That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.


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11. Aftermath

This year, think twice about Germany.

Advertising slogan, circa 1970

With the dispersal of Nazi war criminals throughout the world -- aided and abetted by elements within the Catholic Church and the Central Intelligence Agency -- the cult of the Nazi Party was preserved. It would have been in any case, for -- like Satanism, the cult with which it is popularly associated -- its symbols and rhetoric have survived in the documentary films, newsreels, histories, novels, and in popular movies and television shows.

The Nazi underground has been glamorized to a large extent, particularly by Hollywood. Such films as The Boys from Brazil and The Odessa File -- both based on best-selling novels -- help perpetuate the idea of a secret society of evil geniuses bent on world domination through mad science and single-minded politics; in other words, a typical cult (if a bit more successful and affluent than most). The Nazi image is a coherent one, much more comprehensible and identifiable than that of the armies and nations that opposed it during the war. It had a single symbol, the swastika, and a single leader, Hitler. It had an elite priesthood of murder and ritual, the elegantly black-clad SS with its silver death's head emblem. Nazi fashion and regalia have even survived today in the erotic fantasies of many sadomasochists and other fetishists, and it shares this peculiarity in common with satanism and "black magic."

By comparison, American propaganda films made during the war show a casual, wise- cracking, gum-chewing, sloppy, unshaven, and generally disheveled GI as the epitome of Allied resistance to the Nazi threat. That was supposed to make Americans feel better. The enemy was impeccably dressed, spoke fluent English with an exotic accent (our boys knew about four words in German, two of them being "mach schnell"), never had a hair out of place, and had Continental manners even when torturing spies. And, of course, scenes of the concentration camps and the mass murder of Jews virtually never appear in these films as it took years before the Allies would officially admit that the death factories even existed. The anti-intellectual, deliberately unsophisticated pose of the typical American GI -- as depicted by Hollywood -- was supposed to be somehow equivalent to moral superiority: a troubling perspective that exists to this day in our entertainment media and even among our politicians and religious leaders. Brilliant students are portrayed in television sit-corns as hopeless, socially maladjusted "nerds" in vain competition with the handsome but brain-dead jocks who have become teen idols. Former vice president and convicted felon Spiro Agnew was famous for his attacks on what he called "pseudo- intellectuals," and a glance at former President George Bush's bedside reading would make a high school English teacher blush. Nixon himself, besieged on all sides by protesting college kids, had an abhorrence of the intelligentsia as revealed in his famous Watergate tapes. As the author once had occasion to remark to some survivors of China's Cultural Revolution in Beijing, intellectuals are treated as the enemy in every country: in China as Capitalists, in America as Communists. They agreed.

Somewhere along the line, somewhere between Joe Goebbels and Joe McCarthy, Americans began believing -- and embracing -- their own propaganda.

And those Americans for whom intellectual and cultural sophistication held certain attractions that could not be matched by Iowa corn-country square dances or homespun Bible Belt homilies found themselves having more in common with the Hollywood image of the typical SS officer than with the type of American GI portrayed by, say, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, or Henry Fonda. As a certain, subtextual cultural identification with the SS began to take place among our basically intelligent bur incompetently educated American youth it would not be long before political identification would occur ... with unfortunate consequences.

As they filtered into South America, the escaping Nazi refugees brought with them their brotherhood, their talent for organization, and all their old loyalties. They had also become a criminal organization, one that was -- at least on paper -- being hunted down by the nations of the world. Branded as international criminals, it was no great moral leap from the name to the game. They became involved in the drug trade, arms dealing, and international terrorism. The unholy alliance between Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie and fascist Italian terrorist Stefano delle Chiaie in Bolivia is just one example among many.

Unlike other "patriotic" organizations that, forced underground, became criminal societies -- the Sicilian Mafia and the Chinese Tongs come readily to mind -- the Nazis did not abandon their core beliefs. They retained their religion of anti-Semitism and Teutonic superiority, and the rest of the world continued to identify Nazis this way. In Argentina, they began to reissue their primary tracts. Everything from Mein Kampf to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was republished in Spanish-language versions for the edification of the masses. Moreover, such men as Wilfried von Owen -- a senior aide to Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels -- would retire peacefully to Buenos Aires to write neo-Nazi tracts for publication in Europe. [1] The Nazis came to realize that not all South Americans were "subhumans"; many were the children of German, Swiss, and Italian immigrants who had come to South America over a hundred years ago during various migrations, just as they had to the United States. Although they were now the Spanish-speaking citizens of Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay (for instance), their blood was still "racially pure."

South America had been a magnet for Nazi personalities even before the war began. Ernst Rohm, the SA commander who was murdered in the famous purge of 1934, spent several years training troops in Bolivia after the Beer Hall Putsch. Max Sollmann, one of the youngest participants in the Putsch and the future Lebensborn leader, lived for many years in Colombia after 1923, returning to Germany only in 1934. [2] Richard Walther Darre, the pagan high priest of the Third Reich, was born in Argentina. And, of course, Baron Sebottendorff himself traveled throughout Latin America in his incarnation as a Mexican consul.

For those who find this odd it should be recognized that in Latin America generally, and in Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile in particular, there is an element of the population that still considers itself "European" as distinct from the local "Indian" peoples. Europe is worshiped from afar as the natural homeland of these second-, third-, and fourth- eneration Italians, Germans, and others. European fashion, literature, music, and cuisine are preserved -- as if in a time capsule -- in major cities like Buenos Aires in Argentina; in Bolivia, the German population forms the cultural and economic elite of La Paz; and in Chile there is an entire region of the country -- centered in Valdivia -- where the local newspaper and even the street signs are in German; and where, during the war, the Nazi Party was firmly entrenched.

This was the environment in which the fleeing Nazis suddenly found themselves. It was congenial, familiar, and in many cases all too anxious to accommodate men the rest of the world considered monsters but who were greeted as if they were a European government- in-exile. All this, coupled with the fact that many Nazis were cooperating with the American intelligence services and had the protection of the Church, ensured that even the local national governments would go out of their way to see to it that they were not inconvenienced by extradition requests, arrest warrants, and the other annoying demands of international law. Also, many Nazis came with their own funds: enormous sums of money that had been embezzled from the Party treasury or stolen from their Jewish victims.

But South America was not the only place Nazis found refuge. Nazis -- particularly Nazi scientists -- were welcomed in certain Arab countries in North Mrica and the Middle East (Otto Skorzeny's assistance to the Nasser regime in Egypt is well known, for instance) and, of course, we had our own Nazi elite serving in the American space program including, but not limited to, Dr. Wernher von Braun. Many Nazis, including former SS officers, worked for American intelligence services in Europe after the war. And future President Richard Nixon himself assisted in the protection of known Nazis both in his home state of California and as vice president under Eisenhower. [3]

And in Switzerland, perhaps one of the more outlandish Nazi survivals yet: admirers of Ostara publisher and Hitler mentor, Lanz von Liebenfels, who survived the war he midwifed and who died on April 22, 1954.

The Abbey of Thelema

Before we follow the ratlines of the Nazi Cult to North and South America, a glance at its European survivals will do us well. As I write these lines [1994], a neo-Fascist has just won a tremendous victory in the first-ever democratic election on Russian soil. Vladimir W. Zhirinovsky -- whose ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party won heavily -- has already met with right-wing political leaders (including a former SS officer) during a tour of Germany and Austria. He has even gone so far as to recommend that Bulgaria should annex Macedonia (shades of Anschluss!), a now-sovereign nation that was once part of Yugoslavia. [4]

There are those who play down Zhirinovsky's potential for harm by citing his electoral victory as nothing more than a protest vote by the newly democratized Russian people who are fed up with a variety of other political leaders, including current President Boris Yeltsin. But then, they said similar things about Hitler.

An entire book could be written about Russian occultism and its effect on the political life of Europe, from Blavatsky to Yuliana Glinka and Sergey Nilus to Rasputin, and to the most recent emergence of a millennia! cult in the Ukraine that predicted the world would end in November, 1993. But it might be better at the present time to keep our eyes on the more blatant of the Nazi survivals, and what better place to begin our study than with a modern-day Abbey of Thelema in the German-speaking district of Appenzell, Switzerland.

The Swiss OTO is noteworthy for several things. In the first place, they are probably the best-organized and most profitably run Thelemic (i.e., Crowleyan) enterprise on earth. From all accounts, including but not limited to Mr. King's, [5] they perform the most perfect of all Gnostic Masses (an occult version of the Catholic Mass) to be found. Although, as someone who has witnessed many a Gnostic Mass in the States, the author must offer the proviso that virtually anything would be an improvement. Further, they run a guesthouse, a printing press, and operate their own apothecary specializing in "Paracelsian" remedies: an industry for which the Nazis would have given them high marks indeed.

What calls our attention to the Swiss OTO, however, is an item recorded by Francis King in his Satan and Swastika, [6] in which he mentioned that -- in the first issue of its newsletter E.O.L. Mitteilungsblatt, dated June 9, 1954 -- the Abbey published a Memorial notice for Lanz von Liebenfels, calling him a "shining example of unswerving faith and the very highest virtue"! [7] That the best-run example of a Thelemic community should have openly praised one of the spiritual fathers of the Third Reich is a phenomenon that is troubling, ro say the least. That they are serious Thelemites and devotees of Aleister Crowley cannot be denied. How, then, do they manage to reconcile these two conflicting philosophies?

This is a problem that vexes the student of modern occultism, because admiration of Crowley and his philosophy has emerged in organized Satanism, neo-Nazi political parties, racist hooliganism, alienated teenagers, and jaded rock-and-rollers alike. Crowley once wrote -- in an attack on Arthur Edward Waite, a former colleague in the Golden Dawn and the author of many books on occultism -- "Magick is a mirror, wherein who sees muck is muck." [8] One could perhaps also say, "Crowley is a mirror in which one who sees a Nazi, is a Nazi." As Crowley was certainly an anti-establishment sort of fellow, and as Nazism is about as anti-establishment as you can get in most countries, it would follow that Nazis might find a kindred soul in Aleister Crowley. Yet, one would think that the OTO of Switzerland -- an organization that is arguably the oldest continuous Thelemic Lodge in the world -- would know better.

The implications are distressing.

We may remember that the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) -- the German occult Order to which Crowley belonged and of which he became its somewhat disputed OHO (Outer Head of the Order) -- had splintered into various factions around 1925. One group went with Crowley. Another remained independent of Crowley and his religion of Thelema. Still another became the Brotherhood of Saturn, an organization that survived the war and also exists to this day.

Recourse to a useful flowchart provided on electronic bulletin boards by something calling itself the "Boleskine Chapter of the Thelema Grand Lodge OTO" [9] indicates that the Swiss OTO has direct lineage to both Karl Germer and Theodor Reuss via Frater Paragranus (Josephus Metzger) declaring the latter to be OHO although whom it recognizes as OHO at this time is not clear. What is clear is that this Swiss lodge was once the private domain of Theodor Reuss himself, presumably when he went to Ascona in the waning years of his life and founded the same "Mysteria Maxima Veritas" Lodge. The Lodge continued under the leadership of Karl Germer as OHO even after Germer left for the United States, but after Germer's death it seems to dangle off the edge of the flowchart as the Order itself went through several sea changes with Kenneth Grant's Nu-Isis Lodge in England, Grady McMurtry's operation in the States, and various other offshoots such as Brazilian Marcelo Ramos Motta's version of the Order, which was successfully sued by the McMurtry gang in a United States court. [10] Germer had died without leaving a Templar heir, and the resulting fracas has served only to splinter this already heartily splintered organization still further.

In conversations with the author, Grady McMurtry -- several years before his death in 1985 -- related that in 1941, before Jack Parsons totally lost control of his life, he initiated McMurtry -- then an army lieutenant -- into the OTO. McMurtry later served in the European Theater in some capacity and made Crowley's personal acquaintance in London at about the time Crowley was strategizing with the likes of Fleming, Wheatley, and Knight. Crowley elevated McMurtry to the IXͦ in the OTO hierarchical scheme -- the highest rank attainable save by those ruling as OHOs -- and McMurtry then returned to the United States after the war, still under Germer's leadership there. Once Germer died, however, several individuals calling themselves OHO began running their own OTO organizations. As recently as the 1980s, the American outfit now legally recognized as the OTO in the States claimed adherence to a set of vile regulations published in what is known as the Blue Equinox, i.e., Crowley's hardbound periodical that was usually published in white covers and which was, only once, bound in blue covers; hence its informal title. These archaic strictures are a legacy of Crowley's early German period, mixed with elements of a monarchical Victorian hangover, which have become incomprehensibly precious to those otherwise antiestablishment hippie types who constitute the leadership of the Order. That Crowley later repudiated the "Blue laws" and adopted the stridently libertarian views of the more succinct Liber OZ [11] -- which was published in London and California in 1939 as the world was being plunged into the Second World War -- seems clear to this author, who finds himself in general agreement with what has been written on the subject of Kenneth Grant, [12] who more than anyone seems best qualified to serve as OHO of the Order ... the cosmic wisdom of the American legal system notwithstanding.

It was McMurtry and his adherents, however, who-on the basis of some rather thin evidence and the loose interpretation of some Crowley correspondence -- managed to convince a US District Court judge that his claim to rulership of the OTO was genuine. Thelema never had that much luck with worldly courts, and there is no reason to suppose that this case was an exception. McMurtry continued to work for the US government in various capacities before retiring to run the OTO in 1969 after the disastrous theft of vital documents and irreplaceable books from Germer's widow, Sascha (who was also beaten up in the process), in 1967. It seems that the perpetrator of this crime was believed to be yet another organization calling itself OTO, this time the "Solar Lodge of the OTO," implicated in the Charles Manson case which exploded with the Tate/La Bianca murders in August of 1969. As the above chronology makes clear, McMurtry remained so out of touch with the OTO that it would be two years before he learned of the attack on Sascha Germer and the theft of the OTO "family jewels."

One cannot help but form scenarios in one's mind with such an embarrassment of paranoid riches at one's disposal. We have shown how Crowley was involved to some extent with the spymasters of MI5, including those famous personalities Dennis Wheatley, Ian Fleming, and Maxwell Knight, during World War II and particularly during the Hess affair. McMurtry, an Army officer, was initiated by Parsons at Cal-Tech in 1941 before going overseas to obtain greater initiations from Crowley himself during the war. McMurtry, who mustered out of the army with the rank of captain, went on to work as an analyst for the government while simultaneously teaching a course in poli sci at George Washington University in Washington, DC in the sixties. The scenario that presents itself is intriguing. One wonders if -- as the US federal government has been known to do with many other suspect organizations, including the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers -- they had not infiltrated an agent into the American OTO who eventually became one of its leaders? After all, L. Ron Hubbard himself once claimed to have infiltrated the OTO for either LAPD, Naval Intelligence, or the FBI, depending on the source. [13] Was McMurtry on a similar mission, this time for the army or for some secret, frantic faction thereof? After all, Hess had flown to Scotland in 1941 -- the same year McMurtry joined Parsons's Agape Lodge in California. McMurtry then shipped out for Great Britain, where he met Crowley who was being considered at that time for a role in the debriefing of Hess. Did the fledgling American intelligence services want to know what the rather more professional British services were up to with Hess and Crowley? Was McMurtry then "reactivated" at the time of the Manson killings to investigate the possible involvement of the group calling itself the "Solar Lodge of the OTO"?

Alas, there is absolutely no evidence at all to support what has been imagined in the preceding paragraph. None whatsoever. Not a shred.

And, as there has been much litigation over the history, reputations, and legitimacy of the various OTO lodges, the author must demur at this point and instead refer interested readers to such sources as the first edition of Ed Sanders's The Family [14] for more detail on the so-called Solar Lodge of the OTO and other ancillary information. Chapter Ten in that edition is the relevant material; it has been deleted entire from later editions, including the recently released paperback update that boasts a photo of Charlie Manson on the cover ... replete with swastika tattoo. The litigious McMurtry gang at work? Also, please note that Chapter Five of the original is also missing. That was the material on the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a Scientology offshoot that was implicated in various crimes of a heinous nature in the late sixties and whose nefarious reputation has been resurrected by investigative journalist Maury Terry in The Ultimate Evil, a study of the links that may exist between the Son of Sam cult and the Manson Family via the Process Church. It should be remembered that the Process is in the line of descent -- should we say, apostolic succession? -- from Jack Parsons and hence of the OTO. (The wife of the founder of the Process even claims to be a reincarnation of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels!) [15] If any of the rumors, half-truths, and innuendo concerning the Process are ever proven, then it may be that Parsons actually succeeded in incarnating his Antichrist in California.

To Live and Die in LA

We must at once employ investigators in England to follow and check the reports of trials and police announcements concerning missing children, so that we can include short announcements in our broadcasts, that a child has disappeared in such-and-such a place, and that this is probably the result of a Jewish ritual murder ... [16]


During the height of the Satanic Cult Survivor hysteria in the late eighties and early nineties, an otherwise respectable doctor and professor -- a published author on psychotherapeutic technique and on the uses of hypnotism in psychotherapy -- D. Corydon Hammond was quoted in a two-part series of articles on the phenomenon (published in the New Yorker) [17] as saying that he believed the prevalence of satanic cults in America today was due to the influence of Nazis who had become initiated into satanism and black magic by a mysterious rabbi during the war. These Nazis then emigrated to the United States where they set up shop and organized the underground satanic movement that has been accused of the kidnapping and murder of children and young adults.

While this may seem like another case of the blood libel in fin de siecle America instead of fin de siecle Europe or Russia, we should pause for a moment to digest what is being stated and who is stating it:

1. Mysterious rabbi initiates Nazis into black magic and satanism. (This complies with most anti-Semitic literature of the past thousand years or so, except for the Nazi part, which is a new twist. During the Middle Ages Jews were believed to be sorcerers and demonolators and most grimoires of the period contain Hebrew prayers and writing as part of their rituals.)

2. These Nazis then disappear into the fabric of American life after the war, presumably along the same ratlines that served so many other war criminals.

3. They form underground cells of satanic composition.

4. They begin to prey on unsuspecting Christian children, abusing them sexually and murdering them in horrible, unspeakable ways. (The blood libel, in all its pristine ugliness.)

5. They even breed children for use as human sacrifices in their rituals. A nice twist on the Lebensborn concept and one even the Nazis didn't think of.

6. This theory is put forth by a respected psychotherapist who teaches at the Utah School of Medicine.

The "blood libel" was a technique used to instigate pogroms against the Jews in Europe, in modern times used effectively in pre-Revolutionary Russia and, of course, by Julius Streicher in the pages of his anti-Semitic rag Der Sturmer. Simply stated, the blood libel accused the Jews of murdering Christian children in horrible ways as human sacrifices during secret ceremonies in the temples. Whether the children had, in reality, been murdered by anyone even vaguely Jewish was not important. Whether the children had been murdered at all was irrelevant. Whether there were any missing children or not was not the issue. The blood libel -- or the ritual murder charge, as it was also known -- was an invention of yellow journalists who, working for the government or for some right-wing faction, published these unfounded, inflammatory stories in a deliberate attempt to instigate pogroms against the local Jewish population. The attempts usually worked. Thousands of Jews were murdered by angry mobs many times over many years before the Holocaust began by using this technique.

In the present-day version of the blood libel, however, we seem to lack a readily identifiable social or ethnic group as a convenient target. Satanists are few and far between and relatively invisible. So, comparatively speaking, are Nazis. What, then, is the value of the blood libel if there are no social outcasts to destroy?

Well, perhaps there are.

One of the world's most famous -- positively archetypal -- social outcasts is the aforementioned Charles Manson. Manson has perhaps concretized evil for an entire generation. Accused, tried, and convicted of ordering the Tate/La Bianca murders of 1969, Manson remains in prison at the time of this writing, consistently denied parole year after year as he serves a life sentence for the murders.

Although much about Manson remains a mystery, there is enough evidence to show that he borrowed at least some of his act from Scientologists during one of his previous prison terms, and even wrote an article for the official Process magazine. Manson told his followers that he wanted to instigate a race war between blacks and whites in America, believing that he and his Family would survive the holocaust by hiding out in the desert. After the smoke cleared and the blood dried, they would then come roaring out of the desert to take charge of what was left of the planet Earth. Noting Manson's anti-Semitism and his hatred of blacks, it's easy to see how he figured the race war would end.

Mason has claimed to be both Jesus Christ and the Devil, a claim that seems ludicrous at first glance but is easy to understand once one knows that the Process believed that Jesus, Satan, and Lucifer were equal members of a triune power of the universe. This quasi- gnostic belief is nothing new -- it is, after all, warmed-over Manichaeism -- but in modern dress it can seem scandalous and fantastic.

As he spent more and more time in prison after the Tate killings, he became infected with Nazi ideology, probably via the Aryan Brotherhood, which serves as a violent, all-white "gang" both within the prison system and without. As is well known, he eventually carved a swastika into his forehead, and formed a relationship with James N. Mason of the Universal Order, [18] an offshoot of the American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell. Mason eventually realized that Manson was the latest incarnation of Adolf Hitler, and began to devote all his time to promoting Charlie's philosophy among his neo-Nazi brethren.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Manson killings stupefied the entire nation. A lovely, pregnant, blond actress who starred in B-movies but who had never harmed anyone was hideously mutilated and slain in her own home by a band of men and women who also slashed and killed her houseguests. Ironically, although all the perpetrators were white Gentiles -- "racially, they are all tops" according to Mason -- the image of the short, long- haired, bearded Manson ordering the death and mutilation of Sharon Tate could have come from the pages of Der Sturmer or Ostara as an example of a subhuman species violating the pure Aryan Woman. Manson as agent provocateur? Indeed, his idea was to frame the blacks for the murders. Thus, the blood libel at work.

But link Manson with Nazis and the Process, and you have a perfect formula for a different sort of blood libel. In middle-America's confused understanding of world history and current events, what image could be more potent than a Charles Manson/Nazi/Satanist conspiracy to destroy American youth? Add that little extra fillip of anti-Semitism in Dr. Hammond's analysis (that the Satanic Nazis learned their occultism from a rabbi) and you have it all. Mysterious Men In Black with vast occult powers, rampaging sexual urges, and demonic bloodlust corrupting and murdering America's children with reckless abandon. Who can be trusted? Obviously, only mainstream fundamentalist religious groups; only patriotic, right-wing political groups. The more conservative, the better. These individuals have no fear of the man waving a large cross and shouting the name of Jesus, of God and Country. They fear ... the Others.

Streams of Satanic Abuse Survivors have gone running to therapists with newly retrieved "memories" of these ritual murders, contributing to a growing national hysteria (at least on the talk shows). While none of these "victims" remembers the names or addresses of the actual persons involved in the killings and the abuse, or can in any other way identify the perpetrators, the horror these "victims" feel is still palpable. They want justice. They want to punish someone. But in these politically correct times, at whom can one point a finger? Certainly not at the Jews. Nor at any other ethnic or religious group (unless one considers these mysterious satanists members of a religious group; they are not to be confused with members of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan). Alas, one must be content to be a victim without an identifiable -- and hence punishable -- victimizer. The whole point about these alleged satanic organizations is that they are well organized, highly secretive, perform their rituals in remote settings, and breed their own children for sacrifice so that there are no birth records and certainly no death records, either. In other words, they commit the perfect crimes, and if it wasn't for this suddenly vast array of "survivors," we would never even know the cult existed.

Unfortunately, all the hype concerning Satanic Cult Survivor Syndrome has obscured the fact that neo-Nazi cults, embracing some form of occultism inherited from their SS forebears, do exist and do intend harm -- violent harm -- for most members of the human race. In fact, it is almost a mistake in some cases to speak of neo-Nazi cults, for the Nazi era is still very much with us and has been lovingly preserved by unrepentant war criminals in safe havens in Argentina, Brazil, Chile ... and the United States.

While Dr. Hammond's thesis may be a bit extreme, there can be no doubt that Nazis escaped to America, and that they brought their cult of race mysticism and swastika worship with them. Combined with the legendary Nazi hatred for Judaism and Christianity, this cult is still blatantly pagan although it would be an exercise in hyperbole to consider it "satanic" in any strict, ideological sense. Nazis do not worship the Devil as such; for them, as for other pagans of various persuasions -- including the benign Wicca movement -- the Devil is purely a Judeo-Christian concept. Only someone still in the thralls of some form of Judeo-Christianity would consider going to all the trouble to worship Satan.

Yet, the various gods and goddesses that compose traditional Nordic paganism are viewed as demons by the Catholic Church. They were certainly "false gods," and to worship them would have been enough to send anyone to the stake during the Inquisition. Witches' Sabbaths are not Black Masses, but participation in them was reason enough for execution. Hence, Himmler's sympathy for the witches who were destroyed by the Church during the Middle Ages; they were, after all, fellow travelers to the Nordic Armanen brothers and the Celtic Druids. Thus, the difficulty in drawing lines of demarcation where the Church sees none. To the conventional Catholic point of view, witches and Druids and Nordic pagans are of a piece with satanists: in the Church's eyes they all worship the Devil.

