Our Race: It's Origin and Its Destiny, Study No. 5

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

Our Race: It's Origin and Its Destiny, Study No. 5

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Our Race: It's Origin and Its Destiny, Study No. 5: The Renewal of History: How Empire Was Rebuilt and Replanted
Eochaidh the Heremonn; or The Knight of The Scarlet-Thread

A Serial Devoted to the Study of the Saxon Riddle.
by Charles A.L. Totten, 1st Lieut. 4th Artillery, U.S.A., Professor of Military Science and Tactics, S.S.S. of Yale University; Author of "Strategos" "An Important Question' "Facts, Fancies, Legends and Lore of Nativity," Etc.
Editor of "Our Race," etc.
© 1892 by Charles A.L. Totten. British and Colonial Publishers are requested to courteously honor the integrity of this copyright - de causa Fraternitatis.
Published by The Our Race Pub. Co., New Haven, Conn.



Keep silence before me, O Islands; and let the People renew their strength: let them come near; then let them speak: let us come near together to judgment."

-- Isaiah xli. l.


"Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old."

-- Lamentations, v. 21


"Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard that the Everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching his understanding.

''He giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

"Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint."

-- Isaiah xl. 28-31.


A Serial Devoted to the Study of the Saxon Riddle
Series II., No. 5 Jan. 21, 1892
Study Number Five.
How Empire was Re-built and Re-planted.
The Knight of the Scarlet Thread.
C.A.L. Totten, U.S.A.

"TRUTH AGAINST THE WORLD" (Motto of the ancient KUMREE).

"We can do nothing against the truth" (St. Paul); "Great is Truth, and mighty above all things" (Esdras); "Buy the Truth and sell it not" (Solomon; "Truth is stranger than fiction" (Byron); "What is Truth?" (Pilate); "I AM THE TRUTH" (Assertion of THE CHRIST).

"I, too, am of Arcadia."


• Preface
• Introduction
• PART I. The Reigns of the Kings of Israel and Judah Harmonized
• PART II. The XVIII. and XIX. Dynasties of Egypt
• PART III. The Genealogies of Pharez and Zarah Harmonized
• PART IV. Eochaidh the Heremonn, The Knight of the Scarlet Thread
• William the Conqueror
• Milesius Goes East
• Adventures in Egypt
• Searching the Records
• The Return to Spain
• Eochaidh the Heremonn
• Muiream
• A Quiet Conquest
• Irish History
• Mother and Son
• The Point of View
• Muiream's Story
• An Archaic Chapter
• The Craunnogs
• The Iberians
• The Parthalonians
• The Neimhedians
• The Fomorians
• The Fir-Bolgians
• The Tuatha De Danaans
• An Extrication
• The Return to Spain
• An Eventful Voyage
• Captured by the Babylonians
• A Friend in Need
• Nebuzaradan's Dream
• Its Remarkable Interpretation
• A Mysterious Interview
• The Fates at Work
• Joppa and Jerusalem
• Gathering Clouds
• A Disastrous Mission
• The Milesian Invasion
• Ireland Changes Hands
• Divisions and Feuds
• Church and State
• The Ollam's Ship
• Eochaidh's Coronation
• Under the Mistletoe
• The Crisis
• An Unlooked-for Interruption
• Chosen King by Acclamation
• The Twig Transplanted
• A Princess Fair to See
• Heroic Days
• The Threshold of Mystery
• The Sceptre Transmitted
• The Shamrock's Shadow
• The Stone Kingdom
• Consummate Statecraft
• Ezekiel's Riddle
• Editorials
• Miscellaneous
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Re: Our Race: It's Origin and Its Destiny, Study No. 5

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"Blessed be the God of Truth."

-- I (III) Esdras, IV.

In the present Study we not only recapitulate and continue, but conclude, the central Romance of what is all a Romance of unique proportions.

It has been a long journey, but one that had to be made, and in just this way. For had we not followed the devious paths by which each group pursued its westward way, our readers could not have formulated, by any possibility, a satisfactory scheme upon which the several parts of the Story of Our Race become co-ordinated to each other.

The overland columns of ''Israel," struggling through the wilderness of Northern Europe form the bulk of ''The Kingdom" promised to David's seed, and to Judah's Sceptre; but "for many days," that is all through this weary pilgrimage, they were destined to "abide without a king,"—but only from the de facto point of view, for their king de jure was never '' wanting."

We have also accompanied the Milesians in their quest of Empire far enough into these Western regions to anticipate the triple junction which eventually came about.

