The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel

That's French for "the ancient system," as in the ancient system of feudal privileges and the exercise of autocratic power over the peasants. The ancien regime never goes away, like vampires and dinosaur bones they are always hidden in the earth, exercising a mysterious influence. It is not paranoia to believe that the elites scheme against the common man. Inform yourself about their schemes here.

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Topical Index

The Topical Index is arranged with particular view to facilitate topical study, but at the same time alphabetical order has been adhered to as nearly as possible. We add an alphabetical list of the words indexed.

Opposite each word in this list will be found a number, which refers to a page in the Index. On that page the word is grouped with others pertaining to the same topic.

The student is particularly requested to note the consecutive arrangement of references. For instance, under the heading, "Vital Body," the first reference tells where that vehicle had its first inception, the last directs to a page which treats of its final spiritualization, and the intervening references point in orderly succession to the places where its gradual unfoldment is described. These references, in themselves, form an excellent syllabus of the vital body.

By diligent and intelligent use of this index, the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception will be found a most complete and exhaustive reference library, and we recommend students to study the Index as much as the book.

The mere reading of references will often clear comprehension of a subject and reveal much that is hidden in a general reading of the book.

- A -

Adaptability, 543
Adept, 543
Adoration, 568
Akkadian Race, 596
Animals, 543-553
Anesthetics, 544
Angels, 551-553
Archangels, 551-553
Archetypes, 544
Aryan Epoch, 597
Atlantean Epoch, 596
Attraction, 590
Atoms, 544
Assimilation, 562
Astrology, 544

- B -

Bible Texts, 544
Birth, 564
Blood, 559
Brain, 561
Brotherhood, 546
Borderland, 566

- C -

Celibacy, 577
Christian Doctrines, 546
Christ, 548
Cherubim, 550
Chemical Ether, 589
Chosen People, 596-597
Children, 557
Clairvoyance, 568
Causation, Law of, 569
Color, 548
Conscience, 546
Consciousness, 547
Conception, 564
Creator, 546
Cremation, 565
Crime, 548
Cross, 548
Creative Hierarchies, 548
Cosmic Night or Chaos, 594
Contemplation, 568
Concentration, 567

- D -

Death, 564
Decay, 565
Desire, 554
Dense Body, 558
Desire Body, 572
Desire World, 590
Destiny, 555
Digestion, 562
Disease, 554
Discrimination, 567
Doctrines, Christian, 546
Drowning, 554
Dreams, 554
Drunkard, 554
Divine Spirit, 576

- E -

Ear, 559
Earth, 583
Earth Period, 592
Ego, 575
Elements, 554
Elementals, 554
Epochs, 594
Epigenesis, 569
Equinox, Precession, 579
Excretion, 562
Exercises, 567
Ether, 589-590
Evil, 554
Evolution, 568
Eye, 559

- F -

Faith, 554
Feeling, 554
Fertilization, 555
Food, 555
Free-will, 555
Form, 556
Forgiveness of Sin, 555
Forces, 555
Father, the, 548

- G -

Genius, 556
Glands, 560
God, 548
Good, 556
Group Spirit, 552

- H -

Haemolysis, 559
Heart, 560
Heaven, 566
Heredity, 570
Hierarchies, Creative, 548
Holy Spirit, 549
Humanity, 557
Human Organism, 558
Human Spirit, 576
Hyperborean Epoch, 595
Hypnotism, 556

- I -

Ideas, 566
Illustrations, 585
Imagination, 566
Immortality, 566
Indifference, 590
Individuality, 566
Information, 566
Initiation, 567
Innocence, 566
Instinct, 566
Interest, 590
Intuition, 566
Involution, 568

- K -

Kingdoms, 569
Knowledge, 569

- L -

Lamentations, 569
Larynx, 561
Law of Causation, 569
Law of Rebirth, 570
Lemurian Epoch, 595
Life Ether, 589
Life, 563
Life Spirit, 576
Life Waves, 553
Light Ether, 590
Liver, 560
Lords of Flame, 549
Lords of Form, 550
Lords of Individuality, 550
Lords of Mind, 551-553
Lords of Wisdom, 550
Lucifer, 551
Lungs, 560

- M -

Man (invisible), 570
Man (visible), 557
Marriage, 576
Mars, 583
Materialism, 577
Materialization, 577
Mathematics, 577
Matter, 585
Meditation, 567
Mediums, 577
Memory, 577
Memory of Nature, 578
Menstruation, 578
Mercury, 583
Microbes, 578
Mind, 574
Mind, Lords of, 553
Mineral, 578, more
Missionary, 578
Mongolians, 596
Moons, 582
Moon Period, 592
Muscles, 560
Music, 578
Mystery Schools, 567

- N -

N Rays, 578
Nebular Theory, 578
Neptune, 583
Nerves, 561
New Jerusalem, 579
New Life Waves, 552

- O -

Observation, 567
Organism, human, 558
Original Semitic, 596
Original Turanian, 596
Osmosis, 579

- P -

Pain, 579
Panorama of Life, 565
Patriotism, 579
Periods, the seven, 591
Philosopher's Stone, 579
Physical World, 589
Pilgrimage through matter, 579
Pineal Gland, 560
Pituitary Body, 560
Planets, 582
Plants, 553-579
Poems, 580
Polarian Epoch, 594
Prayer, 579
Precession of Equinox, 579
Purgatory, 565

- R -

Races, 596
Race Spirits, 551-553
Reason, 580
Rebirth, Law of, 570
Recapitulation, 594
Recording Angels, 580
Reflecting Ether, 590
Regions, 589-591
Religion, 580
Remorse, 554
Repulsion, 590
Retrospection, 567
Revolutions, 594
Ribs, 562
Rmoahal Race, 596
Rosicrucians, 581

- S -

Salvation, 581
Saturn Period, 591
Seed Atom, 562
Sense Perception, 581
Seraphim, 550
Sex, 561
Silver Cord, 565
Sin, Forgiveness of, 555
Skepticism, 554
Skeleton, 562
Sleep, 581
Solar System, 581
Son, the, 548
Soul, 584
Sound, 584
Space, 585
Spirit, 585
Spirit (Group), 552
Spirit (Holy), 549
Spirit (Human), 576
Spirit (7 before Throne), 548
Spleen, 560
Stone, Philosopher's, 579
Stones, 584
Stragglers, 552
Suicide, 565
Sun, 582
Sun Period, 591
Supreme Being, 548

- T -

Tears, 578
Temperament, 587
Temptation, 587
Thought, 587
Thymus Gland, 560
Tlavatli Race, 596
Toltec Race, 596
Trance, 587
Trinity, 548
Turanian Race, 596

- V -

Venus, 583
Venus Period, 593
Vesuvius, 588
Virgin Spirits, 551-553
Virtue, 588
Vital Body, 570
Vitality, 588
Vulcan Period, 594

- W -

War, 588
Will, 588
Wisdom, 588
Women, 557
Word, 588
World Periods, 591
Worlds, 589
World Soul, 588
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Re: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel

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ADAPTABILITY; of supreme importance, 223

ADEPT; One who has passed the 9 degrees of the lesser Mysteries and the first of the Great Initiations, 475, 502

Animals started evolution in the Sun Period, become human in the Jupiter, 70, 224
Why some have cold and others warm blood, 37
Why their color often changes with the seasons, 37
Animals compared with man, 57
Why animals do not really think, 59, 70
Desire body of cold and warm-blooded animals differently constituted, 68, 69
The present animals are more developed than we were during our animal stage, 69
How animals think though lacking mind, 70
Animal group spirit located in Desire World, 77
Why desire and vital bodies of animals are not concentric with dense body, 77
Animal prodigies, 77, 293
Why animals are clairvoyant, 77
Relation of groupspirit to animals illustrated, 78, 82
When hurt animals do not suffer as much as group spirit, 78
What instinct really is, 78
Group spirit governs the animals by suggestion, 83, 350
Horizontal limb of cross symbolizes animal kingdom, 86
Bereft of vital body at death, 100
Archangels work in animals' desire bodies, 222
Angels work in their vital bodies, 222
Anthropoids belong to human lifewave, 230, 281
The missing link, 341
Lemurian's Word gave him power over animals, 275, 281
Horse's head and vital body not concentric, 293
Haemolysis; the destruction of blood corpuscles, 356
Why hybrids cannot mate, 357
Group spirit withholds seed atom from eggs pending favorable conditions, 461

ANESTHETICS; their effect on the vital body, 62

ASTROLOGY; spiritually based in the Law of Causation, 161

ATOMS; How vital body accelerates their vibratory rate, 61

Not merely models, but living things, 49
Archetype of suicide's body persists after death and causes him suffering, 104

Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom, etc, 5, 223
The truth shall make you free, 23
In whom we live and move and have our being, 87, 179
Whatsoever a man soweth that also shall he reap, 106
Falling of the walls of Jericho, 122
Misunderstanding concerning the plan of salvation, 151, 223
Changing water to wine, 169
Him that overcometh will I make a pillar, etc., 158
Christ said of the Baptist: This is Elijah, 169
Who did sin, this man or his parents?, 170
Know ye not that ye are gods?, 171
The Seven Spirits before the Throne, 180, 181
Their eyes were opened and they saw they were naked, 190
Everlasting Salvation and Damnation, 224, 229
I die daily (Paul), 249
Adam knew Eve and she bore Seth, 277
The tree of Knowledge, 278
The tree of Life, 363
How shall I conceive, I know not a man (Mary), 278
Why the Angel said: In pain shalt thou bear children, 278
Why foreign missions are a mistake, 308
The sons of God married the daughters of men, 310,335
Location of the promised land, 310, 335
The "lost" tribes, 310, 335
Chosen people--past and future, 298, 305, 311, 334
A new heaven and a new earth, 313
How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation, 315
Translation of the Bible discussed, 317
Bible not intended as an "open book", 319, 322
Paul asserts allegorical signification of Bible, he and Christ gave deeper teachings to a few, 320
The Greek Septuagint; the Talmud and the transcription of the Masoretes, 320
A fallacious standard of Truth, 321
Two renderings of the opening sentence in Genesis and how each complements the other, 321
According to the Bible the Earth was formed from the "everexisting essence", not from "nothing", 322
Nebular theory proves Gods creative and sustaining energy, 129, 323
The dual Creative force, 324
The 7 Creative Hierarchies, 325
Why Genesis does not mention Cherubim and Seraphim, 326
The Saturn Period, 327
The Sun Period; how it is scientifically possible to have light ere sun and moon were created, 328
The Moon Period; its atmosphere of "firefog", 328
The Earth Period and Recapitulations, 329
The Polarian Epoch; the Hyperborean Epoch, 330
The Creation of the Sun, 330
Expelling the Moon from the Earth, 331
The Lemurian Epoch, 331
"Form" not "Life", created, 332
Atlantean Epoch; "nephesh" an important word, 332,
Aryan Epoch; the Elohim rest and man's work begins, 333
Jehovah, leader of Angels and Regent of the Moon, 333
Jehovah is builder of "Form"; giver of children, 334
The wilderness; the rebel Jews, 335
Involution, Evolution and Epigenesis, 336
How the two Creation stories of Bible harmonize, 344
Jehovah blew nephesh: breath into Adam's nostrils and Adam became nephesh chayim: breathing creature, 345
Occult effect of this inbreathing, 348, 350
The soul (not merely the "life") of all flesh is in the blood, 349
The seed of Abraham, 351
Before Abraham was I am, 352
How and why the Lucifer Spirits spoke to woman, 361
Atonement of Christ and Forgiveness of sins complement the Laws of Causation, 373, 401
Jesus, Christ, the only begotten, not one but three, 374
On earth peace: good will among men, 387
I came not to bring peace, but a sword, 383
An eye for an eye, 384
Return good for evil, 393
As a man thinketh in his heart, 398
Why Christ's mission required a violent ending, 406, 408
The Cleansing Blood (chapter), 406
Darkness and rending of the temple veil, 407

Atlanteans evolved cunning, we Aryans are evolving reason, in future New Galileans will cultivate love, 311
One group spirit controlled humanity during the earliest epochs, 348
That was composed of all the Creative Hierarchies, 351
Jehovah segregated humanity into nations and races, 352
Christ came to reunite them into a Brotherhood, 352
Why Christ is the only Being who can do that, 380

The Creation, 317
The Fall, 277, 278, 361
Salvation and Damnation, 224, 229
The Immaculate Conception, 378, 390
The Atonement, 400
The Cleansing Blood, 406
Forgiveness of Sin, 91, 111, 373
The Trinity, 87, 229, 253

Conscience is the fruitage of previous purgatorial existences, 120
How conscience battles with desire, 89

Nebular theory predicates a creator, 323
Creator of Universe a logical necessity, 129
How we learn to become Creators, 128, 338
Man's desire to create caused the Fall, 361

Consciousness of the four Kingdoms, with diagram, 73, 74
Consciousness of animals described, 83
Effect of the skeleton on consciousness, 456
Consciousness of minerals and plants described, 85
How soul-growth enlarges the consciousness, 96
Evolution of consciousness, Ariadne's thread through maze of "Worlds," "Periods," "Globes," etc., 201
Why Pythagoras made knowledge of mathematics a prerequisite to occult teaching, 203
Vehicles and consciousness of man in Saturn Period like those of present mineral, 212
Vehicles and consciousness plantlike in Sun Period, 213
Vehicles and consciousness of man like the lower Animals during the Moon Period, 217
Tabular description of consciousness in past and future Periods, 421
Our present consciousness results from the war between the desire body and the vital body, 455
Involution: from divine All-consciousness to human SELF- consciousness, 80, 216
Polarian Epoch: trance consciousness like Saturn, Hyperborean Epoch deep sleep like in Sun Period, 263
Torture used in Lemuria to waken consciousness to a dreamy state, 279
Our present waking consciousness dates from middle of Atlantis when "mist" cleared, 300
How marriage in the family produced the tie of blood by generating common consciousness, 354, 397
How intertribal marriage has destroyed "second sight" or clairvoyance, 355
Internal and external skeleton as factors in consciousness, 456
The four causes of our materialistic ideas, 359
How sin and its consequent pain has awakened and is sharpening our consciousness, 362
How our consciousness will be expanded, 417
The Consciousness of the Jupiter Period, 418
The Consciousness of the Venus Period, 419
The Consciousness of the Vulcan Period, 421

Illustrative of the "Trinity", 253
Why changeable in animals at different seasons, 37

CRIME; crimes we ignorantly commit against the dying, 101

The cross is symbolical of the life currents vitalizing the bodies of plant, animal and man, 85
Cross symbolical of man's past evolution, present constitution and future development, 516


The Supreme Being is the architect of the whole Universe; vastly exalted above our solar God, 179
The Supreme Being images the Universe prior to creation and dissolves it when it has served its purpose, 375
The WORD made flesh, 181

God is the Creator and sustainer of solar system, 179
The logical necessity of a creator and sustainer of the worlds, 129, 323
God is an expression of the positive pole of the Universal Spirit (matter is negative pole), 185
God is a composite Being, 183, 253
The Sun is the visible symbol of God, 181
The Father is highest Initiate of Saturn Period, 376
The Son: Christ, is highest Initiate of Sun Period, 376
The Holy Spirit (Jehovah) is highest Initiate of Moon Period, 376
Purpose of the Jehovistic Race religions, 352, 433, 435
Purpose of the Christian religion, 352, 433, 435
Purpose of the coming religion of the Father, 435

Collectively they are God, 252-3
Individually they are Regents of the planets, 180

Christ is highest Initiate of Sun Period, 376
The Christ became Regent of Earth at Golgotha, 407
The Immaculate Conception, 378
Why Christ used the dense and vital body of Jesus, 128,378, 380
Why Christ is unique among Beings, celestial or terrestrial and alone able to reunite mankind, 380, 382
Jesus' body attuned to Christ vibrations, 382
Atonement does not vitiate the law of Causation; nor does doctrine of remission of sins, 373, 401
Salvation illustrated, 402
Why Christ said "not peace but a sword", 389
Why the death of Christ was violent, 405
The wounds of Christ, of esoteric significance, 406
How the sin of the world was taken away, 408
The purpose of the Christian Religion, 433, 435
Jehovah segregated mankind into nations and races. Christ will reunite them in Brotherhood, 352
The special mission of Christ, 401, 405

JEHOVAH (Holy Spirit).
Prior to Jehovah's regime a common group spirit ruled mankind, 351
Jehovah is highest Initiate of the Moon Period, 376
He is leader of Angels and Regent of all moons, ours included, 333
Why some Archangels (who are sun spirits) help Jehovah, the lunar God, 404
Jehovah built hard bony structures in early Lemuria, 346
He blew in the breath: nephesh, and men became nephesh chyim: breathing creatures, 345
He separated the sexes, 347
Jehovah and the Archangels divided mankind into nations and races, appointing a Guardian Angel for each Ego, 347, 352
Jehovah and Archangels work in desire body by "Law," fear of God is pitted against desire of flesh, 395
Purpose of the Jehovistic Race religions, 433, 435
Why Race religions are insufficient to meet human needs, 383

Are brilliantly luminous; called "Thrones" in Bible, 206
They gave germ of dense body and awakened divine spirit of man-in-the-making, 207
Lords of Flame aided Virgin Spirits to penetrate first veil of matter, 216
They helped Lords of Wisdom reconstruct dense body, 211
Lords of Flame help link divine spirit and life spirit, 212
They helped Lords of Individuality link divine spirit and human spirit, 216
Lords of Flame, Cherubim and Seraphim leave our system, 220

Awaken life spirit of man-in-the-making, 212
Aid spirit penetrate second veil of matter, 216
Cherubim helps Lords of Individuality link human spirit to life spirit, 215
Lords of Flame, Cherubim and Seraphim leave our evolution, 220
Why Cherubim and Seraphim are not mentioned in the Creation story of Bible, 326

Awaken human spirit (the Ego) in man-in-the-making, 215
They leave our evolution, 326

They had charge of material evolution in Sun Period, they helped Lords of Flame reconstruct dense body, 211
They gave germ of vital body to man-in-the-making, 211
They helped Lords of Flame link divine spirit to life spirit, 214
Lords of Individuality help Lords of Wisdom reconstruct dense body, giving germ of skeleton, muscle, 214
Lords of Wisdom now in charge of divine spirit, 220

They have charge of material evolution now, 240
Also of human spirit, the Ego, 220
They reconstruct dense body, giving germ of brain, 239
Help Angels reconstruct vital body, 240
Help man build dense body in Polarian Epoch, 261
Vivified human spirit in many Moon Stragglers, 266
Those stragglers remained mindless, however, 266

They were human in the Saturn period, are expert mind builders and work only with man, 222, 243
They also help man build higher desire body, 265
The Father is highest Initiate among the Lords of Minds, 376

They were human in Sun Period, are expert builders in desire bodies, work with animal and man, 222, 349
The Son, Christ, is highest Initiate Archangel, 376
Archangels work in lower part of desire body, 243
They helped man build his desire body in Lemuria, 265
During heavenlife they teach him to reconstruct the earth, 126

They were human in Moon Period; are expert builders of vital body, work with plant, animal and man, 222, 349

A GUARDIAN ANGEL was appointed for each Ego, 352

THE HOLY SPIRIT, Jehovah, is their highest Initiate, 376
Angels and Lords of Form clothe man in vital body, 263
The vital body is their normal vehicle, they are double sexed and without brain, 285
Angels directed man's propagation in harmony with stars, then parturition was painless, 283

They were stragglers of the life wave of Angels, 286
They are called serpents, 288
How and why they spoke to the woman, 287, 361

Whence we came and why pilgrimage through matter was undertaken, 87
Our varying grades of unconsciousness during Involution, attainment of self-consciousness, 189,201
The descent of spirit marks the ascent of form and both streams coalesce in the focusing mind, 266
Their evolution depends upon adaptability, 223
Their future development, 417

Some of our life wave proved unadaptable in Saturn Period, they formed dark spots on the luminous Sun globe, 225
More straggled in sixth revolution of Sun Period, 225
Some Saturn stragglers were promoted in seventh revolution of the Sun Period, 225
Some from the animal life wave straggled in Sun Period, 225
List of classes at beginning of Moon Period, 226
More spirits of our life wave straggled in fifth revolution of the Moon Period. Cherubim promoted some, 229
When there are no more stragglers a race dies, 341

The present animals started evolution in Sun Period, 224
The present plants started evolution in Moon Period, 226
The minerals started in the Earth Period, 230, 232

A guardian spirit governing a tribe of animals or plants from without, 72, 81
Prior to the advent of Jehovah humanity was governed from without by a common group spirit, 351
Jehovah and his Archangels are like group spirits, for they govern the nations, 349
Group spirits evolve to family and Race spirits, 82
Group spirit of plant and oviparous animals withhold seed atom from seed and egg, pending favorable conditions, 461
Group spirit is "a jealous god" like Jehovah; it abhors and prevents intermarriage of species, 353, 357
Instinct is suggestion of group spirit responded to by animal, 78
Group spirit suffers when an animal is hurt, 78
Group spirit is responsible for the similar traits, tastes and appearance of the separate plants or animals in its tribe, 71
Group spirit is responsible for the currents which flow inwards in cold-blooded animals, 69
Outgoing currents in the desire body of animals are generated by them, not by group spirits, 69
Animal groupspirits work in the blood by means of their air inspired, 350
Difference between a groupspirit and a human Ego, 78, 82, 350
Diagram showing present location of groupspirits, 74


Became human in the Saturn Period, are expert mind builders, work only with man (who was mineral in Saturn Period), 222, 427

THE FATHER is their highest Initiate, 376
They became Creative Intelligences in Earth Period, 243

Became human in the Sun Period, are expert builders of COARSE desire stuff, work principally with animals (which were mineral in Sun Period), but also with man, 222, 349, 427

THE SON (CHRIST) is their highest Initiate, 376
They become Creative Intelligences in Jupiter Period

Became human in Moon Period, are expert builders of Ether. Work specifically with plants (which were mineral in Moon Period), 222, 349, 427
Their highest Initiate is Jehovah, the Holy Spirit, 376
They become Creative Intelligences in Venus Period.