The writings and speeches of Nazi apologists like Walther Darre, Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich Himmler, Baldur von Schirach, and Hitler himself make it clear just what the Nazi platform was on organized religion and the future of Aryan spirituality. They understood the concept of "spirit" to be racially determined. Thus, there was a "Jewish spirit" as distinct from an "Aryan spirit." The spirit was, therefore, a function of the blood. Previous authors, such as Houston Stewart Chamberlain, had written that one could somehow "become Jewish" simply by associating with Jews long enough; for Chamberlain and others, race was not the determining factor in what the later Chinese ideologues would term "spiritual pollution"; rather, the environment itself was the critical element. Although Hitler greatly admired Chamberlain, he insisted that the German spirit was a vastly different creature than the Semitic spirit, and that racial purity determined spiritual purity. In this way, all possibility of individual, personal spiritual advancement was denied. One was either born perfect, or one's soul was doomed from the outset. And there was no mystery about who was who: your birth certificate told the story. There was no such thing as a "human spirit": there was only a racial spirit. And should a German woman have sexual intercourse with a Jew only once, her soul would become polluted forever and her children -- even if engendered by an Aryan male -- would always contain a taint of Jewish corruption; hence the racial Nuremberg Laws which forbade sexual intercourse (let alone marriage) between Jews and non-Jews in Hitler's Germany.

When the Nazis escaped along the ratlines to the Americas, they brought these beliefs with them. They remained as indispensable a part of their spiritual repertoire as Mein Kampf or the Protocols. And they functioned as silent masters behind a legion of front men in the host countries, financing the publication of what most of the world would consider "hate literature" but which to the Nazis remain their sacred scriptures. These men were in urgent need of something similar to what the Chinese call "reeducation" or what the cult fighters call "deprogramming," but the world did not understand the Nazi Party (and particularly the SS) as a cult and was not equipped to deal with the problem; and the continued threat f Communism and the need for an overwhelming solution to the Communist "problem" made these veteran anti-Communists valuable men to have as intelligence agents, saboteurs, and military advisers wherever the Communist threat was present.

That is why we witness a resurgence in Latin America, for instance, of every form of Nazism, from political parties that parade the swastika and other runic designs as official emblems to pogroms against various ethnic minorities -- usually the Native American populations -- to totalitarian forms of government that were established to defeat the greatest enemy of Nazism after the Jews, International Communism.

A casual observer might decide that these political coruscations are isolated incidents, the black-leather fantasies of a handful of crazed and chronic underachievers trying to get our attention. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The flashy neo-Nazi groups of Latin America perform a valuable service for the old war criminals in hiding. They take the public's political temperature, so to speak, while at the same time taking the heat off the Kamaradenwerk. And a major player in that underground Nazi network -- the ratline par excellence -- was Otto Skorzeny.
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Hitler's Commando

Skorzeny's career as the creator of Hitler's elite commando force -- trained in foreign languages, sophisticated weapons, and demolition devices, various forms of aircraft including experimental planes, and combat and assassination techniques -- is celebrated all over the world. It was Skorzeny, after all, who performed the impossible rescue of Benito Mussolini from under the nose of his captors. It was Skorzeny who dressed members of his force in American uniforms in one of the last battles of the war and thus contributed to many American deaths by means of the artful deception.

And it was Skorzeny who inherited the responsibility for maneuvering the stolen Nazi art treasures out of Germany and occupation hands into Spain, Portugal, and eventually to South America. These art treasures formed the capital with which Skorzeny financed Die Spinne (The Spider) his version of ODESSA (the Organization of former SS Officers), and with which he aided the escape and survival of many of his former colleagues, including (but not limited to) Eichmann and Mengele. Skorzeny never stood trial at Nuremberg when he was easily one of the most important war criminals ever to survive the Occupation. Instead, he made himself useful to American intelligence and, later, to West German industrialists and reconstituted Nazis enjoying the protection of Adenauer. He figured prominently in the Peron regime in Argentina and was even entrusted with bringing Evita's body from Italy to Argentina after the death of her husband.

Skorzeny was a fanatic Nazi who kept the pagan faith throughout his career until his death from cancer in 1975. His involvement with the regimes of Farouk and Nasser in Egypt went so far as to include creating an Egyptian Gestapo staffed almost completely with former SS officers, a measure that received wholehearted support from CIA Director Allen Dulles, who was at that time involved with Reinhard Gehlen in developing an anti- communist espionage service within the ranks of the CIA. It is evidence of this kind of collusion between the CIA and former SS officers, Nazi financiers, and concentration camp doctors that has given rise to speculation about Nazi mind-control methods being developed under CIA auspices in the decades after the war (with a nod to Dr. Hammond).

The commando unit Skorzeny created under Hitler remained largely intact after the war and formed the network of SS men around the world -- financed by Nazi money hidden in various European and South American treasuries -- that contributes to the survival of Nazi ideology today, more than fifty years after the end of World War II. With so much support being given to these men by various governments -- including America's -- is it any wonder that Nazism is enjoying a kind of spiritual rebirth all over the world? Estimates range as high as seventy thousand former SS officers -- members of Himmler's elite Black Order, initiated with pagan ritual into his version of the Masons and Jesuits rolled into one -- remained at large after the war. As such, it constitutes one of the largest -- and best- funded, best-trained, best-equipped, and best-connected -- cults in the world today. And the second generation is being trained and indoctrinated in the streets of London, Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires ... and in secret, heavily armed estates like Colonia Dignidad.

The Ratlines

An undeclared war is being waged in Latin America today against the democratic institutions and the independence of the New World republics. This war is being conducted with fearful efficiency by the soldiers of the Third German Empire, who have been distributed by thousands throughout the political underground of this continent. They are the agents of Adolf Hitler ... [19]


To appreciate the ease with which lines of communication and transportation were set up between the Nazis in Europe and their support groups in South America, one only has to look at the history of South America in the twentieth century, particularly during the war years. Beginning in the 1930s, there were waves of German immigration coming to the continent. At first, these were German Jews fleeing the newly established Aryan state. Then, Nazi diplomats began replacing their Weimar counterparts in embassies from Bogota to Buenos Aires, and forming relationships with local Nazi parties in these countries. Of all the South American nations, those most likely to welcome Nazi influence were Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia. All of these countries had high concentrations of German- speaking people in influential areas of government and commerce. Bolivia, for example, had a relatively open immigration policy and visas could simply be purchased. The Bolivian airline, LAB, was owned and operated by Germans, a situation that Allen Dulles would fight hard to change as it posed a strategic threat to US interests. Of course, Ernst Rohm had worked in Bolivia in the 1920s as a military adviser.

Bolivia also had -- and probably still has -- a homegrown Nazi Party: the Organizacion Nacional Socialista Americana (American National Socialist Organization) or ONSA. [20]

Chile, by comparison, had no less than three Nazi Parties when the war broke out, [21] plus was host to an exiled Bolivian Nazi Party; this is one of the reasons why Chile remained the only country in South America that did not declare war on Germany. One of these parties, the National Socialist Movement (Movimiento Nacional Socialista or MNS), founded by Jorge Gonzalez von Marees in 1932, was an attempt to build Nazism with Chilean characteristics (to paraphrase an old Maoist slogan). The members of this party were actually referred to as Nacis, but by 1937 the movement became disaffected with Hitler and, although still remaining basically anti-Semitic and nationalistic, it severed its relations with other Nazi and Fascist organizations in Chile. It attempted a coup against the administration of President Alessandri, but was brutally suppressed when fifty of its members were murdered without a trial. Eventually, the Nacis threw in with presidential candidate Aguirre Cerda and helped him win by a narrow margin, so their influence was not altogether imaginary. We will look at more modern -- and more lethal -- Nazi movements in Chile in the next chapter.

But by far the most blatantly pro-Nazi and pro-Fascist government in South America was that of Argentina's Juan Peron. A critical link in the Nazi ratline, Peron's government bent over backwards to accommodate fleeing Nazis and, as recent revelations have shown, more than one thousand such war criminals managed to find safe haven in Peron's Argentina. [22]

Prior to Peron's accession to power in 1946, however, Argentina had become a focal point for Nazi strategy in the region. The Party Leader (Parteileiter) for South America was headquartered in Buenos Aires. [23] The Party Leader was at least nominally in charge of all SS, SA, Arbeitfront, Hitler Youth, and Gestapo activities in the entire region. In Berlin, the Nazi Party had a separate section and a secretary-general for the Nazi Party of South and Central America. To better appreciate this policy, one merely has to imagine -- for instance -- the sheer audacity of having a United States Republican Party of Pakistan, for instance, or an American Democratic Party of Rumania. We who tend to think of our political parties as purely domestic affairs have to rearrange our thinking when it comes to understanding the Nazis, who saw themselves as eventually ruling over the entire globe. In this, they were not too different from their mortal enemies, the Communists, who organized in foreign countries but who owed their allegiance to Moscow. The essential point of departure, however, is that the Communists were consciously international while the Nazis were national. The Nazi Parties in South America were not independently operated affairs, not even on paper. They were simply divisions of the greater Nazi Party in Germany, and all the same rules applied (i.e., as regards race, religion, etc.). A full- blooded Native American Peruvian, for example, would have no more chance of joining the Nazi Party in La Paz or Sucre than would someone one-quarter Jewish in Berlin.

Argentina had a Nazi-style party in power for a while in 1943 when the Grupo de Ojiciales Unidos or GOU executed a neat coup that resulted in a short-lived, pro-Fascist military dictatorship. [24] Previously, the Uriburu government of 1930-32 had attempted to create a self-consciously Italian Fascist government there, with mixed results that ended in failure. While Argentina remained passively pro-Nazi and pro-Fascist during the war (and only declared war on Germany at the last possible moment), it did not succeed in becoming the Nazi dream state until 1946.

Juan Domingo Peron had served as a military attache to Mussolini's Italy before the war broke out and liked what he saw. Like so many other Latin American generals, he found the totalitarian power structure of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany appealing. Even more, the swaggering machismo of Il Duce and the flashy black uniforms and jackboots of the SS helped to form a persistent idea among Latin military leaders of what a real army and a real government should look like. That is, they admired the surface manifestations of the movement and the brutally simple approach to administrative problems favored by the right-wing totalitarian regimes. No one could accuse the platforms of either Fascism or Nazism of being hard to understand; Communism, by comparison, was largely intended to be a "scientific" approach to government and economics and required learning a whole new vocabulary and doing at least some reading. There wasn't much reading required of the aspiring Fascist or Nazi. Even Hitler, it is said, did not read most of the books he owned but scanned pamphlets which contained brief quotations from the literary and philosophical giants of German history. He could thus quote these dead white gentlemen as if he had read their entire works. [25] This was the approach favored by the right-wing extremists who saw themselves as men of action rather than as political philosophers.

Many who write on the Nazi scene in South America have disparaged the movement. They claim that Nazism could never gain a real foothold in South America because the history and culture of that society is so different from that of Germany or Italy. [26] For one thing, because the population is so diverse, a racial program could never succeed. For another, long exposure to North American forms of democracy would mitigate against the creation of a purely nationalistic political force.

Unfortunately, this perception of South American politics is only partially correct. It is true that the populations of many Latin countries are racially diverse; that does not stop those of white skin from looking down on those with dark skin. It also does not stop those of largely European ancestry from discriminating against those of Native American blood. The vast destruction of indigenous peoples taking place in the Amazonian rain forests is but one example of this callous disregard for those of different race. South America is as class-conscious as any other region; at times, even more so. Family connections are everything, from Colombia in the north to Chile and Argentina in the south. One's last name can prove an entree to the country club, or a permanent ban from the seats of power and influence.

As for North American democracy, the people of Latin America know all too well how it has been used against them; the overthrow of Salvador Allende in 1973 was only one example. One could cite Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador as others, not to mention the repeated attempts to assassinate or overthrow Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Thus, Nazi sensibilities became popular among the vested interests in Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador, and virtually everywhere in South America that boasted an elite ruling class that was almost invariably white and non-Indian. While it was difficult in some countries to organize an anti-Semitic party due to the tiny and relatively uninfluential Jewish populations there, the emphasis was switched to anti-Communism. And, as Communists began to organize among the lowly and dispossessed (usually Native American) peoples of Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and the rest of South America, anti-Communism took on some racist characteristics.

Christianity -- particularly Roman Catholicism -- is a strong force in Latin America, perhaps less so now than during the 1940s and 1950s, when religious laws in many countries were virtually indistinguishable from federal laws (legislation pertaining to marriage, divorce, and abortion come readily to mind); but nonetheless, the Church still wields moral power and its "liberationist" priests and nuns are well loved by the poor. Thus, in Latin America, the Nazis faced some of the same philosophical and cultural hurdles that they encountered in Christian Germany. Yet, while pious Catholicism is the norm among the poorer and middle-class populations of Latin America, occultism was popular among the elite and the educated classes. They indulged in everything from spiritualism to Gnosticism to ritual magic and Rosicrucianism, particularly in the urban areas. This, coupled with some native occult beliefs such as Santeria, Macumba, and a host of other practices that are the product of African and Native American religions mixing with imported Roman Catholicism, produced an atmosphere that was conducive to cults and nontraditional religious sects. Further, many otherwise intelligent Latinos of the author's acquaintance express surprise at the vehemence which the name of Hitler or the subject of Nazis arouses in many a norteamericano. While many Latins would not automatically embrace der Fuhrer, they do tend to see him as a brilliant, if flawed, statesman who could not have been the demon the "northern" press makes him out to be. While most of the population would resist Nazism as a foreign import, if nothing else, and a not very useful alternative to democracy or Communism, the oligarchies of these countries tend to admire Nazism as a philosophy dear to their hearts: an ideology where might is right, and will power (plus automatic weapons) is everything. And, since members of the Church -- including individual priests, nuns, and bishops -- have recently become involved in anti-government protests and conspiracies from Central to South America, at times even siding with Communist and Socialist extremists against right-wing dictatorships ... well, then, who needs the Church?

For these reasons the Nazi Party remains as antagonistic as ever to Christianity. While some Christian prelates may see in the Nazi Party a useful bulwark against the greater evil, Communism, by far the most popular priests and bishops in Latin America are the antigovernment preachers and martyrs. And now, with the collapse of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe, the Party must reevaluate its usefulness to a host of military regimes. The ongoing struggle of Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) guerrillas in Peru, for instance, is a boon to those aging Nazi antiterrorism consultants who still ply their trade in the South. While the antigovernment forces in South America may eventually change their program from doctrinaire Communism or Maoism due to lack of support abroad, they will persist in their policy of overthrowing the relative handful of powerful families in charge of the Latin American economies.

And then, of course, there is the drug trade.


Nazis and their sympathizers are rarely boring. At the very least, they are revolting and perhaps even ridiculous. At best, they are surreal. One such case is that of Carlos Lehder Rivas, [27] a former kingpin of the Medellin drug cartel of Colombia: neo-Nazi, multimillionaire drug lord, convicted felon, prosecution witness against former Panamanian President and Santeria practitioner Manuel Noriega, and huge John Lennon fan.

Lehder's father was a German engineer who managed to emigrate to Colombia before the end of the war. Carlos Lehder himself was born in 1947, the product of a union between his German-born father and Colombian mother. His parents divorced shortly after Carlos was born, and his mother took him to New York City, where he eventually wound up selling pot in the Bronx as a teenager before getting arrested for grand-theft auto at the age of twenty-six. He had been stealing cars since he was eighteen.

By 1975, he was out of jail and back in Bogota. Three years later, and Carlos Lehder was one of the richest men in the world. He had understood that the key element in any narcotics operation was transportation, and -- with his newly acquired pilot's license -- he set up a marijuana transport system that was the marvel of South American criminal enterprises.

Not content with being a mere drug trafficker, however, Carlos Lehder decided he wanted to run the country. By 1983 he had formed a political party -- the Movimiento Civico Latino Nacional (MCLN) -- a rabidly nationalist, anti-American, anti-Communist, and neo-Nazi party in which Hitler was extolled as "the greatest warrior in history," [28] and Lehder's own open involvement in the drug trade was nothing less than a means of toppling the imperialist forces (the United States) and destroying their influence in Latin America. He opened a resort hotel, the Posada Alemana (German Inn), a pastiche of Bavarian-style architecture, with a statue of Lehder's idol, John Lennon, as centerpiece of the hotel's disco: a club which blared a constant stream of Beatles music at all hours of the day and night. The statue itself is worthy of attention for here Lennon is depicted in the nude, wearing only a Nazi helmet, holding a guitar, and with a bullet hole in his heart! How the peaceful, antiestablishment and pro-love pop singer and composer was linked with Nazism in Lehder's mind is anyone's guess; perhaps Mr. Lennon's marriage to a Japanese woman was enough to convince the drug dealer that Lennon's sympathies were with the Axis powers?

In any event, Lehder's many speeches to the press and to crowds of curiosity-seekers in his hometown of Armenia consistently invoke this theme of Nazism and the drug trade, equating cocaine with the atomic bomb: the secret weapon of the Nazis in their ongoing struggle against capitalism and American imperialism. Most DEA agents regarded these speeches as the ravings of a coked-up narcotraficante ... but then there was that little matter of a military coup in Bolivia, a coup masterminded by drug-runner and former Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie with the assistance of a secret Masonic organization based in Italy.

The Butcher of Lyon

Barbie -- like so many other rabid Nazis -- had been a devout Catholic in his youth, joining several Catholic youth groups in and around his childhood home of Trier, close to the borders of France and Luxembourg on the Mosel River. Trier was the scene of many violent clashes between the French and the Germans during and after the First World War, and later between the Nazis and those who opposed them during the chaotic thirties. At some point, Barbie experienced a kind of spiritual crisis and -- on April 1, 1933 -- he joined the Hitler Youth at the age of nineteen.

The previous month, Hitler had offered to compromise with the Church, calling it an essential part of German folk (volk) heritage. While previously the Church was certain that it would suffer severely under the Third Reich because of the latter's aggressive neo- paganism, this new attitude was welcomed with relief and many clergymen jumped on the bandwagon. This might have been the reason young Barbie decided to throw in with the Nazis, but his real motivations are unknown.

Several months later, after the signing of the German-Vatican Concordat on July 20, 1933, the bishop of Trier scheduled a rare public showing of that cathedral's famous Robe.

The Robe is supposedly that which was worn by Christ on his journey up Golgotha to be crucified.

One of the most famous relics in Catholic Europe, the robe was only exhibited at supreme moments in history, and its showing involved the organisation of an international pilgrimage. The bishop could not have invented a more perfect stroke of international propaganda for the new Nazi authorities. [29]

Nazi dignitaries attended the showing, along with contingents of uniformed SA (Storm Troopers). The showing lasted for several months, during which pilgrims from allover Europe made their way to the cathedral for this once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of one of the Church's most holy relics. It is one of those scenes one rarely sees in the movies: an ancient Catholic cathedral, files of altar boys swinging censers, red-robed prelates chanting in Latin before a sacred relic ... and columns of Storm Troopers in swastika armbands as the honor guard!

While there is evidence that Barbie may have secretly joined the Nazis even before 1933, [30] it is certain that by 1934 he had already attained a position with the SD, the Sicherheitsdienst or Secret Service, a division of Himmler's SS.

Eventually, his work for the SD progressed to the point that Obersturmfuhrer Barbie became Gestapo chief of the French city of Lyon in November 1942. It is from that point on that his record of barbarity and cruelty -- a record that earned him the nickname "Butcher of Lyon" -- was begun.

Barbie was responsible for sadistic, horrific crimes against the Jews, Communists, and the French Resistance. He took a particular delight in interrogations, and eyewitness accounts of his participation in the torture of men and women in the basement cells of Montluc Prison are enough to turn anyone's stomach. In the case of Maquis leader Andre Devigny, for example, Barbie ordered his pet Alsatian to attack the defenseless prisoner, a man who had already been subjected to "savage beatings, the cold-water treatment of the baignoire, injections, and red-hot irons placed on the soles of his feet." [31] The dog began by ripping Devigny's clothing from his body with his fangs and then continued by tearing the man's flesh from his bones.

Miraculously, Devigny survived this encounter with Barbie and went down in French Resistance history as the only prisoner ever to escape from Montluc Prison. Unfortunately, the use of trained, vicious dogs as interrogation and torture tools also survived and was implemented with gusto in the Nazi fortress and cult center in Chile known as Colonia Dignidad. (See Chapter Twelve.)

At the end of the war, and with a price on his head and a warrant for his arrest, Barbie managed to find employment with American intelligence in Germany, specifically for the US Counter Intelligence Corps, or CIC. [32] As a Nazi turned informer and spy, Barbie entered into such illustrious company as Reinhard Gehlen, Otto Skorzeny, and SS Colonel Freddy Schwend. Barbie soon proved very useful to his American handlers, developing an intelligence network that extended from penetrations within French intelligence all the way to Eastern European emigre groups and intelligence services there.

But Europe got too hot for Barbie. Wanted by the French for war crimes committed in Lyon, Barbie knew his days of enjoying the patronage of his American superiors were drawing to a close. The Americans could not afford to let Barbie fall into French hands, for fear that he would reveal American intelligence operations against them. (To the Americans, the French intelligence service was riddled through with Communists and could not be trusted. They spent almost as much time spying on their Allies as they did keeping tabs on the Soviet Union.) So, they arranged his escape along the ratline to South America; and for this purpose they used the offices of a Croatian priest, Dr. Krunoslav Draganovic, himself a war criminal and Fascist (a member of the dread pro-Nazi Ustase) wanted by the Yugoslav authorities but who enjoyed the protection of the Vatican nonetheless. [33]

Like Barbie, Fr. Draganovic was also in good company. He was not the only Catholic priest in Yugoslavia accused of war crimes. The atrocities committed under the aegis of the Fascist State of Croatia -- formed in 1941 under Ante Pavelic -- outdid even the Nazis for sheer brutality. While the Jews were certainly on the list, so were the approximately two million Eastern Orthodox Serbs, who were forced either to convert to Roman Catholicism ... or be put to death. Even conversion was no guarantee of safety, as many new converts (men, women, children) were dragged from their first Mass and executed on the streets outside the churches. One Franciscan priest was even the commandant of a Croatian concentration camp. [34] Actions such as these mitigate against Vatican protestations of innocence, or the equally disingenuous argument that an accommodation had to be reached with the Nazis to prevent further bloodshed or the murder of innocent Catholics.

These were the people Draganovic represented and for which an arrest warrant was issued, although he never served any time in prison and was never even tried in a court of law. This is the man who arranged Barbie's escape for the CIC.

After a series of adventures, Barbie found himself (and his entire family) a new home in Bolivia in 1951 with a visa made out in the name of Father Roque Romac (the pseudonym of yet another Croat war-criminal priest, a Franciscan who ministered to his newfound flock in the area of Cochabamba) and for a while Barbie was the perfect bourgeois businessman. Then, forming and cementing relationships with the underground Nazi cult in South America -- and among men such as Skorzeny, Freddy Schwend, Eichmann, and many others -- Barbie, as "Klaus Altmann," began to carve out a position of influence in the various shifting military regimes in La Paz. It will be remembered that Bolivia had been host to German immigrants for years before the war began, and was a target of US intelligence efforts (notably under Dulles) to neutralize their influence on Bolivia's political life. [35] Barbie fell in with the German emigre community, and -- linking up with wheeler-dealer Freddy Schwend and, eventually, Italian pro-Fascist terrorist Stefano delle Chiaie -- found himself a lucrative position as a lieutenant colonel in Bolivian Intelligence! [36]

Schwend and Barbie began running guns between Bolivia, Peru, and Chile using their contacts in the Kamaradenwerk (the informal association of ex-SS officers organized by Luftwaffe ace and Hitler pet Colonel Hans Ulrich Rudel) and among the more fascist of the various Latin American governments who became their clients and, occasionally, their suppliers as well. The gun trade eventually led them into the drug trade, where the abilities of Barbie as a military organizer were enhanced by the arrival of Stefano delle Chiaie. Delle Chiaie enjoyed a serious reputation abroad as a master terrorist who had been responsible for a series of lethal bombings throughout Italy in the late sixties. He had also been involved in an aborted military takeover of the country in 1970, and had to flee Italy for the relative safety of Franco's Spain. It was in Spain that he met -- and cultivated -- "El Brujo," Argentina's own version of Rudolf Hess: Jose Lopez Rega, self-professed Rosicrucian, Peronista, mystical advisor to Isabel Peron, founder of the notorious AAA death squads ... and member of Propaganda Due, P-2, the supersecret Masonic society dedicated to the overthrow of the Italian government and its replacement by a Fascist regime. [37] Lopez Rega was an intimate of such men as P-2 founder Licio Gelli who spent many of the postwar years in exile in Argentina, plotting to restore pro-Fascist, anti-communist governments in South America as well as in Europe and using his own version of Hitler's "dangerous element," the initiatory secret society P-2, as his vehicle for bank manipulations and the subversion of governments.

