope Gelasius about the year of Masonry 5117, and so called because they dwelt in a part of the Temple at Jerusalem not far from the Sepulcher of Jesus Christ. They entertained Christian strangers and pilgrims charitably, and in their armor led them through the Holy Land to view the sacred monuments of Christianity without fear of the Infidels.

This Order continued to increase in numbers, power and wealth, and in about 200 years was spread over all Europe. -- The principal part of their Commanderies were along the Mediterranean Sea. As their influence was extensive, and their possessions great, Philip the Fair, King of France, became jealous of them, which soon was increased into hatred because they espoused the cause of Boniface 8th in that Pontiff's difference with King Philip, an insult which the King had never forgiven. --

On the 13th of October, Anno Lucis 5307, he arrested all the Knights Templars he could find in his kingdom and brought them to the Stake.

In the year 5312, the whole order was suppressed by Pope Clemens Quintus. And at the request of the King of France, and the Pope, the Kings of England, Castile, Arragon, and Sicily, the Count of Provence, and all the sovereigns in Europe, arrested the Knights Templars, seized their possessions, and placed Garrisons into their Commanderies.

On the first of October of the same year, the Council of Vienna banished their whole order, in [league] with the Pope, and gave the greatest part of their possessions to the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Rhodes, now called Knights of Malta, who were established about the year of Masonry 5120, when Honorius was Pope.

The Knights of Kadosh, or K.H., were originally called Knights Templars, but after the Massacre by King Philip, the few who escaped found it necessary to change the title and appearance of their order, that they might the better avoid the persecution of their enemies. They then laid aside the Black order and red cross, and substituted in its place a broad, fiery-blood-colored riband, from the left shoulder to the right hip, to which is suspended a Black spread-Eagle with 2 heads, with a naked sword in its Claws --.

About the year of Masonry 5767, an Inquiry was instituted at Paris to prove that those Masons who styled themselves Knights of Kadosh were, in reality, Knights Templar. Had the Inquiry succeeded, the whole order probably would a second time have been cut off. In consequence of this circumstance, it was determined in the Grand Communications of Berlin and Paris, that they should in future be styled, "Knights of the White and Black Eagle."

The Knights of Malta, that they may retain the possessions which they have unlawfully received, are solemnly obligated to exterminate the order of Knights Templars, who are actually they who have received the degree of K.H. For this reason, the Knights of Kadosh, or of the White and Black Eagle, have solemnly pledged to each other their sacred honors, and have sworn in the name and in the presence of God, to hold them in enmity, and to exterminate them whenever it is in their power. --

Although it is a duty we owe to ourselves to endeavor to destroy that power which attempts to destroy us, yet it is necessary that the extent of our enmity and hostilities to the Knights of Malta should be well defined lest we should expose ourselves to ridicule and contempt, if not to punishment by the civil Law. It is not intended that if a Knight of K.H. should go up the Mediterranean on business, and accidentally meet with some of the Knights of that Order, that he should immediately draw the poniard and stab them to the heart. This would be deemed murder by the Laws of every Country, and would justly be punished with Death. But if any Sovereign power should declare war against the Knights of Malta, or against any power with whom they have treaties of Offense, and they are actually in the field, then we are bound by the solemn and awful obligations which we have taken, if the situation of our affairs will admit of it, to join immediately the Army of their Enemies, and to use our utmost exertions, both in the Cabinet and the field, to exterminate their order, that we may once more obtain those possessions which are the indisputable right of the Knights Templars. --

When the whole Masonic body of the different degrees (as they are all obligated to obey the order of their superiors) are sufficiently powerful, they will be led out against their enemies by the Sovereign of the 33rd. And should success attend our arms, the Knight of Kadosh will then openly declare themselves, and take possession of the Countries of which they are now illegally deprived, and will peaceably rest themselves under the banners and protection of the Sovereign of this degree, from whom they will receive a system of Government, founded on the rights of the Knights, and on their zeal, services, and virtuous sufferings for so many Centuries.

When we take the field against our enemies, our forces are to be governed by the orders given in the degree of Prince of the Royal Secret --

But as the Most Illustrious Sovereign of Sovereigns has been most graciously pleased to invest this degree with the Supreme Executive power, the Command-in-Chief of the Troops after his death devolves upon us. Therefore His Majesty, the King of Prussia, has ordained that the 1st and 2nd Officers of the Supreme Council of the 33rd shall be the 1st and 2nd in command over the Masonic Troops, District, Nation, or Kingdom over which they have Masonic Jurisdiction.