Started evolution as mineral in Saturn Period, 205
Became human in the Earth Period. We are now becoming expert builders of Form from chemical mineral substance, 426
In the Jupiter Period we shall vitalize the forms, 428
In the Venus Period we shall give them feeling, 428
In the Vulcan Period we shall become Creative Intelligences and give the forms a mind, 428

ANIMALS started evolution in the Sun Period, become human in Jupiter Period, 70, 224

PLANTS started evolution in Moon Period, become human in Venus Period, 226

MINERALS started evolution in Earth Period, become human in Vulcan Period, 230, 232

Desire for prolonged earth-life makes the spirit earth-bound amid unpleasant surroundings, 103
How conscience battles with desire, 89
Archetypes of desires, feelings and emotions, 50

Why complications set in when a person is sick, 64
Why pain is felt in a limb subsequent to the time of amputation, 64
A spiritual cause of paralysis, 63
A spiritual cause of consumption and rachitis, 113

HAEMOLYSIS (destruction of blood corpuscles; see Human Organism).
Nostalgia (homesickness); how engendered by the Race Spirit, 351

The cause of dreams, and why mostly confused, 94
Dreamlike internal picture consciousness of animals rational because engendered by groupspirit, 217

DRUNKARD; how purged in Purgatory, 105

DROWNING; why drowning persons see past life in a flash, 61

In Saturn Period there was only one element: heat--incipient fire, 234
In Sun Period there was fire and air; in Moon Period fire, air water. Here we have four elements, 234
A new element will be added in the Jupiter Period, 234

ELEMENTALS or nature spirits; help build our bodies, 126

EVIL; how it grows and is destroyed, 42-43

Childlike faith and skepticism compared, 6

Distinct from mere response to impacts, 32
A separate desire body necessary to true feeling, 57

INTEREST and INDIFFERENCE; twin feelings which move the world, 45
Remorse, 47
Archetypes of feeling, 50
Effect of sharp purgatorial pain on future lives, 109
Mathematic study raises us above feeling, 203
Pineal gland once an organ of feeling, 262
Feeling was awakened by torture in Lemuria, 279
Rmoahals developed finer feelings: joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, etc., 294
Tlavatlis developed ambition, 295

Relative freewill of mineral, plant, animal and man compared, 83
All evil acts in life at least are voluntary, 110
Choice regarding place of Rebirth, 129, 136
Epigenesis more than choice of action, 135
Original Semites the first to be given freewill and made responsible to law of consequence, 301
Causes when ripened to maturity become destiny, 136

MATURE destiny cannot be escaped (story), 161
The stars: the clock of Destiny, 163
Poem on freewill and destiny, 163
Freewill bought at cost of pain and death, 288, 363

Forgiveness and the subconscious mind, 91
How it shortens or eliminates Purgatory, 111
The doctrines of Forgiveness and Atonement do not vitiate, but complement the Law of Causation, 373

Depends upon presence of etheric matrix of body being present in mother's womb and on seed atom, 137, 461
Seed atom withheld by group spirit when animals mate outside their species, 352

Why one man's meat is another's poison, 84
Food as factor in evolution, 165
The science of nutrition (chapter), 441
Why we do not take life when eating plant seed or eggs, 461
The law of assimilation (chapter), 457

Laws of Nature not blind, but Great Intelligences, 49
Archetypal Forces and the inception of form, 51
Force is spirit not yet crystallized to matter, 120, 247
Relation of force and matter illustrated, 121
Attraction and Repulsion; the twin forces, and how they operate, 46
The Bible on "dual creative energy", 324

All forms are built of one basic substance, 31
Forms are crystallized space; at death it dissolves to spirit, 249, 186
Relation of Life, Form and Consciousness, 223
Reason for multiplicity of forms and their decay, 31
All form devoid of true feeling, 31
Wonderful metamorphoses of forms in Desire world, 41
Archetypes of form, 50
Archetypes build forms by sound, 123
Sound the builder of climate, flora and fauna, 125
Form and life merge into one spirit in Chaos; seed atoms of world globes alone remain intact, 247
Life may, and does, exist independently of concrete form, 248
Forms are always built to suit conditions, 255
Man's past, present and future form, 257
How pineal gland preserved man's form from destruction by fire in Lemuria, 262
Why form evolves to a certain point; then degenerates and dies, 289, 341, 343
Jehovah, the builder of form and giver of children, 334, 348
Bible story of Creation refers to form: Life is uncreate, 332, 344
Life has no origin: Forms have, 504

Genius and epigenesis, 185
A genius builds better organism from parental material than others, 138
Heredity cannot account for genius, 155
Why genius is ahead of its time, 161

GOOD; how assimilated by the spirit, 21, 47, 96, 417

How hypnotism and anesthetics affect vital body, 62
Humanity compared with mineral, plant and animal, 57
Origin of our faculties: sense perception, locomotion and thought, 59
Man is the inverted plant, 86
Seven human principles as correlated to five worlds, 88
Man is a 3-fold spirit having a mind by which he governs a 3-fold body and transmutes it to soul, Man builds in heaven the body he uses on earth, 128
In Hyperborean Epoch we had both lunar and solar sex force, hence we were hermaphrodites, 268
Why nations rise and fall, 289
Originally humanity were governed by one common groupspirit, 351
Later Jehovah segregated them into nations, 352
Original Semites first to be given freewill and made responsible to the law of consequence, 301
Mission of Christ to reunite the races as Brothers, 352
The four steps and stages in Religion, 302
The sixteen paths to destruction, 271, 306
The "missing link", 341
The origin of Life, 504

Differently educated from women in Lemuria, 279
Man possesses solar sex force expressing "Will", 267
Spermatozoon an expression of concentrated will, 284

Why subject to periodical flow and tears, 60
Why more intuitive than man, 92
Woman has lunar sex force which expresses itself spiritually as "Imagination", 267
How woman was educated in Lemuria, 279
Woman developed memory before man, 280
Why parturition became painful, 283
Imagination builds the fetus, 284
How and why Lucifer spoke to the woman, 361

Childlike faith compared to skepticism, 6
Child life in the first heaven, 117
Birth of a child only commenced with the delivery of the dense body, 139
Children are clairvoyant and have invisible playmates, 149
Do not manufacture individual blood in early years, 143
Birth of the vital body produces growth, 141
Why one who has died as a child will be apt to remember that life in its next embodiment, 172
Education of children in Lemuria, 279, 361
Education of children in early Atlantis, 296
Children are clairvoyant while innocent, 281
Jehovah, the Regent of the Moon, is the builder of "form" and hence the giver of children, 334


A dense body necessary to live in the Physical World, 57
What determines shape of dense body, 60
Why the dense body is our most valuable instrument, 76
Dense body abandoned at death, 97
How premature loss of dense body causes suffering to suicide, 104
Archetype of dense body built by us in heaven, 126
Birth of dense body, 139
Germinally started in Saturn Period with incipient sense organs, 206
Reconstructed in Sun Period. Germination of alimentary canal and glands commenced, 211
Reconstructed in Moon Period. Skeleton, cartilage, muscle and nerves begin to form, 214
Reconstructed in Earth Period. Then brain and voluntary nerves began to form, 236, 239
Wonderful mechanism of dense body, 237
Line of future improvements, 262
"Point" in forehead not concentric with the corresponding "point" in vital body in Atlantis, 293
When those points came into correspondence clairvoyance was lost, 294
The keynote of the dense body, 369
How connection between dense and vital bodies has become relaxed since Golgotha, 482

How warm and cold-blooded animals are produced, 37
Difference of constitution of desire body in cold and warm-blooded animals, 69
Red blood requisite to a separate desire body, 69
In our animal stage we had no red blood, 69
Incipient blood currents started in Moon Period, 218
Before the Ego can become an indwelling spirit it must have body with warm blood and upright larynx, 86, 236
The blood is the direct vehicle of the Ego, 91, 238, 350
The blood is the carrier of feelings and emotions, 91
Children do not manufacture individual blood, 143
Effects upon Ego of high and low temperature, 144
Constancy of blood temperature more marked after 21st year, 145
Mars, iron, warm blood and individuality, 268, 274
Why Mars prevented evolution of warm blood in the first three and one-half Earth-revolutions, 274
The soul of all flesh is in the blood, 350
Why marriage "in the clan" gives second sight, 353, 397
Why mixing blood of one family by marriage with another family kills clairvoyance, 355
The blood; the highest expression of vital body, 397
Menstruation and tears, 60
In each cycle the blood carries a picture of the outside world to seed atom in heart, 92, 398

Haemolysis and death results when blood of higher animal is injected in lower, 355
Mating of different species causes partial haemolysis with loss of propagating faculty, 357
International marriages produce haemolysis which kills second sight enjoyed by marrying in the clan, 358

The semicircular canals of the ear, music and logic, 126
Ear was started in Saturn Period, 206

EYE; the eye was built by light, 18, 276
The so-called "third eye" was organ of feeling, 262

Desire body rooted in liver, 68
Group spirit directs currents inwards in cold-blooded animals. Currents well out in mammals, 69
Liver and "liver", 69

LUNGS; the place of ingress for the group spirit, 345, 348, 350

Spleen is root of vital body, it specializes solar energy, 63
How white corpuscles are made, 455

Glands and alimentary canal started in Sun Period, 211
Pineal Gland was once the localized seat of feeling, 262
Glands are expressions of the vital body, 455

THYMUS GLAND; supplies parental blood to child in infancy and early childhood, 143

PITUITARY BODY; latent in most people, it is an organ of clairvoyance, 473

Once a localized organ of feeling, 262
Now an organ of clairvoyance when developed, 473

Head and heart figuratively at war, 17, 393
Silver Cord fastened to left ventricle of heart by the seed atom, 98
Rupture of silver cord causes heart to stop, 98
Heart, though an involuntary muscle, is cross-striped like a voluntary muscle, 396
How the cross stripes may be developed and the heart control body, 399
How heart, larynx and spinal cord become path of sex currents, 477

How manipulated by thoughts of Ego, 89
The higher part of desire body built the voluntary nervous system, 394
Voluntary muscles striped lengthwise and crosswise; involuntary muscles striped lengthwise only, 396
Muscles the particular stronghold of desire body, 455

The cause of paralysis, 63
Voluntary nerves started in Earth Period, sympathetic system in Moon Period, 239
Higher part of desire body built voluntary nerves, 394
Pneumogastric nerve, avenue of ingress of intuition or "first impressions", 398
Pneumogastric nerve is avenue of egress for the seed atom at death, 97

How the Ego manipulates the brain centers, 89
Building of brain started in Lemuria, 239
Built since separation of sexes, 267
Half the sex force diverted to build brain, 269, 284
Cost of the faculty of thought, 270
Lemurian girls first developed memory, 280
Why Lucifer prompted Lemurians to use the generative force independent of the Angels, 287
How Lucifer spoke to the woman, 361

Why animals cannot speak, 86
A horizontal larynx is under groupspirit, 236
Larynx, the highest achievement of human Ego, 236
Originally the larynx was part of the sex organ, 269
The larynx is sustained by sex force, 269, 284
The larynx will eventually supersede the sex organs and man will speak the (now lost) creative word, 364, 425
Larynx, heart and spinal cord, path of sex current in Initiates, 478

Change of boy's voice at the time of puberty. Sex is determined by forces active in Life Ether, 36
Sex alternates in successive births, 160
Will and Imagination are solar and lunar sex forces, 267
When Earth was united with sun and moon in the Hyperborean Epoch man was male-female, 268-9
When Earth separated from sun and moon the sexes also separated, 268
Sex force built brain and larynx, 269
When Angels regulated sex relation in harmony with stars parturition was painless, 277
When Adam knew his wife indiscriminately, "their eyes were opened;" then pain and death began, 278, 283
Spermatozoa an expression of male sex force: Will. Imagination, the female sex force, builds fetus, 284
All retain one-half of sex force to build brain, nervous system and larynx, 284
Selfish motive in sex and thought activities, 286
Lucifer spirits prompted man to abuse of sex, 287
Adam's "rib" and "side", 347
The beginning and the end of sex, 364

Skeleton soft as cartilage till crystallized in early Lemuria by Jehovah's lunar forces, 275, 346
Comparison of the effect of external and internal skeletons on consciousness, 456
Hardening of bones contributed to divide sexes, 275
Skeleton the particular stronghold of divine spirit, 397
Young children do not create blood from bones, 143
Adam's "rib", 347

Digestion accomplished through the aid of forces in the chemical ether, 35, 94, 148
Manufacture and selection of gastric juices, 263
Digestion commenced in Hyperborean Epoch by osmosis, 263
Alimentary canal started in Sun Period, 211
How digestion is affected by temper, 456
The law of assimilation (chapter), 457

EXCRETION; a selective elimination of waste, 35

The seed atoms have formed part of all vehicles ever used by one particular Ego, 97
Seed atom of dense body leaves heart just after last breath, bearing imprint of panorama of life, 97
Seed atom of dense body fastens silver cord to heart, 98
Seed atom of vital body extracted at second rupture of silver cord, 103
Seed atom of desire body: seat of conscience. It is extracted ere spirit leaves desire body to disintegrate, 120
How seed atom of mind gathers materials for the mind of a new life prior to birth, 133
How seed atom of desire body gathers desire stuff for a new desire body, 134
How seed atom of vital body gathers new ether, 134
How the etheric mold of the coming dense body is placed in womb of mother by the Lords of Destiny, 137
Seed atom of dense body placed in semen of father, 137
Seed atoms of World-globes alone persist in Chaos, 247
Seed atoms of plant seed or eggs withheld by group spirit pending favorable conditions, 461
Seed atoms of animals withheld by group spirit to prevent mating of hybrids or mismating, 357
Outside world pictured upon seed atom in each cycle of the blood, 398


The problem of life and death, 19
The three solutions offered, 148
The four streams of life ensouling all form, 31
Life alone can feel, form is dead and unfeeling, 32
Life Ether: the avenue of propagation, 36
Life Ether freed at age of 14, 143
A separate vital body necessary to express life, 57
The four Kingdoms of life symbolized in the cross, 85
The value of life largely dependent upon conditions at death, 101
Duration of life in Purgatory, 107
Life in the First Heaven, 113
Life in the Second Heaven, 121
Life in the Third Heaven, 129
The purpose of life, 131
Life a school of experience, 132
The life ensouling man entered evolution in the Saturn Period, 205
The life ensouling the animals entered evolution in the Sun Period, 224
The life ensouling the plants entered evolution in the Moon Period, 226
The life ensouling the mineral entered evolution in the Earth Period, 232
The relation of Life, Form and Consciousness, 80, 223
Life and form merge in Chaos, leaving only seed atoms of World-globes intact, 247
Life may, and does, exist in forms intangible to us, 248
Life always builds forms to suit conditions, 256
Life uncreate, the importance of the word nephesh, 332
First Creation story of Bible deals with form, the second with the ensouling life: nephesh, 344
Nephesh chayim: breathing creatures; not living souls, 345
Life did not originate anywhere, at any time: it is, 584
Taking life for food, 460
Why plant seed and eggs contain no life, 461

Conception results only when etheric mold of a body and the seed atom are present, 137
Ego enters mother's womb 18 days after conception, 138

Birth is the result of Ego's desire for experience, 129
Birthplace usually chosen by Ego, 136
Birth not accomplished when dense body is delivered, 139
Birth of vital body and growth, 141
Birth of desire body and puberty, 142
Birth of mind and maturity, 143

The problem of Life and Death, 19
How death is robbed of its terror, 27
Death by drowning or freezing, 61
Death by suicide and its dreadful consequences, 104
Death by accident or on the battlefield, 118
The importance of peaceful surroundings at death, 109
One of the main causes of infant mortality, 118
People who have died sometimes ignorant of that fact, 121
Death did not exist till latter part of Lemuria, 167, 278
Premature cremation causes departing spirit pain, 98
The oftener we die, the better we shall live, 244, 363
Death of FORM gives spirit scope for advancement, 249
Our liberty purchased at cost of death and pain, 363
Degeneracy and death of races and nations, 289
Decay; an activity of the chemical forces in matter, 31
Vital and dense bodies disintegrate simultaneously, 102

Premature incineration pains departing Spirit, 98

Silver Cord fastened in left ventricle of heart by seed atom. Rupture there stops heart, 98
Silver Cord not broken in any case where resuscitation is accomplished, 102
Final rupture and its effect, 102

Panorama viewed through negative pole of Reflecting Ether just subsequent to death, 91, 101
Panorama is of varying length - what terminates it, 102
Panorama basis of pleasure and pain beyond, 108
How panorama may be eradicated by remission of sin, 111
Contrast between panorama of past life viewed after death and a coming life seen prior to birth, 130
The blood in each cycle through the heart engraves panorama on seed atom, 398

How and why suicide suffers for rash act, 104
Why post-mortem existence is first purgative, 104
How the miser is purged of avarice, 104
How drunkard is purged from his vice, 105
How each act in life automatically produces its just reward or retribution, 107
Duration of life in Purgatory, 107
How we may escape Purgatory, 111
Children go through Purgatory to First Heaven at once, 117
Conscience: the fruitage of Purgatory, 119

BORDERLAND; a pitiable state of existence between Heaven and Purgatory, and who goes there, 112

A place of happiness, the measure determined by our own previous benevolence expressed in Panorama, 114
The ethics of true benevolence, 115

This is the realm of tone, 122
Assimilation of soul power generated in past life, 123
Preparation for new earth life, 124
Building new environment and new body, 125, 128

Panorama of a new life as chosen by Ego, 129

Set ideas detrimental to investigation; great importance of adaptability, 5, 223

IMMORTALITY; why it would be most undesirable at present, 363

Of man compared to animals, 71
"I" consciousness of children and the thymus gland, 143
Birth of Individuality (chapter), 266
Mars, iron, red blood and individuality, 352

INFORMATION; source of the author's information, 8

INNOCENCE, is not virtue, 282

Imagination is the spiritual expression of the female, lunar sex force. (Will is male and solar), 267
Imagination the formative force in creation, 324, 425

Instinct an expression of wisdom of group spirit, 78
Why man's unwisdom is superior to infallible animal instinct, 79

What it is, and why most noticeable in women, 92

Initiation described and defined, 519
Enables man to build body consciously during antenatal life, 128, 138
Value of mathematics in process of attainment, 203
Lemurian kings initiated by Lords of Mercury, 272-3
Initiation will enable man to leave body at will, 274
Lemurian initiators taught art and science, 281
Human Initiates have had entire charge of our evolution since the beginning of the Aryan Epoch, 304
At end of Aryan Epoch highest Initiate will appear publicly as leader of those who want him, 305
Jesus' body attuned to Christ vibrations by initiation, 382
Initiation under the Christ-star, 391
How to know an Initiate, 68, 400
Initiation open to chosen few only, before Christ, 404
Why it is now open to "whosoever will", 404, 482
The Seven Days of Creation and Initiation, 412
How Initiation will expand our consciousness, 417
Consciousness of the Jupiter Period, 418
Consciousness of the Venus Period, 419
Spirals within spirals of attainment, 420
Schematic list of Periods and consciousness, 421
Why probation must precede Initiation, 478, 519
Initiation of the Rose Cross, 519
The necessity of training, 25, 41, 480
The bridge to the unseen worlds, 476