As we shall see in the next chapter, delle Chiaie would also become involved with Michael Vernon Townley, the American terrorist and spy who planned and organized the assassination of former Allende minister Orlando Letelier in Washington, D.C. on behalf of Chile's secret police, DINA. Townley, of course, was a frequent visitor (and adviser) to Colonia Dignidad.

With all this talent cropping up in Bolivia, it was inevitable that the phenomenon known as "narco-terrorism" would be born. Elements of Italian, Argentine, and Bolivian mercenaries -- trained and led by former SS officers -- formed the security detail (known as the melodramatically nomenclatured Fiances of Death) for Bolivia's drug smugglers and even warded off violent attacks from Colombia's rival Medellin cartel. For some time it seemed that Barbie and his friends could not reach any higher and then came July 1980 and the Garcia Meza military coup, masterminded in part by Klaus Barbie and Stefano delle Chiaie and funded by Argentine intelligence and the shadowy P-2.

The coup ushered in a new period of severe and brutal military repression in the country, as perhaps could be expected of a government created and managed by drug smugglers, terrorists, Fascist cultists, and Nazi war criminals. Carlos Lehder's inspiration had obviously been the Meza/Barbie coup, and Nazi gatherings took place rather openly in La Paz complete with swastika banners and raucous singing of the "Horst Wessel Song" in Bolivian clubs and bars. Barbie continued as chief of "internal intelligence" and delle Chiaie went abroad to forge links between the government of Bolivia and such legendary homicidal madmen as Major Roberto D'Aubuisson of El Salvador, the man who ordered the assassination of Bishop Romero. At home, Barbie concentrated on removing all opposition to his growing narcotics trade ... with the approval and assistance of the government.

Eventually, though, the sadistic dream had to end. Delle Chiaie was fingered in the bombing, in August 1980, of the railway station in Bologna, Italy, in which eighty-four passengers died. He dropped from view, narrowly escaping capture. The foreign press had already identified Barbie as the "Butcher of Lyon" wanted by the French government. And, slowly, Barbie's spiderweb world began to unravel. A civilian government was elected in Bolivia by a population finally driven to outrage by the excesses of the Cocaine Army and in February 1983, Barbie was extradited to France to stand trial almost forty years after the end of World War II.

Barbie's story is instructive for two reasons. In the first place, it demonstrates the danger and continuing threat of the Nazi underground against political regimes all over the world. In the second place, Barbie remained a committed Nazi: a man who bought into the cult of Nazism with his whole heart and soul and who never, ever, lost faith with the religion of Hitler, Himmler, Hess, and Rosenberg. The racial conceits; the anti-Christian, pro-pagan ideology; the anti-Communist crusade ... it was all present in Barbie's reign of terror in Bolivia and included the other organizers of neo-Nazi intrigue, Skorzeny and Rudel.

Drugs, guns, murder-for-hire, military coups, instruction in Nazi torture and interrogation techniques, Nazi nightclubs and the "Horst Wessel Song" ... these are all the hallmarks of what is often mistakenly referred to as "neo-Nazism." There was nothing "neo-" about Klaus Barbie. He was the genuine article. And there was nothing "neo-" about Colonia Dignidad, the latest in a long line of concentration camps and cult centers courtesy of the Third Reich.
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12. Is Chile Burning? The Overthrow of Allende, the Murder of Letelier, and the Role of Colonia Dignidad

The demon of world domination has spoken. He has proclaimed the great secret: the world can be dominated. Bowed with weariness, the peoples demand subjection. And those who resist will be tamed by terrible blows and sufferings. Modern society is charged with a magical current which in all men creates the same thoughts ...[1]


The followers of Crowley also speak of a magical current. In their worldview, the operative wave of energy for the New Age is something called the "93 current"; and, like the current described in Heiden's biography of Hitler, this current "in all men creates the same thoughts." To the Thelemite, these thoughts are of personal freedom: a freedom that is not bestowed, like a favor, by some benevolent authority but inherited as a birthright; in other words, the 93 current is akin to what most people think of as the New Age or the Age of Aquarius ... except, perhaps, with a bit more of a bite. To Hitler, however, these "thoughts" were instead of the master/slave complex: a mutual need for subjugation within the heavily ritualized context of the necromantic cult. As we shall demonstrate, his necromancers are hard at work restoring the current to life in Latin America today.

As we saw in the previous chapter, the Nazi underground in South America -- established long before the war began -- was in full swing in the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Yet, after the death of Juan Peron -- probably their strongest supporter among the South American dictators -- the Nazis knew they had to find another venue for protecting their lives and their interests. Isabel Peron (Juan Peron's third wife) was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, but a trifle insane. She surrounded herself with occultists, Rosicrucians, and other psychic sycophants (such as Jose Lopez Rega, the right-wing fanatic and occultist, and P-2 initiate, known as El Brujo, "the Witch") in a style that would have made Rudolf Hess blush. She was eventually eased out of power and placed in an asylum.

So, the natural destination for refugee Nazis thus became Chile. Sharing a long border with Argentina striated with hidden mountain passes across the Andes through which the Nazis could secretly come and go as they pleased, Chile also boasted a large German-speaking population that had been in place for nearly a hundred years. These descendants of Chile's first German immigrants were now in positions of power and influence in the country, so much so that when I returned from my visit to Colonia Dignidad my seatmates on the plane -- business people from Florida -- solemnly affirmed that no commerce of any kind was possible in Chile unless you went through "the Germans": lawyers, bankers, industrialists, manufacturers of every type ... like an anti-Semitic stereotype in reverse, all these (they said) were Germans. This means not merely Chilenos with German-sounding last names, but people who steadfastly hold onto their language, their culture, and their German heritage in the midst of what used to be the longest-running democracy on the continent.

Certainly, the capital city of Santiago boasts many fine German restaurants -- a disproportionate share, one might think. One evening during my stay, I happened to be dining in the downtown Sheraton Hotel. Pages carrying signs with small bells paraded through the lobby and dining rooms, looking for "Sr. Schwarz" or "Sr. Muller" or "Sr. Schulz," rarely a Gonzalez or Rodriguez. Never a Smith.

And Santiago's version of Central Park boasts an enormous sculpture -- replete with busty Valkyries and heroic Nordic workingmen -- dedicated to the German Immigrant. This, across the street from one of Santiago's finest German restaurants, an establishment that shares the same building with the Israeli legation!

And all was just fine until 1970, when the unthinkable happened.

A professed Socialist and longtime political celebrity in Chile, Salvador Allende Gossens was elected president of the Republic in a three-way vote. During the height of the Vietnam War, the drug-and-peace culture of the sixties, and worldwide student revolt against the establishment, there was suddenly a democratically elected Marxist president in America. This was cause for rejoicing everywhere there was even a hint of liberal or left- ing sympathy, even though quite a few of those who applauded Allende's election were not Marxists. For many people, Allende's success at the polls was simply an indication of the strength of the democratic process. A Socialist had become the leader of his country without firing a shot, in a free and open election, and in the Western Hemisphere besides.

Allende became the toast of the revolutionary elite. He is seen chatting now with Fidel Castro, now with Pablo Neruda, now with Gabriel Garda Marquez. A kind of Latin Camelot was taking place in Chile as artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, and academics crowded around the new president, talking of human rights, emancipation of the working class, and the extrication of Chile's economy from the death grip of the norteamericanos. For years in the streets of New York City one had become familiar with posters showing the bearded-and-bereted Che Guevara -- the martyred Argentine hero of the Cuban revolution -- and one grew accustomed to the various Socialist and Communist splinter groups who marched in the streets of Greenwich Village shouting i Venceremos! But here, in Chile, it had actually happened. Legally. In the fine old democratic tradition that the United States was supposedly sworn to uphold throughout the world and particularly in the sphere of influence covered by the Monroe Doctrine: Latin America.

But Richard Nixon was president of the United States, and Henry Kissinger was his Torquemada. Democratic or not, freely elected or not, chief executive of a sovereign nation or not, Salvador Allende Gossens had to go.

And nowhere was that sentiment more strongly shared than among the members of the Nazi underground.

The Mountains of Madness

Is it the Andes Mountains, perhaps, that give Chile its unique spiritual character? One of the most literate nations on earth (at the time of Allende, anyway), it surpassed the United States in the proportion of its people who could read and write. And this relatively tiny country had given the world not one but two Nobel Prize-winning poets.

To the metaphysical Chilean author Miguel Serrano, [2] the Andes are the West's equivalent of the Himalayas. Where a North American might expect llamas instead of lamas, he sees these venerable peaks as the spiritual domain of ancient supernatural forces; he believes a secret priesthood resides somewhere within the Andes chain, possessing the secrets of immortality, and of communion with the gods. Serrano -- whose books on Jungian-type themes are familiar to North American readers -- also wrote on the metaphysical aspects of Hitler's Germany in a volume which has not been translated into English nor made available in the United States, even in the original Spanish. While I was in Chile, I bought a copy and was startled by the fact that this author of the charming little alchemical love story, El/Ella, would have written so extensively on the initiatic aspects of the Third Reich in such terms of open admiration, insisting -- thirty years after the war -- that National Socialism would be the salvation of Chile!

I purchased the tome in an enormous bookstore, the size of one of our superstores except that this was in Chile in 1979. At the same table browsed a tall, thin, well-dressed man in a full-length, grey beard. I had seen this man at least once before, in New York. At the moment, I could not place the connection but thought it strange that I would run into him here, so far from the streets of Jackson Heights.

This man would dog my steps during my stay in Chile. It seemed wherever I went in Santiago, he would be there; sometimes even ahead of me. And he would be one of the last people I would see before I had to leave the country in an expeditious manner two weeks later. In Chile, it was suddenly becoming difficult to tell the mystic from the Fascist.

Colony of Righteousness

Those who follow those stories of ritual child abuse we read about in the tabloids and hear about on such talk shows as "Maury Povich," "Oprah," "Donahue," "Geraldo," et. al., know that the thread that runs through all of them involves a satanic cult in a remote area that kidnaps or breeds children for sexual abuse, torture, and human sacrifice. To those who scoff at these outrageous claims, we have only to point to Colonia Dignidad as a prime example of all the "survivors'" worst nightmares.

Paul Schafer was one of the founders of the Colony of Righteousness and was, and is, its only leader. Schafer jumped bail in Germany in 1961 on charges of child sexual abuse, [3] but that did not stop him from taking a group of families with him when he fled to Chile, arriving there in 1962 at the age of forty with around sixty "blond, blue-eyed settlers" [4] ... including some children who were brought there under false pretenses, taken from their families back in Germany. His flock came from the town of Siegburg, across the Rhine from Bonn, where Schafer claimed to be a psychologist, and where he ran a youth home where the sexual-abuse charges originated. Schafer, also the leader of a Baptist sect (a sect which evidently condones sexual intercourse between adults and children among other peculiarities), bought an old ranch called El Lavadero about 250 miles south of Santiago in the Parral region and quickly converted it into a self-sufficient, model community known as Colonia Dignidad, the "Colony of Righteousness" or "Dignity Colony."

The population of the Colony eventually grew to about 350, composed of 250 adults and 100 children. [5] According to reports in the Chilean and German press, the sexes are rigorously separated and sexual intercourse is forbidden [6] (except, one gathers, at the discretion of Schafer). And, since sex is prohibited, the only way the Colony has been able to increase its population has been by "importing" children from Germany. [7] German authorities have been investigating charges that from thirty to forty children reported missing from the Bonn and Cologne areas have wound up at the Colony. [8] Thus, charges of both child abuse and international child abduction have been leveled at this remote cult community by eyewitnesses, escapees, and responsible members of the West German and Chilean governments. The parallels between Colonia Dignidad and the stories told by "satanic cult survivors," however, are even stronger.

Spanish is not spoken; instead only German, and, oddly, English are used. [9] Old- fashioned, 1940s-era clothing is worn and fourteen-hour workdays are the norm. No television, radio, or newspapers are allowed in the Colony. There is, however, a shortwave unit on the premises which is used to communicate with an office the Colony maintains in Santiago and which was probably the radio I heard being used during my visit.

The Colony established a free clinic on its premises: free, that is, on specific days of the week to members of the local population. They also have their own factory for processing meat, a sixty-five bed hospital, a bakery, dairy, flout mill, machine shop, power plant ... and their own airfield. By 1985, they had even opened their own roadside restaurant on the Pan American Highway.

Accounts of the size of the Colony vary from news report to news report. Everything from 12,000 acres [10] to 37,000 acres [11] has been offered, and accounts of its operations also include a mine, a lumber mill, and a gravel factory. The author believes it is safe to say that the Colony has grown considerably over the years and that estimates of a 37,000-acre settlement might not be far from the mark, considering the other purposes to which the Colony was put both during and after the Allende regime.

In 1963, a year after the Colony first established itself in Chile, the Partido Nacional Socialista Obrero de Chile (the National Socialist Chilean Workers Party) was formed under the leadership of Franz Pfeiffer. [12] Taking more than its name from the National Socialist German Workers' Parry, it became famous for its swastika banners, armbands, Fascist salute, and Heil Hitlers as it attracted approximately ten thousand members its first year. And Pfeiffer's was only one of many neo-Nazi organizations in Chile -- including the lethal, swastika-brandishing Patria y Libertad (Fatherland and Liberty) Party founded by Pablo Rodriguez Grez, [13] a member of Jorge Alessandri's unsuccessful 1970 presidential campaign -- but it was the only one to host a "Miss Nazi" contest, to which Nazi organizations throughout South America sent their dewy, swastika-eyed contestants. For those who like to keep track of such things, the winner in 1968 was the rather chubby brunette Senorita Portena, obviously selected more for her value as a sturdy breeder of future Storm Troopers than for any traditional, chauvinistic, petit-bourgeois esthetic considerations. [14]

It was in this climate that, in 1966, the first of many accusations against Schafer and the Colony surfaced when Wolfgang Muller escaped the "watchdogs, electronic alarms and six-foot barbed wire fences" [15] to describe life inside the Colony. Muller -- who had been brought over from Germany as a member of the original Siegburg group when he was sixteen -- claimed that he had been forced into slave labor at the Colony, was beaten, and had been sexually abused by Schafer in Germany when he was twelve years old. One of Muller's more interesting claims -- especially in light of later events -- is his insistence that Schafer had given him "memory-altering drugs" [16] when Muller attempted to rebel or to reveal the details of his abuse at Schafer's hands. He also complained of electroshock treatments being administered by camp doctors (shades of Barbie at Montluc Prison). After his third escape, he wound up at the West German embassy in Santiago and now lives in that country under an assumed name, still afraid for his life. [17]

Muller also revealed the existence of several former Nazis who lived at the Colony but denied that Nazism was part of the Colony's ideology. Later that same year, another escapee -- Wilhelmine Lindeman -- appeared with the same story of mind-altering drugs. This time, there was medical proof of her story: doctors discovered evidence of injections on her body. [18]

The author has been unable to obtain Schafer's war record, but it is clear that -- born in 1922 -- he was of draft age when the war was in its early stages. As virtually every able- bodied man was eventually pressed into Hitler's "total war," Schafer must have spent at least a few years in uniform. But whose? The Wehrmacht's, or the black-and-silver uniform of the SS? His open friendship with anti-democratic, pro-Nazi regimes and his hosting of several former Nazis indicates that he did not spend the war years in the camps as a persecuted Baptist minister. His self-professed background -- however flimsy or fraudulent -- in psychology, his knowledge of mind-altering drugs, and (as we shall see) of specific forms of torture seem to indicate a somewhat more sinister education than Baptist Sunday school or Wehrmacht close-order drill. Indeed, when I "met" Paul Schafer in 1979, he was the epitome of the "Hogan's Heroes" stereotype of the SS officer, although he wore a brown uniform with a Sam Browne belt and a campaign cap, an outfit that was more Storm Trooper than Schutzstaffel. One imagines that the SA commander Ernst Rohm was more his idol than Heinrich Himmler ... but who can say?

The charges against Colonia Dignidad in the sixties came to nothing. Authorities tended to disbelieve Wolfgang Muller's more outrageous claims, and Wilhelmine Lindeman later recanted her story when the Colony informed her that her husband had arrived from Germany and was living at the Colony. She disappeared back into the sadistic embrace of Schafer and his cohorts, and was never heard from again. The Chilean Senate, to its credit, began an official investigation ... but "amid charges of bribery, the inquiry was dropped." [19]

Then, came the election of Salvador Allende, and the Colony took on a more active role in the political life of Chile and within the criminal milieu of the United States of America.

The attempt to deprive Allende of his electoral victory began immediately after his election, and the telexes flew like curses between Santiago and Washington. The Chilean generals conferred day and night on the feasibility of staging a military coup that would prevent Allende from taking the oath of office, and this plan almost succeeded except that incumbent President Eduardo Frei finally refused to support antidemocratic measures; a heroic move considering the amount of pressure being put on him by ITT, the CIA, and the generals. While this is not the place to go into a deep discussion of the Allende regime and its aftermath, a little of the background is necessary to appreciate the extent to which Nazi organizations -- and specifically the Nazi cult centered at Colonia Dignidad -- maneuvered to overthrow yet another South American government.

Eventually, Allende was sworn in as president and the generals began a series of conspiracies aimed at destabilizing the new regime with the connivance of Chilean business interests, the US Ambassador to Chile Edward Korry, and ITT. (It should be remembered that ITT had a history of supporting Nazi regimes. Walter Schellenberg, head of the Foreign Intelligence section of the SD, was named to ITT's German Board of Directors and remained on the Board for the duration of the war, and was paid a director's salary by the home office in New York.) [20] Funds were routed through to the truckers' union, for example, to enable it to go on a protracted strike. Anyone who has been to Chile knows that the country needs the truckers to survive: it is one, two-thousand-mile-long highway from the desert in the north to the snowy wastes of the south.

On December 2, 1971 -- after a year's worth of destabilization attempts by Chile's agricultural, industrial, and mining oligarchies -- a tightly orchestrated demonstration of roughly fifty thousand housewives marched on the Presidential Palace, La Moneda, to protest Allende's economic policies. It is worthwhile to mention that these fifty thousand women were the wives, mothers, and mistresses of Santiago's wealthiest citizens and that the march originated in the exclusive Providencia section of the city that the upper class calls home. They marched on the palace carrying pots and pans which they banged together, creating a cacophonous din, and were accompanied in their procession by members of Patria y Libertad acting as a kind of bodyguard. [21] The "Empty Pots" demonstration -- in which some women actually clashed with police -- was carried on most major wire services and scenes were shown on the nightly news in the United States with the implicit suggestion that these women represented the poor people of Chile who were starving due to Allende's mismanagement of the economy. It was an artful piece of disinformation, and it certainly worked to great effect outside Chile.

By the spring of 1973, however, rumors of an impending military coup were rampant in the capital. Among the conspirators creating discord both in the city and in the countryside was a young American, Michael Vernon Townley. Townley was a member of Patria y Libertad and an associate of other right-wing terror groups. A right-wing fanatic himself who carried out assignments for a variety of masters, Townley also contributed to the development of the interrogation program at Colonia Dignidad. [22]

Working directly for, and reporting to, the generals, Townley was given the rank of major in the Chilean Army and together with Colonel Pedro Espinosa and the Chilean Secret Police (DINA), liaised with Patria y Libertad to create a climate of terror in the country conducive to a military coup. Patria y Libertad had already planned one coup attempt earlier in the Allende regime and was ripe for another. When the time finally came -- in September 1973 with the military invasion of Santiago, the bombing of La Moneda, and the assassination of Allende -- the roving, Freikorps-like bands of Patria y Libertad and the Chilean Nazi Party were cleaning up the streets and rounding up the usual suspects: intellectuals, students, artists, Communists, outspoken opponents of the army, and outspoken defenders of the president. [23]

Most of these prisoners were taken to the National Stadium, including two young American men who were subsequently murdered. [24] Many were tortured and then executed. Many others were simply "disappeared," their bodies found later -- sometimes years later -- in shallow graves and in roadside ditches.

A few others -- the most unfortunate of all -- found themselves at the Colony.

Concentration Camp Chile

One of Townley's tasks in the immediate aftermath of the coup was to establish a state-of- the-black-art detention center at Colonia Dignidad. [25] The following story would seem fantastic were it not supported by eyewitness accounts, statements of DINA defectors, and later United Nations, US, German, and Chilean government and Amnesty International reports.

If we were to believe Paul Schafer, Colonia Dignidad is nothing more than a Christian religious commune organized around somewhat Calvinist lines of hard work and prayer. If we are to believe virtually everyone else, Colonia Dignidad is an after-hours club on a side street in Hell. Colony leaders had already established firm ties with the military long before the coup. According to Farago, it was a favorite hangout of Chilean Air Force officers (and, of course, Martin Bormann and Josef Mengele). Schafer cultivated government connections through both his Santiago-based office and his Colony, where he also maintained a radio link with various DINA (secret police) operatives abroad in Colombia, Venezuela, and Europe. [26] Inquiries into the Colony's operations were effectively hushed with the strategic placement of bribes, all the way up to the Senate. And somehow the Colony had bribes to spare.

According to the soldiers I spoke with that night in Parral, the mail arrives virtually every day with envelopes full of money for the Colony. As it turns out, some of this money comes from pensions being paid to Colony residents from the (formerly) West German government [27] (one of the reasons all the Colony residents are German citizens?) But the soldiers I spoke with insisted that money came in from allover the world, including the United States. Its source can only be a cause for speculation, and concern.

With the coup, however, the Colony got a chance to put its electroshock and narcotics "therapies" to the test. Townley and DINA agents had the run of the Colony, both at Parral and at the Colony office in Santiago. [28] While DINA maintained contact with its agents allover the world through the Colony's radio link, Townley helped design the specially equipped interrogation cells. These were tiny, soundproofed rooms built underground where "political prisoners" were taken not only for actual interrogation of a political or military nature, but also for the purpose of developing new methods of torture.

At first, each prisoner was questioned closely to obtain sufficient information concerning his or her personality in order to develop an appropriate torture and interrogation scheme. This individualized approach is already well known to the intelligence professionals the author has come into contact with over the years. The ostensible goal is to enable the interrogator to so finely tune the torture procedure that the victim surrenders his or her will more completely, more expeditiously. In practice, however, and with such a "scientifically" adjusted scheme of programmed sadism, there is tremendous room for an interrogator who is so inclined to subject the victim to unimaginable suffering over a long and sustained period of time. That this is what, in fact, took place at the Colony is beyond doubt for, certainly, there was nothing "scientific" about the dogs.

In Colonia Dignidad prisoners have allegedly been subjected to different "experiments" without any interrogation: to dogs trained to commit sexual aggressions and destroy sexual organs of both sexes. [29]

I have used the exact words of the United Nations report of October 1976 to avoid being charged with unnecessarily embellishing my account with sensationalistic hype.

According to the same UN report:

The detainees' heads are covered with leather hoods which are stuck to their faces with substances that are supposedly chemicals. In these [underground] cells, interrogations are carried out through electronic equipment, including loudspeakers and microphones, while detainees are tied naked to metal frames to receive electric shocks. [30]

(When the Colony was finally visited in 1986 by a group that included Chilean, West German, and Amnesty International officials, the underground rooms where prisoners had been held and tortured were discovered and identified.) [31]

What has been described, therefore, is a scene that not even the Nazi death camp commandants were able to invent: torture and interrogation by remote control! Individual prisoners in hermetically sealed, soundproofed cells underground, tied to metal frames, being asked questions by invisible interrogators over a loudspeaker and being jolted with electricity from a remote control panel when slow in answering. And the man who helped design this infamy was the electronics expert and radio freak, the American Michael Townley.

A Death in Washington

Townley would probably have remained unknown to most Americans had it not been for the assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronnie Moffit in downtown Washington, D.C. Letelier had been Allende's ambassador to the United States and his minister of defense in the last days of the president's administration, and had been one of the first to be arrested once the generals took over. Letelier had then been transferred, first to the prison ship Esmeralda and then to Dawson's Island, a frozen wasteland at the far south of Chile, where he was tortured and starved for months before pressure from the world's governments forced General Pinochet -- who had named himself dictator-for-life of the country -- to release him and send him into exile.

Letelier was not one to turn his back on his country. He waged what can only be called a tireless, global campaign to destroy Pinochet's government by peaceful means. He spoke eloquently before trade unions, longshoremen's unions, and whoever else would listen, urging them not to cooperate with the Chilean regime. The result was the refusal of these unions to unload Chilean vessels, to transport Chilean goods, and a general consciousness-raising among world governments concerning the severe human rights abuses that were taking place under the openly pro-Nazi Pinochet and his Nazi-trained secret police, the DINA. That is when Pinochet ordered Letelier killed and -- through his henchman Colonel Contreras of DINA -- selected Michael Townley to carry out the assassination. [32]

Townley had already met Pinochet in the company of Stefano delle Chiaie, the Italian terrorist and compadre of Nazi conspirators Klaus Barbie, Freddy Schwend, and others. [33] Delle Chiaie had brought his friend, Prince Valerio Borghese, with him. The prince had been the main organizer of the aborted coup against the Italian government, and was a member of Licio Gelli's Masonic P-2 society.34 Between them, they were able to provide professional advice, logistical support, and commandos sufficient to carry out the program of hunting down all of Pinochet's enemies including, but not limited to, Orlando Letelier.