On the arrival of the Land forces at their Rendezvous at Jerusalem, a Supreme Council General of all those who have received the 33rd Degree shall be immediately convened, where each Inspector must produce his Letter of Credence of this degree, and the possessor of the oldest Letter of Credence shall be declared and proclaimed to the Troops as Generallissimo, and shall be styled Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander. All the other Military Grades shall be held agreeably to the dates of the several Letters of Credence. Letters of the same date shall be determined by ballot.

Henceforward, all Rank, Honors, Dignities, Titles, possessions, &c shall be hereditary. The government of the order always resting in the family of the Sovereign Grand Commander. On the reduction of the Knights of Malta, the Sovereign Grand Commander shall immediately assemble a Supreme Council General of the 33rd in which shall be formed a Constitution and system of Government for the order which shall always be military.

At which time the order will assume its real title. The Uniform of the order in the field is Blue, faced and lined with white, full trimmed, white buttons, on which is the Jewel of the 33rd. On the small buttons 33.

§. Address to the New Inspector.

My Brother. As we have powerful enemies to contend with, we must endeavor so to regulate our conduct that we may not give just cause of offense to anyone; that our wisdom may preserve us from the machinations of the wicked, and our virtue and urbanity subdue the Malice and envy of the Ignorant.

To effect these purposes, you must constantly wear upon your Lips the guard of Secrecy, and cherish in your heart the principles of virtue and honor.

Let us respect the whole human race and even your enemies, for they are Men and the same God created us all, and the same Providence provides for them as for us. If your duty should call you into the field, bravely and honorably contend with them, and should you prove victorious, wither not the victors' laurels by meanly insulting a fallen foes'. Prove to them, by the magnanimity of your conduct, that justice requires not the cowardly aid of an assassin's hands, but that Virtue will be its own reward. Convince them of the Villainy of their Conduct by the uprightness of yours, and of their Injustice by your mercy. In whatever Country Capricious fortune may throw you, be faithful and obedient to its government and laws, for a Mason who is capable of sacrificing the interests of the Country in which he lives, is equally as capable of sacrificing the interests of his order --.

Venerate the beings who brought you into existence, be a tender husband to the partner of your bosom, and an affectionate parent to the offspring of your Loins; rear them up in the paths of Religion and Virtue, and teach them to love their Country and to obey its Laws, and set them the example of industry and care, and bring up your sons into the Masonic Order. Be true to your friend and your Brethren, bear patiently with their failings, and make allowances for the frailties of human nature. Be a living example of virtue and benevolence to all around you. Aid the poor and the distressed whether they are Masons or not, with such assistance as they may want and you can conveniently spare, and above all offer up, unceasingly, prayers and Thanksgivings to that Great and Eternal God, for the many signal instances of his Divine Mercy which you have unworthily received at his hands, and ardently seek for the attainment of Bliss in the Mansions not made with hands, Eternal in the Heavens. Amen.

End of History and Address

§. Lecture.

S. -- Are you a Sovereign Grand Inspector General?

I. -- Most Puissant Sovereign, my Virtue, my Courage, and my zeal procured me that distinguished honor.

S. -- How am I to know that you are a Sovereign Grand Inspector General?

I. -- By Giving you the pass Words.

S. -- Begin.




S. -- What did you see when you first entered the Council Chamber?

I. -- The Grand Ineffable Name of Almighty God.

S. -- Why does it appear in our council?

I. -- As our Order and authority are founded on Justice and Equity, we fear not the searching eye of the Supreme Being, and it is likewise to remind us that we are acting in his immediate presence. It also teaches us to look up to that source for protection and support, and to worship the only true and living God.

S. -- What is the meaning of the Skeletons, Skulls, Bones, and firebrands in our Council?

I. -- To put us in mind of the Massacre of our Ancestors by the King of France, who brought thousands of our Knights to the Stake.

S. -- Why do you appear in mourning armed with a Sword?

I. -- To mourn for their loss, and to be prepared to revenge their death.

S. -- Who established this degree?

I. -- Our Illustrious Brother, Frederick of Brunswick, King of Prussia.

S. -- For what purpose?

I. -- To regulate our hatred and opposition to the Knights of Malta, to guide our zeal and exertions through appropriate channels, and to point out the mode of our Enterprise.