The Rosicrucian method of preparation, 439

Retrospection, an review of the day's events, 111
Concentration; its similarity to, and its differences from sleep, 483
The best time to concentrate, 485
Concentration (chapter), 486
Meditation (chapter), 489
Observation, 492
Discrimination, 493
Contemplation (chapter), 494
Adoration (chapter), 495

Clairvoyance is a faculty immanent in all, 19
Value of testimony to superphysical truths clairvoyantly obtained, 20
The necessity and the result of training, 25, 41, 480
Animals are clairvoyant, 77
Children are clairvoyant, 140, 281
A positive method of attainment, 230
"Second Sight" produced by marriage in the clan or family, 354
How international marriages have destroyed this involuntary clairvoyance, 355
Activity of pituitary body and pineal gland formerly produced involuntary clairvoyance, 473
Re-awakening of their vibratory powers will produce positive clairvoyance, 477

Why their observations differ, 26
Differences in desire body of trained and untrained clairvoyant, 67, 241
How anyone may distinguish a trained clairvoyant, 68, 400
The Lemurians were all clairvoyant but could not see physically, 281


Involution illustrated, 80
Involution is the period of unconscious development, 185, 201
Energy of Virgin Spirits turned inwards to build vehicles of consciousness during Involution, 189, 201
Descent of spirit marks ascent of form. Both streams coalesce in the focusing mind, 266
Involution, evolution and epigenesis chapter, 336

Evolution commences at the coalition of spirit and body, when self-consciousness is awakened, 185, 202
Then "their eyes were opened," the creative energy turned outwards and conquest of world begun, 81, 190, 202
Salvation and damnation, the great importance of adaptability, 223
Evolution would have ceased if man had eaten of tree of life, 363
The next great division of the "sheep" and "goats", 229
Wine as a factor in evolution, 168, 359
Evolution is progress in three directions, 151
The end of human evolution, 158
Our dense body is in fourth stage of evolution, vital body in third, desire body in second and the mind a mere cloud, 76
Why races evolved to a certain point, then degenerate and finally die, 289, 341
How embryology confirms occult teaching, 344
Brain evolved at cost of half our creative force, free-will at cost of pain and death, 363
Involution, Evolution and Epigenesis (chapter), 336

Man's own original creative activity, 128, 135, 185
Chapter on Involution, Evolution and Epigenesis, 80, 81, 336
See definitions under diagram, 367

Knowledge a necessary prerequisite to judgment, 7
Knowledge of clairvoyant depends upon training, 25, 41, 480
Why knowledge of Cosmogony is very important, 191
How to obtain first-hand knowledge, 21, 97, 111, 430, 528

Comparing man to mineral, plant and animal, 56
Various constitution of vital body in plant, animal and man, 58
Divers constitution of desire body in animal and man, 65, 235
The cross symbolical of the life currents pulsating in the four kingdoms, 85

LAMENTATIONS; their effect upon the dying and dead, 101, 118

Original Semites the first to be made morally responsible under law of causation, 301
Law of causation is the force impelling to rebirth, 130
It brings each to birth at psychological moment when stellar influences are most propitious, 161
How and why the panoramas of life are produced, 130
Causation automatically produces the appropriate suffering needed to purge each from his vice, 106
Mature destiny and inexorable fate, 136, 161
Law of Causation not vitiated, but complemented by doctrines of Forgiveness of Sin and Atonement, 91, 222, 373, 402
The binding effect of action and method of liberation, 202
Causation superseded by epigenesis, 135
Causation, and not heredity, accounts for our characteristics and idiosyncrasies, 157
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Rebirth not to be confused with doctrine of transmigration, 157
Rebirth a Christian doctrine, 164
Why this teaching has been temporarily suppressed, 167
The purpose of Rebirth, 130
The necessity of Rebirth, 132, 137
Rebirth and free-will, 129
Panorama of future life, 130
The method of re-embodiment, 133
Rebirth in consonance with law of evolution, 151
Rebirth in consonance with law of periodicity, 152
Rebirth in consonance with ethical requirements, 153
All may know at first hand this truth, 147
Interval between births measured by the sun, 159
Intelligent administration and exceptions, 161
Earth and other worlds also subject to this law, 190, 412


Germinated as a thought form in Sun Period given to man in the making by Lords of Wisdom, 210
Reconstructed in Moon Period by Lords of Individuality and Lords of Wisdom, 215
Reconstructed in Earth Period by Angels and Lords of Form, 240
They later, in Hyperborean Epoch, clothe man in the making with an improved vital body, 263
Vital body is in its third stage of evolution, 75, 76
It is rooted in the spleen. Through that organ the vital body specializes solar energy, 63, 68
The vital body is built of "points" which penetrate the dense atoms and raise their vibrations, 61
The Recording Angels direct its construction at present so that man may reap what he sows, 135
A separate vital body is necessary to growth and assimilation, 57, 58
It serves to give shape to the dense body during antenatal life, 60, 137
Vital body is born at 7th year; causing growth, 141
Under normal conditions it remains imbedded in dense body from birth to death, 61
The chemical, life, light and reflecting ethers in vital body are ripened successively, 143
The vital body is of opposite sex or polarity to the dense body, 61
Lemurian girls developed memory first on account of having a positive vital body, 280
The blood and glands are its particular expression, 397, 455
The positive vital body of woman gives intuition, also causing periodical flow and tears, 60
The blood absorbs from inspired air panorama of past life engraves it on seed atom and vital body, 91, 397, 398
At death vital body is withdrawn and panorama of past life extracted, 97, 102
When seed atom is withdrawn vital body gravitates back to dense body and decays simultaneously with that, 102, 103
Our wakening consciousness results from war between desire body and vital body, 455
Collapse of the vital body is cause of sleep, 93
In health surplus of vitality is radiated as N-rays; they expel deleterious microbes from system, 63
These radiations are weak in sickness, hence disease germs may easily enter and cause complications, 63
Why pain is felt in a limb subsequent to amputation, 64
The more lax the connection between the dense and vital bodies the more sensitive we become to superphysical vibrations, 241
The desire body is improved by law; the vital body by altruism, developed in higher life, 404
Initiation before Christ was therefore reserved to a chosen few, 404, 405
Since vital body was partially freed at Golgotha, initiation is open to "whosoever will", 482
Initiation separates the four ethers of vital body so that two may be extracted at will and used in "soul flights" through inner worlds, 482
The effect of prayer upon the vital body, 434, 463
The specific method of separating the ethers, 91, 111, 483, 528
The vital body will be our densest vehicle in the Jupiter period; it will contain essence of dense body, 240, 242, 422
Its essence: the intellectual soul, will be absorbed by the life spirit in Venus Period, 426
The vital bodies of plants and animals are differently constituted from the human vehicle, 58, 59
Among animals it is not concentric with the dense body except in prodigies, 77

Given in the Moon Period by Lords of Individuality, 215
It is now in second stage of its evolution, 76
In latter part of Lemurian and early part of Atlantis some desire bodies divided into higher and lower parts thus they became fit to harbor a human Ego, 235, 395
These dense bodies assumed an upright walk which emancipated them from rule of groupspirit, 86, 236
Desire body of man has now incipient sense centers, 67
The Lords of Mind linked mind to higher part of desire body and implanted separate selfhood, 243
The undivided desire bodies crystallized their dense vehicles which have degenerated to anthropoids, 236, 243
The Archangels work in those, also in the lower part of the human desire body, giving passion, 236, 243
Desire bodies of animals are not concentric with dense body and otherwise differently constituted, 65, 77
Only those bodies which have red blood and liver can have a separate desire body, 69
In cold blooded animals group spirit forces currents of desire inwards through liver, 69
The separate spirit which dwells in warm red blood forces its desire currents outwards through liver, 69
Thus the liver is the root of the desire body, 68
The desire body has its particular field of operation in the voluntary nerves and muscles, 455
Its operations in the spleen produce white blood corpuscles, 455
Materials for new desire body is gathered by Ego prior to each birth, 134
It is born at 14 when the life ether of the vital body is ripe and the child becomes adolescent, 142, 143
The constant war between desire body and vital body produces our waking consciousness, 455
Desire body is temporarily withdrawn during sleep, 93
It is permanently extracted at death, 97
During life it is ovoid, but takes shape of dense body at death thus the man appears as before, 66
Desire body of suicide feels hollowed out while archetype of his dense body persists; he suffers pain like intense hunger, 104
Panorama of life etched on desire body forms basis of post mortem existence. Importance of deep etching and how to assure that end, 109
Process of purgation and extraction of conscience, 105, 108
Dissolution of desire body when seed atom is taken, 120
Desire bodies of children who die do not dissolve, 117
The desire body will be perfected in the Venus Period and compounded with essence of dense and vital bodies, 423
Its essence, the Emotional Soul, will be absorbed by the human spirit in Vulcan Period, 425
Prayer for the spiritualization of the desire body, 464

The necessity and purpose of mind, 57, 75, 298
It is a focusing point like lens in stereopticon, valuable when not subject to mental St. Vitus dance, 89, 393
Given by Lords of Mind in early Atlantis, 222
Mind designed to give purpose to action, but became enmeshed in desire body originating cunning, 298
Then Race religions were given to cow desire and free mind, 395
Original Semites, the progenitors of Aryan Races first to evolve through thought and reason, 299
The Jews, a crossbreed of Original Semites (The Sons of God) and other Atlantean races, (The Daughters of Men), still retain cunning, 310
How mindstuff for new mind is gathered prior to each birth, 133
It assumes shape of large bell, 134
Mind is born at 21 when man reaches "majority", 142
The veil of Isis, the sheath of mind, which hides Ego from intrusion, 293
What impels thought, 285
Conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, 90, 92, 397
The mind is temporarily withdrawn during sleep, 93
It is permanently extracted from dense body at death, 97
Why the mind of children which die, persist in their next life, 117
The mind dissolved when Ego ascends to third Heaven, 129
The present war between heart and mind, 17
The effects of open mind compared with skepticism, 7
Valuable training for the mind, 202
Prayer for spiritualizing the mind, 464
The mind is now in its mineral stage, dead, hence we work with dead chemical mineral substances, 298, 426, 428
In the Jupiter Period the mind will become alive. Then we shall work with living plants, 298, 427, 428
In Venus Period the mind will acquire feeling. Then we shall work with living, feeling animals, 428
In Vulcan Period the mind will become creative and capable of propagating itself. Then we shall give our creatures a mind and make them human, 428
How animals think though lacking mind, 70
What Instinct really is, 78

The Ego is a Virgin Spirit involved in a threefold veil of matter which obliterates its original divine consciousness and engenders the illusion of a separate self, 216
During Involution it brooded unconsciously over the evolving form, separate and apart therefrom, 235
In later Lemuria desire body divided and dense body assumed upright walk. Then Ego commenced to enter, 236, 394
It did not become fully indwelling until the last third of Atlantis, 294
Now the Ego is entirely in physical world while it lives its earth life, 71, 77, 95
The seven human principles, 88
Mars polarized the iron until Atlantis so that warm blood could not be generated. Thus Ego was prevented from entering the form till it was ripe, 268
The blood is the vantage ground of Ego, 350
But it must be right temperature, 144
The Ego is born from time to time to gather experience, 129
In heaven it assimilates experiences of previous lives, 135, 138
It also chooses its coming environment, 129, 136
While in heaven it builds that environment and archetypes of the bodies it uses on earth, 128
It gathers the materials for its new vehicles during its descent to rebirth, 133
Recording Angels place matrix of its coming body in womb of mother and seed atom in semen of father, 135
Ego enters womb 18-21 days after conception, 138
Ego cannot generate blood from unripe child body, hence thymus gland gives a supply of parental blood till the "I" consciousness comes to puberty, 143
How the Race Spirit held Ego in bondage, 350
Christ came to emancipate us from Race Spirit, 313, 352
How international marriages are furthering that object by generating individual blood, 353

Originally awakened by the Seraphim, 215
Cherubim and Lords of Wisdom linked human spirit to life spirit, 215
Lords of Flame and Lords of Individuality linked the human spirit to the divine spirit, 216
The Lords of Form are now in charge of the human spirit, 220
The divine spirit is the first veil of the Virgin Spirit, the life spirit is the second and the human spirit is the third, outermost sheath which imprisons the Virgin Spirit and makes it a separate Ego, 216

Awakened by Cherubim in Sun Period, 211
Linked to divine spirit by Lords of Flame, 212
Linked to human spirit by Lords of Individuality, 216
Lords of Individuality now in charge of life spirit, 220

Awakened by Lords of Flame, 207
Linked to life spirit by Lords of Flame, 212
Linked to human spirit by Lords of Individuality, 216
Lords of Wisdom now in charge of divine spirit, 220

Marriage and generation both duty and a privilege, 468
But not a license to unbridled indulgence, 471
Formerly Race Spirits commanded marriage in the family to strengthen the "tie of blood", 353
Later international marriages were insisted upon to emancipate the individual from race, kin and country, 353
Under the former regime the common blood produced in each member of family pictures of their common ancestors (second sight), thus intensifying feeling of kinship, 354
The Race Spirit is a "jealous God". He cuts off all who marry outside of race, 310, 335
International marriages have mixed the blood, destroyed the pictures of ancestors and second sight (which is involuntary clairvoyance), 355
Origin of honeymoon trips, 219

CELIBACY; why practiced by high Initiates, 467

Statement of the doctrine of materialism, 148
The nebular theory predicates a creator and sustainer of the Universe, 323
The logical necessity of a Creative Intelligence, 129
Materialism at war with established facts, 149
Materialism a cause of various diseases, 113
Cause of earthquakes, illustrated by eruptions of Vesuvius, 510
Effect of materialism on life after death, 112

Why unreliable, even when honest, 41
The connection between the dense and vital bodies of mediums is more lax than among ordinary people, and their weak wills render them a prey to "controls", 241
Materialization of spirits is accomplished by these controls by extracting medium's vital body through the spleen, 62

Mathematical ability and semicircular canals of ear, 126

Memory was first developed by the girls in Lemuria, 280
In olden days it was greater than now. The third Atlantean Race, the Toltecs, achieved the highest efficiency, 296
When men married in the family the common blood carried to them a memory of the lives of ancestors, 353
Memory is threefold. Conscious, subconscious and superconscious. The conscious memory is unreliable, but the subconscious memory stores all events, 90, 92, 149, 397
Why most people do not remember past lives, 171
Why some people remember more than others, 172
A little girl's memory of past life, 172

There is a picture in the reflecting ether, in the Region of Archetypal Forces and the World of Life Spirit, 38

Menstruation and tears caused by positive vital body of woman, 60

How microbes are expelled from system by N-rays, 63

Entered evolution here in Earth Period, 232
Mineral has a consciousness similar to that of the human body when in deepest trance, 85
All forms have been built from chemical mineral substance of the earth, 30, 31
Comparison of mineral and man, 56
Why it is incapable of growth, motion and thought, 58
Why it is unfeeling, though it responds to impact, 31
The mineral groupspirit is located in the Region of abstract Thought, 85

Needed at home more than abroad, 163
Why foreign missions are a mistaken effort, 308

Music of the spheres a fact of nature, 119
The Great Silence; the prelude to the celestial harmony of Apollo's seven-stringed Lyre, 122
The power of rhythmic vibration; supercilious incredulity concerning the fall of Jericho's walls gratuitous, 122
Heaven the realm of tone and sound flows through Archetypes and builds form, 123, 124
The keynote of the body, 369
The semicircular canals of the ear and music, 126

The invisible radiations of the vital body, expel microbes from system, 63

Predicates and requires a creator and sustainer of the Universe, 323

NEW JERUSALEM; an imitation is found in first heaven built by thoughts on the subject, 116

A selective filtration of fluids through tissues of body, 35
Man's first method of obtaining nourishment, 263

A blessing in disguise (illustration), 131
Torture used Lemuria to waken consciousness, 279
How pain has enlarged our consciousness, 362

Danger of patriotism when carried to extremes, 307, 312
Patriotism breaking down before international marriages, 355

As manufactured by nature, often handled by people, 438

PILGRIMAGE THROUGH MATTER. Its beginning, its end and why undertaken, 87
What will be the fruitage, 429

The Lord's prayer, 435, 462
Unselfish prayers for spiritual achievement spiritualize vital body. Why we should pray "without ceasing", 434, 463

The present plants started their evolution as minerals of the Moon Period, they become human in the Venus period, 226
Their consciousness is like our in deep sleep, 85
The Angels have particular charge over the plants, 222
The groupspirit of plants are in the Region of Concrete Thought, 74, 85
Comparison of a plant and man: the inverted plant, 57, 69
Why incapable of thought and motion, 58, 69
How the sap is caused to circulate and deposit color, 37
The Earth Spirit feels pain when plants are pulled out by roots, 65
Seed atom of plants withheld by groupspirit pending favorable conditions for growth, 461

Governs the frequency of rebirth, 159

Sir Launfal's Vision (the ethics of giving), 115
Raphael's Song (from Faust; in re music of spheres), 119
The Chambered Nautilus (progression of the soul), 159
Fate and Freewill, 163
The oftener we die, the better we live, 249
The Christ within, 389
Who is the Grail, 389

First developed by the Original Semites; the progenitors of the Aryan Races, 299
Cunning, the Atlantean characteristic of the Jew, 309
Reason to be superseded by Love in New Galilee, 311
Appeal to students' reason, 9
Rosicrucian teachings endeavor to satisfy reason, 439

Mold the vital body; impress panorama of coming life thereon and place it in womb of mother, 135
They bring each being to birth at the auspicious moment when the stellar influences will give it conditions requisite to its next step in unfoldment, 161
They also force the expiation of mature destiny, 136, 161

The evolution of Religion (chapter), 367
Why different Religions are necessary to different people, 371
The four steps in Religion through fear, avarice, love and duty, 303
Mistake of seeking a foreign religion, 308
Why the Bible, to be adequate to the needs of the Western World must contain both the Jewish religion of the old Testament and the Christian religion of the New, 308, 314, 315
Paul asserts there is an allegorical meaning to the Bible (yet it is only to be interpreted by who can see - II Pet: 1.20). Both Paul and Christ gave an esoteric teaching to "the few", 319
Why earliest Religions taught the doctrine of Rebirth and Christianity does not specially feature it, 167
The purpose of Jehovistic Race religions is to curb the desire nature that the intellect may gain scope, 334, 395, 433
The purpose of the Christian Religion is to spiritualize the vital body by love and prayer, 433, 435, 463
The Religion of the Father will spiritualize the dense body and restore Unity, 435, 436

One of the seven schools of the lesser Mysteries, 438
Christian Rosenkreuz and the Philosopher's Stone, 515
Initiation, the Order of the Rose Cross and the Rosicrucian Fellowship, 519

The theological plan of salvation, 150
The evolutionary plan of salvation, 224, 229, 307, 312
Salvation by Atonement and Forgiveness of Sin, 91, 111, 373, 402

Caused by collapse of vital body, 93
Why sleep is restorative, 93
Chemical Ether, the avenue of restorative forces, 94
Similarity between sleep and death, 102
Similarity between sleep and concentration, 483
Preliminary work of aspirant in desire world during sleep, 484

Organs of sense, particularly the ear, started in the Saturn Period, 206
Sense perception depends upon the forces in the Light Ether, 36
Lemurians could hear and feel at birth, but their sight came later, 276

The logical necessity of a Creative Intelligence, 122, 129
The nebular theory requires a Creator and Sustainer of the solar system, 323
The Bible asserts that our system was formed from the "everlasting essence": primordial matter, 321
God is the Architect of our solar system, 179
The Seven Spirits before the Throne, individually considered, are the Regents of the seven planets, 180
Collectively, they are God, 183, 253

The real sun is as invisible as the real man, 258
How it is scientifically possible to have light before the creation of the sun and moon, 398
The sun is the visible symbol of God, 181
Spiritual and physical rays of the sun, 390
Will is a solar force expressed in the male sex. Imagination is a female lunar force, 267
The solar force works in vital body, makes for life, the lunar rays crystallize the dense body and cause death, 265
Prior to end of Hyperborean Epoch sun, moon and earth were yet one and humanity were male-female, 268

Spiritual reason for the formation of planets, 218
The planets are the bodies of the Planetary Spirits which direct their movements from the center, 255, 256
Birth of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, 258
Mars and its canals, the Earth, Venus and Mercury, 259, 271, 272
The influence of Mercury will help man free himself so that he may leave body and re-enter at will, 273
The Lords of Venus as leaders of humanity, 272
Why some planets have moons, 259
Our moon, the abode of failures who crystallized, 264
Crystallization of the matter which is eventually thrown off as a planet commences at pole of the sun where motion is slowest, 263
The Earth was thus expelled from the sun in the end of the Hyperborean Epoch, 263
Then a part of the Earth crystallized too early and was expelled in the beginning of the Lemurian Epoch; that is the Moon, 264
Neptune does not really belong to our solar system, 260
(For proof of this assertion, see Simplified Scientific Astrology, page 5) Future evolution of planets, 256
Each planet has three worlds: the Physical World, the Desire World and the World of Thought, 53