Thus to the East the ''House of Israel" was "lost," the "House of Pharez," and, earliest of all, the ''House of Zarah."

In the meantime, we have accompanied Jeremiah, upon the ''Ollam Ship," far enough upon his voyage to anticipate its objective point, and to perceive that the Throne itself reached the little Western Sanctuary long before the bulk of the Tribes arrived there — but only to find that Zarah's Royal line was there to greet both it and them.

Our purpose, in this present Study, is to prove this Genealogically as well as Chronologically, and therefore we open it with a complete Harmony of the Reigns of the Kings of Israel and Judah. It is also proper in this connection to set forth the Chronology of the XVIIIth and XlXth Dynasties of Egypt, for among the incidents covered by this important era, the ancestral generations of Eochaidh, the Heremonn, made their earlier Exodus from Egypt.

Finally, in so far as our preliminary work is concerned, we shall submit a Harmony of the Generations of these two branches of the Sceptral Tribe of Judah, and show that Tea Tephi and Eochaidh the Heremonn, were contemporaries, and reached Ireland in the same generation.

We shall then be ready to resume the Romance, of Our Race, and conclude its most enchanting chapter — the one concerned with the Renewal of its History in the West, through the marriage of our Hero, with the Heroine of David's line.

Moreover, one of the most important objects of the present Study is to enable us to tell the Story of Ireland from its Hebrew standpoint, — i.e. to look Eastward from the Islands of the West, and supplement the Sacred History already set forth in Study Number Three. From the generation of Eochaidh and Tea Tephi we can look both ways, and it is particularly fitting that from this transition era we first take a retrospective view.

But this is not all, for thence in rapid survey we shall then move down the subsequent ages to our present day and with "the Eastern Question" full in view — in which we Anglo Saxons are soon to be principals— we shall find ourselves equipped to offer a solution quite unknown to diplomats, who probably are neither interested nor familiar with the Bible, or with the History of Israel as embodied in that of Our Own Race.


Yale University, U. S. Army.

Dec. 21, 1891.
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Re: Our Race: It's Origin and Its Destiny, Study No. 5

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"On that night could not the King sleep, and he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles; and they were read before the King.''

-- Esther vi. 1.

Irish chronicles have long been rich with the legendary material which furnishes the basis of our treatment, and which, untangled and rewoven into a consecutive story, pleads for credence with persuasive force. There is positive scriptural foundation for the "building and planting'' of the throne of David, and the Sceptre of Judah beyond the reach of "Gentile" interference, and if any Prophet wase charged with its direct accomplishment, Jeremiah was undoubtedly the one chosen for the purpose.

Unless, moreover, he had some hand in such an enterprise, but a part of his "commission'' would have been realized, and the rare opportunities which were presented to him would have been uselessly and sadly wasted.

Charged with the safety of the seed of David, and positively commanded to "build and to plant," this prophet is traced to Egypt with ''the King's Daughters," and then and thence disappears to Biblical Chronologists.

It is at this point that Irish Chronicles supply the missing data, with a synchronism as to time and incident, fact and characters well calculated to awaken interest. For if the case be made out in accordance with the promise of its crude beginnings, and if further search among the long neglected records of the "Land of Destiny" shall verify our convictions, then the hiatus in the royal succession is already absolutely bridged, and the history of the " Eastern Question'' will soon have its closing chapters written in stirring incidents; while if the matter be a "Romance" merely, — then verily it is the Romance of History itself, and an epic around whose heroic legends we are as much entitled to weave our fancies as were the classic nations of the elder day.

Certain it is, that with a cecity little short of phenomenal, the students of religious history have completely failed to perceive the supreme importance of following Jeremiah beyond the palace of Tephanhes, for there the whole library of accepted sacred biography is content to leave him — with his fate a matter of absolutely no importance — and blind to the inevitable conclusion of the cooler generations of the future, that if so, and if the constancy of nature for another hopeless ''age" shall verify their disbelief, then also it will verify the foolishness of preaching and make auction stalls of every pulpit upon earth!

Certainly the writer, for one, among hosts of others who now stem the tide for faith's sake only, would be quick to anticipate the logical result of such conclusions, nor be slow to spread their recantation.

But this will not do, we are in the faith and have come into it upon the very opposite grounds. Not content with the agnostic generalities of those from whom we had a right to ask for reasons, and from whose professions one can tolerate no form of doubt, we had once necessarily drifted into the school of doubt if not of actual disbelief, and should have remained there in spite of its unsatisfactory atmosphere, had not the logic of our ''Identity'' with LOST ISRAEL as a RACE cleared up the riddle.