S. -- What is the Cause of your hatred and opposition to the Knights of Malta?

I. -- After the destruction of the greatest part of the order of Knights Templars by the King of France, in concert with Pope Clemens the 5th, their rich possessions were given to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, now called Knights of Malta from the Island of that name, which is a part of our possessions, and also many other places in the Mediterranean which they hold; And as they have refused to surrender those possessions which were wrested from us by cruelties and injustice, we have bound ourselves on the increase of our order to conquer them and regain our possessions, or nobly perish in the attempt. --

S. -- Is this the only reason the King had in establishing this degree?

I. -- Most Puissant Sovereign, he had others. He knew, according to the common course of human events, that his dissolution was not very distant, and he determined to establish a Supreme Executive Council of Grand Inspectors General to whom he might commit the great Masonic power which he possessed, and who, after his decease, might rule the great body of Masons agreeably to certain Statutes which he framed for that purpose, that when they should become sufficiently strong, to lead them to battle against our enemies. He justly conceived that as every nation is Independent in their Civil government, it was most equitable they should each possess a high Masonic Court from which there could be no appeal. As this would be agreeable to every Government, no jealousies could exist against the order; the Craft would increase, and the great end of the Institution be obtained.

S. -- What else did you see on entering the Council Chamber?

I. -- I saw in the East a Candlestick with five branches, in the West one of three, in the North one of one, and in the South one of two.

S. -- What do they signify?

I. -- Arranging the number of Lights in figures gives 5312, the year of Masonry, when our order was cut off, which circumstance is likewise alluded to in opening and closing the Council, and in a reception by the knocks on the door.

S. -- What is the meaning of the order you wear?

I. -- The White represents the purity and innocence of those who were brought to the stake, and the red represents the blood of those who were murdered. As the Sun gives Light and Life to all the regions of the World, so the Sun on our breasts indicates that the Supreme and Illustrious Order to which we belong gives Light and Life to the great Masonic body over the Universe.

S. -- What is the reason of the Skeleton's holding the Standard of the Order in his hand?

I. -- To indicate the punishment of death which all those will receive who are traitors to the order, and who forfeit the Obligations they have taken. It also points out to those who fight under our banners that they must conquer or nobly perish in the glorious attempt.

End of Lecture

§. To Close.

S. -- Most Illustrious Inspector General. What age are you?

I. -- Accomplished thirty, Most Puissant Sovereign.

S. -- What is your employment?

I. -- To combat for God and my rights, and to inflict Vengeance on traitors.

S. -- What is the hour?

I. -- The Effulgence of the morning's Sun illumines our Council.

S. -- As the Sun has risen to illumine the World let us, my Brethren, rise [they all rise] to diffuse into the minds of those who are in darkness the effulgence of Masonic light, and to be an example of virtue to an admiring world. Give notice by the Mysterious numbers that I am going to close this Supreme Council.

He then strikes with the hilt of his Sword 5-3-1-2 --
The Most Illustrious Inspector General repeats the same.
The Most Puissant Sovereign then holds up both his hands and says: --

O thou Great and Eternal Lord God, Father of light, of life, and of Love. Most Merciful and Supreme Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Guide us in the paths of Virtue and of Justice. Teach us those Great and vital principles of thy true and Holy Religion which will make us worship thee in spirit and truth, and to love our neighbors as ourselves, so that we may be prepared to become Members of the Supreme Council, above where all honor and glory and joy await the righteous and the good forever and ever.

They all answer -- Amen. God grant it so it may be. --
The illustrious Inspector General, then holding up his hands says --

May the Holy ONE of Israel, and the Most High and Mighty God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, enrich us with his blessings now and forever.

Ordinances &c.

A Sovereign Grand Inspector General shall wear his hat in all Councils and Lodges, except in the Supreme Council of the 33rd, and shall have the privilege of speaking without rising from his seat.

When a Sovereign Grand Inspector General is announced at the door of any Council above the 16th Degree, he shall be received under the Arch of Steel. The President, if he is not an Inspector, shall resign his seat to the Visiting Inspector, with whom it is optional whether he receives it. In the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, and the Sublime and Ineffable Lodge of Perfect Masons, he shall be placed at the right hand of the Thrice Puissant, and the same in the Symbolic Lodge.

The other Ordinances are the same as in the Princes of Jerusalem.

A Sovereign Grand Inspector General shall in every Lodge or Council wear the attributes of his degree.