Our evolution on that part of the sun which now constitutes the earth commenced after Mars had been expelled and become a separate planet, 263
The influence of Mars on the indwelling spirit, 268, 274
The Martian canals, 259

A number of Beings from Venus and Mercury were sent to help nascent humanity in Lemuria. They were looked up to as messengers of the gods, 271, 272
After gestatory period of Aryan Race they gave free-will to the Original Semites, 301
They then withdrew and left human Initiates to guide their younger brothers, 304

Lords of Mercury were the original Hierophants of the Mysteries. They initiated the most precocious among mankind and made them kings (by grace of God), 272
They first showed man how he may extricate himself at will from dense body, 274
Why quicksilver is fluidic and evaporates, 233
The influence of Mercury will increase, 275

During the Polarian Epoch that which is now earth and the moon was yet a part of the sun. Division came in the end of the Hyperborean Epoch, 263
The present Moon-beings crystallized part of the earth and were expelled in the beginning of Lemuria, 264
Effect of the solar and lunar forces upon the earth, 265
Previous to advent of Jehovah, Earth and man were under a groupspirit which worked from without, 351
For ages prior to our era Christ worked upon earth and man from without, 404
When liberated from Jesus' body at Golgotha the Christ entered the Earth and has since been the indwelling Earth Spirit, the Regent of our planet, 407
The planetary Christ immured in the earth is a ray from the Cosmic Christ in the sun, refracted into each planet when ready for brotherhood, 408
The sacrifice on Golgotha was but commencement of a protracted period of suffering on part of Christ, who is groaning and travailing waiting for the day of liberation, 408, 506
Earth Spirit feels when stone is broken or flower is plucked, 55, 505
Inner constitution of the Earth and volcanic eruptions, 498 Stages of human development and various foods, 165
The so-called "dead" transform the earth, its flora and fauna, 125
The keynote of the earth, 123
The Bible agrees with occult teaching that man has been on earth before, 332

The Word made flesh, the Creative Fiat, a rhythmic sound which built all things, 181
The music of the spheres, 119
The Great Silence, a gate to the realm of sound, the Heaven world, 122
Sound, the builder of climate, flora and fauna, 125
The ram's horn disrupting the walls of Jericho a scientific possibility, 122, 369
Sound, rhythm; incorporates the soul into the spirit and amalgamates them, 124

The Word-soul said by Plato to be crucified, 85
Soul is the spiritualized product of the body, 95
"The soul of all flesh is the blood", 350
Definite method of accomplishing soulgrowth, 95
Sound and the amalgamation of soul with spirit, 124
Prior to entrance of indwelling Ego higher part of desire body was master, a sort of animal soul, 394, 235
Theological doctrine of creation of soul, 150
Soul of man and animal not weighed by doctors, 99

SPACE is spirit not yet crystallized into form, 249

Of man may be seen before birth and after death, 19
It is clothed in various bodies, 88
Mars prevented the human spirit, the Ego, from immuring itself in body before it was ripe, 268
Effect of wine, the counterfeit spirit produced by decay, upon the Ego, the spirit of life, 168
Space is spirit not yet crystallized into form, 247
The positive pole of spirit manifests as life galvanizing the negative form into action, 248

Is negative spirit substance; crystallized space or spirit, 120, 187, 247
Relation of force and matter illustrated, 121
The Seven Worlds are states of matter, 29
All physical matter is homogeneous in the ultimate, 31
Matter is devoid of true feeling, 31
Ether is physical matter; the field of operation of force which acts upon the gases, liquids and solids, 30
Desire stuff is the matter of the Desire world, which causes feeling and compels motion, 39
Mindstuff is the matter of the Region of Concrete thought which we use to embody and concrete our ideas, 30
The use of desire stuff in our thought-activity, 89
The reason for the spirits pilgrimage through matter, 87
How its original divine All consciousness is obscured by the three veils of matter, 216
Spirit and matter merge in Chaos; only the seed atoms of the World-globes persist, 247
The Bible does not say the earth was created from "nothing." It names a basic substance, 322
How the homogeneous primordial matter is formed into several Worlds, 375

A sure method of attaining wisdom, 21
Clairvoyant sees worlds as invisible to most people as the light and color we see is to a blind man, 24
The existence of Invisible Worlds, interpenetration of Physical World (frostflower, freezing water), 27
Relative reality and permanency of visible and invisible worlds shown by architects house, 28
The purpose of visible world as school of right thought illustrated by Inventors machine, 33
Necessity for occult training, babe and blind who has acquired sight, must learn to see here, 41
Always look for the good. Christ and dead dog, 44
Three men and dog show operation of twin feelings and twin forces of Desire World, 46
Sponge, sand and water show interpenetration and extension of the three worlds of a planet, 53
Telegraph system illustrating operation vital fluid, 63
Man's dense body a concretion of his finer vehicles as snails house is crystallized snail, 73
Illustration of difference between man with indwelling Ego and animal with group spirit, 78
Musician's hand and gloves showing obscuration of consciousness during involution, 80
Entering house on sunny day and finding focus showing purpose of evolution, 81
Spirit buried in matter as seed in soil, 87
World soul symbolized in cross, 85
Boston doctor weighing soul of animal and man, 99
The young cling to life in body as tenaciously as seed to pulp of unripe fruit, the aged die as easily as seed falls from ripe fruit, 103
Snail illustrating relation of force and matter, 121
Heidelberg wall and the walls of Jericho, 122
Spiritual causes produce physical effects; one man knocking another down, 125
Necessity of a Creator; box of type and chaos, 129
Nebular theory requires Creator and Sustainer, 323
Blessing of pain; hand on hot stove, 131
How seed atoms gather material like magnet, 133
Heredity and individuality; carpenter takes materials from certain pile, but builds as he will, 138
Shape of body depends on etheric matrix like ice crystals on lines of force in water, 137
Impossibility of escape from mature destiny, 161
Story of a remembered past life, 172
Activity of chaos illustrated, 208
Color illustrating the divine and human principles, 252
The personality, the reverse reflection of spirit as trees reflected in pond, 266
Vicarious Atonement, 402
Value of a hard life, 432
Initiation like pulling trigger of pistol, 520

TEARS; why women are more prone to emotion than men, 60

TEMPERAMENT not inherited, 138

TEMPTATION; purpose of temptation, 110, 282

A fallacy not to be confused with rebirth, 157

TRANCE brings one in touch with subconscious mind, 149

Cost of the faculty of thought, 270
Thought and the faculty of expression are the highest human privileges, 236
Cunning was developed in early Atlantis, 309
Difficulty of transmuting cunning to reason, 310
Thought first developed by Original Semites who were our progenitors, 299, 309
What impels man to think, 285
How an idea becomes a thought, 88
How thoughts are generated, ensouled and projected, 89
Thought impressed upon brain centers through Reflecting Ether, 38, 89
How thoughts are impressed upon the conscious memory, 90
How thoughts are impressed upon the subconscious memory; "like chickens coming home to roost", 91
The effect of the twin forces and feelings on thought, 89
Thought transmission; how accomplished, 90
Thought, the supreme reality, 28
The World of Thought where thoughts are generated, 48, 88
The Physical World where we are schooled in the right use of thought, 33
The elevating influence of abstract thought, 203
How animals think though lacking mind, 70

VESUVIUS eruptions the result of materialism, 510

Not synonymous with innocence; it predicates knowledge and choice, 282

Solar energy specialized through spleen, 63, 68
How used by Ego to operate muscles, 89
How it expels deleterious microbes from system, 63
How obstructed flow of vital force causes sleep, 93

Archetypes of Vitality, 50
War between heart and mind, 17, 384, 393
Effect of death on the battlefield, 118
Not peace, but a sword, 387

Human wisdom contrasted with animal instinct, 79, 84

Will is the spiritual expression of the positive, male and solar sex force. Imagination is feminine, negative and lunar, 267
In early Lemuria, Will enabled man to frustrate God's plan and caused all our pain and suffering, 362
It is the force ensouling thought, 89

WORLD SOUL; symbolically crucified, 85

The Word made flesh; the Great Creative Fiat, 181
The cries of the Moon period begins the first echo of the creative fiat, 219
Verbal expression of thought our highest human achievement and privilege, 236
The larynx was originally part of the creative organ sometime it will give back in full "the lost Word", the creative Fiat, 269, 364, 425

The necessity of dividing matter into Worlds, 29
How the homogenous primordial matter is disposed in different manner to form various worlds, 187, 375
The beginning, purpose and end of worlds, 188
There are worlds denser than the Physical World, 233
Each planet has three worlds; the Physical World, the Desire World and the World of Thought, 53
The threefold planets of a solar system swim in a sea of matter from a fourth world; the World of Life Spirit, 55
All the solar systems swim in a sea of matter from the World of Divine Spirit which links them, 55
Illustration to show this relationship, 53
Why some worlds are invisible to most people though perceived clearly by others, 24
Why we should endeavor to investigate those worlds, 27

A subdivision of any of the Worlds, 30
The Chemical Region, the Etheric Region. Main divisions of the Physical World, 30
The Region of Concrete Thought, the Region of Abstract Thought. Main divisions of the World of Thought, 30

The chemical region consists of solids, liquids and the gases which are the basis of form, 30
The etheric region consists of four ethers which are the avenue of life vitalizing form, 32, 35, 38
The Physical World is the realm of form; why color and tone are foreign to thereto, 119
Value of Physical World as a school of experience, 32

It is the avenue of the forces which accomplish assimilation, the so-called dead among them, 35, 126
Ripe at seventh year when vital body is born, 143

Is the avenue of propagation, 36
It is ripe at the 14th year when child becomes adolescent and capable of reproduction, 143
Forces working in positive pole produces males in the negative pole females, 36

Is our awareness of sense perception, the forces in positive pole generate warm blood in negative cold blood, 36
Chlorophyll and circulation of sap in plants, 37

Storehouse of the memory of nature and man, 37
Ego makes impression on brain by this ether, 38, 89
Mediums and psychometrists read events there, 38

Is preeminently the realm of light and color; forms are extremely unstable but tone is sweeter than here, yet not native to this world, 119
The luminous desire stuff is disposed in seven regions or states of varying density as force-matter, 39
Purgatory is in the three densest states of the Desire World, the First Heaven in the three upper and between them a Borderland of monotony, 112
The twin forces and twin feelings of the Desire World, 42

One of the twin forces of the Desire World tending to purge us from evil and destroy it, 43
It is dominant in the three lower regions, 42
Illustration of its operation, 46
How it operates in our thought activity, 89

One of the twin forces of the Desire World, 42
Attraction builds virtue when Repulsion has shattered vice, 47
Illustration of its operation, 46
Its influence on our thought activity, 89
Heredity discounted, 156

That twin feeling indigenous to the 4th region of the Desire World, 45
Illustration of their operation, 46, 48
How mathematics raises one above the realm of feeling, 203

It is preeminently the sphere of music or tone, as color is indigenous to the Desire World and form to the Physical World, 119
The Great Silence is the portal to this realm of Sound, 122
The region of Concrete Thought embraces the four densest subdivisions where Archetypes and Archetypal Forces are forming matter, 49, 50
The Region of Abstract Thought comprises the three highest subdivisions where ideas are generated, 51
Diagram of the Seven Worlds, 54

Practical value of knowing cosmogony thoroughly, 202
The World Periods are way stations on the evolutionary journey of the spirit through matter, 190
Why this pilgrimage was undertaken and its fruits, 87, 429

Activity in any Period starts in the preceding Cosmic Night, 207
Location of the seven globes; they were dark and hot as incipient firemist, 205
The Bible also mentions this dark stage, 321, 322
There was only one element: heat or incipient fire, 234
Man went through a mineral like existence and had a trance like consciousness, 206, 212
The path of evolution described, 195
Lords of Flame radiate germ of dense body and awaken divine spirit in man, 206
There were some stragglers left behind, 224
The Lords of Mind were human then and worked with us as we work with present minerals, 222, 427

Location of the seven globes, they were light balls, 210
There were two elements, fire and air, 234
Bible description of the Sun Period and how it is scientifically possible to have light prior to the creation of sun and moon, 328
Man went through a period of plantlike existence and had a consciousness like deep sleep, 213
The path of evolution described, 198
Lords of Wisdom aid reconstruction of dense body, glands and alimentary canal begin germinally and vital body has its inception as a thought form, 211
The Cherubim waken life spirit, 211
Saturn stragglers awakened and become plantlike, 224
The present animals started evolution in Sun Period and were minerals then, 224
The Archangels were human in the Sun Period; they work with both animal and man, 222, 349

Location of the seven globes, they were water and the atmosphere was a steamy firefog, 213
There were three elements; fire, air and water, 234, 328
The Bible describes the dense water and firefog, 328
Man-in-the-making went through a period of animal-like existence he had internal picture consciousness like dreams, 217
At that time the divine consciousness of the spirit was entirely obscured self-consciousness incipient, 216
Lords of Individuality reconstruct dense and vital bodies, skeleton, muscles and nerves had inception, 214
Lords of Individuality give desire body as a thought form, Seraphim awaken human spirit, 215
Moon beings hung suspended in atmosphere and had horizontal spines like animals now, 228
A division of the globe took place at close of Moon Period and smaller part became satellite, 218
Origin of birds' migrations and honeymoon trips, 219
The divided parts merged in Cosmic Night between Moon and Earth Periods, 220
List of classes which started in Moon Period, 226
The Angels were human then and work now with plant, animal and man, 222, 349
Present plants were minerals then, parasites are stragglers, 227, 228
Lucifer Spirits are stragglers from lifewave of Angels, 286

We have made 3 1/2 revolutions of the Earth Period, 199
The nadir of density in our evolution was reached here on earth, but there are worlds denser still, 199, 233
We have now four elements, 234
Bible description of recapitulations, 329
Reconstruction of dense body to adapt it to mind, 239
Reconstruction of vital body by Angels, 240
Desire body reconstructed by Archangels, 242
Mind was given by Lords of Mind, 222
The descending spirit meeting the ascending form in the focusing mind marks the birth of the thinking human being, 267
The mind is now in its mineral stage, dead, hence we work with dead minerals, 426, 428
Classes of beings at beginning of Earth Period; the minerals entered evolution here, 234

The Earth will become etheric and globes will be disposed as they were in the Moon Period, 199
There will be five elements, the 5th described, 234
The vital body will be our densest vehicle, 240, 242
It will reach highest perfection, 422
The dense body will be transmuted and compounded with the vital body, 422
The mind will become alive, 427
Then we shall work with plant life, 298, 428
We shall have an objective picture consciousness and be capable of impressing pictures on other minds, 418
The human spirit, the Ego, will be prominent, 425
The animals will be human, 70, 224

The globes will be located as in Sun Period, 199
Consciousness of Venus Period described, 419
The desire body will be perfected, 422
The essence of the perfected dense and vital bodies will be compounded therewith, 423
The Intellectual soul will be absorbed by the Life Spirit, which will be most active principle then, 423, 425
The mind will then acquire feeling and we shall create living and feeling forms, 427, 428
The plants will be human, the present minerals will be animal, 226

Globes will be located as in Saturn Period, 200
We shall have highest Spiritual, Creative Consciousness, 421
The Mind will be perfected and compounded with essences of threefold body, 422, 423
It will be able to propagate itself and create living, moving, thinking forms for present mineral which will then be human, 427, 428
The divine spirit will be particularly active, 423
The Emotional soul will be absorbed by Human Spirit, 423
The Creative Word (chapter)

REVOLUTIONS and Periods defined, 196

Spirals within spirals, 321
The meaning and necessity of recapitulation, 208
Work pertaining to any Period delayed till previous phases of evolution have been recapitulated, 209
How described in the Bible, 329

Reason for Cosmic Nights and death, 244
Activity of any Period starts in middle of preceding Cosmic Night as a life commences at conception, 250, 207
Thus it is not a period of inactivity, 208
The work in cosmic night defined and described, 196, 200
There are cosmic nights between revolutions also, 207
The activity there described, 243
Life and form merge in Chaos, only seed atoms of world-globes persist, 247
Comenius coined the word "gas" to represent spirit and Chaos, 251
Chaos, Cosmos, Genius and Epigenesis (chapter), 252

It was a recapitulation of the Saturn Period, 263
The matter which is now the separate Earth was then in the polar region of the sun, 261
The dense body began to crystallize as mineral, 165
Propagation by fission, the pineal gland was then a localized organ of feeling, 262
The Bible on the Polarian Epoch, 330

Angels and Lords of Form clothe humanity with vital body; mankind was therefore plant-like, 263
Cain, the second epoch, man is represented as an agriculturist, 165, 166
Skeleton formed in end of Hyperborean Epoch and was soft as cartilage, 346
Towards end of this epoch the earth was expelled from sun, 263
The Bible on that event, 330

The Moon expelled from earth in beginning Lemuria, 264
Atmosphere of firefog, boiling seas, giant fern forests and animals, 275
A division also took place in the desire body, 235, 395
The skeleton hardened under lunar forces, 275, 346
Then the sexes separated, 268
Lords of Mind gave germinal mind and impregnated higher part of desire body therewith, 243
Archangels work in lower part of desire body, 236, 243
When born man had hearing and feeling, he used his body unconsciously, 276, 277
He saw himself and others inwardly, 277, 283
Propagation directed by Angels in harmony with the stars. Then parturition was painless, 277
Sex relations brought consciousness of dense body when "Adam KNEW his wife", 283
Lucifer Spirits appeared to Lemurian woman's inner consciousness prompting to self assertion, 287
When their eyes were opened they became aware of loss of body at death and ignorance of stellar lore caused them to propagate at wrong times, so parturition has become painful, 283
Memory was first developed by Lemurian girls, 280
Science and Art were taught in Lemurian schools of Initiation conducted by Lords of Mercury, 271, 281
Lords of Venus were leaders of masses, 272
Greatest number of Lemurians remained animal-like, 289
Reason for rise and fall of nations, 289
The sixteen races from latter part of Lemuria to beginning of New Galilee, 271
Negroes are the remnant of Lemurian race, 304

Mind was unfolded by food, 166
Atlantean Epoch, the 6th day of Creation, 322
Inner heart of globe and outer cold gave foggy atmosphere, 291
In early Atlantis man had an inner perception, but did not see outward things clearly, 293
When later atmosphere cleared he lost touch with spiritual world, 294

(1) The Rmoahals
Developed sensation, could feel pleasure, pain, sympathy and antipathy; their world had magic power, 294
(2) The Tlavatlis
Became ambitious, remembered great deeds of leaders, developed germ of royalty, 295
(3) The Toltecs
Started monarchy. Hereditary succession was reasonable then, as father could transfer faculties to son, 296
(4) The Original Turanians
Abused power over lower classes; were idolaters, 297
(5) The Original Semites
They were a chosen people, the seed race for our Aryan races, 298, 334
They were to evolve thought and were the last race forbidden to marry outside family, 299, 355
But some did that and are the present Jews, 309, 335, 355
Then the atmosphere cleared and water filled seas, 300
The Gods withdrew, giving man freewill and making him responsible to law of consequence, 301, 355
(6) The Akkadians and
(7) The Mongolians
Evolved thought farther, but became unadaptable, 303
How patriotism has retarded their progress, 313
And why Christ was born a Jew, 313
How the tribes were lost and how they will be saved, 314, 335
America the melting pot of amalgamation and emancipation for all races; the cradle of a new people, 315

The Ego begins to shine, 165
Noah and the wine, 168
The new chosen people, 305, 311
Anglo Saxons are the 5th of Aryan Races, 304, 305
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Alphabetical Index