By August of 1975, Townley was in Europe on an assignment from DINA to murder Carlos Altamirano, a Chilean Socialist leader. Delle Chiaie had intervened, saying that Altamirano was too difficult a target, and recommended another enemy of the Chilean junta, Bernardo Leighton. Receiving the green light from Santiago, Townley arranged for the hit to be carried out. Leighton survived the attack, however, even though he had been seriously wounded. [35]

Pinochet, Townley, and delle Chiaie would meet again, this time in Madrid, where Pinochet was attending the funeral of colleague and fellow traveler Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the Fascist dictator of Spain since the days of the Spanish Civil War. [36] Then, in 1976, Townley -- with the aid of a group of the ubiquitous anti-Castro Cubans -- set the bomb which blew up the car carrying Orlando Letelier and his assistant, Ronnie Moffit. The car exploded by radio remote control just outside the Chilean Embassy in Washington, D.C., in full view of Letelier's mortal enemies. Eventually, Townley would be apprehended and would plea bargain his sentence by giving details of his escapades to the US government and turning in the Cubans who helped him carry out the assassination. The resulting revelations enabled the US government to issue an arrest warrant for Townley's longtime boss, Colonel Manuel Contreras of DINA; a warrant that, predictably, was never honored by the Chilean government. [37]

The Colony Under Siege

This century has seen its Waco, its Jonestown. It has survived, limping, its Auschwitz, its Cambodia. It stares with a kind of numb horror at its Bosnia and Somalia. But there may be yet another conflagration awaiting its last years in Colonia Dignidad.

Shortly after Letelier's murder, a DINA informant -- Juan Rene Munoz Alarcon, a former member of the Socialist Party -- made a deposition to a human rights group in Santiago run by the Catholic Church. [38] In that taped statement, he identified Colonia Dignidad as one of the sites where the "disappeared" had been sent in the years following the Pinochet coup.

Juan Munoz was stabbed to death shortly after making his deposition.

That same year, 1977, reports were published concerning testimony by one Samuel Fuenzalida -- a former DINA agent -- who admitted transporting political prisoners to Colonia Dignidad in 1974 and turning them over into the personal custody of Lagerkommandant Schafer. [39]

In 1984, Georg Pakmor and his wife Lotti managed to escape the Colony. Tragically, their adopted son was left behind. They confirmed reports of beatings, drug injections, and other brainwashing techniques by Schafer and his medical staff to the West German government. [40] According to reports published in the Washington Post on Christmas Day 1987, the West German government at that time was sending anywhere from $48,000 to $80,000 in pensions to Colony members each month. [41]

That same year, an American citizen mysteriously "disappeared" while hiking near the Colony. Boris Weisfeiler was an American who was born in Moscow. Although his body was never found, the Chilean government officially concluded that the hiker had drowned in a river near the Colony. [42]

In 1988, the Pakmors appeared before a Bonn government subcommittee and gave detailed testimony about the conditions at the Colony. They testified that young boys were being given injections in their testicles, and that Schafer was observed by them viciously beating a young girl bloody. [43] Testimony from another witness -- Hugo Baar, a cofounder of the Colony who escaped in 1984 -- referred to the famous Mercedes-Benz limousine, the one that blocked my escape in June of 1979. According to Baar, the limo is bulletproof and heavily armed. Occasionally, Schafer is known to loan it to his good friend, General Pinochet. [44]

Obviously, in spite of the rising storm of publicity, nothing was being done to stop Schafer or to close his hideous Colony. Yet, all that began to change in 1990 with the establishment of the civilian government of Patricio Aylwin (a former Allende opponent). On February 1, 1991, President Aylwin ordered the revocation of the Colony's nonprofit charter after an investigation that began shortly after his inauguration. [45] Unfortunately, Paul Schafer's right-wing friends in Chilean Congress have been running interference in the courts and thereby prolonging the ugly situation in Parral. [46]

Germany's former ambassador to Chile, Horst Kullak-Ublick, who was one of the few people allowed inside the Colony, was interviewed in a Chilean newspaper about his visit.

The people inside the Colony [he said] are simple, industrious people, most of them farmers from Bavaria ... My impression was that they were all hypnotized, under the command of one person, Paul Schafer ... The answers we received were completely monotone, always the same. [47]

And, in case there was any doubt, President Aylwin's own commission reported that, indeed, the Colony had been used as a DINA torture and detention center. More importantly, the report revealed that the Colony had loaned its own doctors to the secret police. These doctors spoke only German, and -- in a sickening replay of the selection ramps at Auschwitz -- listened to recordings of Wagner and Mozart in the torture cells while they "treated" the prisoners. [48]

The government report also revealed that the Colony had served as a conduit for gun- running, the weapons having been smuggled in from Argentina . . . and Germany. This was, of course, during the same period of time that Klaus Barbie was running guns into Chile from Argentina, Bolivia, and Germany: a circumstance that is highly suggestive. Put together Barbie, delle Chiaie, the Italo-Argentine P-2 Society, Schwend, Rudel, and Skorzeny, the overthrow ofAllende with the connivance of neo-Nazi groups like Patria y Libertad and the Chilean Nazi Party (not to mention the CIA and ITT) and Wolfgang Milller's sworn testimony concerning Nazis at the Colony, and you can easily come away believing that Farago was right, after all. In fact, Farago didn't know the half of it.

Perhaps the most sobering evaluation of all was given by former Colony leader Hugo Baar who said -- in an interview published in Time magazine -- "I fear for the lives of the Dignidad people if it comes to conflict there. I am certain that shootings cannot be avoided, and I say that out of deep conviction." [49]

Waco in the Andes? A Nazi Jonestown?

With the exception of Farago's statement concerning "voodooism," the news reports are all suspiciously silent about the religious practices conducted at the Colony. Although Schafer is represented as a schismatic Baptist, nothing is said of what -- if any -- religious services were being held there. That the Colony leadership is fanatically German and devotedly anti-Communist is a given; but, then, so are many upstanding German citizens. That the Colony leadership proudly supported a right-wing military coup against the constitutionally elected Socialist president is also now beyond doubt. That the military junta itself was blatantly pro-Nazi -- as was virtually the entire nation during the Second World War -- is also proven. Why would Schafer have picked Chile as a place to run to once things got hot in Germany, if not because he knew it was -- and largely still is -- a Nazi refuge? Why would he allow his premises to host Nazi war criminals -- as has been testified by Wolfgang Muller, for instance -- unless he were in sympathy with the Third Reich? And what services did he perform for the Reich as a young man during the war? From the foregoing, the author feels it is safe to assume that Schafer was not hiding in the Andes Mountains to practice a particularly devout form of Baptist Christianity.

The only other evidence the author has to offer is what he was told by soldiers of the Chilean Army the night before his visit to the Colony. "They have their own religion," they assured me. "They celebrate festivals that are not on the Christian calendar." Accepting for a moment that Chile is largely a Catholic country and that the practices of a traditional German Baptist might seem strange or unusual to a soldier of rural background and upbringing, the celebration of holidays "not on the Christian calendar" gives one pause. Christmas, after all, is still December 25 whether or not one is a Catholic or a Baptist. The only possible deviation from that date for a Christian would be Russian Christmas, celebrated by members of the Russian Orthodox Church who still employ the Julian Calendar. There was nothing remotely Russian Orthodox about the Colony, except perhaps for its anti-Communism. (Elements of the Russian Orthodox Church during the war were notoriously pro-Nazi, but that is another story.)

So, we are left with a bit of a mystery.

The soldiers went on to reveal that these celebrations took place at night and involved candlelit processions and chanting. At times, great bonfires were burned. These could either be harmless religious processions such as those the author himself was a participant in as a child, or something a bit more sinister. With the Colony's activities over the last thirty years being relentlessly revealed in all their revolting glory, one must assume that its religious practices were more in keeping with the pagan cult activities of the Third Reich than with the holy day festivities of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church of Commercial Avenue, South Chicago. Although the author did what he could to get out of candlelit processions as a boy, he was never able to concoct a story about injections in the testicles or demonic dogs.

If the author's informants were correct, the only reasonable assumption to make is that the sect practices a form of Teutonic paganism, observing the traditional sabbaths of April 30, August 1, October 31, and January 31 in addition to the solstices and equinoxes. These, of course, are the same festivals celebrated by the child-snatching, baby-breeding satanic cults currently the object of so much attention in the American press; they are also the holy days of many other, much more benign, pagan sects including the embarrassingly folksy Wicca phenomenon. As the Colony is known for child-snatching, child sexual abuse, and weird religious observances, it gets the author's vote as the only real, verifiable, satanic cult fitting the profile, a cult from which "satanic cult survivor syndrome" is more than today's psychological fad. Further, it goes some length to represent the fears of Dr. D. Corydon Hammond, who posited the existence of a satanic cult run by former Nazi brainwashers.

In other words, Colonia Dignidad has it all.

The Colony has since changed its name from Colonia Dignidad to Villa Baviera (Bavarian Village), [50] an innocuous-sounding title that nevertheless emphasizes its sinister heritage, for we have now come full circle in our study of Nazi occultism: from the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Munich, Bavaria's capitol, in 1919 in the days of the Thule Gesellschaft and their successful overthrow of the Communist regime to the "Bavarian Village," a concentration camp in modern Chile, and its involvement in the successful overthrow of a Socialist president ... and the fiendish torture and murder of its opponents and the brainwashing of its residents.

The murder of Letelier and Moffit; the assassination of President Allende; the military coup in Chile; the detention and "remote control" torture of political prisoners; the training of sadists; the Western Hemisphere's own concentration camp; missing children; sexual abuse; more murder; Nazis in the Andes, running guns, drugs, and escaping justice, keeping their twisted faith alive for Fatherland and Race; a monomaniacal cult leader, prepared to take his people down with him; brainwashed slave-laborers; soundproofed rooms for rape and torture; bizarre religious rituals far from the prying eyes of society; doctors torturing and killing in the service of the State.

The many separate strands that make up the fabric of the late twentieth century are snarled in a tight little knot known as Colonia Dignidad.
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13. Nazi Occultism Today

Myths do not necessarily disappear with the circumstances that first produced them. They sometimes acquire an autonomy, a vitality of their own, that carries them across the continents and down the centuries. [1]


Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; it is the determination to create a new man. [2]


We may think that what we have been discussing so far is a mere curiosity of the past. No one -- save for a few crazies, Skinheads, or white supremacists -- believes in the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion anymore, do they? No one believes in the superiority of a supposedly "Aryan" race. There is no more Holocaust. World War II is over.

If only that were so.

The world is still in the grip of World War II; in fact, it is still in the grip of World War I. With the collapse of Russian Communism, the map of Eastern Europe is slowly coalescing into the old boundaries. What used to be Yugoslavia has now reverted into a melange of independent republics that despise each other and still cling to a pre-World War II mind- set. Croatia is beset with rumors of the old, anti-Semitic Ustase coming back to power as old Nazis are rehabilitated for new government posts. [3] And the myth -- incredible as it may seem today -- of a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy to rule the world is being used as a rationale for that region's despicable program of "ethnic cleansing," another euphemism (like "final solution") for genocide. [4]

Israel -- a creature of World War I -- is still not at peace. The Nazis who orchestrated a continual campaign of warfare and terror after World War II (from bases in Egypt, Syria, and Europe) have given way to Muslim fundamentalists who have become, if anything, more racist and more superstitious in regard to the Jews than the Nazis could have ever hoped for. The Nazis, who had no love for the Muslims, are now sitting back and hoping that the Arabs and the Jews (Semites all) finish each other off.

And what about America?

Nazi occultism in America goes back as far as Nazism in America, which is to say, from the beginning. Its origins and early development are, if anything, more secret and obscure than those of its German manifestation because the Nazi Party was considered a subversive movement in the United States and its more flamboyant leaders (such as Fritz Kuhn) were often hauled in front of Congressional committees -- such as the Dies Committee or the House Un-American Activities Committee -- or subject to the resources of individuals and organizations which were expended in uncovering criminal wrongdoing by members of the various Nazi and Fascist organizations operating on American soil. In Germany, Nazism was homegrown. In America, it was an imported threat, a foreign power operating on American soil.

Initially, if we look at such organizations as the German-American Bund, we find that American Nazism was fueled by propaganda smuggled in from Germany via anyone of a dozen sea and land routes. The texts of Nazism became more important than the physical presence of Hitler et al. since there was no television and air travel between the two countries was not what it is today (even allowing for the fact that Hitler was the first national leader to use aircraft during an election campaign to visit several cities on the same day). American Nazis had to rely upon the printed word for virtually all of their information concerning National Socialism, and the printed word in this case was everything from Mein Kampf and the Protocols to Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century. George Viereck -- Crowley's former boss -- was a natural source for much of this propaganda, secure as he was in the paid employ of the Third Reich. Father Coughlin, the infamous anti-Semitic Catholic priest and rabble-rouser from Detroit, was another source. In fact, in Coughlin we have the somewhat bizarre example of a Catholic priest promoting Rosenberg's pagan ideology by selling Myth of the Twentieth Century from his own concession stand in front of his Shrine of the Little Flower, along with a nice selection of swastikas. [5]

Naturally, the predicament of American Nazism escalated when the United States entered the war in December 1941. From that moment on until about the early fifties, the activities of American Nazis -- when revealed -- were the stuff of espionage stories and spy fiction. But in the fifties, the neo-Nazi movement was born (largely as a result of virulent anti-Communism) and several groups took to the streets. Eventually some of them, such as the American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell, would become well known. Others, such as the National Renaissance Party, would not attain quite the same heights of publicity as the American Nazi Party, but that wasn't for lack of trying.

Aside from the purely political, however, many of these organizations either formed an inner, occult circle of their own (such as in the National Renaissance Party) or formed ties to secret cults and weird religions (such as those between the Ku Klux Klan and the NRP, or between Pelley's neo-Nazi Silver Shirts organization in the 1930s and the UFO-contactee I AM cult). [6]

From the other direction, that of the cults themselves, some took on openly Nazi characteristics. The Church of Satan (founded on Walpurgisnacht 1966) published rituals which were said to be genuine Nazi ceremonies;? and the leader of Church of Satan offshoot Temple of Set made a special pilgrimage to Himmler's occult center, Wewelsburg, to cop some astral rays. The Process Church of the Final Judgment- which sported a swastika-style emblem and glowing tributes to Nazism In issues of its official magazine- boasted a leader who claimed to be the reincarnation of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels. [8] In this chapter, we will examine these movements, many of which the author himself has observed from close range. If nothing else, they provide evidence that the link between Nazism and the occult is ubiquitous and remains strong after all these years. They also tell us something important about this "political" phenomenon known as Nazism, for why do many cults openly admire and/or emulate Nazism rather than, for instance, Communism or the Christian Democrats? In the first place, a propos the famous dictum of Marx, "religion is the opiate of the people" and has no place in a scientifically ordered society such as Socialism or Communism attempts to be. Indeed, the occultism in Russia was all on the side of the "White" or anti-Communist forces, a phenomenon of which Rasputin was but a single example.

But in the second place cult members understand the link between the essentially occult aspects of the Third Reich and their own magical practices. The following examples go a long way toward proving that -- even if mainstream historians and political science majors don't agree or understand why -- the occultists themselves recognize that the Nazi Parry in general, and the SS in particular, was a cult ... just as Hitler and Himmler had intended. Further, it was one of the best run and most efficient cults in the history of the world. Its modern-day devotees can hardly be blamed for admiring its effectiveness, if nothing else.

Modern Thulists

We have all seen each other somewhere before, and in the same way we will see each other again in the next world. [9]


Today, the ideals of the Germanenorden, Thule Society, List Sociery, and the Order of the New Templars are alive and well, at home and abroad. One modern neo-Nazi party -- founded in America -- based its entire ideology not only on the writings of List, Liebenfels, and Sebottendorff but also on Blavatsky and even, to an extent, Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey (the founder of the Church of Satan). This was the National Renaissance Party of James Madole. His tracts were cleaned-up, modern-day versions of Ostara, replete with theosophical and occult references which supposedly bolstered Madole's anti-Semitic philosophy. His members wore runic armbands and quasi-Nazi uniforms to rallies, and had extensive links with the Ku Klux Klan, as the author can attest from personal acquaintance with both Madole and certain prominent Klansmen, notably Roy Frankhouser (who at one time also acted as an FBI informant). James Madole, until the day he died, lived in his mother's apartment in New York City -- an apartment he had decorated as a combination of satanic chapel, Hindu ashram, and Nazi Party headquarters. Fascinated with snakes and panthers, there were large brass representations of the former with red glass eyes, and a heavy golden pendant of the latter, which he hung around his neck in lieu, I suppose, of the Iron Cross, First Class.

Madole was a relatively congenial human being in polite company. Completely bald, he bore a scar that he claimed was the result of a brick thrown at him by a demonstrator many years ago, and he had an entourage of young men in a motley assortment of uniforms who acted as his personal bodyguard, his SA. He possessed a thorough knowledge of the war and was fascinated by stories of the heroism shown by German troops in combat, particularly against the Russian Army. He had a serious junk food habit, downing enormous quantities of ice cream and milk shakes, and grinned (or grimaced?) at inappropriate times.

He also brushed away any consideration of the death camps as being irrelevant to the big picture. While acknowledging that the Jews were murdered in the millions -- he was not, at least as I knew him, a Holocaust revisionist -- he found justification for genocide in his theosophical worldview. "After al!," he would claim to his shocked or admiring listeners, "if the Jews have souls, they will all be reincarnated anyway, and this time not in Jewish bodies (since we will have exterminated them all) but in Aryan bodies, as members of the Master Race. If they don't have souls, then they aren't human anyway. So, what's the problem?" This, of course, is a slight deviation from the "Jewish soul" idea of some earlier Nazi theorists.

His vision of the ideal society was a combination of his reading of Plato and Blavatsky. He saw society structured along the lines of the Indian caste system in a "pyramid of power" as he called it, with the common laborers at the bottom holding up the merchants, warriors, and Brahmins in various levels to the top, at which he placed the All-Seeing Eye that is to be found in Masonic designs and on the back of the dollar bill. This was a concept borrowed from Blavatsky by way of Himmler, who found the caste system equally compelling and who identified with the Kshatriya caste, the Warrior Elite.

One could say with some justification that the National Renaissance Party was quite small and hardly a military or a political threat to America or anywhere else. But the point to be made is that this Party -- with its extensive philosophical framework -- exerted an influence over other racist organizations which lacked the pseudo-intellectual underpinnings of the NRP. Forging links with the Ku Klux Klan, the NRP went on to attempt to bring the Church of Satan into the fold, an approach that Anton LaVey wisely rebuffed. [10] Madole was attracted to LaVey's Nietzschean philosophy and crypto-Nazi rituals; but LaVey's organization promotes fierce independence as a way of life. The slavish obedience required of a Nazi organization would be repugnant to a genuine, LaVey-style satanist. Madole would die without having made this -- to him -- important connection, and the National Renaissance Party would die with him.

In the interim, however, his close association with the Klan enabled him to influence those Klan members who were literate enough to appreciate his lengthy printed discussions on the esoteric background of the Nazi Party and his "theosophical" take on racism. When I visited Klansman Roy Frankhouser's "church" in Reading, Pennsylvania, the occult influence (on the decor if nothing else) was striking. A flag-draped altar with a row of human skulls wearing Kaiser-era spiked helmets was the least of it. The upstairs room where I sat with Frankhouser, waiting for a contingent of Madole's Nazis to arrive as the Klansman melodramatically placed a Luger on the table between us as if expecting violence from your bantamweight correspondent, was further evidence of the influence of occultism on the American supremacist movement. Portraits of Nazis and Klan cross- urning photos were cheek by jowl with framed Nordic pagan emblems and runes, and volumes by Blavatsky were sandwiched in between the obligatory Mein Kampf, biographies of Hitler, Himmler, et. al., and histories of the war.

The Ku Klux Klan itself was formally organized around occult principles. Albert Pike, a former general in Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army and chief of intelligence, was responsible for writing up the constitution of the new organization at a meeting of Klan leaders in Nashville in 1867. Pike was a Mason of the Scottish Rite and head of its Southern Jurisdiction at the time. He was also a disciple of the French occultist Eliphas Levi, who had so much influence over Blavatsky's German patron, Marie Gebhard (Chapter One), and whose writings inspired generations of occultists in America and Europe, including Aleister Crowley, who claimed to be a reincarnation of the French magician. Thus, even this the most celebrated of homegrown, American racist societies had its origins among Freemasons and European ceremonial magicians, and was organized by yet another spy-turned-mystic.

As if to reinforce that link Robert Shelton -- as is well known by now -- attempted to form an alliance between his United Klans of America organization and LaVey's Church of Satan. LaVey refused the compliment, as he did with the National Renaissance Party and other neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. This has not stopped the Klan from forming links with other Satanic groups in America and abroad, however, including occult-oriented biker gangs and, of course, Skinhead clubs.

Frankhouser himself was nothing if not a joiner. In his career, he has belonged to the American Nazi Party, the National States Rights Party, the Minutemen, and the above- mentioned United Klans of America, as well as Madole's National Renaissance Party. With over sixty arrests for everything from inciting to riot to disorderly conduct, he was nicknamed "Riot Roy" by his fellow Klansmen, but that didn't stand in the way of his gradual assumption of leadership positions within the Klan. In 1965, he was appointed Grand Dragon in charge of the Pennsylvania "realm" and extended his recruiting program into neighboring New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

In 1974, he was indicted on explosives charges. He blew his cover as a federal snitch at that time, claiming that he had infiltrated the Black September organization and had thereby prevented the assassinations of Zionist leaders in America; certainly a strange accomplishment for an avowed Nazi and anti-Semite. Yet -- bloodied but unbowed -- by 1987 he was serving as an "aide" to convicted felon, presidential hopeful, and occult conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche and was convicted himself of obstruction of justice in regard to a LaRouche credit card fraud scheme. [11]

Another modern Thulist is the notorious leader of the White Aryan Resistance movement, Tom Metzger, whose newsletter stumped for Nordic, neo-Odinist paganism for years before he was effectively silenced by criminal indictments and lawsuits brought in the wake of the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant in Portland by Skinheads he had indoctrinated and trained. [12] His syndicated talk show was a forum for all sorts of wild- eyed racist and religious theories, but the lawsuits have severely hampered his ability to attract new members. The Christian Identity movement -- which is large now and which continues to grow at an alarming rate -- has picked up the baton. It has abandoned Metzger's overt paganism for a fanatical type of "white" Christianity founded on anti- semitism and racism, and acts as a unifying medium for otherwise disparate Klan, neo- azi, and Skinhead factions throughout the Americas and Europe. Given the support enjoyed by the Third Reich among German Lutherans both in America and in Europe, and the sometimes tacit, sometimes overt assistance given to the Nazis by the Catholic Church and in the person of such sick individuals as Father Coughlin of Detroit and his followers, it is perhaps inevitable that the next phase of Nazi occultism will be an "initiated" interpretation of the Old and New Testaments, a la that of Otto Rahn and Karl Wiligut, in which the Jews become descendants and worshipers of a Satanic Jehovah and the mythical, misnomered Aryan Race becomes the true inheritor of divine right, the "real" Chosen People. [13]

A New Protocol?

To those historians and sociologists who feel that the paranoid vision of reality presented as truth in the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion would never find a home on modern American soil, one merely has to shift one's perspective for a moment and review what is taking place among the African-American population today. While many might disagree with the extreme views expressed by Louis Farrakhan and his aides, [14] there is still a strong element of suspicion among African-Americans with regard to white conspiracies against their lives, suspicions that -- of course -- have some basis in reality. With recent revelations concerning the Tuskegee Syphilis Project as well as what we already know about the race eugenics programs that were in place in over twenty American states in the twenties and thirties -- combined with the long history of slavery, bigotry, and racial brutality in the United States -- it is no wonder that rumors concerning a white conspiracy to kill off the African-American population are commonplace. As Patricia A. Turner points out in her important study, I Heard It through the Grapevine: Rumor in African-American Culture, these rumors take the form of beliefs that various edible commodities -- such as Church's Fried Chicken or Tropical Fantasy fruit punch -- marketed in black communities contain chemicals designed to make black men sterile; or that the FBI (or the KKK, or both) was responsible for the Atlanta Child Murders; or that AIDS was created by American scientists as a chemical-biological weapon being tested on African and Haitian populations; or that whites have been responsible for the drug epidemic among American blacks as part of a well-planned genocide program that also includes the above elements. These fears of a widespread conspiracy by the government -- a government owned and operated by a white majority bent on the destruction of the black race -- or by the Ku Klux Klan (a secret society) in cooperation with elements of the government, are so similar in essence to the fears promulgated by the Protocols that one can't help but marvel at this little-understood social phenomenon, and worry about its implications for the future of American race relations. In America, anti-Semitism among the black population is an extension of several hundred years of general white oppression, oppression that can be proven. There never existed any proof of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy against anyone, much less of a worldwide conspiracy of Freemasons; by contrast, the enslavement and murder of blacks (and Native Americans) by American and European Whites is thoroughly documented. Thus, these "rumors" among the African- American population have some basis in reality; and a "Black" Protocols would be a bit more difficult to refute. Natural expressions of outrage, therefore, can be exploited more easily by those vicious elements within American society that desire a violent end to the race conflicts that exist in our culture. White America would never be able to promote the idea of a black conspiracy equivalent to the "Jewish-Masonic" conspiracy since the African-American community has so obviously been an underclass in this country for centuries; but it could use the perfectly understandable anxieties of the black population toward the intentions of their white neighbors as a means to instigate a race war from which it believes only the whites would benefit. This was Charles Manson's intent in 1969, and it is a mission that has been adopted by a new generation of neo-Nazis (including the occult-oriented Universal Order of former American Nazi Party member James Mason) today.