Every Inspector General must have a Letter of Credence, agreeably to the following form, written either in Latin, French or English, to which all the Inspectors shall sign their names. When an Inspector signs a Masonic paper, he shall affix to his name these titles and no other: K-H., P.R.S. & Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33rd.

The Letter shall be countersigned by the Secretary General in this manner --

K.H. -- P.R.S. -- Sov.n G.d Insp.r Gen.l & Sec.y Gen.l of the Empire.

The Letter of Credence shall be headed with the following words in German Text, in a scroll -- vizt "Universi Terrarum Orbis Architectonis per Gloriam ab Ingentis" and in the lower part of the plate shall be these words "Ordo ab Chao." [Order to chaos] The figure shall be the Jewel of the Order, vizt -- A black spread-Eagle with gold beaks, in the attitude of flying, with a drawn sword in its claws. Immediately under its feet in a scroll these words "Deus Meumque Jus." On the right side of the Eagle the standard of the Order, and on the left the Colors of the Country in which the Council is held, to shew that we would arrange ourselves under the banners of our Country with the same willingness that we would under the standard of our Order.

Letter of Credence.

Universi Terrarum Orbis Architectonis per Gloriam Ingentis

Figure / Figure / Figure

Deus Meumque Jus

Ordo ab Chao

From the East of the Grand, of the Supreme Council of the Most Puissant Sovereigns, Grand Inspectors General, under the celestial Canopy of the Zenith which answers to -- Degrees -- Minutes -- Latitude.

To our Most Illustrious, Most Valiant and Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, Knights of K.H.

Illustrious Princes and Knights, Grand Ineffable and Sublime Free and Accepted Masons of all degrees, Ancient and Modern, over the surface of the two Hemispheres.

To all those to whom these Letters of Credence shall come


KNOW YE that we, the undersigned SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL, duly and lawfully established and Congregated in SUPREME COUNCIL of the 33Jd degree, have carefully and duly examined our Illustrious -- Brother -- in the several degrees which he has lawfully received, and at his special request WE DO HEREBY CERTIFY, ACKNOWLEDGE and PROCLAIM our Illustrious Brother -- (add civil or Military titles) -- (Citizen or Subject of) residing in -- to be an Expert Master and Past Master of the Symbolic Lodge, and also a Secret Master, Perfect Master, Intimate Secretary, Provost and Judge, Intendant of the Building or Master in Israel, Master Elected of 9, Illustrious Elected of 15 -- Sublime Knight Elected -- Grand Master Architect, Royal Arch, and Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason. WE DO ALSO CERTIFY him to be a Knight of the East or Sword, Prince of Jerusalem, Knight of the East and West, Knight of the Eagle, and Prince of Rose Croix de Heroden, Grand Pontiff, Master Advitam, Patriarch Noachite, and Prince of Lebanus, &c., &c., Sovereign Knight of the Sun, K-H, Prince of the White and Black Eagle, Prince of the Royal Secret, and Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and member of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree.

WE THEREFORE COMMAND all and Every of our aforesaid KNIGHTS, PRINCES AND SUBLIME MASONS, to receive and acknowledge our said Illustrious Brother in his several qualities to the highest degree in Masonry, and we shall reciprocate the attentions shewn to him to those Brethren who may present themselves to our Supreme Council furnished with Lawful Certificates or Letters of Credence.

To which LETTER OF CREDENCE WE, the undersigned, SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL, Members of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree in -- have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed thereto the Grand Seals of the said Illustrious Order, in the Grand Council Chamber near the B:B: under the C:C: this -- day of the -- month called -- of the restoration -- Anno Lucis -- and of the Christian AEra this -- day of --.

A.B. / Seal of the Order of 33rd / C.D.
E.F. / Seal of the Order of 33rd / G.H.
I.J. / Seal of the Order of 33rd / K.L.
Seal of Masonic Lodge of Perfection / Secretary / Seal of Princes R.S.

When this Letter of Credence is given to a Brother who has not received the 33d Degree, the recapitulation of degrees must only be continued to the highest degree he has received inclusively, & instead of the words "highest degree" must be inserted the highest degree he has received. And when given to an Inspector General of the 33rd, between the word "Degree" and "we therefore command," must be added "and we hereby authorize & empower our said Illustrious Brother to establish, congregate, superintend and Inspect all Lodges, Chapters, Councils, Colleges & Consistories of the Royal and Military Order of Ancient and Modern Free Masonry over the surface of the two Hemispheres, agreeable to the Grand Constitutions."