- A -
Abel killed no animals 166.
-type of, Lemurian Epoch 166.
Abraham, allegory of 319.
-seed of 351, 352.
Absolute, boundless being 181.
-center of earth corresponds to 507.
-creation resolved back to 191.
-God returns to 200.
Abstract Thought, region of, see Thought, Abstract.
-densest dark globe in 528.
-is separative 380.
Action, choice of, essential 282.
-conscious soul thrives by 424.
-desire body incentive to 464.
-right, promotes growth of conscious soul 96.
Activity, an aspect of God 182, 323.
-third aspect of God 324.
Adam became breathing creature 345
-knew Eve 277.
-the name of humanity 326.
-number representing 500.
-rib story of 346.
Adaptability, all progress depends upon 223, 303, 337.
Adept developed by first Great Initiation 502.
-unused sex currents of 475.
Adm, distinguished from Adam 326.
-the number of humanity 500.
Adoration, an aid in building inner vehicles 495, 496.
-final steps to, seldom accomplished without teacher 495.
-highest step toward union with God 465, 495
Aerial Region 50.
Affix of surnames, origin of 351.
Age of patriarchs 354.
Agnosticism, destructive force of 157.
Akkadians, see Atlantean races (subhead Akkadians).
Alchemists, students of the occult 438.
-Christian Rosenkreuz labored with 518.
Alchemy and soul growth 421-425.
Alcohol craved by desire body 105.
-counterfeit spirit 169.
Alimentary canal begun in Sun Period 211.
All-consciousness, of virgin spirits 216.
All life is one 50.
Allegories of the Bible 319.
Altruism awakened by love of God 371.
-compared to sound vibration 370.
-developed by control of blood circulation 399.
-factor in attaining initiation 404.
-heart the home of 398.
-latent within all 370.
-selfishness being routed by 368.
-superseding patriotism 355.
Alone Begotten, see Word.
Amphibians preceded birds 332.
Amputation, pain follows 64.
Analogy, one of the best helps to an understanding of
-evolution 330.
Ancestor worship, origin of 295.
Ancient Truths in Modern Dress 515.
Anesthetics, effect of, on vital body 62.
Angels aid Lords of Form 262, 263
-belong to different evolution 285
-brain not used by 287
-built by force of love 285.
-build embryo in womb 288.
-build vital body 222, 349.
-builders of ether 222.
-control propagation 283, 536.
-cosmic wisdom flowed into 285.
-create without desire 285.
-direct evolution of plant kingdom 299, 349, 427.
-directed by Jehovah 334.
-double-sexed 285.
-function in vital body 285.
-guard each ego 352.
-humanity of Moon Period 222, 240, 262-263, 333, 349, 376, 427, 446.
-Jehovah, highest Initiate of 376.
-love of, is unselfish 286.
-perpetuate the race 283, 288.
-pioneers of Moon Period 286.
-reconstruct vital body 240.
-teach use of vital function 222.
-unable to communicate with brain-beings 286, 361.
Angels, Recording, allow choice of embodiment 136.
-bring to birth at required time 161.
-build body of incoming ego 135.
-enforce payment of debts 136, 161.
-impress vital body with new panorama 135.
-Lords of Destiny 135.
-overrule free will 136, 161.
-watch unseen 136.
Anglo-Saxon, fifth race of fifth epoch 304.
Anger, great danger of 144.
Animal group spirits govern by suggestion 78, 83.
-send animals into re-embodiment 357.
-sufferings of 78.
-work through blood 350, 356.
Animal group spirits, see also Group Spirits.
Animal kingdom, classification of 416.
Animal Spirit, has reached Desire World 77.
-not yet indwelling 69.
-not individualized 356.
Animals aided by angels 222.
-aided by archangels 222, 427.
-as food undesirable 459.
-blood infusion of 356.
-clairvoyance of 77.
-classification of 416.
-cold and warm blooded 36, 37, 69.
-color of, changes 37.
-consciousness of 74, 83.
-constitute physical bodies of group spirits 79.
-desire body of 65, 68, 69.
-domesticated 70.
-evolution of, begun in Sun Period 224, 427.
-free from sickness and pain 288.
-have no will of their own 83.
-humanity of the Jupiter Period 70, 342, 446.
-hybrids 357.
-instinct of 78.
-killing of in "sport" 461.
-man compared with 57.
-missing link 342.
-more advanced than man at same stage 69.
-protection of 462.
-reflecting ether inactive in 59.
-seed atom of, withheld 357.
-sent into re-embodiment 357.
-symbolized by cross 86, 535.
-thinking of 59, 70.
-vehicles of, not concentric 77, 293.
-vital body built by angels 222, 349.
-warm blooded 36, 69.
-younger brothers of man 45, 446.
-wild, propagation of, regulated 288.
Anthropoid apes belong to human life wave 229, 230, 235, 342.
-and undivided desire body 236.
-descendants of Lemurians 289.
-have degenerated from man 342-343.
-may overtake our evolution 235.
Apocrypha, valuable information in 317.
Apostles symbolize Initiations 502.
Aquarian Age, Slav civilization during 305.
Archangel Michael, see Michael Archangel.
Archangels aid man from without 403.
-aided man in Lemuria 265.
-as race spirits still help man 349, 359.
-as race spirits realize deficiencies of religions 383.
-Christ highest initiate 376.
-controlling spirits of races 334, 349, 403.
-Enter man's body through inspired air 380.
-expert builders of desire body 222, 243, 349.
-function in desire body 376.
-give desire body purely animal desires 243.
-guide evolution of animals 349, 427.
-humanity of the Sun Period 242, 334, 376, 427.
-instigate wars 334.
-lowest vehicle of the desire body 376, 403.
-manipulate Sun forces 404.
-man's teachers in higher worlds 126.
-prepare man to receive solar ray 404.
-the Sun Spirits 403.
-work in desire body of man 243, 349.
Archetypal forces, region of 50.
-exist in water stratum of earth 504.
-man a part of 126.
Archetype, creative, built in second heaven 49.
-of suicide 104.
Archetypes, creative thought molds 49.
Ariadne's thread 201.
Arterial blood, contains more earthy matter than venous blood 443.
Art, taught in ancient Initiations 281.
-value of 516.
Aryan Epoch (Fifth Epoch) 304-306.
-chosen people of 311-315.
-fire first used in 304.
-food of man modified in 168.
-highest Initiate of, to appear 304.
-human spirit unfolded in 165.
-nucleus for last race to be formed in 305.
-people of, made blind to higher worlds 169.
-pioneers of humanity in, initiated in 304.
-present Epoch 165.
-seventh day of creation 333.
-thought and reason developed by man in 298, 309.
-two classes in 304.
-wine given to man in 168.
-work of man begins in 333.
Aryan Races, central Asia, the cradle of 301, 304, 310.
-descendants of Original Semites 304.
-names of 305.
-pioneers of human life wave 342.
-seven 307.
-two more to come 311.
Ash, our food should contain very little 449.
Asiatics and ancestor worship 295.
Asteroids, fragments of moons 260.
Aspirant, accomplishes union with higher self 465.
-continence practiced by 471, 538.
-cultivates concentration 483, 487.
-first work of the conquest of desire body 433.
-highest step of, is adoration 495.
-learns much by meditation 489.
-impossible for teacher to overlook 495-496, 525
-must avoid flesh 446.
-must cultivate contemplation 494.
-must cultivate even temper 463.
-must have confidence in his teacher 440.
-must practice observation 492.
-to learn to leave body at will 484.
-unselfishness required of 474, 476.
-works consciously to attain 437.
Assimilation, all sustenance overcome by 457.
-carried on by positive forces of chemical ether 35.
-forces of, the so-called dead 457.
-in childhood by macrocosmic vital body 139.
-law of 457-460.
-of animal food, injurious 458.
-of mineral, by plant 458.
-of mineral leaves injurious waste product 457.
-osmosis of Hyperborean Epoch 263.
-of vegetables, easy and nourishing 458.
Astral Body, see Desire Body
Astral World, see Desire World.
Astrology, and rulership of day of week 411.
-based upon law of causation 161.
Astronomy, different theories of 514.
Atlantean Epoch 291, 332-333.
-clearing of atmosphere of, and loss of clairvoyance 294.
-cunning of 298.
-desire body divided 394.
-desire nature strong in 298.
-education in 296.
-ego very weak in 298.
-eye evolved during 276.
-foggy condition of atmosphere in 291.
-(Fourth Epoch) 165.
-man had spiritual perception in 293.
-man involuntarily clairvoyant in 241.
-man of, moved by flying leaps 292.
-man of, the Adam of the Bible 332.
-meat the food of 166.
-mind unfolded by man 165, 298.
-Nimrod, type of man of 166.
-sixth day of creation 332.
-spirit enters vehicles middle of third of 309.
-water of, less dense 291.
Atlantean Races.
Akkadian, (sixth race) 303.
-evolved faculty of thought 303.
-unadaptable to new conditions 303.
Mongolians (seventh race) 297.
-evolved faculty of thought along orthodox lines 303.
-unprogressiveness of 303.
Original Semites (fifth race) 297.
-become subject to law of consequence 301.
-chosen people of Jehovah 334.
-developed cunning 299, 309.
-evolved corrective quality of thought 297.
-first race given free will 302.
-first race to discover brain superior to brawn 299.
-imbued with racial characteristics 334.
-last race forbidden to intermarry 355.
-led from Atlantis by great entity 301.
-married outside race 310.
-not led out of Egypt 335.
-progenitors of present Jews 334.
-seed race of Aryan 298, 334.
-used faculty of thought 299.
Original Turanians (fourth race) 297.
-black magicians 297.
-oppressed poor 297.
-selfish 297.
-vain and ostentatious display of 297.
-worshiped kings 297.
Rmoahals (first race) 294.
-developed feelings 294.
-developed rudimentary language 294.
-feelings as spirits inspired them 295.
-harmless character of 295.
-possessed words of power 295.
-powers, resembled powers of nature 294.
Tlavatlis (second race) 295.
-developed germ of royalty 295.
-developed memory 295.
-felt separate selfhood 295.
-instituted ancestor worship 295.
Toltec (third race) 295.
-bestowed qualities upon offspring 295.
-education of 295.
-evolved memory 296.
-inaugurated hereditary succession 295.
-kings of Initiates 297.
-tended to divide into nations 296.
-valued experience 296.
Atlantis, atmosphere of, foggy 291.
-beginning of separate nations in middle third of 296.
-clearing atmosphere of 300.
-conditions existing in 291.
-destroyed by flood 168, 304.
-educators appeal to instinct 296.
-memory of man greater than now 296.
-refugees of, the Mongolians 304.
Atmosphere, clearing of 300.
Atom, grouping of, true 521.
Atomic weights, and valences 410.
Atoms float in sea of ether 58.
-in cosmic root substance 375.
-vibrated by vital points 61.
Atonement, vicarious, objections to 400.
-reason for its inclusion in Christian religion 373.
-reconciled to law of Consequence 402.
Attraction, battle of, with repulsion causes suffering 47.
-builds virtue 47.
-illustration of working of 46.
-involved in mental processes 89.
-law of, heredity explained by 156.
-one of two twin forces in Desire World 42.
-operative in third region of desire world 44.
-roused by interest 46.
-second aspect of Supreme Being manifests as 375.
Aurora Borealis, and Martian "canals" 259.
Aura becomes distinctive on completion of silver cord 10.
-brightness of, attracts Teacher 525.
-of earth 406.
-unselfishness increases luminosity of 525.

- B -
Bacchus, significance of 169.
Bacon, Sir Francis, works of, mutilated 518.
-and Shakespeare controversy 251.
Baldus, Jacobus, first poem of 251.
Bathing, benefit from 445.
Beast, number of 498, 514.
Beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks 389.
Belief and knowledge 147.
Bethlehem, Star of 389, 391.
Bible, allegorical significance of 319, 320.
-agrees and differs with science 330.
-hidden meaning in 319, 320.
-Jewish and Christian doctrines of 316.
-King James 318.
-limitations of 317-321.
-mutilated 314, 336.
-names of God in 333.
-not an "open" book 319, 322.
-revisions have not greatly improved 318.
-occult analysis of Genesis 317-364.
-occult key to 319.
-original text lost 320.
-Talmud 320.
-Torah 319.
-translators, forty seven in all 318.
-Hebrew 320.
-Martin Luther 318.
-Masoretic 320.
-Septuagint 320.
-writers of, great occultists 319.
Birth, each gives new chance 363.
-of desire body and puberty 142.
-of mind and maturity 142.
-of vital body and growth 141.
-stages of 139.
-result of ego's desire for experience 129.
Birth place chosen by ego 136.
Blavatsky and earth's third motion 512.
Blind man of gospels and rebirth 170.
Blood, absorbs vital energy 239, 353.
-action of Mars in 268, 274.
-acts directly on stomach 239.
-carries the feelings and emotions 91.
-changes of temperature affect 144.
-channel of expression for vital body 455.
-children unable to generate 143.
-circulation controlled by life spirit 399.
-circulation due to light ether 36.
-circulation in health and disease 445.
-common, and longevity of Patriarchs 354.
-common, carries pictures of outside world 398.
-common, carries pictures from ancestors to descendants 397.
-common, caused by tribal marriages 352.
-common, destroyed by marriage outside family, tribe or race 355
-control of, develops altruism 399.
-corpuscles given by parents 143.
-currents developed in Moon Period 217.
-deposits earthy matter in system 443-444.
-different in warm and cold blooded animals 69.
-driven to field of greatest activity 239, 353.
-ego, controls dense body through 238.
-etches pictures on seed atom 398.
-excess of, produced by positive vital body 60.
-haemolysis of 353, 356.
-highest expression of vital body 91, 239, 353, 397.
-influence of, recognized by Scots 145.
-infusion in animals 356.
-iron in 268, 274.
-Jews forbidden to eat 349.
-man does not recognize himself as ego in common 354.
-medium for ego's work on nervous system 238.
-mediates for the soul 350.
-mixing of, destroys negative clairvoyance 355.
-"most peculiar essence" 145.
-normal heat regulated by birth of mind 145.
-occult significance of 145.
-of Christ bore Sun Spirit into earth 407.
-passes through heart in every cycle 397-398.
-production of 143.
-purified from desire 538.
-race spirit in 353, 406.
-relation of, to life spirit 398.
-relation to Memory of Nature 354, 397.
-soul of all flesh in 350.
-storehouse of subconscious memory 91, 353, 397.
-vantage ground of spirit 356.
-vehicle of ego 91, 143-146, 238, 350, 356.
-white corpuscles in 455.
Blood, Cleansing, see Cleansing Blood.
Blood, lacked by our humanity in animal stage 69.
-recent acquisition of man 218.
-red, iron an essential constituent of 268, 274.
-requisite to a separate desire body 69.
-warm, requisite of indwelling spirit 86, 348.
Bodies, father and mother are 307.
-interpenetration of 58.
-necessary for functioning in various worlds 57.
-suited to purpose they serve 255.
-transmuted into threefold soul 424.
-work on different bodies carried on simultaneously 440.
Body, dense see Dense Body.
Body, Desire see Desire Body.
Body of Christ, pierced in six places 406.
Body, pituitary see Pituitary Body.
Body, affected by occult development 440, 441.
-evolved at end of Moon Period 217.
-has individual will 394.
-instrument of ego 156.
-lower part of threefold, controlled by desire nature 394.
-man learns to build 126.
-method of spiritualization 123.
-prayer spiritualizes threefold body 435.
-quintessence of, built into threefold spirit 123.
-shape of changes 255.
-vehicle of ego 94.
-worked on simultaneously 440.
Body vital, see Vital Body.
Bones formed in Lemurian Epoch 346.
-necessary for ego's functioning 456.
Borderland between heaven and purgatory 112.
-inhabitants of 112.
Boundless being the essence of the Absolute 181.
-should be controlled through mind 394.
Brain, activities of certain areas of 399.
-activity of, caused by Lucifer 288.
-and cerebro-spinal nervous system, secondary vantage of human spirit 397.
-angels aid in construction of 286.
-areas of, to be controlled by life spirit 399.
-blood driven to, in thinking 145, 353.
-building uses half creative power 270, 284.
-built by thought 18, 267.
-built in Earth Period 236, 239.
-calls up pictures of outside world 353.
-centers, manipulation of 89.
-drained by blood after heavy meal 239.
-drained of blood in sleep 239.
-expression of desire body 353.
-indirect way of gaining knowledge 363.
-knowledge bought with pain and death 363.
-location of, inefficient 256.
-Lucifer spirits use 287, 361.
-man's link between spirit and matter 285.
-organ to co-ordinate impulses 285.
-phosphorus required by 452.
-pineal gland, position of in 473, 475.
-pituitary body, position of 473, 475.
-separation of sexes step in building 267.
Breath, Jehovah blew, into man's nostrils 345, 350.
-(or life-breath) Hebrew "nephesh" 332.
Bridge to inner worlds 479.
Brotherhood, creation of, object of Christ's second coming 352.
Brotherhood, Rosicrucian see Rosicrucian Brotherhood.
Brotherhood, Universal, method of consummating, 355, 360, 384, 385, 388, 393, 399, 400, 406, 435, 437, 463.
Brothers, Elder, see Elder Brothers.
Brothers of the Rose Cross see Rosicrucian Brotherhood.
Brothers of the same ray 438.
Buddha, Light of Asia 17.
-body becomes alight at death 406.
-is reborn at Shankaracharya 405-406.
-religion of 515.
-sayings of 150.
Building inner vehicles 480-485.