The occult aspect of the American right is usually ignored (as it is in most histories of the Third Reich) since white supremacy is considered largely a law enforcement or human rights issue here in the States. In telephone conversation with researchers over at Klanwatch I learned that the cultic aspects of the Skinhead, Klan, and neo-Nazi movements here were not the focus of any particular study or concentration by them or by their patrons at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. While they acknowledge that initiation rites of various types are employed, this element of the "white underground" is usually glossed over. Such Skinhead initiation ceremonies as the bringing back of the severed ear of a victim (as related to me taking place among Skinhead groups in and around Port Arthur, Texas) are treated as footnotes to the larger, social and criminal, file that is gradually developing around life in the radical right.

Nazis and Satanism

That indefatigable chronicler of serial killers, Dr. Joel Norris, once revealed in an article for Penthouse co-written by Jerry Allen Potter entitled The Devil Made Me Do It [15] that convicted murderer, cannibal, and self-professed satanist Stanley Dean Baker had a swastika tattoo carved on his left arm and that his girlfriend had a swastika tattoo carved between her breasts, and that Baker had himself carved swastikas into the bodies of his ritual victims. He told investigating officers about his membership in a cult operating in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Los Angeles that combined elements of satanism with Nazi iconography. This was during the time of the Manson trial, and elements within the Baker investigation believed that the Santa Cruz cult was a sister organization of the Manson cult, and that both were "splinters" of some larger, older society in which ritualistic murder with Nazi overtones is a central feature. This concept -- that there exists in the land a Nazi- oriented satanic cult -- was given further impetus when Charles Manson himself carved a swastika into his own forehead. Many of his gnomic proclamations include a defense of the Third Reich, and he has blamed America for starting the Second World War (a point of view in line with that of such Nazi apologists as Father Coughlin).

Convicted of murder, Stanley Baker served only fourteen years in prison even though he had stabbed a man, dismembered him, and devoured his heart. While in prison, Baker began his own satanic cult and also managed to construct a total of eleven weapons, which were eventually confiscated by prison authorities. None of this activity, however, stood in the way of his obtaining parole after only fourteen years of incarceration. What is interesting about the Baker case is the early manifestation of a Nazi/Satanic Weltanschauung in California, and the existence of a cult -- sometimes linked, perhaps erroneously, with the Process Church of the Final Judgment -- that practiced human sacrifice and various other atrocities on kidnapped victims. It has been revelations such as those in the Baker case that have fueled the fears of those who believe in the Satanic Cult Survivor phenomenon.

To get a clearer picture of the twilight world where Nazism and Occultism meet in the twentieth century, however, we would do much better to begin with the Temple of Set.

The Temple of Set

As mentioned, the Church of Satan was founded on Walpurgisnacht -- that is, April 30 -- 1966, the twenty-first anniversary of Hitler's suicide and nine years before the fall of Saigon. Much has already been written about the Church and its flamboyant founder and leader, Anton Szandor LaVey. The basic elements that comprise the Church of Satan may be gleaned from any of LaVey's works most of which are still in print, such as The Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals. These books, together with the Necronomicon, are often found at cult sites in the United States and have been -- rightly or wrongly -- featured on various radio and television talk shows on the dangers of modern-day satanism.

LaVey, however, is hardly your fiendish, blood-sucking, baby-killing satanist. If nothing else, he has been far too public a person. A serious look at what he has written will illustrate the point that the Church of Satan is basically a hedonistic cult; a kind of Playboy fantasy with horror sound track. That's not to say that some fairly strange activity did not take place at the Church's headquarters in San Francisco. It is well known by now that Manson Family member Susan Atkins was a member of the cult, [16] and that actress Jayne Mansfield performed the cult's rituals in her own home the year preceding her tragic death. [17] It is also known that LaVey acted as technical consultant for Polanski's film, Rosemary's Baby, a story of modern-day satanism in New York City, [18] in which he also played the part of Satan. One can only stand back, slightly dizzy, as the coincidences pile up: for Polanski's wife was, of course, Sharon Tate, who was murdered by the Manson Family of which Susan Atkins (a Church of Satan member) was a prominent figure. Thus we have, for those interested in Zen semiotics, the wife of the director of this satanic film being killed by a minion of Satan who was (however briefly) in the director's own employ! Further, Witch high priest Alex Sanders claimed that Ms. Tate had been initiated into his version of witchcraft while she was in England on location for another film. It is such tight, incestuous little knots in the warp and woof of the American experience that make it easy to see elements of an occult conspiracy taking place in the culture. That this "conspiracy" may be largely unconscious and unpremeditated in nature does not necessarily comfort the researcher; rather, such a theory can imply a more pervasive, more insidious evil.

Nazism does figure to some extent in LaVey's philosophy, however, and The Satanic Bible honors such figures as Karl Haushofer while Satanic Rituals contains German occult ceremonies. LaVey's feelings toward Nazi political parties, though, are typified by his scorn of a possible satanic concordat with the National Renaissance Party mentioned above.

But when it comes to former Church of Satan member Michael Aquino and his espousal of Nazi occultism we are on solid ground.

Michael Aquino first encountered satanism on a visit to LaVey's Church of Satan after watching LaVey and his satanic entourage attend the premiere of Rosemary's Baby in 1968. Aquino became fascinated by LaVey's philosophy and began to correspond with him ... from his post as a US Army intelligence officer and psychological warfare expert in Vietnam.

In 1970, Aquino found himself stationed in Kentucky, where he began a Church of Satan grotto and corresponded heavily with members and prospective members of the Church. LaVey authorized him to write the Lovecraftian "Call to Cthulhu" ritual for use by the Church and, indeed, Lovecraft's idiosyncratic metaphysics has been exploited more than once by Aquino over the years, which is another indication of how the Necronomicon has managed to enjoy cult status among both satanists and "white light" cultists alike.

Aquino eventually obtained a master's degree in political science from the University of California (at Santa Barbara) and ultimately a doctorate from the same university. Thereafter, he began to report directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a lieutenant colonel with top-secret clearance. In the meantime, Aquino -- tired of LaVey's grandstanding and what he perceived to be the founder's anti-intellectual bias -- had split off from the Church of Satan to form his own organization based on a personal revelation, the Temple of Set.

To Aquino, Set is representative of a certain force in nature that is not necessarily identical to the Satan with which most Christians believe they are familiar. That is, Set is not the personification of evil but of ideas in opposition to those of Christianity: a separate, personal theology that transcends Judeo-Christian metaphysics to include this "Dark Lord." Thus, while Christians may view Set as evil owing to its opposition to their own religion, Set (according to Aquino) is not evil in any objective sense.

Aquino took a decidedly intellectual approach to satanism, and issued a fifty-page "required reading" list. He reorganized what was essentially a Church of Satan command structure and staffed his Circle of Nine with former COS members. His wife, Lilith Sinclair of the Church of Satan's New York grotto, was known to the author during her days running an occult bookstore on West Fourth Street in Manhattan, down the block from his favorite Chinese boutique. Lilith had appeared in various magazine pieces every time Newsweek or Time wanted to run an under-researched story on witches or devil worship. Tall, with strikingly beautiful ebony black hair and chiseled, fashion-model features, she makes the perfect complement to Aquino's rather more studied Prince of Darkness-in- mufti appearance. Together they have appeared on television talk shows -- such as Oprah Winfrey's -- eloquently defending their brand of satanism and excoriating cult murders, ritual child abuse, et cetera with calm reason and studied, logical argument.
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But then there was that Wewelsburg episode ...

Consistent with Aquino's decision thoroughly to explore the Dark Side of human experience is a fascination with Nazi occultism. Aquino believes that he can divorce the occult aspects of the Third Reich from its political, social, and criminal aspects. To that end he performed the Wewelsburg Working, a magical operation in which the occult essence of Wewelsburg -- and thus of Himmler's SS cult center with all its mystical resonances -- is distilled into an engine of power that can be used by Aquino to effect a satanic renaissance.

He visited Wewelsburg in the early eighties and was duly impressed by Himmler's occult fantasy, some of which was still intact. On one of his visits he performed a magical ritual in the North Tower of the castle, a ritual designed to unleash the power of Wewelsburg on the rest of the world: to jump-start the next phase of human evolution. As Hitler says in the beginning of this chapter, the National Socialist mission was just that, to create a new man; certainly this theme is to be found all through Nazi writings and speeches from the very earliest days. But what is wrong with this approach to evolution?

Human evolution is Darwin's engine, one Blavatsky would ride to the end of the line. In a sense, Origin of Species and The Descent of Man launched the craziness of the twentieth century. Among Christians, you're either "fur it or agin it," as if evolution were a political platform. Among certain Nazis (and certain Satanists, like Aquino) evolution has to be helped along, directed, pushed in the right direction. If the author may be permitted a personal observation, the mistake the Nazis make in this regard is probably quite similar to the ones the Communists have made with respect to dialectical materialism and history: Communism, according to Marx, is the result of a natural process. It is a force of history. If Marx is correct, then we will all one day find ourselves living in Communist societies because Capitalism will inevitably give way to Socialism, which will then give birth to Communism. From this point of view, the downfall of the Soviet Union is due more to the premature creation of a Communist state in a feudal land in the midst of a Capitalist world than it is to any inherent flaw in Communism itself. Russia went from an agriculturally based society directly into a Communist society, which was a violation of pure Marxist theory. The same problem is evident in the People's Republic of China today, which has to make accommodations with a free-market economy in order to survive.

The same may be true for evolution. Darwin saw evolution as a force of nature and, in a sense, it is therefore also a force of history. We may be living in an age where the very essence of a human being is undergoing a subtle -- perhaps psychic -- change. It is said that humans are the only creatures who are conscious of their own inevitable death; that what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is the certain knowledge that we will one day die. Perhaps now, after Darwin, we have also become the only creatures who know that they are a process, creatures constantly in the state of becoming. There will inevitably be those of us who, anxious for the next phase and worried that it won't come out the way we want it, will try to engineer evolution along certain lines that seem sensible to us today but which might spell disaster for us tomorrow. (It has become a staple of recent standup comedy routines, for instance, that if global warming proceeds apace only the dark-skinned races will survive, a lack of pigment being no protection against the sun's deadly ultraviolet rays.)

Thus, from a purely pragmatic point of view, the Nazi occultists were blind to the enormous damage they were doing to the human race by limiting its racial -- and thus its genetic -- options so drastically. Along with the enormous numbers of Jews that were killed, virtually the entire Gypsy population of Europe was also destroyed. This loss can never be replaced. Of course, it is to the credit of some contemporary occultists like Aquino that they distance themselves and their philosophies as far as possible from a defense of genocide or mass murder; the evolution they seek is a purely spiritual one, with no element of Nazi eugenics. The author agrees with Aquino's observation that the Third Reich was a state governed on magical principles; that is, after all, the thesis of this book. But the author cautions that -- worthy as the Nazi phenomenon is of investigation and exegesis -- not every magical state merits the emulation of other magicians. At the risk of sounding preachy, the Third Reich was an occult device that blew up in the faces of its creators because of its inherent design flaws; rather than try to build a better bomb, today's magicians might be better served by understanding its power source and diverting it toward more peaceful (and productive) uses. Aquino's approach to Nazi occultism is an intellectual one. As a lieutenant colonel in the army and someone schooled in psychological warfare, who served in that capacity in Vietnam, Aquino's professional reactions to the similarities between psychological operations and the techniques both of high magic and Nazi occultism are understandable. While Aquino does not advocate mass murder, it is simply too easy to identify his interest in -- and use of -- Nazi occult techniques with a general approval of Nazi atrocities, and this is what has hurt his reputation in the "occult community."

Unfortunately, there are more than enough Nazis in the world today who do not share Aquino's relatively benign approach to the rites of Satan and Swastika.

For instance James Mason's Universal Order -- which advertises in the satanic newsletter The Black Flame: International Forum of the Church of Satan -- sports a "backward spinning" swastika symbol superimposed on a pair of scales. [19] The reader may recall that Charles Manson carved a swastika on his forehead, but since he did so in a mirror the effect was a swastika spinning in reverse from the direction he had intended. James Mason (who boasts he joined the American Nazi Party at the age of fourteen) retained that particular form of the swastika even as he extolled Manson as the next Hitler, and the "greatest living philosopher of revolution in the world today." The collected writings of Mason -- as well as his thoughts on George Lincoln Rockwell and the National Socialist Liberation Front (an even more fanatic version of the American Nazi Party) -- is entitled Siege. Advertising blurbs in The Black Flame hail it as the "Mein Kampf of the 90's"; a dubious distinction to be sure.

In the same issue of The Black Flame can be seen another full-page advertisement for something called the Abraxas Foundation (which can be reached at the same post office box as Storm Productions, which markets Siege). [20] The logo of Abraxas is yet another rune, one used in SS-Oberfuhrer Wiligut's own signature, and its official journal is called Wake. Presented as a publication devoted to "Social Darwinism, Primal Law, Resurgent Atavism, Blood Mysticism" and more, it promises that the reader will be instructed on how to integrate the "darkest aspects of man and nature" in his or her life. The premier issue contained articles on "Nature's Eternal Fascism" and "Long Live Death." Although publication in the Satanic The Black Flame does not imply total acceptance by the editors of the content of these ads, it is safe to assume that the advertisers know where their market is.

In the same issue, an article by Jeffrey Deboo entitled "Naziism [sic], Racism and Satanism" [21] gives the Church of Satan's party line on why Nazism and LaVey-style satanism are basically incompatible. "Naziism is not Satanic. Racism is not Satanic," writes Deboo. "Anti-Semitism is not Satanic." And from a strictly Church of Satan standpoint, this is true. But individuals such as James Mason and organizations such as the Abraxas Foundation do not follow Anton LaVey's philosophy as much as they may admire that forerunner of modern, "mainstream" satanism. And their thoughts, their ideals, are being perpetrated on another generation that can neither remember World War II nor identify its principle players. The new scriptures of international racism and resurgent Nazism are being written today not by politicians but by occultists. Not by the inward-looking, Golden awn-type of ceremonial magician bent on acquiring Knowledge and Conversation with his/her Holy Guardian Angel, and not by the folksy, back-to-the Earth, Wicca-style worshiper dancing naked in the forests, kissing trees; but by a peculiar breed of dark magician: occultists who are little more than frustrated SS officers yearning for the day when a magically oriented totalitarian regime takes the field once more and settles the world's problems by the oldest and simplest expedient available, the two-step formula of exclusion and annihilation. These individuals understand the secret source of Nazism's power, even if academia does not.

Deaths Head, Skinhead

The leader of a New York OTO lodge once told me, almost in passing, that Caliph Grady McMurtry had initiated several "skinheads" he had met in a bar into the OTO. At the time the word meant nothing to me. I assumed "skinhead" was the colloquial term for a young military recruit who typically has been shorn of all his hair. Therefore, the fact that the biker-jacketed, former army captain McMurtry would have initiated a bunch of buck privates into the Order in a moment of drunken hubris made perfect sense to me.

It was only later that this episode took on a whole new meaning.

There is a tremendous amount of ignorance in the United States concerning the facts of World War II, particularly among the young. In fact, as recent screenings of Spielberg's Holocaust film, Schindler's List, before minority audiences in America's inner cities have shown, there is very little sympathy for Jews. Black and Latino high-school students from Oakland, California, for instance, have expressed the opinion that since they grew up with gruesome, technicolor violence all their lives, the type of violence depicted in the black- and-white Schindler's List seems almost comical by comparison. Indeed, they laughed out loud in the theater (which caused a minor sort of cause celebre for a while). Experts on the scene, surprisingly, did not condemn this behavior as racist; instead, they saw it as a lamentable result of the general ignorance among America's youth concerning anything having to do with Hitler, the Third Reich, and the Holocaust. [22]

Certainly, as the author was growing up in the Bronx in the mid-sixties and attending high school there as a history honors student, there was virtually no discussion of the Second World War in class. The history texts carried the story, but it was toward "the end of the book" and we never -- even in honors history -- managed to reach that section of the text before the year's end. What I knew about Hitler in those days was whatever I saw in the movies or on television, plus whatever I happened to pick up from relatives who had served in the armed services or from neighbors who were survivors.

This continuing lack of education at the secondary-school level contributes in its own way to the rise of the Skinhead phenomenon here in the United States (and probably in Germany as well, where open and frank discussion of the Third Reich is understandably an uncomfortable experience, coupled with the fact that many parents and grandparents had somehow participated in the Third Reich in some capacity and are either loath to discuss it with their children and grandchildren or speak about it in somewhat different terms than we do here; certainly there are very few Jews left in Germany to set the record straight). After all, young men are quite probably getting the story of the Third Reich from those very individuals who have the most to gain by painting Hitler as a misunderstood genius, and his eugenics programs as models of scientific objectivity.

A survey by the American Jewish Committee in 1993, for example, revealed that an astounding number of Americans do not believe that mass killings of Jews had taken place during the war. The same percentage of Americans could not identify Auschwitz, Dachau, and Treblinka as concentration camps. [23]

Another survey, this time by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith in 1992, shows that twenty percent of Americans are still prejudiced against Jews, and that thirty-one percent of Americans think that Jews have too much power. But these percentages decrease sharply in direct relation to the amount of education received, the lowest percentage of anti-Semitism being found among the college-educated. [24]

The Skinhead phenomenon itself was born among the poorly educated, economically stressed lower-income classes of Great Britain. At first, it was only a social organization that had no overt racist ideology or character. It was little more than a club for adolescent sons of white, English workingmen to gather together, drink beer, and listen to a particular, angry form of rock music (called Oi) that was being born in the row-house and public- housing districts of London and Liverpool. The members -- in addition to the shaved heads from which they take their name -- wore heavy, steel-tipped work boots, knit shirts, and suspenders. Some sported tattoos on their hands, arms, or heads. Like many youthful fads, it attracted the disaffected young who were simply looking for acceptance and a surrogate family to replace what was often a miserable home life in the English slums.

However, as Great Britain's unemployment rates began to climb there was a gradual move among the Skinhead groups to blame the economic situation on immigrant workers (particularly the Pakistanis) who, they believed, were taking their jobs away from them. A punk-rock group calling itself White Power became popular among the Skinheads with its overtly racist and anti-Semitic lyrics. The British National Party -- a neo-Nazi, ultra-right- wing, ultra-racist political party in England -- began recruiting Skinhead clubs as the shock troops for its own interpretation of civil disobedience and eventually much of the Skinhead movement was transformed from an apolitical street gang to a kind of British Freikorps.

In case the point is missed, in a local 1993 election in East London the British National Party managed to elect Derek Beackon -- an unemployed truck driver and self-proclaimed racist -- to a council seat there, garnering 1480 votes even though experts had put the membership of the National Party at no more than a thousand in the whole country. It was the first time the Party had won any kind of election anywhere, and their success was met by a wave of protest and racist violence throughout East London as police officers and civilians alike were wounded in some of the worst fighting since the Poll Tax riots of 1990. A speech by Conservative MP Winston Churchill -- the grandson of the famous wartime prime minister -- did not help matters when it included a plea for the cessation of immigration to Great Britain in order to preserve the "traditions of English life." [25]

Racial attacks have jumped seventy-six percent in Great Britain since 1988, accounting for nearly eight thousand such incidents in 1992 and about the same in 1991. [26] Although England is largely recognized as the birthplace of the Skinhead movement, it has taken much stronger root in Germany, where Skinhead violence is more dramatic and widespread. In 1992, over two thousand neo-Nazi attacks there resulted in seventeen deaths, including the famous firebomb attack on a Turkish apartment in Molln that claimed the lives of one woman and two young girls. [27] And, to make matters worse, there is an international network of racists using the Skinhead groups as recruiting platforms all through Europe and America.

For instance in 1991, in the wake of more than two hundred arson attacks against foreigners in a single two-month period in Germany, American Klansman Dennis Mahon paid a visit to that country to form links with racist groups there. In October of that year he arranged a typical Klan cross-burning in a forest outside Berlin, attended by local neo-Nazi Skinheads. [28] That same year, a march honoring RudoIf Hess was attended by representatives of seven European countries, [29] and local police investigators have evidence pointing to the existence of a Canadian neo-Nazi Skinhead group operating in Germany. [30] Further, the Independent newspaper of Great Britain reported that a training ground outside Vienna was being used for paramilitary exercises by British neo-Nazis. [31]

Certainly, the number of former Nazis who wound up serving in Adenauer's postwar government was a scandal, and gives the lie to those historians who denigrate the charges that there exists in Germany a Nazi conspiracy on the governmental level. Even if we do not count such outspoken neo-Nazis as Franz Schonhuber, for instance (a former commander of the Waffen-SS who runs the Republican Party of Bavaria), the number of covert Nazis-in-place in Germany and other world governments represents a serious threat to national -- and global -- peace; perhaps not today, or even tomorrow, but soon the lack of concern on the part of citizens and politicians alike will be shown to have permitted the rebirth of a particularly virulent form of cult behavior.

For instance, as recently as 1993 roughly a hundred German neo-Nazis went on a rampage in Aurich armed with clubs and tear gas guns, which they used to attack a leftist youth club there. (The attack was successfully repulsed by police.)32 But the Nazis finally crossed the line when they mailed a letter bomb to the mayor of Vienna, who was wounded in the attack which took place on December 5, 1993. The mayor, Helmut Zilk, was a Socialist and an outspoken advocate of minority rights. He was one of six individuals targeted by the same group, and one of five who were injured. The sixth bomb -- addressed to a member of the Austrian Green Party -- was intercepted by police and defused before it could explode. [33]

A police investigation of the affair revealed the existence of a neo-Nazi hit list of some 250 intended victims, ranging from journalists to priests, politicians to social workers. [34] As the German and Austrian governments become more zealous in pursuing neo-Nazi hate groups and prosecuting them for their crimes, research has revealed that the groups are becoming more sophisticated in the use of forged identification papers, high-tech explosives, and underground guerrilla-type operations including running safe houses allover the Continent. They are supported by well-wishers who perceive a definite threat to their jobs and income levels from the influx of foreign immigrants to Western Europe after the collapse of Communism. Afraid that their way of life is under attack from refugees from the civil war taking place in former Yugoslavia as well as from Rumania and other former Eastern Bloc nations, and including imported Turkish and Asian labor, they offer clandestine support to those willing to carry out acts of terrorism that, they hope, will scare the newcomers back East.