1. The original manuscript does not have an illustration. The above illustration is taken from Charles T. McClenachan, The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (New York: Masonic Publishing Co., 1867)
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The Thirty-Third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Called Sovereign Grand Inspector General
by Charles T. McClenachan, 33º

[This article was extracted from the book: The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: Containing Instructions in All the Degrees From the Third to the Thirty-Third, and Last Degree of the Rite. Together with Ceremonies of Inauguration, Institution, Installation, Grand Visitations, Reflections, Lodges of Sorrow, Adoption, Constitutions, General Regulations, Calendar, Etc., by Charles T. McClenachan, 33º]






JEWEL of a Present or past Commander-in-chief of a Consistory. The jewel of S Image P Image R Image S Image resting on the decorations formed by two crimson enamelled equilateral triangles. On the horizontal bar of the first, the motto "Laus Deo;" and on the horizontal bar of the second, inverted, the motto "Custos Arcani." The two triangles thus forming two St. Andrew's Crosses.


1st SERIES -- Symbolic Degrees, 3d -- Field, flag, and pennon, Blue
2d SERIES -- Ineffable Degrees, 14th -- Field, flag, and pennon, Crimson
3d SERIES -- Historic Degrees, 16th -- Field, flag, and pennon, Light green or Orange
4th SERIES -- Philosophic Degrees, 18th -- Field, flag, and pennon, White sprinkled with Crimson
5th SERIES -- Historic and Philosophic Degrees, 29th -- Field, Purple
6th SERIES -- Chivalric Degrees, 32nd -- Field, White & Black
INSPECTOR-GENERAL, 33d -- Field, White

All expulsions from the Rite by the Supreme Council or Ballustres of Offence, are "published in red letter," and distributed to whom it may concern.

The Book of Gold contains the full record of the Supreme Council, and is sealed to all except members of the Council.


It may not be improper, in connection with this, the last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, although but a casual allusion is made to the ritual of the grade, to premise that Masonry is not of itself a Religion.

Like the Sun, it disseminates light and is the source of light; but, unlike that great luminary, which illuminates but one-half the globe at one and the same time, Masonry with its effulgence lights perpetually the entire Universe, and sends its rays of healing, consolation, and good cheer, dispelling ignorance, superstition, and error.

Every good Mason respects the religion of his brother, though differing, perhaps, from his own, and hopes that all may be true in those respects where differences arise, and that each may be sufficiently near the truth to solve for himself the great problem of life and death; and surely no one who has looked thoughtfully on the checkered road through the wilderness of this life, or who has stood, even for a moment, near the brink of the cold river of death, would be otherwise than reverential in the presence of any shrine to which a fellow creature may kneel for aid or consolation; --

"For we are doomed our native dust
To wet with many a fruitless shower;
And Ill it suits us to disdain
The Altar, to deride the fane
Where simple sufferers bend in trust
To win a happier hour."

To those who seek in this work a knowledge of the tenets and inculcations of the Rite, who may peruse the instructions and formula herein contained, the hand of sympathetic fellowship is extended, believing that the result of a careful study, combined with the ambition of the Enthusiast, will convince each and all that the Rite of which we essay to teach is replete in all its parts with the highest morality and fraternal devotion, leading man to sublimest thoughts and appreciation of the Present and a Hereafter; ever realizing in its surroundings and adornments the truth of that happy thought of England's youthful poet:

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness Increases; It will never
Pass to nothingness." * * *


Ad Universi Terrarum Orbis Summi Architecti Gloriam





The assembly is styled a Supreme Council, only one of which is allowed in any country except the United States, where there are two.


Hangings, purple; with skeletons, death's heads, crossbones, etc., painted or embroidered thereon. In the East a magnificent throne; over it a purple canopy trimmed with gold. Beneath the canopy is a transparency representing a delta, in the centre of which are seen the ineffable characters. Near the centre of the room is a quadrangular pedestal covered with scarlet cloth, on which rests a naked sword. On the north side of the council chamber is a skeleton erect, holding the white banner of the Order, opposite which, in the South, is the flag of the country. Over the interior portion of the entrance is a blue scarf bearing the device DEUS MEUMQUE JUS. In the East is a candelabra with five branches; in the West, one with three branches; in the North, one with a single branch; and in the South, another with two branches; 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 (11) lights. The hat of a S Image P Image R Image S Image [Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret] may appropriately be worn.