- C -
C.R.C., see Christian Rosenkreuz.
Caduceus 410, 412-414.
Cain, agriculturist 166.
-functioned in vital body 166.
-sustained by plants 166.
-symbolized man of second epoch 166.
Candidate, for initiation, usually unaware of his selection 524.
-hailed as "first born" 527.
-shown how to utilize stored up powers 524.
Caste, system crumbling in 436.
Catastrophes, liquidation of collective destinies 508.
Causation, see Consequence.
Cause and effect, see Consequence.
Celibacy not always a virtue 471.
-only necessary to Initiate 467, 472.
-vow of 467, 472.
Cell, soul of permeated by desire 458.
Cells, consciousness of 81.
Centers, three spiritual in head 397.
Centers, six vital in body 406.
Cerebro-spinal nervous system, see Nervous system.
Chaos, see Cosmic night.
Chaos, an holy name 251.
Character and possessions result of past 154.
Chastity, necessity for 471.
Cheerfulness affects digestion 456.
Chemical elements 410.
Chemical ether assimilates nutriment 35.
-excretes waste products 35.
-positive and negative in manifestation 35.
-restoration in sleep processes 94.
-ripe at seventh year 143.
Chemical force moves matter 121.
-in mineral, due to planetary ether 58.
Chemical Region, basis of dense form 29-30.
-densest state contacted by man 222.
-inertia law of matter in 40.
-mineral stratum of earth corresponds to 503.
Chemical Region, see also Physical World.
Cherubim, aided man voluntarily 211, 215.
-awakened germinal life spirit 212.
-did not aid in creating form 326.
-helped man to penetrate veil of matter 216.
-in Moon Period 215, 229.
-in Sun Period 212, 221, 225.
-leave our evolution 220-221, 326.
-not mentioned in Creation Story 326.
Child, latent faculties of 139, 140.
Childbirth, ignorance of spiritual laws causes pain in 278, 283, 362.
Children, birth of 139.
-all eyes and ears 140.
-carry memory of previous life through 117, 172.
-clairvoyance of 140, 281.
-desire body of, impressed with pictures 118.
-do not produce individual blood 143.
-dying previous to fourteenth year 117, 172.
-education of, in Atlantis 296.
-education of, in Lemuria 278, 279, 361.
-emotions of 140-141.
-forced to lie 140.
-given by Jehovah 334.
-growth of vital body 141.
-life in first heaven 116, 117.
-negative clairvoyance of 140.
Chocolate, high nutritive value of 452.
Chosen people, of future will "willingly" follow a leader 315.
-past, present and future 298, 305, 311, 334.
-rebellion of 310.
Chosen People, see also Atlantean Races (subhead Original Semites)
Christ after crucifixion, appeared to disciples in vital body 381.
-aids seekers of truth 400.
-brings relief to humanity 382.
-brought sun force to earth 403.
-carried into earth 406.
-cleansed earth from race spirits 407.
-coming of, loosened connection man's dense and etheric bodies 482.
-composite being 374, 381, 388.
-could not be "born" in dense body 380.
Christ (cont.) crucifixion of 407.
-customary vehicle of, the life spirit 376.
-demands sacrifice of personal love 307.
-desire body of, diffused over earth 407.
-did not take away individual sin 482.
-distinguished from Christ Jesus 374, 381.
-distinguished from the Word 181, 374-375.
-divine compassion of 382.
-Elder Brother of humanity 384.
-emancipates from race and family spirits 313, 352.
-entered earth at crucifixion 403, 407.
-explained inner teachings to disciples 520.
-feels every act on planet 65.
-formed in individual 389.
-founder of universal religion of future 374.
-gives prayer to humanity 435.
-has had only one physical embodiment 378.
-has loosened connections of our vehicles 482.
-highest Initiate of Sun Period 376, 383, 403.
-influences our desire bodies from within 380, 403.
-knowledge of, by meditation 489.
-leader of coming race 313.
-leader of sixth epoch 306.
-Light of the world 17.
-Lord of love 393.
-lowest vehicle desire body 378, 381.
-method of salvation 403.
-miraculous appearance of, contrary to evolution 383.
-mission of 352, 360, 384, 405.
-necessary to unify races 380.
-older Brother of Sun Spirits 403.
-only being spanning gap between God and man 382.
-only partially confined to earth 408.
-opens initiation to all 390, 400, 401, 405, 482.
-possesses twelve vehicles 382.
-purifies desire body of earth 482.
-purpose of, in taking Jesus' body 313.
-regent of earth 408.
-regent of sun 408.
-rejection of, by Jews caused dispersion 314.
-salvation of, illustrated 402.
-saves stragglers 401, 405.
-second coming of 361, 386.
-sent out impulse used by Jehovah 404.
-spirit in the sun 391.
-spiritual Savior 391.
-suffers from earth's limitations 408.
-symbolizes Initiation of Vulcan Period 502.
-time since coming only a moment in cosmic day 388.
-to use vital body at second coming 381.
-unifying influence of 388.
-union with 433.
-unique among Beings in seven worlds 382.
-used lower vehicles of Jesus 381, 383.
-worked upon earth previous to advent 404.
-world Savior 389.
Christ, see also Christ Jesus, Jesus.
Christ Jesus acknowledged law of prophets 405.
-age of that of humanity 501.
-and bringing the sword 387.
-and story of dead dog 44.
-and Star of Bethlehem 389.
-appeared as man among men 383.
-atonement of, necessary 373.
-atonement of, reconciled law of consequence 401.
-changed water into wine 169.
-cleansing blood of 400, 406-410.
-compared to Buddha 17.
-crucifixion of 406.
-distinguished from Christ 378.
-imposed secrecy for esoteric teaching 320.
-pierced in six places 406.
-real work after transfiguration 406.
-taught law of rebirth 169.
-taught love must supersede law 405.
-taught of God within 352.
-understands humanity's life 382.
-vehicles of 377, 406.
-violent death necessary 406.
-wounds of, esoteric meaning 406.
-wrought Philosopher's Stone 520.
Christ Jesus, see also Christ and Jesus.
Christian doctrines:
-atonement 373, 400-411.
-cleansing blood 406-411.
-creation of 321-333.
-fall of man 360-364.
-forgiveness of sin 91, 111.
-immaculate conception 379, 471.
-salvation and damnation 229.
-trinity of God 87, 253.
Christian Rosenkreuz, achieved union with Holy Spirit 433.
-and Philosopher's Stone 519.
-appeared in Europe 518.
-birth of, marked new era 518.
-founded order of Rosicrucians 518.
-incarnate at time of Christ 379.
-in continuous embodiment 379, 518.
-initiate of high degree 379, 518.
-inspired writers 518, 519.
-labored with alchemists 518.
-sent to combat materialism 518.
-speaks all languages 433.
-symbolical name 519.
Christian Rosenkreuz, see also Saint-Germain.
Christianity being implanted in U.S. 315.
-culmination of previous religions 164.
-earned by pioneers of west 315.
-fundamentally unifying 384.
-has reached third step 303.
-ideals too high for masses 384.
-looks for one to come again 386.
-malpractice of 392.
-purpose of 352, 373, 433, 435.
-religion of future 367.
-shadow of true Christ religion 360.
-to cross to Asia 516.
-to culminate on Pacific coast 516.
-travels westward 516.
-true esoteric 17, 164.
Christians have ever present Savior 408.
-striving to love right 303.
Church and state, necessary separation of 386.
Circulation of blood, control of 399.
Clairvoyance, among Lemurians 281.
-aspirant must control 476.
-caused by pineal gland 473, 477, 479.
-caused by sense centers 67.
-contact with inner worlds 477.
-destroyed by mixing blood 355.
-developed by study of mathematics 203.
-disbelief in 26.
-four conditions destroyed 359.
-inherent in all 19.
-involuntary in animals 77.
-involuntary in children 140, 241.
-involuntary in mediums 140, 241.
-must be sought unselfishly 476.
-not universal knowledge 25.
-of Hindus and Indians 241.
-produced by intermarriage 354.
-purity of desire for 476.
-training for 19, 25, 41, 470-497.
-undesirable development of 531-532.
-use of 476.
-value of information obtained by 20.
-various versions result of 25.
-vital body loosened in 241.
Clairvoyants trained, accept no money 68, 400, 476.
Clairvoyants, voluntary, control own body 242.
-caused by sense centers 473-474.
-differ in observation 26.
-have no "off days" 474.
-Lemurians were 281.
-positive sense centers revolve clockwise 474.
-to distinguish true 68, 400.
Clan, Scots cling to 353.
-spirit of 351.
Clan, see also race spirits.
Cleansing Blood 400, 406-408.
-bore Sun Spirit 407.
-Christian doctrine of 406-411.
-doctrine of, saves from despair 402.
-necessity for 406.
Climate altered by man 125.
Clock of Destiny 163.
Coal degenerated plant forms 343, 504.
Cocoa undesirable food 452.
Cohesion manifestation of Supreme Being 375.
Coincidence defense of skeptic 113.
Color, changes with season 37.
-deposited in all kingdoms by light ether 37.
-in Second Heaven from sound 124.
-produced by tone 123.
-realm of 119.
-relation of, to tone 123.
-Seven Spirits before the Throne related to 253.
-Trinity represented by 253.
Colors, in spectrum 253.
-invisible 253.
-of days and periods 413.
-of seven rays 439.
-three primary 253.
-true thought pictures of, in Jupiter Period 418, 419.
Comenius and discovery of gas 250.
Compassionate Ones 118.
-Elder Brothers are among 529.
Comte de St. Germain see Saint-Germain, and Christian Rosenkreuz.
Concentration aid in building inner vehicle 486, 489.
-compared to sleep 483.
-conquers desire body 463.
-deals thoroughly with things 494.
-favorable time for 485.
-must be cultivated 483, 487, 489.
Concentration (cont.) striking instance of 488.
-suggested subjects for 487.
-upon sense centers 484.
Conception, and mold of vital body 137.
-depends upon presence of seed atom 137.
Concord discovered by open mind 7.
Concrete Thought, region of, see Thought Concrete.
Confidence favorable effects of 440.
Confucius religion of 515.
Conscience, battle of, with desires in thought process 89.
-etched into desire body 109.
-feeling extracted from life panorama 109.
-fruitage of purgatorial experience 109, 120.
Conscious soul, extract of dense body 96.
-grows by experience 424.
-increases consciousness of divine spirit 96.
-to be absorbed by divine spirit 425.
Consciousness, common, involuntary clairvoyance of 355.
-enlarged by soul growth 96.
-expanded by study of mathematics 203.
-etheric sight, next step in 190.
-evolved in different periods 201, 415-421.
-fifth chapter of Genesis deals with 336, 354.
-from Fall of man, results 362.
-full waking, attained by man 189.
-future expansion of 414, 417.
-object of 417.
-of animal 74, 83.
-of body cells 81.
-of different vehicles 74, 75.
-of ego depends on bony structure 456.
-of four kingdoms 70-86.
-of God, by virgin spirits 216.
-of man during Sun Period 213.
-of man in Atlantis 300.
-of man in Earth Period 418.
-of man in Hyperborea 263.
-of man in Jupiter Period 418.
-of man in Lemuria 279.
-of man in Moon Period 418.
-of man in Polaria 261.
-of man in Saturn Period 212.
-of minerals 85.
-of mollusks 456.
-of patriarchs 355.
-of plants 74, 85.
-of self 216.
-of virgin spirits 189.
-of woman before Fall 361.
-of world periods 417-421.
-one common, for all in earlier periods 347-348.
-produced by war of desire and vital bodies 456.
-survives after death 149.
-unbroken in life and death 496-497.
Consequence, law of, adjustments 157.
-and eating of fruit by Eve 362.
-and life panorama 130.
-and vicarious atonement 373, 400, 402.
-cause of heredity 156.
-compatible with forgiveness of sin 373.
-complexity of 136.
-connected with planetary movements 160.
-determined by present actions 163.
-determines moment of birth 161.
-disaster result of 507.
-draws ego to rebirth 357.
-each person responsible to 471.
-every act seed ground 282, 507, 508.
-explains life 154.
-impersonal 106.
-may not be evaded 157, 130, 161.
-national debt of 290
-produces purgatorial suffering 106.
-reaches beyond physical cause 125.
-related to planetary movements 160.
-rules in all realms 106.
-works with stars 161.
Consequence, see also Rebirth.
Consumption, see Tuberculosis.
Contemplation, aid in building inner vehicles 494.
-deals with soul of things 494.
-holding an object in inner vision 494.
-teaches life side of object 494.
-union of higher and lower natures accomplished by 465.
Continental region of World of Thought 49.
Contradictions, apparent 227.
Co-operation, a growing desire for 436-437.
Copernican theory, not altogether correct 514.
Coral, crystallized animal forms 504.
Corpuscles, white 455.
Correspondences, law of 415.
-red 456.
Corti, fibers of 126.
Cosmic forces, milk puts man in touch with 447.
Cosmic lines, mystery orders formed on 521.
Cosmic night, around us 249.
-basis for progress 249.
-compared to death 196, 244.
-contains germ of manifestation 252.
-distinction ceases between form and life 247.
-everything dissolved but nuclei during 247.
-gives birth to new forms 249.
-homogenous state 244, 247.
-important in evolution 250.
-life of, based on work of active manifestation 249.
-necessary for stragglers 250.
-period of activity 196, 207.
-related to gas 251.
-root substance 322, 325.
-seed ground of cosmos 252.
-significance of different names 247.
-spirit of God 252.
-takes place between revolutions and periods 207, 243, 250.
-unifying in effect 250.
-wedding with cosmos 252.
-work of Hierarchies gain greatest efficiency in 207.
-work of revolution most powerful in 207.
Cosmic planes of, solar systems 179, 182.
-varying rates of vibration in the different 375-376.
Cosmic Root Substance crystallizes 186.
-molded by Word 375.
-negative pole of universal spirit 186.
Cosmic sound first uttered in Moon Period 219.
Cosmos merges into chaos 244.
Cosmogony, importance of 191.
Craters 507.
Creation, accomplished in Lemuria 364.
-attained by evolution 189.
-Christian doctrine 321-333.
-described in Bible 321, 346.
-groaning and travailing of 506.
-lost word of 363.
-of form 332, 344, 426-427.
-of life 299, 344, 427.
-of new bodies 361.
-seven days of 327, 333, 411-425.
Creation stories, contradiction of 344.
Creative act gave physical consciousness 283, 537.
Creative Fiat 181, 375.
Creative Force, see Sex Force.
Creative Hierarchies, see Hierarchies.
Creative Word, manifestation of 425-429.
-molds root substance 375.
-of early peoples 278, 281, 295.
-to be spoken by larynx 363, 425.
Creator, heaven experience aids man to become 28, 126, 338, 363.
-nebular theory requires 323.
-of universe, necessity for 129.
Cremation, premature 98.
-rationality of 103.
Crimes against dying 101.
Critical point in evolution 229, 231, 235, 401.
Criticism and esoteric training 439-440.
-should be constructive 493.
-must be impersonal 493.
-to be turned upon oneself 493.
Cross stripes of heart 396.
Cross symbolizes four kingdoms 86.
-symbolizes man's development 534.
Crucifixion, of Savior 406-407.
Crystallization, and planetary evolution 263.
-begins at pole of planet 263.
-moon forces produce 265.
-of spirit causes matter 72, 248.
Cunning developed by original Semites 299.
-first form of reason 299.
-mental characteristic of Jews 310.
-produced by union of mind with desire body 298.
-transmuted to reason 309.
Currents, flowing through moon beings 217.
Cycle of life 146.