(A similar movement in South Africa -- the Afrikaner Resistance Movement -- is an openly neo-Nazi group agitating for the creation of a "volkstaat," or "People's State," an all-white enclave in the predominantly black republic.) [35]

In the United States, the neo-Nazi movement has also attracted attention because of its potential for violence. The Silent Brotherhood, for example, is run by a neo-Nazi who gives the official name of his organization in German as Bruder Schweigen. Groups such as the Silent Brotherhood, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Aryan Nation, the Aryan Resistance Movement, the White American Revolutionary Army, the White Aryan Resistance, Robert Miles's Mountain Church of Jesus Christ, and something called the Church of Jesus Christ Christian have all been implicated in various felonies throughout the South and West, including armored car robberies, counterfeiting, and assassinations. The murder of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg on June 18, 1984, by The Order is one example of the lengths to which these groups will go. [36]

The Order is perhaps one of the most secretive, and yet most violent, of these groups. Patterning itself on an identically named organization in the famous racist novel, The Turner Diaries, The Order was also responsible for the largest armored-car robbery in US history. Taking place in Ukiah, California on July 18, 1984 (exactly a month after the murder of Berg), the heist netted The Order a staggering $3.6 million. The Order's founder and leader, Bob Mathews, intended to use some of that money to purchase sophisticated laser weapons that would allow him to knock out the Los Angeles power grid (once again, this was a plot element in The Turner Diaries). Eventually The Order was routed and its members either killed in firefights or serving time in federal prisons; but not before some of the money they managed to steal wound up spread around in the coffers of various other rightwing hate groups. [37]

According to one informant who told the story to former Order member Thomas Martinez, The Order was receiving contributions from German "families" living in South America. [38] This German Nazi-South American Nazi-North American Nazi link is reinforced by stories that German neo-Nazi terrorist Manfred Roeder, for instance, met with Dr. Mengele in Brazil as late as 1978 before coming to the States and meeting with American neo-Nazi groups. Roeder was eventually convicted of the 1980 firebombing of a Vietnamese shelter in Hamburg, Germany, which killed two of the boat people. [39]

The fact that Mathews's organization is called The Order is very revealing. The only other "Orders" in contemporary racist history are, of course, von Liebenfels's Order of the New Templars and Himmler's own Schwarze Orden, the Black Order or SS. It should come as no surprise that Hitler himself saw the value in such homegrown American racist cults, for he once sent Kurt Ludecke -- a prominent businessman and member of the intimate circle around Hitler before winding up in Oranienberg concentration camp -- on a special mission to America to visit the Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan, Hiram Evans, to form an alliance between the Nazi Party and the Klan. [40]

Many of these groups have informal links with each other and through something called the Christian Identity movement, which claims that the US Government is being run by Jews, and that Jews are the sons of Satan and must be exterminated; in this tortuous theory (eerily familiar to students of Nazi ideology), the "real" Lost Tribes of Israel are the Aryans and the Jews are merely descendants of Cain. Like such SS theorists before them as Rahn, Wiligut, Darre, Rosenberg et al., they have reinterpreted Christianity to the extent that up is down, white is black, and good is evil. The Lord of the Jews thus becomes Satan, even though they may secretly believe that their own god is a white warrior-demon, a light- bearing spirit known as Lucifer. Cynically, these "ministers" of the anti-Semitic "churches" preach an unrecognizable Christianity with one voice and instigate pogroms and assassinations with another. In the absence of a real grass-roots pagan movement in America, they have adopted the trappings of fundamentalist Christianity as their mythic vehicle. But it is a secret, occult Christianity that they represent, for they are only the modern manifestations of the original Ku Klux Klan which met at night in the woods, dressed in hooded white robes, burning crosses, and swearing oaths in Masonic-style initiation ceremonies. One cannot imagine the same rituals taking place between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara; it is a typically right-wing phenomenon, and its political overtones are almost universally racist, supremacist, and totalitarian. The Christian Identity movement is itself probably an attempt to create a "white" fundamentalist Christianity as distinct from the "black" Southern Baptist and Pentecostal denominations. By putting a different spin on the Old Testament and the Chosen People, the Christian Identity "ministers" hope to exclude not only Jews from the New World Order, but also all other races, with their unevolved, "polluted" form of Christianity.

The occult -- if only in its outward trappings of elaborate, candlelit ceremonies in the night accompanied by terrifying oaths sworn on the skull and bones -- is an integral part of these organizations; it's the glue that holds them together and which helps to create the sense of family, of a union based on blood, that is so essential to the functioning of these groups.

The ranks of these fledgling Nazi organizations are filled with young men looking for surrogate families in a social pattern that is very similar to the one that can be found among those who join cults and secret societies. Jim Jones and David Koresh (leaders of similarly Christian cults which are far more popular here among the right-wing than openly pagan cults, which are usually seen as representative of hippie-style countercultural revolt) both operated on the basis of what was known in the Third Reich as the Fuhrerprinzip or "Fuhrer principle": that the leader must be obeyed blindly in all things. Although one is accustomed to hearing the term Fuhrer applied to Adolf Hitler, the word was actually used in a wide variety of titles and ranks of social and military responsibility within the Reich. The SS ranks, for instance, all had the word "Fuhrer" attached to them, such as Obersturmfuhrer or Standartenfuhrer or Gruppenfuhrer. Thus, a pyramid of power was developed whereby each rank owed absolute allegiance and obedience to the rank above, culminating (of course) in the supreme leader and Fuhrer of all Germany, Hitler himself. Since this system meant that individuals had no real independence of thought or action, it also implied that individuals were not separately culpable for any acts they might commit. "I was only following orders" became the cliched response of the war criminal when confronted with the hideousness of his crimes and, indeed, within the context of the Fuhrer principle it was a perfectly logical (if morally reprehensible) response. In German, it was called befehlnotstand, and as such was an integral part of the Fuhrerprinzip.

Once individual action is proscribed, individual responsibility (within the context of the cult) also ceases to exist. That is why any such group is to be feared, from neo-Nazi Skinhead gangs to David Koresh-style religious cults. They are virtually identical in social function. Their members are isolated from society in a tight circle of fellow "true believers"; thus paranoia becomes an instrument of the Fuhrer, who uses it to instill a sharp sense of camaraderie among his followers and a deep suspicion of anything coming from the outside world. This leads inevitably to the stockpiling of weapons and to preparations for a "day of judgment," a Holocaust that will cleanse the earth of the nonbeliever, the Semite, the subhuman. The conspiracy theory of world government is a necessary element of both the neo-Nazi organization (which sees the world as being run by a Zionist cabal, called ZOG or "Zionist Occupation Government" ala the Protocols) and the fanatic religious cult (which understands the world to be in the grip of Satan and his followers). Like James Jesus Angleton of the CIA, hunting for the Soviet mole he could not see but "knew" was there all along, these cult leaders insist that the invisible conspiracy -- an invisible government -- is very real, and very dangerous. And matters are only made worse when our governments are caught in the act of concealment and conspiracy themselves, thus giving weight to the arguments of the cults that the whole world -- governments, schools, churches, social institutions, the arts, the sciences, even reality itself -- is the result of a spiritual/political conspiracy to destroy humanity in the course of some satanic mission to rule the globe and populate it with demons.

Cheap air travel and the information superhighway (elements of which are already in place) are making it easier for these cults to communicate with each other and to influence each other. German Skinheads are training in Croatia; Canadian Skinheads are training in Germany; American Klansmen are burning crosses in Berlin; Tom Metzger had his own cable television show; and white supremacists routinely advertise and recruit through computer bulletin-board systems that are accessible by anyone in the world with a telephone and a modem.

One of the nations with the largest OTO affiliation anywhere was, at least until a few years ago, Yugoslavia. The author does not have reliable data on the present status of these lodges. Either the Thelemites have taken up arms to contribute to the genocidal free-for-all ... or, more likely, they are now running for their lives while being hunted by a new incarnation of Himmler's SS. That would be ironic, of course, for Dr. Rudolf Steiner -- the founder of Anthroposophy and a former OTO leader himself -- was born in the town of Kraljevec just outside Zagreb in what is now Croatia.


If, after all the arguments given in the preceding pages, we still have a problem regarding Hitler. as a cult leader (and the Nazi Party as a cult) that is probably because he was more successful than most. Shrewder, more pragmatic, and more charismatic than most other cult leaders, he also came along at the right time for a Germany that was suffering humiliation after its military defeat in World War I, a severe economic depression, and the annexation of its territories by neighboring countries. In a sense, the siege mentality so indicative of cult life was already in place by the time Hitler arrived on the scene promising a heaven on earth to those willing to die for the cause. In the end, the only troops he trusted (particularly after the July 1944 assassination attempt) were the black-clad officers of Himmler's SS, the elite Order that had been designed along purely pagan -- and anti- Christian, anti-Jewish -- lines, a cult priesthood whose headquarters at Wewelsburg was outfitted like a Nietzschean Camelot to receive the Aryan Holy Grail.

Should the West lose complete faith in its politicians, and in its political and judicial processes, and should the economy slide backward toward collapse, then this pathetic handful of cults abroad in the land will surely give birth to a new Messiah and Americans -- many of whom don't believe the Holocaust ever took place even if they do know what it was -- will embrace a cult leader the likes of which we have never seen. The coming chiliastic panic that is almost sure to set in with the turn of the century will give rise to apocalyptic cults promising salvation at the expense of the rest of humanity: a self- election process involving the Chosen and the Not-Chosen. Racial hatreds will be manipulated and exploited by all sides in this conflict because, in the end, it will be easier to discriminate against someone on the basis of something obvious, like skin color, than it will be on the basis of one's personal philosophy, political affiliation, or religious denomination. In this war, one's skin becomes one's uniform, and defection is not possible. There will be no more open discussion of ideas, because ideas will be suspect. Reading will become the privileged occupation of a handful of cult leaders who, like the priests and bishops of the Middle Ages, will edit and interpret the meanings of texts for the benefit of a functionally illiterate congregation. Signs and omens will foretell the coming of a New Man, a Divine Leader, a Messiah who must be obeyed if destruction on a massive scale is to be averted. And the people -- confused, embittered, hungry, fearful -- will bow their heads and accept the inevitable. They will trade in their freedoms forever for the promise of security today.

And Hell will be full of secret delight once more.
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Epilogue: Hasta La Vista, Baby

My driver squeezed shut his eyes. His knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel like a life preserver. He faced forward, even when being questioned by the men who crowded around his side of the car, peering through the windows into the backseat looking for an Israeli kidnap team ala Eichmann.

"How many of them are there?" they asked.

"When did they arrive?"

"Where are they staying?"

To all of these questions my driver could barely open his mouth to reply.

They tried a more soothing tone next.

"Listen, we have to be careful, you know. These Israelis have diabolic intentions towards us." That was the word they used: "diabolic."

In the meantime a youngish man in an old-fashioned blue lab coat knocked on the window on my side of the car. I rolled it down.

And he spoke that phrase that every true aficionado of the war movie and the spy flick longs to hear in real life, but knows he never will. There, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, with a white Mercedes-Benz limousine blocking my escape through a remote- controlled gate and with burly security men -- old men, with the mark of war and brutality on their faces like the sign of Cain -- covering every angle of escape, I heard it in a thick, German accent.

"Your papers, please."

I handed my passport through the open car window, knowing full well it was a dangerous thing to do but not knowing how to avoid it. If they wanted to, they could certainly have managed to drag me from the car, and that would have been the end of it. My passport was passed back to some people in the reception building-if that is what it was-and I didn't see it again for about a half-hour. At the time, I had no idea what they were doing with it and assumed they might have been making a photocopy or were examining it to see if it was genuine.

The young doctor, if that is what he was, began to ask me questions. First in German, then in Spanish. I decided I did not want to dicker for my life in a foreign tongue, so pretended no knowledge of either language. Finally, the man began to speak to me in fairly good English but with that accent that, to Americans, sounds so comical in war movies. But before he began questioning, Paul Schafer arrived and positioned himself at the rear of my car, where I could not, at first, see him. He asked the questions, in German, and the doctor translated them into English -- and my answers into German.

"Why are you here?"

I used the story I had come up with on the bus ride down. It wasn't very good.

"I am studying German emigration to South America."

The high-pitched bark of a laugh Schafer gave that admittedly lame excuse was straight out of the same war movie as "Your papers, please."

Then they demanded the film from my camera.

I was loath to give that up, but again there was little I could do. I removed it from the camera, handing it through the window of the still-locked car door to the young doctor. It had photographs of the reception area, the gate, and the town of Parral.

As I fumbled with the camera I managed to turn to the side and glance out the rear window. There I saw a man dressed in a brown uniform with no flashes or other identification that I could see. He was portly, and appeared to be bald with a head shaped like an artillery shell. He wore a soft campaign-style cap and a Sam Browne belt that diagonally crossed his ample frame. Basically, he looked like a militarized Easter egg. I tried to get a glimpse of a holster, but Schafer kept strutting back and forth, pacing behind the car as his security men were inspecting it from all angles and even going so far as kicking the tires.

It was a standoff, and I didn't know why. Certainly my driver thought I was done for, as I discovered later. On the way up to the place I had asked him quite bluntly if the Colony was in any way a "Nazi" community, or if Nazis were known to live or visit there. As the guardians of Colonia Dignidad descended on the beat-up Chevrolet, I wished I had kept my mouth shut. The driver had volunteered that, indeed, everyone knew it was an estancia nacista. I replayed our conversation back in my mind at fast-forward and almost winced when I remembered I had asked him about Bormann.

And about Mengele.

Few people knew it at the time -- and I certainly wasn't one of them -- but Mengele had died earlier that year in Brazil. Everyone in Parral knew Mengele's name, of course, but my driver could not confirm any rumors that he had been there. But "many, many Nazis" had visited the Colony over the years and Bormann was one name that few men dared to whisper, even on the pitch-dark evenings of a Chilean winter. Even to their friends.

Finally, my passport was handed back to me. For some mysterious reason, they had suddenly decided to let us go. We had been held there for about three-quarters of an hour or longer.

The gate swung open electronically and the white Mercedes vanished. Schafer disappeared. Many of the other men blended back into the landscape, and I was warned to return to Santiago immediately and to leave the country at once. I was not welcome in Parral, and Chile could easily become a hostile environment.

It had taken us about an hour to make the twenty-five-mile drive up the dirt road to the Colony from the Pan American Highway that morning.

It took us twenty minutes to make it back.

We swerved around oxen in the road, children playing, huasos on horseback ... all at an alarming speed. My driver was so relieved we had gotten out alive he was laughing and sobbing. "Que milagro" he yelled, and banged on the dashboard for emphasis. What a miracle. The gringo was still alive.

When we arrived at the town, the driver dropped me at the square from where we had left less than three hours earlier. I paid him, and tipped him heavily. It was only another hour or so until my bus would arrive and take me back to Santiago, so I decided to wait around the central square still shaken by what had happened and angry as hell that I had lost my film containing the only known shots of Colonia Dignidad "in captivity."

A moment later, two more soldiers walked up to me. This was a different pair from the two I had met with Senor Molinas that morning.

"Senor Levenda?"

I swallowed. They knew my name.

They asked to see my passport. They passed it between themselves, stared at my photo, then at me, then carefully wrote down my name and passport number in colored ink in their notebooks. Then they started to ask me about my trip.

"You are the one who went to visit La Colonia."

I nodded, my mouth dry. I could only imagine I was being arrested.

It seemed the whole town knew where I had gone and what had happened. The soldiers certainly knew all about it and, from the direction they had come and the amount of time elapsed, I knew they hadn't yet had a chance to talk to my driver. They must have been reached by radio from the Colony. That meant that the Colony had its own communications procedures with the army. The implications were unnerving.

"What happened?"

"Were they armed?"

"Did they take you inside?"

"How did you get out?"

I answered them as best I could. Were they armed? Yes, sure they were armed, but they didn't brandish their weapons openly. They didn't have to. And the hefty bulges in their jackets and coats along with suggestive pattings after the artless fashion of hoods everywhere told the story quite eloquently.

Once I had answered their questions to their satisfaction, they gave me much the same advice as had the Germans.

"Leave Parral on the next bus."

No problem.

"And you had better leave Chile, too. You are a very lucky man." Sometime later my bus arrived, and I boarded it gratefully. It was a bit crowded, but I found an aisle seat toward the rear and settled in for the roughly 250-mile return trip to Santiago.

Then, every fifty miles or so, the bus could come to a stop in the middle of the highway. The doors would open, and soldiers would come on board. These were not the same, dusty, down-home troops I had chatted with, and drunk moonshine with, in Parral. These men were smartly turned out with cold stares and automatic weapons. They would confer briefly with the driver, who would gesture toward my seat. One of the soldiers would walk down the aisle toward me and ask to see my passport. I would get a long, hard look, and then they would leave and the bus would be allowed to continue along its way.

This happened about four times. On the last two occasions it was enough for the soldiers to stop the bus, talk to the driver, give me the "look," and nod.

But every one of them, at every stop, knew my name.

When I arrived back at the Grand Palace Hotel I found a note waiting for me. I was confirmed on the next flight out of Santiago for the United States, leaving the following day. The message could not have been clearer. I was unofficially being declared persona non grata by the Pinochet regime because I had had the temerity to stand in the parking lot of Colonia Dignidad and take pictures of the reception building. For this, I was graced with military roadblocks all the way back to the capital and a seat on the next flight out of the country. And it wouldn't stop there.

For the next eighteen hours until my flight I could not shake the bearded man. He seemed to be everywhere I was, and was frequently there ahead of me. He was standing nonchalantly outside the Grand Palace Hotel when I went downstairs for a last, long look at Santiago. He was in the German restaurant that evening where I brazenly went to order my last meal, sitting at a long table when I went in, surrounded by what appeared to be students from the University. When I walked to my table, they stopped speaking and were silent until I had placed my order. I could feel their stares like cold raindrops on my skin.

A few hours later, as I walked along Huerfanos on my way back to the hotel, the bearded man was once again ahead of me. Just standing there.

And when my taxi arrived to pick me up the next morning, he was standing across the street. This time, he was openly staring at me from eyes that glowed like two brass cartridges.

He was such a conspicuous figure that I can only assume that I was meant to notice him and to take his presence as a kind of warning. But I had seen him several times before my trip to Colonia Dignidad. How had he known what I was up to? So few people back in New York knew where I was going, or when. I went over a mental list of people who would have been in a position to notify elements of the Chilean security police -- DINA -- as to my itinerary. I could count them on the fingers of one hand, and still have spares.

One was a Chileno who was a victim of Pinochet's regime. Conceivably he could have betrayed me to DINA, but only if they had something to hold over him. Family, maybe a wife, back in Chile whose life would be in danger unless he cooperated with them. But I knew -- or, at any rate, thought I knew -- that this was not the case.

And then there was an occultist.

Suddenly the pieces began to fall into place. The occultist was a member of a "satanic" cult in New York with ties to Brazil and Argentina. It was entirely possible that this person secretly disapproved of my venture to Chile, and took the opportunity to notify cult members of my trip. My opposition to Fascism and totalitarianism was well known in occult circles in the United States, and I had appeared on radio and television talk shows debating Nazis, Klansmen, and Satanists (of the Church of Satan variety). The bearded man, therefore, was quite possibly not connected with DINA at all but with this cult that boasted so many South American connections. They had even produced a Spanish- language version of Crowley's Book of the Law although they were not part of Grady McMurtry's O.T.O.

On the plane back, the seriousness of my predicament finally hit me. All the anxiety that I had not allowed myself to feel during my capture by the Nazis of Parral, the army roadblocks, and the conspicuous tail by the bearded man, descended upon me like an anvil. I spent most of the trip to Miami in the plane's rest room, vomiting.

When I arrived in Miami and passed through Customs and Immigration procedures, the last installment of my adventure then took place. As I came through the line with my luggage, preparing to recheck it for a flight to New York, three men in suits left their position by the opposite wall and approached me. One of the men flipped open an identification wallet and closed it again rapidly, too rapidly for me to make out what agency he represented. But he was from my own government.

"May I see your passport, please?"

Once again, I proferred my very popular documents to yet another government representative. At least, I thought, this time it was United States officials. Certainly, I had nothing to fear from them?

They stood around me for a moment, framing me in a kind of mise-en-scene. I thought I detected a smile, but it could have been a sneer. Without explanation they returned my passport to me, thanked me, and allowed me to pass on my way.

When I looked back, they were no longer there.

Sitting in the lounge, waiting for my flight to be called, and finally wondering why I had been stopped by those three men, I picked up a copy of the Miami newspaper. And nearly dropped it.

There, as a banner headline, was the reason I had been allowed to leave Colonia Dignidad alive: GERMANS EXTEND STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON WAR CRIMES.

I scanned the article quickly as if it were a telegram addressed directly to me. It said that the West German government, meeting in Bonn, had voted to extend the statute of limitations on Nazi war crimes. The statute had been due to expire that month. What the vote meant was that the German government could continue to hunt down the monsters who created, aided, and abetted the atrocities of the Third Reich ... forever. It meant that whoever was hiding out at Colonia Dignidad would never be safe.

I had probably stumbled into their domain as the vote was being counted. They perceived my presence there as a device intended to provoke them into some kind of action that would swing the vote against them. Either that, or they assumed that I was there to register their reaction in some way; or as the advance guard of a new contingent of Israeli commandos (which was, indeed, what they had suggested to my driver). In any of these cases, it would not have been prudent to drag me from the car and shoot me. Instead, they allowed me to escape unharmed. It was a tactical decision, and it saved my life. Had I turned up a day later -- after the outcome of the vote was made public -- I have no doubt I would have been enlisted in the ranks of the "disappeared," tortured and murdered by the men of Colonia Dignidad.

A month later, in August of 1979, Jack Anderson's column published a story about Colonia Dignidad. It included references to secret CIA testimony before Congress and to Amnesty International reports on human-rights abuses taking place there. It spoke a little of the torture that was a main feature of the Colony; it mentioned that the Colony had been used as an interrogation center for DINA, the Chilean secret police, where technocrats were trained in the black arts of torture and for the first time I realized just what I had escaped from.

Two weeks later I was fired from my job with a large, multinational corporation that did a lot of business with the Chilean military (and the armies of virtually every free-world dictatorship).

A week after that, and I was followed down a Brooklyn street at six in the morning by a taxi full of bald-headed, beefy thugs -- perfect strangers -- shouting anti-Semitic epithets at me.

A few days later, and I was approached by a strange man in the Astoria section of Queens. Sporting a straw hat and dressed in a white suit with an impossible red carnation in his lapel (he reminded me somehow of the Peter Lorre character in Casablanca), he tugged at my arm and whispered to me in an accent I could not place:

"Don't worry. You are among friends here."

Before I could ask him what he meant, he walked away with a smile and dissolved into the streetscape.

In the months immediately following my return, I made several overtures to various agencies and media in an attempt to tell not only my personal story but to warn interested parties that there was more at stake in pursuing Nazis in hiding than revenge for what happened at the death camps. It was my contention that the Nazi underground posed a serious threat to peace, particularly in South America, and that world governments should ardently hunt these war criminals, sadists, and butchers to the ends of the earth for national-security reasons if nothing else. I told my story to Jack Anderson's people by phone, and to Simon Wiesenthal's people, and to members of various Jewish groups of my acquaintance. I was met with polite attention ... and reluctance to become involved in that particular spin on the Nazi war-criminal story. The involvement of Colonia Dignidad in the Pinochet regime was well known; the CIA had reported as much to Congress. Amnesty International was compiling horror stories of torture and sexual abuse. But the full details of Klaus Barbie's reign of terror in Bolivia were not yet revealed; and Farago's book was still being laughed off the shelves. There was simply no interest in the story of a single man (possessing no journalistic credentials whatsoever) who had visited Colonia Dignidad in search of a story about "Nazi voodooism."

And then the fall of Communism, the rise of the Skinhead phenomenon, elevated levels of racial violence in American streets, revelations concerning the rites of human sacrifice at Matamoros, the Branch-Davidian massacre at Waco, and "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia, all contributed to a growing sense that something is terribly wrong out there; that perhaps the ghoulish specter of the Third Reich had not been put to rest after all, and that it takes more than bullets and B-movies to exorcise a demon.

And I hauled out my notes, and refreshed my memories, and decided to write this book.

We have seen how some occultists -- what Aleister Crowley would have called "Brothers of the Left Hand Path" -- were responsible for creating a peculiar moral environment from which the bizarre religious, racial, and political theories of the Third Reich germinated. We have also seen how the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion was introduced to the Western world by a Theosophist when it was already on the verge of being discredited in Russia. Indeed, both directly and indirectly, that fabulous creation of Madame Blavatsky -- her Theosophical Society -- can be found at the root of virtually all of the occult societies that gave rise to the Thule Gesellschaft and, eventually, to the Third Reich itself. This influence was preserved among those contemporary neo-Nazi cults -- such as the National Renaissance Party -- whose leaders understood the tremendous impact Theosophical thought exerted on the List Society, the Order of the New Templars, the Golden Dawn, and (eventually) on the political platforms of the Nazi Party. Racial theory including the superiority of the Aryan "race," the supreme significance of the swastika and other runic emblems, the universal application of an initiated interpretation of world myths, and a "scientific" approach to religion ... all of this can be traced back to Theosophy. Certainly, eugenics programs were in place in the United States that proved to be the model for the German variety; Lebensraum tactics had been used by the United States against the Native American population for centuries; and racial laws forbidding marriage between blacks and whites were in place all through the American South. But in Nazi Germany, these programs were given a certain, moral foundation in the writings of the Nazi "Church fathers": List, von Liebenfels, Darre, Rosenberg, and in the speeches of Hess, Himmler, and Hitler himself. What were vicious little social programs of dubious scientific value in the United States became elevated to the level of literally cosmic importance in Nazi Germany. No dissent was permitted; no discussion or argument tolerated. And those who did disagree were exiled, tortured, murdered by the State.

This was not simply totalitarianism at work. The wholesale slaughter of the Jews and other "subhuman races" was of virtually no political or economic value to the Third Reich. On the contrary, the Holocaust was an expensive and extremely problematic program. Vital resources were diverted from the war effort to the pursuit and execution of isolated, powerless groups of people who posed no real threat to the State. Human resources as well as valuable raw materials were wasted in the design, creation, and maintenance of the death camps. There was no earthly reason for all this. It was not logical, not pragmatic. The Holocaust could only be considered of value in a strictly metaphysical sense to the Nazis: they actually believed they were engaged in a spiritual struggle of truly divine proportions, that the Jews were the children of Satan -- a subhuman species that, through its demonic collaboration with Freemasons and Communists, was intent on destroying the world and delivering its ashes to their Lord and Master, the Father of Lies.