The Thirty-third degree, or Inspector-General, being mainly executive in its character, and but seldom conferred, it is not deemed essential or for the benefit of the brethren generally to introduce any portion of its lectures here. It is conferred as an honorarium on those who for great merit and long and arduous services have deserved well of the Order.



Beauseant -- Battle-flag. Balcanifer -- Standard-bearer.



The Banner of the Order is white, bordered with a fringe of gold, and having in the centre a double-headed black eagle, its wings displayed, beak and legs gold, holding with one claw the hilt, gold, and with the other the blade, steel, of a sword placed horizontally, hilt to the right and point to the left. From the sword hangs, lettered, gold, the motto, in Latin, "DEUS MEUMQUE JUS." The eagle is crowned with a triangle of gold, and a purple fillet fringed and starred with gold.



The distinctive insignia of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General are:

1. A Teutonic Cross worn on the left breast.



2. A broad white watered ribbon bordered with gold, and having on the front a golden triangle glittering with rays of gold, in the centre whereof is the number 33; and on each side of the upper angle of the triangle is a sword of silver pointing towards its centre. This ribbon, worn from the left shoulder to the right, ends in a point, with gold fringe, and has at the junction a rosette of crimson and leek green ribbon, whereon is the general jewel of the Order.

3. The Jewel is an eagle like that on the banner, wearing the golden diadem of Prussia.

4. The Grand Decorations of the Order rest on a Teutonic Cross. They are a nine-pointed star, formed by three triangles of gold, one upon the other, and interlaced. From the lower part of the left side toward the upper part of the right extends a sword, and, in the opposite direction, a hand of Justice. In the middle is the shield of the Order, blue; upon the shield is an eagle like that on the banner; on the dexter side of the shield is a golden balance, and on the sinister a golden compass resting on a golden square. Around the whole shield runs a stripe of blue, lettered in gold with the Latin words "ORDO AB CHAO;" and this stripe is enclosed by a double circle formed by two serpents of gold, each holding his tail in his mouth. Of the smaller triangles formed by the intersection of the principal ones, those nine that are nearest the blue stripe are colored red, and on each is one of the letters that constitute the word S.A.P.I.E.N.T.I.A.

5. The first three officers of the Supreme Council wear also a white scarf or sash, fringed with gold, hanging from the right side.


The Great Seal of the Order is a silver shield bearing a double-headed eagle, like that upon the banner of the Order, crowned with the golden diadem of Prussia, and over that a triangle of gold emitting rays, and in its centre the number 33. The eagle may, however, be surmounted by either the crown or triangle alone.

At the base of the shield, under the wings and claws of the eagle, are thirty-three golden stars in a semi-circle. Around the whole is this inscription:


The following regulations as to the mode of wearing the Grand Decorations of the Order have been generally approved and adopted.

The Grand Insignia of the Order, as defined by Art. II, No. 4 of this appendix to the Grand Constitution of 1786, are to be worn by those who have regularly attained the 33d degree, but in a certain rank and order, as follows:

Fourth Class. The Jewel, or Grand Decoration for this class, is one and a half inches in diameter, and is suspended from the button-hole on the left side by a white watered ribbon, one inch and a quarter in width. To this, all persons in possession of the 33d are entitled.

Third Class. The Jewel of this is one inch and a half in diameter, suspended on the left breast by a white ribbon with violet edge, the ribbon one inch and a half wide, the edging one-eighth of an inch.

All active members of the Supreme Council who are not of the second class, and all emeriti members not of the same.

Second Class. Jewel as of the third class, to be suspended around the neck by a violet ribbon, white edge, the ribbon two inches and a half wide, the edging one-eighth of an inch, the jewel resting on the junction of the neck and chest.

To be worn by all elective and past elective officers of the council, and by all emeriti members, and may be granted by the council to active members who have been in possession of the 33d degree for twenty years, and special representatives.

First Class. Grand Cross of the Order. This consists of the jewel of the second class, reposing on a full sun of silver clasped to the left breast; also a grand cordon or sash, four inches wide, violet with white stripe one-fourth of an inch wide, and edged with crimson a fourth of an inch wide.

These are to be worn by Sovereign and Past Sovereign Grand Commanders, and by Eminent Patrons and Protectors of the Order, and other distinguished Masons of foreign countries to whom they may be decreed by the Supreme Council, and also by its special deputies and representatives in foreign countries with plenary powers. The Sovereign Grand Commander and Past Sovereign Grand Commander alone are privileged to wear the Grand Cross with brilliants.

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