The light let in upon the Scriptures by this solution of their deep philosophy is not to he resisted: and once more fully within the fold, and having a continent whereon to stand, we maintain that Jehovah's command to Jeremiah, — "to build and to plant,'' was quite as positive as that given to Jonah, and that all who point a moral with the data of the tale of Nineveh, or preach the truth of Christ — who guaranteed it as historic fact, and antitypified it in Himself — should be alive to the parallel necessity of solving the query — Into the belly of what greater mystery has the prophet Jeremiah been swallowed?

That he was belched forth upon the shores of Erin, and consumated his mission there, is indeed a startling statement, but we doubt not that many will be willing to accompany us still further in, to say the least, what is a fascinating romance, in order to see what grounds may further be adduced to fortify such novel claims.
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Re: Our Race: It's Origin and Its Destiny, Study No. 5

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"For, lo, I will command, and I will cause the House of Israel (sons of Isaac or Saxons) to move among all nations like as (stones) are sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least stone (Saxon) fall upon the earth." ***

''In that day will I raise up the Tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old."

-- Amos. ix. 9, 11.

We present the following table to "OUR RACE," as one of the most important Chronological discoveries of the day, in that, for the first time in history it not only vindicates the true, or Biblical "Line of Time," but affords us, at last, a means of synchronizing all the reigns of the Kings of ''Israel" and "Judah," and of harmonizing all of the confusing cross references thereto, found in Chronicles and Kings and in the Prophets.

Prior to the publication of the present volume, the subject now to be treated, has never been understood, nor has any scheme been devised whereupon, all the Biblical references concerned, have received, at first glance, a satisfactory solution, unencumbered by alterations and apologies. We introduce this table here for several reasons, primarily because HISTORY cannot be correctly written unless it is built upon the absolutely correct chronological sequence of the years. This is a fundamental sine qua non, and in that the 507 years of duration, between the Coronation of Saul and the Dethroning of Zedekiah, (2910 A. M. to 3416 A. M. both inclusive), have been misunderstood all along the line, it stands to reason that the true history of this monarchical period has yet to be begun! Secondly, we introduce the table in order to fortify our own position as to Chronology, and to beget thereby the good faith of those who will verify the references, for we are deeply concerned that those to whom these pages may find their way, will, through this chapter of Chronology, and the others presented in these Studies, become as convinced as we ourselves, that the Bible is the most accurate volume upon earth, and per consequence that its remaining and unfulfilled predictions are certainly worthy of implicit faith.

In vindicating the careful exactness of the Sacred Historians we are thus at the same time guaranteeing to ''the wise," the inevitable conclusion that all else written by these men "inspired of God," is true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The sequence of the years, and days, and weeks, and cycles which runs through the following table began with that Sunday (the 1st day of the 1st week, of the first Luni-Solar year with all else that this involves), which Moses, as a Chronologist, fixed as the dawn of ''Time;'' it runs onward without break into our modern almanacs.

The 23d of September, 1891 A.D., becomes the beginning of the solar year 5890 A. M. upon the same scale, and in the same sense as Saul's coronation was at the beginning of the year 2910 A.M. And we maintain that the most transcendental astronomy serves but to fix these years with still greater precision.

But we have another important purpose to accomplish by locating this particular chronological chapter at the commencement of the Present Study: In the First Series we have followed the several threads of Hebrew Fortune down to Zedekiah's fall. From that time, and at that time, if ever, the course of True Empire took its Westward way, anticipating the mock empire of the Gentiles which soon followed in its wake, and still strives to overtake it.

It is now in order to recapitulate the absolute succession of Rulers in a strict Genealogical as well as Chronological order, so that we may arrive definitely at the dividing line between the Old and New regime. It was in the Generation of Tea Tephi and Eochaidh the Heremonn that the transition, from the East to the West, took place — which constitutes the Renewal of History.

By means of the present chapter we shall be able to follow the generations consecutively from Saul down to Tea Tephi herself, and thus, so far as accepted History goes, down to the disappearance of the Sceptre from the House of Pharez.

The chapter covers 507 years; 120 from Saul's accession to the death of Solomon, 255 for the duration of the Kingdom of Samaria, and 132 for that of Judah subsequent to the fall of Hoshea.

What ''ought ye not to know?"
"That the Lord God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David forever, even to him and to his sons, by a covenant of salt."