To fight these insidious demoniacs, the Nazis created a secret society of their own. Borrowing the "skull and crossbones" motif from the Freemasons and dressing in black uniforms, initiated in candlelit ceremonies in awesome arenas, wearing a ring inscribed with magical runes, these sorcerers of the Right prepared themselves for battle with the Eternal Enemy of the Left. This was not politics. This was not economics. The SS was a cult, and its high priest was a man who believed himself to be in telepathic communication with the spirit of a Saxon king; a man who destroyed the lives of over a thousand concentration camp prisoners in the creation of his Grail center at Wewelsburg; the same man who created the Einsatzgruppen, the roving bands of SS men who hunted down Jews and commissars with equal ferocity and fed them to the crematoria; the same man who gleefully ordered "scientific" experimentation on living human subjects in the death camps.

This enormity was too great to simply disappear at war's end. He had indoctrinated his people all too well. They were the initiates of an elite secret society and would not trade in their beliefs, their cherished ideals, for a green card or a farm in Bolivia. They possessed "secret knowledge" incomprehensible to the profane, to the noninitiate, and jealously guarded this knowledge to their dying days, passing it on to select members of the Aryan Race so that the flame would never be extinguished.

The flame, that is, of a particular Hell.

From a purely philosophical point of view the Nazis' reluctance to simply jettison Christianity altogether is compelling. They could not just ignore the Church and go on about their pagan business. They had to demonize the Church to a large extent: they had to identify it as the Enemy. One cannot help but wonder if this was not due to a deep sense of betrayal; that in their hour of need the German people looked to the Catholic Church (or to the Lutheran ministries, or to any of the other Protestant denominations) for succor and found its spiritual strength -- its moral courage -- wanting. The ambivalence of the Nazi "church fathers" to the Catholic Church in particular is striking: they wanted to retain something of value from their childhood idea of Christianity (for von Liebenfels, for instance, it was the extensive liturgical calendar, the pageantry, the hyperorganized and ritualized lifestyle, the myth of the Grail and the Knights Templar), but they wanted to throw out Canon Law, the Papacy, and Christian moral values. They wanted to rediscover the Cathar tradition as they understood it: a kind of proto-Christian paganism; a Gnostic, illuminated version of Christianity, perhaps, but without the strict moral code that the Cathars were known to adhere to. The Nazis sensed that there was something wrong, something dark, at the heart of Christianity -- a Lie -- and the reaction of the Catholic Church itself is telling for, in its silence and in its meek acquiescence to the evils being perpetrated by the Nazis, it betrayed a shocking sense of doubt in its own institutions. Catholic bishops openly assisted the Nazi hierarchy. Catholic monks took part in the Holocaust. And, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Pius XII applauded.

Were the Nazis somehow blackmailing the Church with evidence of some monstrous crime that has never come to light (did the Nazis find the Templar treasure? were they in possession of the Grail?), or was the Church's notorious lack of conviction during World War II somehow evidence that the Church itself had lost its own faith?

When each year that passes brings more revelations of how the United States aided and abetted the escape of Nazi fugitives, how can we instruct our young people on the evil of the Third Reich? When high-ranking Roman Catholic clergymen ensured the survival of thousands of war criminals by providing them passports, safe houses, and transport out of Europe ... when the Church has covered up the sexual abuses perpetrated by its own priests ... when it has been revealed how the Catholic nuns of Montreal, virginal brides of Christ, tortured the orphan children under their own care as late as the fifties and sixties . . . how can we speak to our children about morality? Wouldn't it be a normal reaction to try (as did the Nazis) to rescue the idealized portrait of a gentle Jesus, God of Love, from the clutches of the Church? Worse, how can we insist that these same Nazis are the very portrait of all that is wrong with society, with civilization, with power run amok ... when we shamelessly exploited their talents during our Cold War with Communism, both in Europe (with the Gehlen organization) and in South America?

Thus, with a growing number of white men taking part in racist attacks against Jews, blacks, and Asians and using the Nazis as their role models, we find ourselves in a desperate moral dilemma. Since Vietnam, and through Watergate and Iran-Contra, the American people have become cynical about their elected officials, about their lies, their treachery, and abour the abuse of power that seems endemic to Washington. Clearly, the idea of moral political leadership seems a quaint memory. Who, then, will tell the Skinheads and whatever new generation of neo-Nazi ideologues and radicals that comes along in the next few decades that Hitler was a psychopath; that the social programs of the Third Reich were a monstrous fraud; that the racial ideas of the Nazi Party had no basis in science; that the SS was not an institution to be emulated, that it consisted of murderers, rapists, junkies, and thugs?

Sadly, we must expect that when we say these things to our children -- and to our children's children -- they will point to Klaus Barbie and Reinhard Gehlen and Werner von Braun and Otto Skorzeny and Freddy Schwend and Valerian Trifa and Pius XII and Paul VI and Bishop Hudal and hundreds if not thousands of others and ask, "Then, why?"

And if America's cults become the surrogate families for children who have been abused, neglected, or scorned at home (or at the Boy Scout troop, the day-care center, even in church), we may never even have the chance to hear the question.

For, as Charles Manson -- neo-Nazi mystic par excellence -- once prophesied at his trial with regard to his own Family:

"What about your children? These are just a few. There is many, many more coming right at you."
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NA: National Archives CDS: Captured Documents Section


From Thomas Mann, Doctor Faustus, p. 244.


My defense of Farago is probably idiosyncratic since such is not a popular attitude to take toward Aftermath. For instance, in a footnote to his The Occult Roots of Nazism, Goodrick-Clarke lumps Aftermath together with such pop novels as The Holcroft Covenant, which is either an oversight from that otherwise cautious author or a deliberate underestimation of Farago's work.

One of the shrillest critics of Farago's work is Gerald L. Posner, whose latest offering, Case Closed, purports to "prove" the Warren Commission's findings that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy. Posner attacked Farago in a book, coauthored with BBC television producer John Ware, entitled Mengele: The Complete Story. In this work, safely begun two years after Mengele's death in Brazil, Farago is needlessly and brutally characterized as an incompetent, venal swindler who was duped at every turn in his quest for Mengele, a quest which resulted -- says Posner -- in the murder of an innocent man wrongly assumed to be Mengele (pages 268-274). Incredibly, Posner lays this crime at Farago's door; an ironic leap for someone who criticizes the JFK conspiracy theorists for similar "leaps." We may be certain that Mr. Posner will provide the reading public with more such proofs in the future in his zealous defense of government-approved cover stories and socially acceptable mythology. Perhaps a book that will prove Senator Joe McCarthy's famous list of suspected Communists in the U.S. government was genuine or a study proving that George Bush had nothing at all to do with Iran-Contra?

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Part One

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6. Many popular histories of the Nazi occultism phenomenon unfortunately suggest that Hitler was everything from ritual-practicing satanist to trance medium and associate the Thule Gesellschaft with all sorts of demonolatry, or what Golden Dawn member and Nobel Prize-winning poet William Butler Yeats used to call "Dhyabolism." Trevor Ravenscroft's best-selling Spear of Destiny spins a wild tale of Hitler attending seances with Dietrich Eckart and of the Golden Dawn, the Thule, and all sorts of Far Eastern cults being part of some giant satanic web: essentially turning the Protocols idea around on its defenders by implying that there is a worldwide conspiracy of Freemasons and that they are all Nazis! A saner approach -- and the one the author hopes is being adequately defended here -- is that Hitler's worldview was the product of influences from such occult legends as Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels, and that he derived much of his cosmology (including his platform concerning race) not from politicians but from occultists, such as those in the Thule and including such men as Eckart and Rosenberg, who were fellow travelers. In this sense, then, Hitler was a tool of other occultists: men who were intelligent, well read, well traveled, and insightful into the workings of the human psyche. Lanz von Liebenfels saw his dreams realized in Hitler, and said as much during his lifetime. Hitler devoured Liebenfels's writings and even met the Master. For an impoverished nobody with his own delusions of grandeur, that meeting alone was more important than most historians realize.

As for the Thule being somehow linked to foreign occult societies: although there is very little, if any, hard evidence for this, anyone who studies occultism (particularly those forms of the last century or so) knows that occultists keep track of each other; they read each other's books, incorporate elements of each other's rituals and philosophies, and meet for drinks hoping the other will pick up the tab. Thus, while Guido von List would never admit to borrowing heavily from the Golden Dawn, for instance -- since occultists never acknowledge their sources unless they are appropriately ancient and thereby long dead -- such an influence can be traced by the acute researcher. This does not imply that List would have been sympathetic to the Golden Dawn's teachings, only that he saw something bright and shiny there and picked it up for his own tiara.

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Part Two

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The memoir of Walter Schellenberg was helpful here, as well as the Captured German Documents section of the National Archives, individual items as cited below. But a word must also be said for Michael Kater's definitive 1974 study of the Ahnenerbe, which has so far not been available in English. During one of my first visits to the National Archives in 1977, Kater's name came up invariably whenever the Ahnenerbe was mentioned. His sometimes witty, sometimes justifiably contemptuous, but always insightful rendering of the activities of this organization made for a congenial traveling companion during the final days of writing this book.

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Part Three

Quotation from Rauschning, 1942, p. 81.


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This became a very different book from the one I set out to write fifteen yeas ago. In fact, this became a very different book from the one I set out to write a year ago.

In the last twenty years I have been on familiar terms with several of the occult lodges and political parties described in these pages; I am not certain if one should acknowledge organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan or the National Renaissance Party, or the dark lords of Colonia Dignidad. I don't know if the years I have spent on the periphery (or in the middle) of such groups as the Church of Satan, Scientology, the various OTOs, the Craft, StarGroup One, and the many, many schismatic churches, sects, and underground temples of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia- ears that have certainly been enlightening-merit a comprehensive rundown of all the personalities that have helped shape my ... well, my Weltanschauung, if you will.

Instead, I will confine myself to thanking a few key people who made my life -- and this project -- easier.

A really decent study of Nazi occultism would have to be many thousands of pages longer than this one and would probably lose the general reader in a morass of footnotes and citations in German, Icelandic, Russian, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit, French, Spanish, and God knows what else. What I had to content myself with in the interim, however, was this study -- this expose if you will -- of the general outlines of occult theory and practice among elements of the Third Reich with a particular emphasis on the Thule Society, the SS, and the Ahnenerbe-SS. In order to help me accomplish this, I was fortunate enough to have the help of many devoted individuals who may not have believed in my story but who supported my efforts to tell it.

Ingrid Celms -- once herself a victim of the Third Reich-helped with many of the translations from German into English of core Thule documents from the early (pre-WWII) period. She performed this in her spare time and with great (and perhaps distasteful) labor, and for this she has my heartfelt thanks. It should be pointed out, though, that I performed other translations and am ultimately responsible for any errors that may have crept in.

I should thank the resources and staff of the New York Public Library, Main Branch at Forty-second Street and Fifth Avenue, always my second home no matter where my first one happens to be.

The staff at the Westerly Public Library performed admirably in helping obtain hard-to-locate items from outside the state library system; they and the interlibrary loan program are to be commended.

The people at the Southern Poverty Law Center and its creature, Klanwatch -- and particularly Klanwatch researcher David Webb -- provided tremendous assistance in locating examples of contemporary racist activities in the United States that had a bearing on my thesis. These courageous individuals under the leadership of Morris Dees stand up to the Klan and the neo-Nazis every day of their lives -- sometimes under dire threat -- and are to be warmly applauded.

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith was a source of information on Skinhead activities and statistics that were informative and vital to my work. Many thanks.

The Religious Movement Resource Center at Fort Collins, Colorado, was very helpful in helping to assess the cult aspects of the Skinhead movement and in suggesting other lines of inquiry.

Ms. Amy Schmidt of the Center for Captured Records at the National Archives was particularly generous with her time, for which I will always be grateful. And earlier, in the seventies, I had several fruitful conversations with Dr. Robert Wolfe at the National Archives, which led me onto the right path with regard to locating Ahnenerbe documentation and introducing me to the work of Michael Kater.

Amnesty International -- in particular Ms. Betsy Ross -- provided valuable assistance in locating documents and testimony concerning the operation of Colonia Dignidad.

Tibet House was the unexpected source of an actual film of the Ernst Schafer SS-Tibet expedition, something which I previously had no idea existed, as well as an official OSS film of the 1942-43 Brook Dolan expedition. My thanks to Ms. Erin Gould and to Mr. Norbu Chophel for their help in locating and interpreting this valuable resource material, and in providing me with a list of other individuals and organizations specializing in Tibetan studies from the point of view of foreign expeditions.

As always, Judith McNally provided her excellent critique of the manuscript in early stages and suggested revisions. I have taken most, if not all, of her advice and any shortcomings in the finished product are the result of my stubbornness rather than her judgment.

My thanks also to my agent, Jack Scovil, for his endless patience while I struggled to provide him with a marketable property once and for all.

John Douglas, my editor at Avon, deserves recognition as a fellow conspiracy gourmet for whom paranoia is an essential condiment. Nazi occultism ... what more paranoid a combination is there?

And, as usual, my thanks and love to Rose and Alex (excuse me, "Vivica") who suffered through endless monologues on Nazism, satanism, and the Decline of the West.

Peter Levenda Shanghai, 1994
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A...A.·. (Argentum Astrum) , 43, 157-159, 246

Abbey of Thelma, 284-289

Achmeteli, Dr. Michael, 237

Adolf Hitler (Toland), 46

Aftermath (Farago), 15-17, 20

Agartha legend, 66

Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society)
application of work of, 225-226
archaeological sites and, 178, 225
background information, 168-169
description of, 171-175
Deutsche Akademie and, 174-175
Hedin and, 173-174
Himmler and, 172, 182
history of, 172-174
Horbiger Doctrine and, 197-200
Iceland Project and, 187-191
legacy of, 278
Nazi Party's image and, 169-171
Nuremberg Trials and, 277
Paderborn and, 179
pagan library of, 181
researching, 169
rune scholars and, 183-187
SS and, 167, 182-183
Tibet Expedition and, 191197, 200

Aktion Hess, 251

Aktion Hudal (Hudal), 15, 269-270

Albigensians, 204-209

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Altamirano, Carlos, 321

Anderson, Jack, 361-362

Angleton, James Jesus, 351

Anthroposophical Society, 43, 84

Christianity and, 349-350
current, 345
Ford and, 100-101
List and, 78
Lovecraft's, 91
Nazi Party and, 63-64
Protocols of the Elders of Zion and, 47-49, 148
"rational, " 78-79
in United States, 345
von Liebenfels and, 78

Aquino, Michael, 339-340, 342

Arab countries, Nazis escape to, 283

Archduke Ferdinand's assassination, 89

Argentina, 15-16, 298-299

Ark of the Covenant, 71

Armanenschaft, 56, 118

Artucio, Hugo Fernandez, 296-297

Aryan race
brothel for propagation of, 127-128
as Chosen People, 53
flame passed on to select members of, 364
Himmler and, 214-215
as Master Race, 53, 331
psychic powers and, 69
racial supremacy and, 48-49, 60, 65-66, 225
scientific view of, 61-63

Astrologische Rundschau (Vollrath), 46

ban on, 161
British intelligence services and, 252-253
cult counterstrike and, 252-253
Hess and, 244, 250
internal consistency in, 240-241
Nazi Party and, 161-164
origins of, 161-162
Sidereal, 162
Third Reich history and, 160-161

Augsburg, Dr. Emil, 237

Aylwin, Patricio, 323-324

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Bavaria, 33, 74

Beer Cellar Explosion (November 1939), 235-239, 254

Beer Hall Putsch (November 1923), 76, 92, 98, 102, 142, 144, 168, 236

Before Hitler Came (Bevor Hitler Kamm) (Sebottendorff), 77, 143

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Bloch, Peter, 20

Blood ideology, 37-38, 112

Blood libel, 289-290

Blood Order, 142

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Blood religion, 214

Blood and Soil doctrine, 115

Blue Equinox, 286-287

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Bolivia, 297, 362

Book burning (May 1933), 31, 142-143

Book of the Law, The (Crowley), 120-121, 135-136, 139, 155, 359

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Brainwashing, 233. See also Psychic powers

Branch Davidian cult, 202

Braun, Eva, 102

British intelligence services
astrology and, 252-253
Crowley and, 131-133, 156
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British National Party, 346

Brotherhood of Saturn, 136-138

Brownshirts. See SA (Storm Troopers)

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Catholic Church
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Chile. See also Colonia Dignidad
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military coup in, 317-318
Nazi Parties in, 297-298
Nazi refugees in, 14, 16-17, 310-312
Santiago, 311
secret police in, 316, 318-319, 322, 359, 361

Chosen People, 53

Christian Identity movement, 350

Christianity. See also Catholic Church
anti-Semitism and, 349-350
crucifix and, 71
Holy Grail and, 203-204
Nazi Party and, 301, 364-365
in South America, 300-301

Church of Satan, 329, 337-339, 343

Clement V, Pope, 70

Coburg liberation, 97-98

Cohn, Norman, 48, 96, 327

Colonia Dignidad
accusations against, 315-316, 324
Anderson's article on, 361
Chilean emigres and, 17
Colonia Italiana versus, 25
detention centers at, 318-320
extension of limitations on war crimes and, 360-362
future of, 322-326, 360-362
growth of, 314
language of, 314
location of, 21-22
name change of, 326
Nazis and, 19
pagan celebrations of, 325-326
Pfeiffer and, 314-315
Pinochet regime and, 362
political role of, 316-318, 362
researching, 22-26
rumors of, 20
Schafer and, 313, 315, 318-320
torture at, 305, 319-320
visiting, 21-26, 354-358

Colonia Italiana, 25

Colony of Righteousness. See Colonia Dignidad

cults and, 294
fall of, 362
as force of history, 341
in Germany, 32
Hanussen and, 105
putsch against (Munich), 143
Sebottendorff and, 33
Western society's decline and, 30

Concentration camps, 171, 242, 266

Contreras, Colonel Manuel, 322

Correspondences, occult, 118, 121-122

Croatia, 328

Crowley, Aleister A...-A... and, 43, 157
biography of, 247
Book of the Law, The and, 120-121, 135-136, 139, 155, 359
British intelligence services and, 131-133, 156
cult counterstrike and, 241-243
deportation of, 134-135
espionage and, 131-133, 139, 156, 241-243
female relationships of, 146
Golden Dawn and, 116-119, 152
Holy Books and, 159-160
marriage of, 119-120, 156
noble blood and, 58
number 555 and, 91
occultism and, 108, 120-21
Ordo Templi Orientis and, 68, 123-125, 136, 244, 285-286
Parsons and, 244-246
sex cults and, 115-121
sex-magic and, 121-126
Thelemic community and, 285
Viereck and, 130-132
Wheatley and, 246-248

Crucifix, 71

Crusades, 71

Cult counterstrike
American contributions to, 254-257
astrology and, 252-253
British intelligence services and, 240-241
Crowley and, 241-243
mind-traveling and, 254
Order of the British Empire and, 253-254
Rollins and, 255-256
United States and, 254-257

Cults. See also Cult counterstrike; Nazi party
Black Order, 50, 279, 349
Branch Davidian, 202
Communism and, 294
deprogramming and, 294
I AM, 62, 329
satanic, 54, 289-295
sex, 115-121, 127-128
Son of Sam, 255
in United States, 289-295, 366
war inside Nazi, 147-151, 156-157
witch, 180

D-Day invasion (June 1944), 263

DAP (Deutsche Arbeiterpartet), 77-78, 91

Darre, Richard Walther, 115, 172, 189, 283

Darwin, Charles, 38-39, 340-341

D'Aubuisson, Major Roberto, 307-308

Dauthendey, Max, 57

De Santillana, Professor Giorgio, 61-62, 212

Deacon, Richard, 119

Deboo, Jeffrey, 343

Dee, John, 118-119

Delle Chiaie, Stefano, 282, 306308, 321

Democracy, 154-155, 300

Deprogramming, 294

Deutsche Akademie, 110-111, 174-175

Devigny, Andre, 304-305

Devil and All His Works, The
(Wheatley), 243

Devil worship, 293

Die Sphinx, 42

Die Spinne (The Spider), 295

Dietrich Eckart Society, 220

DINA, 316, 318-319, 322, 359, 361

"Disappeared" in Chile, 17, 318

Doctor Faustus, 31

Doubling phenomenon, 200-202

Draganovic, Monsignor/Dr. Krunoslov, 270, 305-306

Drexler, Anton, 36, 77

Dreyfus Affair, 48

Driberg, Tom, 246-247

Drug trade, neo-Nazi, 307

Dulles, Allen, 272-273, 297

Ebertin, Frau Elsbeth, 98-100

Eckart, Dietrich
Ford (Henry) and, 100-102
Hitler and, 92-95, 100
mystical concepts and, 93
occultism and, 92-95
Rosenberg and, 114
Thule Gesellschaft and, 78

Edda, 61-62, 64, 187

Edelweiss Society, 134

Ehrhardt Free Corps Brigade, 35-36, 95-96

Eichmann, Adolf, 148-149, 237

Eisner, Kurt, 32-34, 75

Elser, Georg, 236

"Empty Pots" demonstration, 317

Encausse, Gerard, 43

Engles, Friedrich, 30

Enochian (occult correspondences), 118

Ernst, Karl, 105

Espionage. See also British Intelligence
Anne (code name) and, 253-254
Barbie and, 305
Crowley and, 131-133, 139, 156, 241-243
German Intelligence and, 133
occultism and, 132-134
Reuss and, 133
Rollins and, 255-256
Viereck and, 130-132

Evolution, 29-30, 38-39, 340-341

Externsteine monument, 175

Family, The (Sanders), 288

Farago, Ladislas, 15-16, 267, 319, 324

Farrakhan, Louis, 335

Fascism, 62, 109, 226, 228

Fatherland, The, 129, 132, 241

Felkin, Dr. R. W., 117-118

Fell, Barry, 52

Feminism, 68

Fest, Joachim, 46

Fleming, Ian, 241, 243, 248-250

Ford, Henry, 100-102, 201

Forsythe, Frederick, 266-267

Foucault, Michel, 37-38, 112

Foundations of National Socialism, The (Hudal), 269

France, 35

Franco, Generalissimo Francisco, 322

Frankenstein, Victor, 141

Frankhouser, Roy, 19, 332-334

"Frater H, " 245-246

Frater Saturnus. See Grosche, Eugene

Frater Uranus. See Germer, Karl

Eichmann and, 148-149
fear about, general, 150-151
Goring and, 150-151
Himmler and, 153-154
lineage of, 153
Nazi Party and, 147-151, 154-155, 364
Ordo Templi Orientis and, 158
Rosenberg and, 114
secrecy of, 151-153
studies of, 153-154

Frei, Eduardo, 316

Freikorps (Free Corps), 34-36, 90, 95-97

Freud, Sigmund, 130, 165

Fritsch, Theodor, 73

Fuenzalida, Samuel, 322

Fuhrerprinzip (Fuhrer principle), 202, 350-351

Fuller, Major General C.F., 116

Gadal, Antonin, 210

GALCIT (Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, California Institute of Technology), 245

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, 311

Gaunt, Sir Guy, 249-250

Gebhard, Marie, 42

Geheime Staatpolizei (Gestapo or Secret State Police), 169

Genocide. See Holocaust

German Intelligence, 133

German School Bund, 33

German Theosophical movement, 38, 45-46

German Workers' Party, 77, 91. See also Nazi Party

German-American Bund, 256, 328

Germanenorden (German Order Walvater of the Holy Grail), 33, 73-77, 79, 123, 154, 185

book burning in, 31, 142-143
Communism in, 32
post-World War 1, 32-36, 89
right wing in, 35
Thule Gesellschafts rise in, 33-36

Germer, Karl, 133, 135-137, 139, 155-157, 159-160, 286

Germer, Sascha, 287

Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei or Secret State Police), 169

Gilbert, R. A, 208-209

Glauer, Adam Alfred Rudolf. See Sebottendorff, Baron Rudolf von

Glimpses of the Great (Viereck), 130

Glinka, Yuliana, 47-48

Goebbels, Dr. Joseph, 238, 282, 330

Golden Dawn
Crowley and, 116-119, 152
Hermetic Order of, 43
List and, 118
Mathers and, 56-57
origin of, 84
"Secret Chief" idea in, 65
Tree of Life symbol and, 117