- D -
Damnation, Christian doctrine of 229.
-state of inertia 231.
Dark ages, spiritually bright 409.
-volcanic eruptions during 510.
Dark Globes 208.
Days of creation 327-333, 411-425.
Days of week 411.
Dead, disposition of 103.
-help the living 126.
-work with man 126, 457.
Death, accompanied by loss of weight 99.
-and purgatory 96-112.
-beneficial 244.
-by drowning 61, 102.
-by freezing 61.
-by suicide 104.
-cost of free will 363.
-habits unchanged by 103, 104.
-in early epochs 167, 278.
-knowledge concerning, desirable 27.
-necessitated by crystallization 244.
-of children 118.
-of races 281.
-oftener we die 249, 363.
-on battlefield 118.
-only certainty 27.
-produced by rupture of silver cord 98.
-releases chemical forces of body 61.
-riddle of 19.
-separation of vehicles 97.
-sometimes unperceived by ego 121.
-symbols of 96.
-value of peaceful 101, 109.
Decay, chemical activity of matter 31.
-of dense an vital bodies 102.
-result or particles escaping 458.
Degeneration, from lack of epigenesis 344.
-of form 289, 291, 341-343.
Deity, no avenging 106.
Denderah, zodiac of 512.
Dense atoms, surrounded by ether 58.
-vibrated by vital body 61.
Dense body, abandoned at death 97.
-acquired eyes in Atlantean Epoch 276.
-affected by food 440-441, 445-457.
-affect by mode of living 441.
-and vital body not always congruent 293.
-archetype built in Second Heaven 126.
-atoms of, replaced every seven years 97, 149.
-birth of 139-141.
-built by ego 128.
-chemical composition of 456.
-chemical furnace 448.
-Christ never to use again 381.
-commits no sin 171.
-congruent with vital body 293.
-connection with vital body loosened 482.
-constitution of, in lower races 290.
-control by ego 394.
-counterpart of divine spirit 96.
-degenerated in lower races 290.
-desirability of retaining 444.
-destroyed by higher vehicles 92.
-disintegrates at death 511.
-dulls suffering 105.
-during sleep, ego outside of 482.
-dwelling of God 171.
-each step increases hardness 442.
-ear first acquired by 206.
-earliest composition of 261.
-efficiency of, result of ego's building 128.
-ego learns to build 126.
-ego's correlative to physical world 57, 252.
-ego's first vehicle 75.
-ego's most valuable vehicle 76, 237.
-evolution of 261.
-finer part saved by divine spirit 124.
-formed under influence of Moon 346.
-future development of 262.
-future shape of 256.
-germ of, given 206.
-higher vehicles concentric with 292.
-increases in density 442.
-in four kingdoms 56.
-in fourth stage of evolution 75, 76.
-in involution 255.
-instrument of spiritual intelligence 156.
-interlocked with vital body 62.
-interpenetrated by higher vehicles 88.
-interpenetrated by planetary aura 58.
-keynote of 369.
-law of survival 368.
-never craves alcohol 105.
-nourishment of 441-460.
-of future no localized sense organs 262.
-of races 289.
-organization of, shows ego's development 128.
-organs of, evolved by necessity 276.
-ossification of 443, 453.
-perfection of 76, 236.
-prayer for 462.
-premature loss of, in suicide 104.
-propagation of, controlled by Jehovah 346.
-proper activity gives soul growth 96.
-quintessence of, in earth's strata 511.
-reaches highest development in Earth Period 421-422.
-reconstructed in Earth Period 236, 237.
-reconstructed in Sun Period 211.
-replacement of atoms 97.
-requires will and imagination 284.
-seed atom of, in heart 97.
-sense centers of 211.
-shape of, determined by vital body 60.
-silver cord, one part sprouts from seed atom 10.
-spiritualization of 124, 435.
-temple of living God 171.
-vehicle of life dwelling in 235.
-will be absorbed by divine spirit 424.
-wonderful mechanism of 76, 237.
Density, different worlds vary in 29.
Desert of Gobi 335.
Desire battles with conscience 89.
-binds disembodied to earth 103.
-detains ego in post-mortem progress 163.
-exists as archetype 50.
-incentive to action 464.
-not altered after death 103.
Desire body, abandoned by ego in First Heaven 120.
-absence of, denies emotion 64.
-activities of, during waking hours 92.
-apparent expansion of, after death 108.
-archangels expert builders of 349.
-archangels work in 243.
-assumes body's shape after death 66.
-birth of, marks puberty 142.
-brain and nervous system highest expressions of 353.
-can be conquered by concentration 463.
-capable of separation 482.
-centers of 483.
-changes wrought by spirit 66.
-checks excessive growth 142.
-coalesces with mind in Atlantis 298.
-conscience etched into 109.
-constitution of 66.
-controls generation of white corpuscles 455.
-counterpart of emotional soul 96.
-counterpart of human spirit 404.
-craves alcohol 105.
-currents of, forced through liver 69.
-currents of, in cold-blooded animals 69.
-currents of, in individualized spirit 68
-destroys dense body 92.
-difference in animals 65, 69, 77.
-dissolves when seed atom is removed 120.
-dissolves in First Heaven 120.
-division into parts 235, 242, 394, 482.
-division of, causes change of posture 236.
-division of, checks passion 236.
-effect of purgation upon 105, 108, 114.
-ego gathers material for 134.
-ego has great scope in molding 138.
-eventually to contain other bodies 423.
-evolved by milk 166.
-extends beyond dense body 67.
-field of operation of 353, 455.
-finer part, the emotional soul 424, 482.
-first work of aspirant to overcome 433.
-functions of 66.
-future organization of 68.
-gained possession of spleen 455.
-generated in Moon Period 215.
-germ of, from Lords of Individuality 215.
-growth of 66.
-higher part forms animal soul 235, 394.
-higher part "lower will" 394.
-holds dense body in center 243.
-importance of etching 109.
-impressed by law 404.
-impresses revenge on vital body 463.
-in cold-blooded animals 69.
-in future, interpenetrated by mind 243.
-in second stage of evolution 75.
-in different kingdoms 65, 235.
-individual personality in higher part of 243.
-induces development of languages 433.
-links to mind 243.
-liver central vortex of 10.
-lowest vehicle of Christ 378.
-lower part remains with dense body during sleep 482.
-macrocosmic 140.
-muscles and cerebro-spinal nervous system stronghold of 395, 455.
-must be organized before vital body can divide 484.
-must be conquered 381, 463.
-of animals different from man 65.
-of anthropoids 236.
-of animals, not concentric 77.
-of child dying before fourteenth year 117, 172.
-of earth, evolutionary changes of 404.
-of earth has feeling 65.
-of earth permeates all form 65.
-of mother 138.
-of saint 66.
-of suicide 104.
-only separate feels emotion 64.
-organized sometimes before vital body 484.
-overcome by race religions 433.
-ovoid in shape 66.
-panorama of 109.
-partial withdrawal of 94.
-perfected in Venus Period 422.
-permanently leaves dense body at death 97.
-perverted expression of ego 397.
-prayer for 434-435, 463.
-purgatorial experience through 109.
-purified extract welded into human spirit 124.
-purification of, aids in union of Holy Spirit 433.
-race religions overcome by 433.
-reconstructed 236, 242.
-record etched upon 109.
-reflection of human spirit 226.
-rooted in liver 10, 68.
-seed atom in greater vortex of liver 10.
-seed atom of, persists 120.
-seed atom repository of experience 114.
-sense centers of 67, 243, 473, 474, 483, 484.
-separate requires red blood 69.
-shape of, after death 66.
-shape of, during life 66.
-silver cord, one sprouts from seed atom 10.
-spiritualization of 463.
-stamped by life record 109.
-stronghold of 455.
-tendency to harden 455.
-to be absorbed 424.
-to be organized 68.
-transmuted into soul 424.
-undivided requires group spirit 236, 243.
-unorganized still 243, 481.
-vital body must conquer 463.
-war with vital body produces consciousness 455, 456.
-withdrawn in sleep 404.
-worked upon by Jehovah 404.
Desire stuff, currents of, in animals 69.
-currents of, in man 68.
-expert builders of, the archangels 349.
-matter of desire world 39.
-not finer physical matter 39.
-pulsates through physical forms 64.
-purification of 408.
Desire World, 38-40, 54, 104-121.
-action of, attraction 42-48.
-action of, interest 45.
-activity of forces of 39.
-all forms of, from emotion 39.
-borderland of 112.
-bridge to 479.
-color in 40, 118, 119.
-composed of life and color 40.
-consists of material for embodying desire 38.
-difficult to understand 41.
-distance and time almost non-existent in 29.
-effect of lie in 43.
-elixir of life in 93.
-evil self-destructive in 43.
-existence of art, altruism, and philosophy in 47.
-existence of feeling in 45.
-existence of passion in 44.
-extends beyond etheric region 53, 179.
-first heaven 113.
-force and matter 39.
-forces of animal and man mingle 40.
-forces of, cause incentive to action 39.
-forms of levitate in 29.
-furthers moral growth and evolution 39.
-glimpsed by aspirant 489.
-has four dimensions 203.
-has neither heat nor cold 29.
-hierarchies of, spiritual beings in 41.
-impressionability, second region 44.
-matter of, changing 41.
-music in 119.
-ocean of wisdom and harmony 93.
-old and infirm pass through quickly 103.
-one degree less dense than physical 39.
-pictures of previous life roll backwards 108-114.
-Purgatory three lower regions of 112.
-purgative effect of 104-107.
-puzzling changes of form in 480.
-realm of color 119.
-realm of feeling 42.
-regions of 47.
-repulsion, disintegrating force in 42.
-time passes rapidly in 107.
-training children in 118.
-twin feelings in 42.
-twin forces in 42.
-vapor stratum of earth corresponds to 503-504.
-vitalizes body 39.
Desires, chain disembodied to desire body 105.
Desires, highest, cause growth of Emotional Soul 96.
Destiny, clock of 163.
-evasion of, impossible 161.
-of man, to become creative 126.
-recording angels, Lords of 161.
-ripe 136, 163.
-unavoidability of 161.
-works in harmony with stars 161.
Destiny, Lords of, see Angels, recording. Development, future and Initiation 411-429.
-of animals 69.
-one-sided, not desirable 305.
Diagrams, (in this work) must be spiritually conceived 194.
Die, oftener we, better we live 249, 363.
Diet see Food, also Nutrition.
Diet, individual needs of 84.
-fruit an ideal 448.
-important in esoteric training 440-441.
-milk as a factor 447.
Digestion, accomplished by chemical forces 35.
-different gastric juices of 237-238.
-effect of temper upon 456.
Dimensions of space 151-152.
Dimensions of space, seven 194.
-the "fourth" 203.
Discipleship, application for 532.
Discrimination, aid in building inner vehicle 493.
-distinguishing good most important 493.
-faculty of, logical reasoning 493.
-to be practiced by aspirant 493.
Disasters, great, show trend of evolution 310-311.
Disease, consumption, cause of 113.
-lack of vitality in vital body 63.
-paralysis, cause of 63.
Disease germs, eliminated by vital body 63.
Dispensation, old, limited Initiation 390-440.
Distillation of water 446.
Divine Rulers, explanation of 272-273.
Divine Spirit, awakened by Lords of Flame 207, 221, 225.
-cared for by Lords of Wisdom 220.
-counterpart of dense body 266.
-first veil of spirit 216.
-germ of, linked to that of life spirit
-linked to human spirit 216.
-man's highest spiritual principle 207.
-seat of, root of nose 397.
-stronghold at root of nose 397.
-strongest influence in Vulcan Period 423.
-to absorb lower aspect of ego 428.
-world of, reflecting stratum of earth corresponds to 506.
Doctrines, Christian, see Christian Doctrines.
Dog, incident of 44, 46.
Dream pictures of animals 217.
Dreamless sleep consciousness 74, 85, 213, 415, 421.
Dreams, cause of 94.
-based in reality 484, 526.
Drowning, action on vital body 61.
-and life panorama 149.
Drug habit, inhibits memory of invisible helpers 524.
Druids, Initiates under Jesus 409.
Drunkard, keeps vice after death 105.
-purgation of 105.
Dual creative force 324.
Duty, incentive of 46.
Dying, and bringing to birth 249.
-crime against 101.
Dynasties, how founded 272.
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- E -
Ear, accuracy of 206.
-given in Saturn Period 206.
-most highly developed sense organ 127, 206.
-muscles of atrophying 473.
-semi-circular canals of 126.
Earth, aura of, penetrated by Mars 268.
-as affected by solidification and disintegration 505.
-Blavatsky's theory of motion 512.
-body of Great Spirit 506.
-center of, corresponds to Absolute 507.
-center of, ultimate seed ground 507.
-changes of 49, 125.
-Christ Jesus regent of 408.
-Christ Spirit permeates 406.
-cleansed by Christ 407.
-climate of, altered by man 125.
-command to replenish 332.
-constitution of 498-514.
-core of, gained by first Great Initiation 502.
-created from "ever-existing essence" 322.
-dead work upon 125.
-density of coming epoch 311.
-density of present epoch 410.
-densest globe is 233.
-desire body of, penetrated by Mars 268.
-development of 165.
-effect of harvest upon 505.
-effect of sun and moon upon 265.
-entered by Christ 403, 407.
-evolution of 361, 404.
-flooded with spiritual light at crucifixion 407.
-flora and fauna of, worked upon by dead 125.
-generated by heat and moisture 330.
-group spirits ruled 351.
-in fourth stage of consolidation 410.
-investigation of, difficult 498.
-iron of, released from Martian control 268.
-keynote of 123.
-knowledge of, from initiation 498, 502.
-lesser regents of 182.
-man inhabited, before Adam 332.
-man's evolution, beginning of 263.
-models of, in Region of Concrete Thought 125.
-moon expelled from 264.
-not "without form and void" in the beginning 327.
-only partially confines Christ 408.
-only planet of man's evolution 275.
-rebirths of 190, 412.
-regent of 408.
-school of experience 132.
-seismic disturbances of 125.
-seismic phenomena of 498.
-sensations in sixth stratum 506.
-slow vibrations of, pain Christ Spirit 408.
-soft in Polarian Epoch 166.
-strata of 503-511.
-surface of, reconstructed by man 125.
-third movement of 512-513.
-thrown off from sun 259, 263, 403.
-vehicles diffused with Christ's 406.
-vehicles have feeling 65, 210, 505.
-volcanic eruptions 498-514.
-will become more ethereal 199.
-with present moon expelled from sun 259.
-worked upon by Christ from within 407.
-worked upon by Christ previous to advent 404.
Earth Period, account of 329-333.
-acme of density 246.
-acme of diversification 246.
-and recapitulations 245, 329-333.
-classes of beings at beginning of 234-236.
-dense body reaches highest development in 421-422.
-density of globes 233.
-earth densest globe of 197, 199.
-epochs of 261-307.
-failures of, sent to moon 264.
-four elements of 234.
-influence of Mercury during 273-275.
-involution becomes evolution in 267.
-life streams in 246.
-Lords of Form most active in 220, 240.
-mental activity combined with form 426.
-mind acquired in 222, 239, 426.
-mind in mineral stage during 426.
-mineral life started in 428.
-most critical time for humanity 231, 401.
-nadir of materiality 199, 401.
-occultly called Mars-Mercury 274, 411.
-present, the fourth revolution 199, 209, 245.
-races first evolved in 271.
-revolution, (fourth) real work on earth period 209, 245.
-spirit most helpless in 240.
-vehicles of man reconstructed 236, 240, 242.
-voluntary nervous system added in 239-240.
-work of hierarchies in 220, 222, 240.
Earthquakes, changing theories of 498.
Earthquakes, spiritual cause of 125.
-man responsible for 507.
Earthy matter, injurious in food 444.
-needed by children 445.
-present in water 444.
Efforts of individual 225.
Ego, active in blood 145, 396.
-active in sleep 93-96.
-all vehicles destroyed by materialism 231.
-allowed limited choice of environment 136.
-and epigenesis 135, 138.
-and Mars action in blood 268.
-assimilates past experience 96-139.
-assumes upright position 236, 269.
-attraction to parents heredity 156.
-becomes indwelling 269.
-benefit from post-mortem interval 250.
-birth of, determined by expediency 161.
-birth of, when spirit takes possession of its vehicles 143, 266.
-bi-sexual 267.
-blood the direct vehicle of 91, 143, 238, 350.
-born ahead of schedule 161.
-born at intervals 129.
-born twice during precession of sign 160.
-builds archetypes in Heaven 128.
-claims of past lives upon 136.
-consciousness developed by work of desire body 456.
-connected with threefold body by link of mind 95.
-controls dense body by means of blood 239, 350.
-controlled by race spirit 350.
-definition of 216.
-demands birth to gain experience 129.
-deprived of birth 469.
-drawn to birth 357.
-drives blood into brain 239.
-effect of wine upon 168.
-effected by change of temperature 144.
-emancipation from Race Spirit 313, 352.
-enters dense body 236, 269, 294.
-enters mother's womb 138.
-evolution depends on vehicles 289, 363.
-evolving free will 357.
-extracts quintessence of bodies 124.
-for proper functioning normal blood 144.
-functions in world of Abstract Thought 88.
-gained illusion of separateness 216.
-gaining control of heart 396.
-gathers material for new bodies 138.
-guide of body 156.
-has reached into physical world 74.
-has state of waking consciousness 75.
-helped by international marriage 359.
-highly individualized 71, 357.
-in Atlantis, not indwelling 292, 294.
-incarnates in alternate sex 160, 280.
-individual spirit 352.
-learns construction of body 126.
-liberation from family spirit 351.
-limited by descent into matter 81.
-lower nature an illusory reflection of 398.
-manner of collecting materials for bodies 135.
-material of bodies previous to birth 134, 138.
-must cleanse its vehicles 432.
-must complete divine plan 423.
-operates by heat of blood 350, 356.
-outgrows race bodies 289.
-outside of vehicles when enraged 144.
-outside of bodies during sleep 482.
-part played by parents 137.
-positive pole of, manifests as life 248.
-powerless to avoid destiny 136.
-prayers to, prepare reception for threefold soul 435.
-prepares for rebirth 133-139.
-previous to birth has only seed atoms 133.
-primordial state of 216.
-real home second Heaven 124, 127.
-refracted into three aspects 398.
-relation of, to other vehicles 88, 95.
-selection of gastric juices 237.
-should control body 394.
-three aspects of 95, 397.
-threefold veil of spirit 216.
-three points in head 397.
-three requirements of 86.
-unindividualized before Christ 351.
-uses of blood 143.
-vehicle of virgin spirit 88, 216.
-vehicles of, interpenetrated after birth 139.
-when first indwelling very weak 348.
-wisdom of, working subconsciously 237.
-work of, to achieve union with Higher Self 432.
-work of, upon vehicles negligible 138.
-works outward through seven orifices 522.
Ego, see also Divine Spirit, human spirit, life spirit.
Egos, incoming, failure to provide suitable vehicles for 467-469.
Eighth Sphere, the Moon 264.
Elder Brothers, among the Compassionate Ones 529.
-and books not written directly by 270.
-combat materialism 113, 409, 529.
-concerned for safety of Western World 113, 529.
-educate few to receive teachings 510.
-guard secrets of creation of life 299.
-guide humanity 327.
-mediators between man and gods 304, 327.
-sent Mesmer 512.
-work for humanity 409, 510, 529.
Elder Brothers, see also Rosicrucian Brotherhood.
Electricity movement in ether 34.
Elements in Earth Period 234, 410.
-In Jupiter Period 234.
-In Moon Period 234.
-In Saturn Period 234.
-In Sun Period 234.
Elijah and John the Baptist 169, 405.
Elixir of life, Desire World 93.
-second heaven 124.
Elohim, co-workers with God 325.
-creative hierarchies 325.
-double-sexed 325.
-evolved man's body 326.
-rest during our age 333.
-saw work was good 326.
Elohim, see also Hierarchies, creative.
Emancipation, key to 137.
Embryo, human, first state of 441.
-and gill-like breathing organs 346.
-recapitulates past stages of evolution 228, 255.
Embryology, science of, corroborates occult teaching 343-344.
Embodiments, repeated, necessity for 132-133.
Emotional Soul, finest extract of desire body 424, 482.
-grows by feeling 424.
-to be absorbed by human spirit 425, 429.
Emotions improve vehicles 441.
Enemies, in same family 157.
Energy, twofold 321, 324, 325.
-for building vehicles 189-190.
-of ego turned inwards, for cognition of self 216.
Energy, see also Forces.
Environment, choice of 136.
Epigenesis, force of genius 185, 252.
-degeneration from lack of 344.
-free will 135.
-improvement over parents 138.
-influx of, causes 135.
-involution and evolution 336-344.
-lever turning involution to evolution 366.
-modifies causation 135.
-original creation 128, 135, 185, 338.
-prenatal building 128, 138.
-proved by science 338.
Epigenesis, see also Genius.
Epochs, described in Bible 327.
-figurative days of creation 327.
-five to present 165.
-germinal mind given in fourth 245.
-seven in human life wave 271.
Equinoxes, precession of, governs rebirth 159.
-Esoteric Christians, ideal of 303.
-Esoteric information, real, never sold 485.
Esoteric training, of vital body 381.
-diet and hygiene in 440-441.
-effective when doubt is stilled 439-440.
-teaches neophyte to distinguish life from form in desire world 480.
-teaches neophyte to function consciously in inner worlds 480.
Essenes, cared for Jesus' body 382.
-educated Jesus 379.
-Jewish sect 379.
Ether, density of, in Southern California 532.
-forms an envelope for dense atoms 58.
-four states of 16, 30, 58.
-permeability of 34.
-physical matter 30, 34.
-transmitter of electric vibrations 34.
Ether, planetary, interpenetrates physical atoms 58.
-imparts vitality to dense forms 30.
Etheric body see Vital Body.
Etheric region, extends beyond earth 53, 179.
-fluidic stratum of, earth corresponds to 503.
-physical but invisible 34.
-reflection of world of life spirit 51, 397.
-unexplored by material science 34.
-unrolling of life panorama in 102.
-vital body of a planet 59.
Ethers, four in man 59.
-supply vital forces 35, 39.
Ethers four, see also Chemical ether, Life ether, Light ether, and Reflecting ether.
Evening Exercises 697.
Ever-existing essence 322.
Everlasting salvation or damnation 151, 229.
Evil, destruction of 43.
-first among Lemurians 280.
-obliterated by good 111.
-tending towards good 42.
-transmuted to good 282.
Evolution, and birth and death 401.
-and caduceus 412.
-and end of races 289, 291, 341.
-and fall of man 190, 363.
-Ariadne's thread 201.
-comprehension of, elevates mind 202.
-deals with qualified and unqualified 224.
-depends on soul growth 425.
-end of, gaining experience 158.
-end of human, is godhood 185.
-epigenesis, backbone of 135.
-exactness of 166.
-four stages of 416.
-hastened by Christ's advent 407-408.
-history of spirit's progression in time 151.
-impulse of, toward perfection 401.
-Initiation hastens 526-527.
-involution and epigenesis 336-344.
-man's began after expulsion from Mars 263.
-method of man's 87-146.
-never repeats 135, 227.
-now most critical 231, 401.
-of earth 261-307.
-of life waves 184.
-of lower organisms 416.
-of man and planet 404.
-of man only on earth 275.
-of scientist, form side only 185, 342.
-path of 151, 194-200, 227.
-period following involution 185, 201.
-period of gaining omniscience 185.
-power developed by 415.
-prevents degeneration 344.
-progress or retrogression 341.
-purpose of 201, 282, 338.
-rendered original 185.
-revolutions and cosmic nights 195-200.
-scheme of 183-192, 245.
-seven stages of 188-192, 411.
-speed and adaptability 223.
-stage of, in man's bodies 77.
-stage indicated by perfection of skeleton 456.
-steps of, passed by embryo 344.
-well ordered gradual process 184, 226, 267.
-wine a factor in 165-172.
Evolutions of future 200.
-adjustment of visual focus in evolution 81.
-apparent contradiction of Christ's words and woman cleaning house 387-388.
-astronomer and refractory telescope 394, 399.
-astronomer's experiment and need of God 323.
-Australian aborigines, a dying race 290.
-blind man denies light 24.
-body in childhood and old age 44, 445.
-Boston physician weighs vital body 99.
-chaos and body decay 208.
-Christ and dog's carcass 44.
-concretion of man's bodies and snail's shell 73.
-control of church by state 386-387.
-demolition of buildings and Universal Brotherhood 355.
-desire body likened to part of egg 67, 243.
-divine and human principles like color 253.
-dulling of consciousness like donning gloves 80.
-experiments in living and inventor's machine 33.
-experiments of science with gastric juices 237-238.
-group spirit and manipulation of unseen fingers 78.
-hate succumbing to love 419.
-hatching of egg and crystallization of spirit 248.
-heredity and carpenter's building 138.
-ice crystals and etheric matrix 137.
-lines of force and interpenetrating worlds 27.
-man with spiritual sight and babe learning to see 41.
-mature destiny and paying debts 161.
-necessity for creator as for typesetter 129.
-occult and modern science, a comparison 499.
-of density, aluminum and mercury 233.
-of plantlike animals 234-235.
-pain, a hot stove 131.
-past life remembered by a child 172-174.
-personality reflection of ego as water image 266.
-plate, powder, and violin bow produce geometrical figures 369.
-power of concentration of Indian fakirs 488.
-rapid vibrations of sun and early maturity in tropics 265.
-reality of the higher worlds and architect's plan, etc. 28.
-religion of the Father and facets of diamond 436.
-rhythmic vibration and walls of Jericho 122.
-rich grain of experience in life of cur 431, 432.
-rudimentary sight organs of Lemurian and animals born with eyes closed 276.
-scientist's experiment and God as first cause 323.
-seed atoms and magnetic attraction 133.
-seven occult schools and spectrum 439.
-snail illustrates relation of force and matter 121.
-spirit buried in matter as seed in soil 87.
-spirit working in matter and power-drill 244.
-spiritual cause knocks man down 125.
sponge, sand, and water and interpenetrating worlds 53.
-story of young man seeking wisdom 21.
-sympathy for sick dog, shows operating laws 46.
-telegraph and operation of vital fluids 63.
-tools of artisan and vehicles of ego 430.
-tuning forks and power of sound vibrations 369.
-unconscious body building and intra-uterine development 261.
-vicarious atonement and drowning man refusing help 402.
-world soul and cross 86.
-young cling to life as seed to unripe fruit 103.
Excretion by chemical ether 35.
-adoration 495-497.
-concentration 486-489.
-contemplation 494.
-discrimination 493.
-meditation 489-492.
-observation 492.
-retrospection 111.
Experiment, necessity for 33, 426.
Experience, acquisition of 158, 432.
-and development of will 131.
-conscious soul grows by 424.
-dependent on forces of Desire World 39.
-hard, value of 392, 431.
-knowledge of, effects which follow causes 131.
-without memory useless 424.
-works on vital body 434.
Eye, built by light ether 36, 276.
-evolved in Atlantis 276.
-for an eye 384.
Eye, third, the pineal gland 262.
-window of the soul 173.
Eyes were opened 190, 283, 337, 361-362, 465.
-city life hard on 492.