--2 Chron. xiii, 5.

Ne Varietur,

The Reigns of the Kings of "Israel'' and '' JUDAH '' Harmonized.

2909 A. M. 1087 B. C.

Intercalary year III. of the An. Heb. Cycle. Sometime during its last (XIIIth) or Intercalary month Samuel anointed Saul (I Sam. ix. x.) and warned the people to come together at the approaching Feast of Trumpets, i.e. New Year's day 2910 A. M.

2910 A. M. 1086 B. C

Saul crowned, and recognized as King at the beginning of the year (I Sam. x. 17). He reigned 40 years, or to the end of 2949 A. M.

2911 A. M. 1085 B. C. Saul's 2 year

2912 A.M. 1084 B. C. Saul's 3 year

2913 A.M. 1083 B. C. Saul's 4 year

2914 A.M. 1082 B. C. Saul's 5 year

2915 A.M. 1081 B. C. Saul's 6 year

2916 A.M. 1080 B. C. Saul's 7 year

2917 A.M. 1079 B. C. Saul's 8 year

2918 A.M. 1078 B. C. Saul's 9 year

2919 A.M. 1077 B. C. Saul's 10 year

2920 A.M. 1076 B. C. Saul's 11 year

2921 A.M. 1075 B. C. Saul's 12 year

2922 A.M. 1074 B. C. Saul's 13 year

2923 A.M. 1073 B. C. Saul's 14 year

2924 A.M. 1072 B. C. Saul's 15 year

2925 A.M. 1071 B. C. Saul's 16 year

2926 A.M. 1070 B. C. Saul's 17 year

2927 A.M. 1069 B. C. Saul's 18 year

2928 A.M. 1068 B. C. Saul's 19 year

2929 A.M. 1067 B. C. Saul's 20 year

2930 A.M. 1066 B. C. Saul's 21 year

2931 A.M. 1065 B. C. Saul's 22 year

2932 A.M. 1064 B. C. Saul's 23 year

2933 A.M. 1063 B. C. Saul's 24 year

2934 A.M. 1062 B. C. Saul's 25 year

2935 A.M. 1061 B. C. Saul's 26 year

2936 A.M. 1060 B. C. Saul's 27 year

2937 A.M. 1059 B. C. Saul's 28 year

2938 A.M. 1058 B. C. Saul's 29 year

2939 A.M. 1057 B. C. Saul's 30 year

2940 A.M. 1056 B. C. Saul's 31 year

2941 A.M. 1055 B. C. Saul's 32 year

2942 A.M. 1054 B. C. Saul's 33 year

2943 A.M. 1053 B. C. Saul's 34 year

2944 A.M. 1052 B. C. Saul's 35 year

2945 A.M. 1051 B. C. Saul's 36 year

2946 A.M. 1050 B. C. Saul's 37 year

Sin of Israel culminates; Samuel ''hews" Agag to pieces, and rejects Saul in the name of the Lord. Anoints David. Saul becomes ''Melancholy." Samuel presents David at Court as a Minstrel. After a temporary sojourn he returns to his father, and, such is the favor of Princes, David is soon forgotten. Saul's monomania may in part account for this, I Sam.. xv. xvi.)

2947 [XI] A. M. 1049 B. C. Saul's 38th year.

War with the Philistines. David comes to camp. Slays Goliath. Is honored above Saul by the women of Israel. Saul becomes jealous of him. Seeks his destruction. David's life becomes a burden. But Jonathan and David make a compact (I Sam. xvii. xviii. xix.).

2948 [XII.] A. M. 1048 B. C. Saul's 39th year.

David flees to Samuel at Ramah. Thence to the Philistines, becoming a Robber Chief. Samuel dies this year, I Sam.. xx. xxvii.)

2949 [XIII.] A. M. 1047 B.C. Saul's 40th year.

Saul hunts for David, and, at the close of the year, seeks counsel of the Witch of Endor. Dies the next day, last month and day of the year, (I Sam.. xviii.-xxxi.)

2950 [XIV.] A. M. 1046 B. C.