Gonzalez, Jorge, 297

Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas, 118

Goring, Hermann, 150-151, 243, 272

Gorsleben, Rudolf John, 184-185

Grail. See Holy Grail

Great Beast, The (Symonds), 247

Greiner, Josef, 88-89

Greystone estate, 255

Grosche, Eugene, 136-139, 157

Guevara, Che, 311

Gutberlet, Wilhelm, 106-107, 228-229

Hakenkreuz (hooked cross), 58. See also Swastika

Hamilton, Gerald, 156

Hamlet's Mill (de Santillana), 61

Hammond, Dr. D. Corydon, 289, 293, 326

Hanussen, Erik Jan, 102-105, 142

Hartman, Dr. Wilhelm, 229

Hartmann, Dr. Franz, 43-45, 123

Hauser, Thomas, 17

Haushofer, Albrecht, 114, 242, 244, 251, 263

Haushofer, Karl, 109-112, 114, 133-134, 174, 242, 263, 338

Hedin, Sven, 89, 92, 173-174, 192

Hegal rune, 184-185

Heiden, Konrad, 309-310

Heimsoth, Dr. Karl-Gunther, 164

Heinrich, Wolf, 105

Hell, described

Helms, Richard, 273-274

Hennig, Richard, 51 Index 411

Heraldry, occultists' interest in, 58

Hering, Johannes, 76

Herzl, Theodor, 48

Hess, Rudolf
astrology and, 244, 250
death of, 272
flight to England by, 112-113, 160-161, 242, 248-252
Hitler and, 92, 109-111, 113
Nuremberg Trials and, 272-276

Hidden Masters tradition, 65

Hielscher, Dr. Friederich, 173174, 278

Himmler, Heinrich
afterlife and, 330
Ahnenerbe and, 172, 182
Aryan race and, 214-215
final days of, 263-265
Freemasons and, 153-154
Hidden Masters tradition and, 65
Holy Grail and, 203-204
ideological opponents of, 215
Lebensborn and, 69
missing children and, 289
paganism and, 67, 176, 180
Rahn and, 212-213, 216-217
Rohm's death and, 147
Schellenberg and, 176, 191, 205-206, 264
SS and, 167-168, 175

Hirsig, Alma, 132

Hirsig, Leah, 132, 137

Hitler, Adolf
ascension to power and, 141143, 261
assassination attempts against, 114, 235, 263
blackmail plot against, 144-146
blinding injury of, 89-90
Coburg liberation and, 97-98
commando unit of, 295-296
as cult leader, 352-353
Ebertin's letter to, 98-100
Eckart and, 92-95, 100
Ford and, 101
Fuhrerprinzip and, 350-351
Greiner and, 88-89
Gutberlet and, 106, 228-229
Hanussen and, 102-105
Haushofer and, 109-112
Hess and, 92, 109-111, 113
Mein Kampf and, 48, 102, 109, 145
mother's death and, 85
Mussolini's rescue and, 227
nadir of political career and, 102
National Socialism and, 327
Nazi Party and, 36, 90-92
number 555 and, 90-91
occultism and, 80-81, 86-87, 89, 144, 167
opera and, 87-88
popularity of, growing, 94-95
poverty of, 87
prison sentence of, 36, 109
Rosenberg and, 114-115
Schellenberg and, 80, 106, 108, 123
schooling of, 59, 82-85
synchronicity in life of, 261-262
Twenty-Five Point program and, 94
von Liebenfels and, 68, 87

Holand, Hjalmar R, 51

Holocaust, 142, 345, 363

Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln), 67, 208-209, 222-224

Holy Books (Crowley), 159-160

Holy Grail
Cathars and, 204-209, 224
Christianity and, 203-204
crusade against, 204-209, 221
Himmler and, 203-204
Holy Blood, Holy Grail and, 208-209, 222-224
Lucifer's Servants and, 217-222
Order of the Knights of Templar and, 207-208
Parzivaland, 208-214
Protocols of the Elders of Zion and, 67

Holy Inquisition, 83-84

Horbiger Doctrine, 197-200

Horbiger, Hans, 197-200

Howe, Ellie, 238

Hubbard, Ron L., 246, 288

Hubber-Schleiden, Dr. Wilhelm, 42

Hudal, Bishop Alois, 268-271

Human sacrifice, 95-97, 178179, 362

Human Vitae, 124-125

Huser, Dr. Karl, 221-222

Hutton, J. Bernard, 254

I AM cult, 62, 329

I Find Treason (Rollins), 256

Iceland, 64

Iceland Project, 187-191

Illuminaten Orden, 153

India, 43, 93

Intermarium Society, 270 I

International, The, 132, 241

Isis Unveiled (Blavatsky), 38, 40

Israel, 328

ITT, 316-317

Japanese troops, 232

Jehovah, 218-219

Jews. See also Anti-Semitism
blood libel and, 290
Holocaust and, 142, 345, 363
Masonic Society and, 48
Star of David and, 58

Jones, Charles Stansfeld, 244

Jones, Jim, 350

Juan Rene Munoz Alarcon, 322

Jung, Carl, 261

Kelley, Edward, 118-119, 202

Kellner, Karl, 121

Kelly, Gerald, 119, 133

Kelly, Rose, 119

Kensington Stone, 51-52

Kersten, Felix, 65, 162-163, 264

King, Francis, 285

King Tut's tomb, opening of, 109

Kissinger, Henry, 312

Knight, Maxwell, 247-248, 250

Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel, 157-158, 343

Koch, Gauleiter, 259, 261

Koresh, David, 202, 350

Korry, Edward, 317

Krafft, Karl Ernst, 236-239, 252

Krause, Wolfgang, 51

Kristallnacht (1938), 142

Krohn, Dr. Friedrich, 91

Ku Klux: Klan, 19, 332-333, 335, 350

Kuhn, Fritz, 142, 255-256, 328

Kullak-Ublick, Horst, 323

Kuntzel, Marthe, 137, 155, 157

Ladame, Paul, 219-220

LaRouche, Lyndon, 334

Last Days of Hitler (Trevor-Roper), 162

LaVey, Anton Szandor, 332-333, 337-339, 343

Lebensborn society, 127-128, 168-169

Lebensraum ("living room"), 42, 111-112, 128, 363

Lebensreform ("life reform"), 44, 61

Lehder Rivas, Carlos, 302-303

Lehmann, Julius, 33

Leigh, Richard, 67, 208-209, 222-224

Leighton, Bernardo, 321

Lennon, John, 302

Letelier, Orlando, 21, 307, 320322, 326

Levi, Eliphas, 42

Levi-Strauss, Claude, 55

Lifton, Dr. Robert J., 200

Lincoln, Henry, 67, 208-209, 222-224

Lindeman, Whilhelmine, 315

Link, The, 249

List, Guido von
anti-Semitism and, 78
death of, 61
Golden Dawn and, 118
List Society and, 60-62
noble blood and, 56, 60
occultism and, 55-58, 84
runes and, 50, 52
thesis of, 58
Thule Gesellschaft and, 33
Tree of Life symbol and, 118
Volkisch movement and, 61

List Society, 60-62

Lopez Riga, Jose, 307, 310

Lovecraft, H.P., 91, 170

Loveday, Raoul, 135

Lucifer's Servants (Rahn), 182183, 217-222

Ludecke, Kurt, 349

Lumen Club or Lodge, 133-134

Lundeen, Ernest, 131

MI5, 241, 247-248, 254

McMurtry, Grady, 286-288, 344

Madole, James, 19, 331-332

Magick, 120-121, 248, 285

Mahon, Dennis, 346

Malina, Frank J., 245

Mandrake ritual, 104

Mann, Thomas, 31

Manson, Charles, 64, 287-288, 291-292, 336, 338, 366

Mao, Tse-tung, 30

Marks, John, 235, 273

Marriage, sex and, 126-129

Martinez, Thomas, 349

Marx, Karl, 30, 341

Marxism, 269

Mason, James, 342-343

Masons. See Freemasons

Master Race, 53, 331 "

Master of the Sidereal Pendulum, " 228-229

Mathers, S. L. "MacGregor, " 56-57, 113, 133

MCLN, 302

Medellin drug cartel, 302, 307

Medical experimentation, 233-235, 273

Mein Kampf (Hitler), 48, 102, 109, 145

Mengele, Dr. Josef, 16

Mescaline experiments, 233-234, 273

Metzger, Tom, 334, 351

Meza, Garcia, 307

Mind traveling, 254

Mind-control, 233. See also Psychic powers
Missing (Hauser), 17

MNS, 297

Moffit, Ronnie, 322, 326

Molay, Grandmaster Jacques de, 70

Molinas, Francisco, 23-24

Morning of the Magicians (Le matin des magicians) (Pauwels and Bergier), 110, 191

Morte d'Arthur, Le (Malory), 208, 219, 223

Movimiento Civico Latino Nacional (MCLN), 302

Mudd, Norman, 137

Muller, A.E., 178-179

Muller, Heinrich, 270-271

Muller, Wolfgang, 315, 324-325

Munchener Beobachter, 34-35

Mussolini (11 Duce), 109, 226-229

My Life as an Explorer (Hedin), 173

Narco-terrorism, 307

National Renaissance Party, 19,

329, 331-332, 363

National Socialism, 327-329

National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP). See Nazi Party

National Socialist Movement (Movimiento Nacional Socialista) (MNS), 297

Nauhaus, Walter, 76

Naval Research Institute, 229-232

Nazi occultism
Aquino and, 339
modern, 328-330
race theories and, 341-342
study of, 31-32

Nazi Party
Ahnenerbe and image of, 169-171
American view of, 169-171
anti-Semitism and, 63-64
in Argentina, 298
astrology and, 161-164
in Chile, 297-298
Christianity and, 301, 364-365
cult of, 47, 155, 352-353
cult war, 147-151, 156-157
Darre and, 115
democracy and, 154-155
Ford (Henry) and, 101
formation of, 36
Freemasons and, 147-151, 154-155, 364
Hitler and, 36, 90-92
neo-Nazism and, 46-47
preservation of, 19, 280-284
Protocols of the Elders of Zion and, 47-49
Rosenberg and, 115
Sebottendorff and, 143
sex and marriage and, 126-129
Skinheads and, 19
swastika and, 58-59, 91
Thule Gesellschaft and, 36
Volkisch movement and, 57
World Ice Theory and, 197-200

Nazi/Satanist conspiracy, 291293, 337

Nazis. See also Nazi Party; specific names
American propaganda films and, 281-282
Colonia Dignidad and, 19
devil worship and, 293
Edda and, 64
escape of, from Germany, 1416, 267-268, 280-284
letter bombs of, 347
satanism and, 336-337

apologists, 293-294
LaVey and, 338-339
paganism and, 181, 279
Peron and, 298
racism and, 343
resurgence of, 18-19
threat, continuing, 308
underground, in South America, 310, 361-362
in United States, 328-330

Nebe, Arthur, 229

Necronomicon, 91, 109, 170, 339

Neff, Walter, 273

Neo-Nazi movement, 46-47, 293, 302, 329, 348-352

Neruda, Pablo, 21

Nietzsche, Friedrich, 27, 88

Nixon, Richard, 284, 312

Nordic World-Tree, 178, 182

Norris, Dr. Joel, 336

Nostradamus prophecies, 239, 252

NRP, 332

NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party). See Nazi Party

Nuremberg Laws, 110

Nuremberg Trials
Ahnenerbe and, 277
Bormann and, 277
Haushofer (Karl) and, 114
Hess and, 272-276
Rosenberg and, 271-272
Sievers and, 277-279

OBE, 253-254

Occultism. See also Nazi occultism
Allies and, 240
Blavatsky and, 362-363
blood ideology and, 37-38, 112
conspiracy and, 113
correspondences and, 118, 121-122
Crowley and, 108, 120-121
Eckart and, 92-95
espionage and, 132-134
Gutberlet and, 106-107
Hanussen and, 102-105
Hitler and, 80-81, 86-87, 89, 144, 167
List and, 55-58, 84
moral environment and, 362
Nazi ban on, 113, 134
Nazi organizations and, 350-351
racism and, 47
runes and, 49-54
Russian, 284
self and, 157-158
sex and, 37-38, 112
study of, 18-19, 31-32
von Liebenfels and, 84-85, 87
Western, 44

ODESSA (Organization of former SS Officers), 266-267, 295

O'Higgins, Bernardo, 22

Ohlendorf, Otto, 70, 115

OHO (Outer Head of the Order), 123, 135-136, 139, 285-287

ONT (Order of the New Templars), 68-72

Order of the British Empire (OBE), 253-254

Order of the Eastern Temple. See Ordo Templi Orientis

(OTO) Order of the Knights Templar, 207-208

Order of the New Templars (ONT), 68-72

Order, The, 348-349

Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO)
ban on, 155
Crowley and, 68, 123-125, 136, 244, 285-286
formation of, 43
Freemasons and, 158
McMurtry and, 286-287
sex-magic and, 138-140
splintering of, 285-286
Swiss, 284-286

OSS, 273

Ostara, 67-68, 80, 86-87, 92

OTO. See Ordo Templi Orientis

Outer Head of the Order (OHO), 123, 135-136, 139

Overholser, Dr. Winfred, 234

P-2 Society, 307, 324

Paderborn, 179

Catholic Church and, 293
Colonia Dignidad celebrations and, 325-326
Himmler and, 67, 176, 180
Nazism and, 181, 279
Nordic, 33
Odinic, 49
Walpurgisnacht and, 34, 83, 115, 337-338

Pakmor, Georg, 322-323

Pakmor, Lotti, 322-323

Palm Sunday Putsch, 34

Pan-German movement, 33-34, 49, 63. See also Volkisch movement

Parsons, Jack, 244-246, 286

Parzifal 87-88, 208-214, 219, 223

Pastor, Eilert, 51

Patria y Libertad (Fatherland and Liberty), 317-318, 324

Patton, General George, 268

Paul VI, Pope, 15

Pauwels, Louis, 110, 191

Pelley, William Dudley, 62

Peron, Juan Domingo, 15-16, 298-299, 310

Pervitin experiments, 235-236

Pfeiffer, Franz, 314-315

Phillipe le Bel (king of France), 70

"Phony war, " 192-193

Pike, Albert, 333

Pinochet, General Augusto, 17, 321-322, 359, 362

Pius XII, Pope, 269

Ploetz, Dr. Alfred, 189

Plotner, Dr. Kurt, 233-234, 273

Pohl, Hermann, 33, 74

Polanski, Roman, 338

Politics of sex, 126-130

Potter, Jerry Allen, 336

Process Church of the Final Judgment, 329-330, 337

Protocols of the Elders of Zion
anti-Semitism and, 47-49, 148
Blavatsky and, 40, 362
dissemination of, widespread, 94
Holy Grail and, 67
in modern times, 334-336
Nazi Party and, 47-49
Rosenberg and, 150

Psychic powers
application of, 225-226
Aryan race and, 69
Beer Cellar Explosion and, 235-239
Mussolini's rescue and, 226-227
Naval Research Institute and, 229-232
suicidal fanaticism and, 232-235
"truth drug" and, 233-235

Psychopathic God, The (Waite), 47

Race eugenics programs, 69

Racial purity. See Aryan race

Racial supremacy, 48-49, 60, 65-66, 225

Racism, 47, 343, 346-347, 353, 365-366

Rahn, Otto, 126-127, 182-183, 208-211, 213-214, 217-222

Rascher, Sigmund, 225, 234

Rathenau, Walther, 95-97, 178

Raubal, Geli, 145-146

Rauff, Walter, 270-271

Rebozo, Bebe, 101

Rehse, J.F.M., 145-146

Reich's Security Headquarters (RSHA), 148, 237

Religion and science, 40

Reuss, Theodor, 123, 133, 136, 139, 286

Rienzi, 87-88

Rites of Eleusis, 126

Rodriguez Grez, Pablo, 315

Roeder, Captain Hans A., 230

Roeder, Manfred, 349

Rohm, Ernst, 96, 144, 147, 164, 168, 282-283, 297

Rohm Purge, 105, 137, 164, 263

Rollins, Richard, 255-256

Roman Catholic Church. See Catholic Church

Romero, Bishop, 308

Rosemary's Baby (film), 338-339

Rosenberg, Alfred, 92, 114-115, 150, 154, 189, 271-272

Rosicrucian Order, 66, 248

RSHA (Reichsicherheitshauptamt or Reich Security Service), 148, 237

Blavatsky and, 52
described, 50
Edda, 62, 64
finding, 50-51
hegal 184-185
Kensington Stone, 51-52
List and, 50, 52
occultism and, 49-54
scholars of, 183-187
Sebottendorff and, 50
studies of, 51-52

SA (Storm Troopers), 97, 168

Sanders, Alex, 338

Sanders, Ed, 288

Sanguinity impulse, 37

Santiago (Chile), 311

Satanic Abuse Survivors, 292

Satanic Cult Survivor hysteria, 289, 293

Satanic cults, 54, 289-295

Satanism, Nazis and, 336-337

Schafer, Dr. Ernst, 174, 192197, 199

Schafer, Paul, 313, 315-316, 318-320, 323-324, 355

Schellenberg, Walter
Elser and, 236
Himmler and, 176, 191, 205206, 264
Hitler and, 80, 106, 108, 123
ITT and, 317
Mussolini's arrest and, 227

Schneider, Rudi, 82

Schneider, Willy, 82

Schonhuber, Franz, 347

Schrotter, R, 181

Schulte-Strathaus, Dr. Ernst, 250

Schwartz-Bostunitsch, Dr. Gregor, 134, 148

Schwarz, Franz X., 145

Schweizer, Dr. Bruno, 189-191

Schwend, Freddy, 306

Science and religion, 40

Scientology, 246

SD (Sicherheitsdienst or Security Service), 148-149, 304, 317

Search for the "Manchurian Candidate, " The (Marks), 235

Sebottendorff, Baron Rudolf von
Before Hitler Came and, 77, 143
birth date of, 141
Communism and, 33
Freikorps and, 34
Germanenorden and, 73-77
Nazi Party and, 143
post-World War I activities and, 143-144
runes and, 50
South American travels of, 283
suicide of, 147, 265
Thule Gesellschaft and, 46-47, 79
Vollrath and, 46

Secret Doctrine, The (Blavatsky), 38-41, 61

Self, occultism and, 157-158

Serrano, Miguel, 182, 197, 312

Sesselmann, Marc, 94

Catholic Church and, 124
cults, 115-121, 127-128
ideology, 37-38, 112
marriage and, 126-129
mystication of act of, 138
occultism and, 37-38, 112
politics of, 126-130

Sex-magic, 45, 121-126, 138-140

Sexuality impulse, 37, 112

Shelton, Robert, 333

Sidereal astrology, 162

Sidereal pendulum, 106-107, 228-229

Siege (Mason), 342-343

Sievers, Wolfram, 172, 174, 179, 233-234, 277-279

Silver Shirts, 62

Six, Dr. Franz, 70, 115, 237-238

economics and, 345-346
future and, 344-352
informing of truth and, 366
Metzger and, 334
Nazi Party and, 19
origin of, 345
rise in number of, 18-19

Skorzeny, Otto, 229, 295-296

Social Darwinism, 69-70

Sollmann, Max, 283

Son of Sam cult, 255

South America. See also specific countries
Christianity in, 300-301
Nazi underground in, 310, 361-362
Nazis' escape to, 14-16, 282-283
politics, 299-300

Soviet Union, 32, 90, 263, 284

Sprengel, Anna, 117-118

SS (Schutzstajfel)
Ahnenerbe and, 167, 182-183
background information, 168-169
cult of, 167, 183
doubling phenomenon and, 200-202
headquarters, 175-178
Himmler and, 167-168, 175
ODESSA and, 266-267, 295
pagan rituals of, new, 176-181
religious ceremonies and, ban on, 176
secrecy and, 175-176
Tibet Expedition and, 191197, 200
after World War II, 266

Star of David, 58

Steiner, Dr. Rudolf, 43, 46, 84, 93, 118, 123, 148

Steinschneider, Herschel. See Hanussen, Erik Jan

Stempfle, Fr. Bernhard, 34, 109, 144-146

Storm Troopers. See SA

Straniak, Ludwig, 230-232

Strasser, Gregor, 164 Strasser, Otto, 236

Streicher, Julius, 63, 290

Strowigk, Hans, 149

Suicidal fanaticism, 232-235

design of, 58-59
Manson and, 64
Nazi Party and, 58-59, 91
symbolism of, 58-60
Universal Order and, 342

"Swastika Circle, " 163

Symonds, John, 156, 247, 250

Synchronicity, 261-262

Tantric rituals, 122-123

Tate, Sharon, 64, 291-292, 338

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 85

Temple of Set, 337-343

Terry, Maury, 255, 288-289

Teutonic Grail Order, 66-67

Teutonic legend, 49-50, 55-56, 62-64, 197, 211

Thelema, 124

Thelemic community, 285-286, 310

Theosophical Society
birth of, 38
Blavatsky and, 38-41
German Section of, 42-47
Hartmann and, 43
headquarters of, 43
impact of, 362-363

Third Reich, 37, 48, 78, 160

161. See also Hitler, Adolf; Nazi Party

Thomson, Basil, 250

Thule, 64-65, 182-183

Thule Gesellschaft (Thule Society)
Blavatsky and, 362
Eckart and, 78
List and, 33
meetings of, 33
modern, 330-334
Nazi Party and, 36
Palm Sunday Putsch and, 34
philosophy of, 37-38
power struggle of, in Munich, 33-34
rise of, in Germany, 33-36
Sebottendorff and, 46-47, 79
secrecy and, 154
symbol of, 33
ultra-right groups in, 72-79
von Liebenfels and, 33

Tibet Expedition, 191-197, 200

Tilden estate in Yonkers, 255

Time Machine, The (Wells), 66

Toland, John, 46

Townley, Michael Vernon, 307, 317-322

Tranker, Heinrich, 135-136, 155

Tree of Life symbol, 117-118

Trithemius, Johannes, 119

Trujillo, Rafael, 131

Turner Diaries, The, 348

Turner, Patricia A., 335

Tuskegee Syphilis Project, 335

Ultima Thule, 62-66, 191

Ultimate Evil, The (Terry), 288-289

United States
anti-Semitism in, 345
cult counterstrike and, 254-257
cults in, 289-295, 366
Klan in, 19
Nazism in, 328-330
neo-Nazi movement in, 348-352
race eugenics programs in, 69
satanic cults in, 289-295

Universal Order, 342

Untermyer, Sam, 255-256

Urania's Children (Howe), 238

Viereck, George Sylvester, 129132, 242

Villa Bavaria (Bavarian Village). See Colonia Dignidad

Volkisch movement
apologists, 54
Aryan supremacy and, 65-66
Hedin's writings and, 173
List and, 61
Nazi Party and, 57
salvation and, 49
translation of term of, 61

Volkischer Beobachter, 35, 92, 106, 154, 188

Vollrath, Hugo, 44-46

Von Braun, Dr. Wernher, 283-284

Von Bulow, Werner, 185

Von Eschenbach, Wolfram, 208-210

Von Fritsch, General, 176

Von Karman, Theodore, 245

Von Kleist, Captain Franz Rintelen, 250

Von Liebenfels, Jorg Lanz
anti-Semitism and, 78
escape to Switzerland by, 284
Hitler and, 68, 87
Hudal and, parallels to, 268-269
noble blood and, 56
occultism and, 84-85, 87
Order of the New Templars and, 68-72
satanic cults and, 54
Social Darwinism and, 69-70
Teutonic Grail Order and, 66-67
Thule Gesellschaft and, 33

Von Oven, General, 35

Von Owen, Wilfried, 282

Vorkommando Moskau, 237

Wagner, Richard, 87-88, 209-210

Waite, Arthur Edward, 210, 285

Waite, Robert G. 1., 47

Waldensians, 205-206

Walpurgis, 269

Walpurgisnacht, 34, 83, 115, 337-338

Walsingham, Sir Francis, 119

warrant for Genocide (Cohn), 48

Webb, James, 18

Weisfeiler, Boris, 323

Weishaupt, Adam, 153

Wells, H. G., 66

Westcott, Dr. William Wynn, 43, 118

Western society's decline, 30

Wewelsburg, 177-178, 340

Wewelsburg Working, 340

Wheatley, Dennis, 241, 243, 246-248

Wiesenthal, Simon, 16, 362

Wiligut, Karl Maria, 193, 211212, 221, 224

Wirth, Hermann, 172

Witch cults, 180

Witches' Sabbath, 83, 261-262

Wohl, Louis de, 252

World Anti-Nazi Council, 255

World Ice Theory, 197-200

World War II
final days of, 263-265
ignorance about, 344
impact of, 327-328
mass destruction of files at end of, 265-266
science fiction image of, 170-171
SS after, 266

Wulff, Wilhelm, 161-164, 229, 232, 253, 263-265

Wust, Dr. Walther, 174-175, 181, 192

Yarker, John, 44

Yggdrasil, 178, 182

Yugoslavia, 228, 284, 328, 348

Zenit, forged, 253

Zhirinovsky, Vladimir W., 284

Zilk, Helmut, 347

Zodiac and Swastika (Wulff), 161, 164, 229

ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government), 351
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