Ishbosheth succeeds his father Saul, as king over "Israel" (2 Sam. ii. 8-10), and David becomes the de facto king of "Judah" at Hebron (2 Sam. i.-ii.). Both accessions take place at once and at the beginning of the Civil year. Ishbosheth ruled two years (2 Sam. iv. 10), David seven years and six months. At the middle of this (2950 A. M.) year, or the beginning of the sacred year, the men of Judah came to Hebron and officially ratified David's Kingship (2 Sam. ii. 4). He thus became de jure King of Judah six months later than his actual accession. Reckoning from the death of Saul, David thus reigned seven and one half years at Hebron (2 Sam. ii. II, v. 5), but from this official anointing it was only seven years (I Kings ii. II). That is, he held the sceptre of Judah as their anointed King from the middle of 2950 A. M. to the middle of 2957 A. M. David's forty years and 6 months of total reign (2 Sam. v. 5) must be reckoned from his accession at the death of Saul, and fetch us to the middle of 2990 A. M. when he died a full generation (70 years, the Hebrew standard, Ps. xc. 10) old. But his forty years as enumerated in I Kings ii. II, may be reckoned in two ways: first, from his anointing at Hebron to his death in the middle of 2990 A. M., and second, from his accession to the accession of Solomon which took place at the beginning of 2990 A. M. and thus six months before David died. In whichever way we regard the matter all the references are absolutely accurate. David was 30 years old when he was anointed at Jerusalem as King over Judah, i.e., at the beginning of his de jure reign, at the death of Saul, and his de facto accession, he was in his 30th year.

We shall now tabulate the first ten years of David's reign that this matter may be set at final rest.  


In the Chronological Scheme which we prepared before sitting down to formulate the present digest, all the years of all the Kings of "Israel'' and "Judah" are carried out in the way indicated in the above table against the proper years of the World (A. M.). Against them also are their appropriate harmonized references, and throughout the sequence there is neither discord nor any inexplicable hiatus. The limits both of our means, and of these Studies, at present forbid our attempting to print them, in exactly the same scroll-like form, but any one who has the patience and the requisite love of accuracy and truth, may fill the sequence in for himself by pasting sheet to sheet in the form of a scroll and following the same system. It will cover exactly 497 lines, allowing a line to a year from the accession of Saul 2910 A. M., to the capture of Jehoiachin 3406-1/2, from whom the "Captivity" is reckoned; or if the scheme is carried on to the last year of the "Captivity," which was the 1st year of Cambyses (3475 A. M.) it will extend over 565 years or lines, which constitute the Hovetic number brought out so prominently in these Studies, (vide pp. 168, 199, table opp. page 206, Study No. Two, pages 77-97 Study No. Four).

We recommend this sort of Bible Study to the Christian world as far more edifying, in the cause of faith, than the perusal of all the tomes of the Higher Criticism put together; and in the mean time return to our special task, resuming it at the point of our digression.

2951 [XV] A. M. 1045 B. C. David's 2d year.

Ishbosheth slain at the end of the year. 2 Sam. iv. Last year of the Hebrew Cycle.

2952 A. M. 1044 B.C. David's 3rd year.
2953 A.M. 1043 B.C. David's 4 year.

2954 [III] A. M. 1042 B. C. David's 5th years.

The eighth Jubilee year, (reckoning from 2611 A. M. which was the first) and the only one in David's reign. 7 X 49 = 343; 2611 + 343 = 2954. The count begins with 2562 A. M., 2561 A. M. being the first Sabbatic year after the Division of the land.

2955 A. M. 1041 B.C. David's 6th year.
2956 A. M. 1040 B. C. David's 7th year.
2957 A. M. 1039 B.C. David's 8th year.

At the middle of this year (i.e, its Sacred beginning) all Israel accept David, and crown him (2 Sam. v. I Chron. xi). They take Jerusalem, and David's thirty-three years of reign thereat, over both "Israel" and "Judah," begin and run with the Sacred year, he being 37 years old upon the occasion of his coronation over "both Houses.'' 2 Sam. v. 1-5, I Kings, ii. II. His first year at Jerusalem covers the last half of his 8th and the first half of his 9th as king, reckoning on the regular Calendar or Civil Year, 2957-58 A. M.

2958 A. M. 1038 B.C. David's 9th year

2959 A.M. 1037 B.C. David's 10th year

2960 A. M. 1036 B. C.

An Intercalary year, and the IXth of the Ancient Hebrew Cycle. David's 11th year of total reign, covering half of his 3d and half of his 4th at Jerusalem. This year is sometimes erroneously called a Jubilee year, but it was not; it was, however, a "Sabbatic" year. 7 X 423 = 2961, and 2961 astronomic years are 2960 chronological ones, i.e. at its beginning 2960 years of duration were scored off as "Past time," and the World saw its 2961st birthday, or was 2960 years "old."

2961 A. M. 1035 B. C. David's 12th year.  

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