- F -
Faculties brought over from past 132.
-lost by admixture of strange blood 357-358.
-of occult scientist 34.
Failure, ceasing to try 408.
Failures, stragglers differentiated from 264.
-have opportunities in later scheme 501.
Faith, advantages of, in medicine 63.
Faith, childlike, advantage of 5.
Fall of man, doctrine of 360-364.
-a temporary state 282.
-gave consciousness of death and pain 362.
Family, integrity of, fostered by spirit of 353.
Family names, much honored 351.
Family spirit, lives in hemoglobin of blood 354.
Family spirits liberation from 351.
Fate, ripe, cannot be avoided 136, 163.
Father differs from other two of Trinity 179.
-highest Initiate of Saturn Period 376, 377.
Father, religion of, for future 435.
-not of earth 435.
-to eliminate separateness 435.
-to spiritualize dense body 435.
Fauna, changes in archetype of 49.
-worked upon by man 125.
Fear of God, origin of 310, 371, 395.
Feeling, action in Desire World 46.
-archetype of, exists in aerial region 50.
-aroused by torture 279.
-creates interest or indifference 45.
-deepened by purgatorial suffering 109.
-distinct from motor response 32.
-earth has 505-506.
-evolved by Rmoahals 294.
-emotional soul grows by 424.
-expression of self-consciousness 32
-importance of 109.
-is "still small voice" 109.
-mathematics liberates from 203.
-sensatory, localized in pineal gland 262.
-separate desire body for true expression of 57.
-region of 45-47.
Fertilization depends on seed atom 137, 461.
-prevented by group spirit 137, 461.
Fetus, human, bi-sexual at first 347.
-formation of 441, 442.
Fiery nebula is spirit 249.
Fire, divine origin of 304.
First Heaven, see Heaven, first.
Fission, reproductive method in Polaria and Hyperborea 262-263.
Five dark globes 208.
Flame, Lords of, see Lords of Flame.
Flesh-eater, must replenish body cells more often than fruitarian 459.
Flesh food see also Food.
Flood, destroyed Atlantis 304.
Flora, changes in archetypes of 49.
-worked upon by man 125.
Flowers, suitable subject of concentration 487.
-plucking of, gives pleasure to Earth Spirit 65, 505.
Fluid, solar 10, 62.
Food as factor in involution 166.
-assimilation of 457-460.
-chemical, of future 458, 454.
-chocolate, importance of 452.
-cocoa, undesirable 452.
-earthy matter in 444.
-flesh food, inferior nutritive value of 458, 459.
-importance of sugar 447.
-individual needs of 84, 448.
-influence upon various epochs 165-168.
-life in every particle 457.
-nutritive value of 450, 451.
-of future made in laboratories 458.
-phosphorous valuable as 452.
-plant, seed, and eggs 461.
-pure, envelopes vital and desire bodies with purer substance 440-441.
-table of food values 450.
-wine as 168.
Food, see also Nutrition.
Force, chemical, moves matter 121.
-dual creative 324.
-related to matter 120.
-uncrystallized spirit 120, 127.
-within, altruistic 386.
-within, genius 185.
Force, vital, see Vital force.
Forces, archetypal, work on matter 49, 51.
-negative in children and mediums 140-141.
-of attraction and repulsion 42-47.
-of nature great intelligences 49.
-only two active in formation of universe 324.
-positive, manipulate individual vehicles 141.
-transference of, on period globes 198.
Forgiveness of sin compatible with law 373.
-doctrine of 91, 111, 373.
-eradicates memory of sin 91.
-obtained by prayer 463.
-shortens purgatory 111.
-through retrospection 111.
Form, archetypes of 123.
-basic substance of 30.
-built by Jehovah 334, 348.
-built by tone 123.
-built for purpose 235, 255.
-crystallized thought 72.
-crystallizes around negative pole of spirit 186.
-crystallizes when life goes 504.
-death and decay of 19, 31.
-destroyed by strange blood 357.
-devoid of feeling 31.
-evolution of 31, 289, 337, 341, 343, 416.
-expression of one life 31.
-first chapter of Genesis deals with 336.
-forces of, stored in earth's strata 511.
-independent of life 31.
-man's creations confined to 426-427.
-man's future 255.
-merges into life in chaos 247.
-multiplicity of 31, 511.
-mutability of, in Desire World 40.
-negative pole of spirit 186, 247.
-origin of 504.
-perpetually dissolves into space 249.
-physical, composed of chemical material 48.
-physical degeneration of, due to stragglers 289, 342.
-physical, endowed with life by etheric forces 48.
-physical, fashioned by archetype 49, 50.
-related to life and consciousness 223, 416.
-transformed into force 511.
Form, Lords of, see Lords of Form.
Formula, separate ethers 482.
Fossils, stragglers from vegetables 343.
Fourfold, steps to God 302-303.
Four Kingdoms 16, 56, 86.
-assimilation in 458.
-consciousness of 458.
-degeneration from 342.
-desire body in 65, 235.
-forms of 31.
-made of chemical matter 31, 298.
-man compared with 56.
-progress in 226.
-remain confined to own life waves 342.
-symbolized by cross 85.
-vital body in 58.
Freedom, industrial, yet to be gained 436.
Free will, bought with pain and death 288, 363.
-consists in making new causes 135.
-develops with evolution 83.
-given in all acts 110, 130, 163.
-given to original Semites 303.
Fruit, forbidden, symbol of generative act 362.
-nutritive value of 446, 448, 452, 458-460.
Fruit trees, pioneers of Moon Period 342.
Fungi, and Moon Period plants 227.

- G -
Gas, mineral composition of 166.
-original meaning of term 250.
Gastric juices, operation of 237.
-selected by ego 237.
-various kinds of 237.
Geology, deals only with first stratum of earth 503.
Generation, present mode of, to be superseded 538.
Genesis, Book of, and nebular theory 322.
-occult significance of 317-364.
-two creation stories 336, 344.
Genesis, Book of, see also Bible.
Genius, appears in all kingdoms 252.
-born ahead of schedule 161.
-cause of epigenesis 185, 252.
-developed by hard work 155.
-evidence of rebirth 155.
-fashions vehicles pre-natally 138.
-force within 185.
-hall mark of advanced soul 155.
-in future common possession of all 155.
-manifests as epigenesis 185.
-reconciled to heredity 155, 161.
Genius, see also Epigenesis.
Germain, Saint, see Saint-Germain.
Germs, expelled by vital body 63.
Giant fern-forests of Lemuria 275.
Giants, traditions of 142.
Giants, in days of Lemuria and Atlantis 275, 292.
Gills, man once possessed organs similar to 346.
Gimle, regenerated earth of Norse mythology 383.
Ginnungagap, the Norse Chaos 247.
Giving, the ethics of 114.
Glands, acquired by man in Sun Period 211.
-ductless, little known concerning 473.
-expression of vital body 395, 455.
Globes, five dark 208, 528.
-and corresponding periods 245.
-densest is chaos 528.
-Earth, densest of 233.
-passage of life wave through 196-200, 245.
-we inhabit during cosmic nights 528.
Globes, seven, evolution and involution in 195.
-dissolution of 200.
-evolutionary impulses travel through 195-200.
-fields of evolution 264.
-interpenetration of 195.
-passage of life wave through 196-200.
Gobi Desert 301, 310.
God, aggregate of hierarchies 183, 253, 325.
-and creation of solar system 187.
-architect of solar system 177, 180.
-ascription of numbers to 253.
-collectively the planetary spirits 253.
-co-workers of 325.
-differentiated from Trinity 179.
-distinguished from Supreme Being 179.
-dual in manifestation 325.
-dwells in highest world 182.
-Elder Brother mediators of 327.
-expression of Absolute Spirit 186.
-in whom we live 87, 179.
-logically necessary 129, 323.
-love of, to awaken altruism 371.
-man exists in 179.
-merges into Absolute 200.
-mysteries of, open to man 154.
-only object of man's worship 302.
-powers of, in man 430.
-relation of, to man 177-182.
-sun visible symbol of 181.
-symbolized by nature 129.
-temple of, within man 171.
-those born of 538.
-three attributes of 323.
-tribal, work of 372.
-various stages in worship 302, 371.
-within man as ego 171.
-word of 374.
God, see also Father, Son, Jehovah.
God, World of, ninth stratum of earth corresponds to 507.
Gods, we are 171.
Golgotha, mystery of 374, 400-406.
Good, spirit's assimilation of 47, 95, 123.
-in everything, our aim to seek 493.
Good and Evil, comprehension of, necessary 282.
-distinguished by man 287, 465.
-in Jupiter Period 418.
-Lemurian's conception of 280.
Governments, inevitable changes of 437.
Grail Cup 409.
-search for 114, 115.
Grail Knight Initiates helped by Jesus 409.
Grape juice, wonderful solvent 448.
Gratitude, important factor in soul growth 114.
Great silence 122.
Grief, effect of 109.
Group Spirit, one common, before Jehovah 351.
Group Spirits, archangels are 349.
-cause reproduction 357.
-cause similarity of appearance 71.
-contrasted with ego 74, 78, 82, 350.
-control rebirth of animals 357.
-crystallize bodies from themselves 72.
-currents of encircle Earth 86.
-denizens of Desire World 74, 78, 82, 350.
-direct desire currents inward 69.
-ego must free itself from 82.
-evolutionary progress of 82.
-influence their charges from without 72.
-ingenuity of 78.
-instinct from 78.
-lowest vehicle in Desire World 74.
-of animals 81-85, 158, 350.
-of trees 494-495.
-oppose marriage into other species 356.
-promptings of 78.
-similar to Jehovistic rule 349.
-suffer when charges suffer 78.
-unwilling to relinquish hold on blood 356.
-vehicles of aggregation of virgin spirits 82.
-work through blood 350.
Group Spirits, of plants, currents of flow from earth's center 85.
lowest vehicle in region of Concrete Thought 74.
Group Spirits of minerals, lowest vehicle in Region of Abstract Thought 74.
Growth, spiritual 431.
Guardian angels 352.
Gypsies, clairvoyance of 354.

- H -
Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich, correct theories of 339.
-evolutionary theory of 343.
Haemolysis, spiritual effects of 353.
-produced by international marriage 358.
-result of in lower animals 355, 357.
Hand of God, Law of Consequence 507.
Hands, of musician 126.
-value of 57, 80.
Hair, of Atlantean and Aryan 292.
Half-steps, transitional states 227, 234.
Happiness, and sheltered environment 431.
Head of animals not concentric 77.
Healing, faith a factor in 63.
Health, action of vital body in 63.
-milk as a factor 447.
-not to be judged always by appearance 449.
Heart and mind, contention of 17, 393.
-all blood in every cycle passes through 397-398.
-anomaly of 393-400.
-becoming voluntary muscle 399, 473.
-cross-stripes of 396, 399-400.
-education of 393, 530.
-home of altruistic love 398.
-impulses of 398.
-involuntary muscle in ordinary person 396.
-muscles of 396.
-perfect construction of 77.
-secondary vantage of life spirit 397.
-seed atom of dense body in 97, 396, 398.
-sex currents flow through 477.
-silver cord fastened to 98.
-stopping, caused by rupture of seed atom 98.
-the thought that a man thinks in his 398.
-union with mind 18.
Heathen, conversion of 163.
Heaven, consciousness of, lost 359.
-eternal, would have no "raison d'etre" 133.
Heaven, first, earned by good action 114, 116.
-in higher Desire World 118.
-music of 119.
-place of unalloyed joy 116.
-training school 118.
-waiting place for children 117.
-world of color 119.
Heaven, new, to be realized 311.
-activities of 121-129.
-assimilation of soul power in 123.
-desire body discarded on entering 122.
-good of past life assimilated in 116, 124.
-Great Silence upon entering 122.
-in Region of Concrete Thought 22.
-man alters earth in 125.
-man learns to build new body 126, 340.
-preparing new earthly environment in 124-128.
-real home of thinker 124.
Heaven, Second, realm of tone 119, 123.
Heaven, Third, ego enters without mind sheath 129.
-ego enters without mind sheath 129.
-harmony of 129.
-highest division of tone world 119.
-in Region of Abstract Thought 146.
-panorama of coming life seen in 129.
-thought and feeling built into ego in 146.
Hebrew alphabet, significance of 500.
-language, old style 318.
-words and vowel points 321.
Help given to man by leaders 433, 437.
Helpers of humanity, the self-sufficient 358.
Helps, three, given to man 433, 437.
Herculaneum and Pompeii, destruction of 510.
Heredity Succession, in Atlantis 295-296.
Heredity the effect, consequence the cause 157.
-hard to counteract 138.
-unable to account for genius 155.
-usually law of attraction 156.
Hermaphrodite of Lemuria 268.
Hermes, see Mercury.
Hermetic axiom 183, 410, 412, 523.
Hidden meaning in Christ's teachings 320.
Hierarchies, creative, aid man during Saturn Period 206.
-aid man in heaven 126.
-composed group spirit of humanity 351.
-composite being 325.
-co-workers with God 325.
-Elohim of the Bible 325.
-five have withdrawn 220, 522.
-have left humanity to care of Elder Brothers 327.
-have withdrawn from creation 327.
-included in God's own being 183.
-man contacts during involution 526.
-most active between revolutions and periods 207.
-of various cosmic planes 182.
-seven still active 522.
-status of 325.
-symbolized by Rose Cross 522.
-two nameless 220-221, 326.
-twelve 221.
-work of 326.
Hierarchies, see also Elohim, and diagram 9.
Hierophants, aim to teach man self-mastery 273.
-initiate at holy night 391.
-initiated the chosen few 390, 404, 481.
-in past chose families 404.
-of lesser mysteries, Elder Brothers are 520.
Higher life, worldly obligations to be met before seeking 469, 470-471.
Higher self, union with 432, 437.
Higher Vehicles, see Vehicles Higher.
-must shine to attract teacher 525.
Hindu exercises 437.
Hindu race bodies 437.
Holy Night, night of Initiation 390.
Holy of Holies 293.
Holy Spirit, see Jehovah.
Homesickness from race spirit 351.
Honeymoon relic of Moon Period 219.
Hope being destroyed 517.
Horoscope, accidents foreshown by 162.
Horse, projection of bodies of 77.
Human spirit, awakened by Seraphim 215.
-in charge of Lords of Form 220.
-in pineal gland and brain and cerebro-spinal nervous system 397.
-linked to divine spirit 216.
-linked to life spirit 215.
-most prominent in Jupiter Period 423.
-reflected in desire body 206.
-third aspect of spirit 215.
-to be absorbed by divine spirit 428.
-vivified by Lords of Form 265.
Humanity, acquired free will 288, 363.
-acquired language 278.
-aided by Venus and Mercury 271.
-becoming expert body builders in chemical matter 222.
-bodies of, slowly purified 437.
-conduct of reflected in earth strata 506.
-creative Hierarchies 423.
-desire bodies of, purer since crucifixion 408.
-development of, and Initiation 416.
-divisible into seven rays 439.
-division of desire body 394.
-Elder Brothers have worked in secret for 529.
-enlightened by Lucifers 287.
-escape from disasters 113.
-first aided by reflected solar forces 403.
-four great steps of 302.
-given freedom under different race religions 383.
-in great need of invisible helpers 496.
-in past governed by group spirit 351.
-in past ignored opportunities 167.
-institute prayer 434.
-leaders of, creative hierarchies 271, 325.
-learns to appreciate unselfish life 392.
-must know good and evil through experience 383.
-never lived on Mercury or Venus 275.
-nine the number of 500.
-past unconsciousness of 185.
-progress through Periods 189-191.
-segregated into races 306, 352, 401.
-separate personality implanted in 243.
-seventh creative hierarchy 326, 327.
-sixteen paths to destruction 306, 401.
-steps of 202.
-still enslaved by race spirit 384.
-three steps of 432.
-three helps given 433.
-to form spiritual fellowship 305, 312.
-unconsciously directed 436.
-will be saved as a whole 501.
-works with mineral life wave 427-428.
Humanity, see also Man, Races.
Hybrid, sterility of 357.
Hygiene, effect on vital and desire bodies 440-441.
Hyperborean Epoch, land of fire and crust islands 262, 331.
-Lords of Form (with Angels) clothe man with vital body in 262, 263.
-man sustained by solar forces 269.
Hyperborean Epoch (Second Epoch) 165.
Hyperborea, Cain symbolizes man of 166.
-described by Genesis 330.
-ethereal plant forms solidified by heat 331.
-land of fire and crust islands 331.
-man given vital body 165.
-man of, agriculturalist 166.
-man of, functioned in vital body 166.
-man of, had dreamless sleep consciousness 263.
-man of, hermaphrodite 268.
-man plant-like in 165, 263.
-one language in 433.
-planets thrown off from Sun during 263.
-propagation during 263.
Hypnotism, injurious effect on vital body 62.
-formerly "mesmerism" 512.

- I -
"I Am" (the Ego) was before bodies 352.
Ibbetson, Peter, story of, and dreaming true 526.
Ice crystals, formation 27.
Ideals, higher, result of allying mind to higher self 465.
Ideals in concentration 486.
Ideals, low, caused by mind, united to desire nature 465.
Ideas become thought forms 49.
-future evolution of 417-418.
Illusion of separateness 217, 401.
Imagination, builds new body within womb 284.
-cultivation of true 488.
-cultivation of, in Lemuria 281.
-female power from Moon force 267.
-force first manifests as 324.
-importance of 425.
-in future to direct creation 425.
-process of image making 353.
-requires concentration 486.
Imbecile wastes sex force that builds brain 467.
Immaculate conception 278, 378.
Immortality of body 363.
Impressionability, region of 44.
Inbreathing 350.
Inbreeding and pictures in blood 353-354, 397.
-involuntary clairvoyance retained by 471.
Incarnation, object of 158.
India, people of 167.
-caste system crumbling in 436.
-division of life, certain tribes of 470.
-fakirs of, and growing plant illusion 488.
-people of, neglect material development 470.
Indian, American, body of 290.
Indifference and interest 45.
-obscures truth 203.
-withering power of 46, 90.
Individual, birth of 266-67.
-expresses through iron in blood 268, 274.
Individualism, evils of, apparent as civilization advances 393.
-help needed by all during stage of 401.
Individuality of children 143.
-of man and animals compared 71.
-taught by Christ 352.
Individuality, Lords of, see Lords of Individuality.
-separate, acquired by Semites 355.
-without separateness 435-436.
Indwelling spirit at root of nose 293, 478.
Indwelling spirit, see also Ego.
Inertia is damnation 229.
Initiate builds own body 128, 138.
-does not save himself 476.
-gains knowledge of Earth Period 502, 526.
-makes Philosopher's Stone 519.
-of Aryan Epoch 304.
-of Venus Period 502.
-sees earth strata 499.
-Torah written for 321.
-vows of 414, 467, 476.
Initiates, Goethe 145.
-have taken place of messengers of Gods 272, 304.
-of Aryan Epoch 304.
-of middle ages 409.
-of three previous Periods 376.
-test of all real 68, 400.
Initiation and bridge to inner worlds 479.
-and Christ Star 391.
-and future development 411-429.
-and seven days of creation 411.
-before Christ for chosen few only 390, 404-405, 407.
-by Lords of Mercury 271-275.
-cannot be accomplished until work on vital body is begun 404.
-consciousness obtained by 417-421.
-culmination of prolonged spiritual endeavor 525.
-desire body awakened by 405.
-effect of, upon vital body 381, 404, 482.
-expansion of consciousness through 417-420.
-first great 502.
-higher life or 404.
-Holy Night 391.
-Jesus' body attuned by 381.
-knowledge of various degrees 526.
-lesser, given by Lemurians 413.
-mystic term of 169.
-not given prior to Mars half of Earth Period 413.
-object of 381.
-of Atlantean kings 297.
-of Rose Cross 519.
-opened to all 401, 405, 482.
-path of 412, 414.
-preparation for, aided by mathematics 203.
-probation necessary preliminary to 478, 479.
-puts candidates in touch with creative Hierarchies 526.
-separates ethers 482.
-strict celibacy not required in 472, 539.
-symbol of 519.
-teaches man to leave body 274.
-ultimate achievement of all 414.
Vulcan 502.
Initiations, earlier 381.
-four Great 416, 502.
-give initiate access to earth strata 500.
-neophyte reviews consciously past evolutionary stages in 500.
-nine lesser 416, 500, 516.
-of Aryan Epoch 304.
-results of 414.
-symbolizes Christ and apostles 502.
-thirteen 414, 416, 501, 502.
Initiator helps candidate free vital body from dense body 241.
-shows candidate how to awaken conserved forces 525.
Inner perception in Atlantis 293.
Innocence distinguished from virtue 282.
Instinct compared to wisdom of man 79, 80.
-in Atlantis, educators appeal to 296.
-promptings of group spirit 78.
Intellect, unselfishly used 363.
-demands knowledge of world mystery 439.
-in abstract, sees beauty of loving one's enemies 384.
-misuse of, dangerous 530.
-Rosicrucian teachings appeal to 521.
Intellectual Soul adds power to life spirit 96.
-creates sympathy and antipathy 424.
-links experience 424.
-mediates between conscious and emotional souls 424.
-product of vital body 482.
-to be absorbed by life spirit 425.
Intensity of purpose prerequisite to first-hand knowledge 21.
Interest and Indifference 45, 89.
-obscure truth 203.
Intermarriage 352.
International Marriages, see Marriage.
Interpenetration of worlds 58.
Interplanetary space pervaded by life spirit 55.
Intra-uterine development, recapitulates evolution 255, 343-344.
Intuition, development of 92.
-impressions of, superconscious memory 92.
-in woman 92.
-true wisdom 398.
Inventors and faculty of imagination 425-426, 486.
Invisible Helpers, great need for 496.
Invisible Playmates 140.
Involution and Caduceus 412.
-belongs to life side 186.
-creative Hierarchies assist man during 423.
-devoted to attaining self-consciousness 185.
-evolution, and epigenesis 336-344.
-on different globes 195.
-period of time given to building vehicles 185, 425.
-spirit's descent into matter 266.
-unconscious development of man during 185, 201.
Iron basis of separate consciousness 268.
-essential to warm blood 268.
-Influence of Mars upon 268, 274.
-polarized by Mars 274.
Isis, veil of 293.
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Re: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel

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- J -
Jehovah, aided by archangels 404.
-assumed control of bodies 346.
-author of race religions 334, 380, 383, 433 435.
-blew breath into man's nostrils 345, 350.
-builder of form 334, 346, 348.
-concerned with Jews 334.
-creative energy in nature 468.
-did not put a curse on man 362, 278.
-did not lead Jews out of Egypt 325.
-directed formation of skeleton 346.
-directs angels 277, 334, 352.
-divides mankind into races 347, 352.
-giver of children 334.
-gives to every ego an angel 352.
-gives to every race an archangel 352.
-has dominion over form 348.
-has special care of seed races 334.
-highest Initiate of Moon Period 376.
-instituted law 395.
-languages expressions of 433.
-leader of angels 333.
-leader of Semites 334.
-lowest vehicle of, human spirit 380, 404.
-mission of 333, 336.
-Most High 348.
-nature of prayers to 434.
-pits fear of God against desire 395.
-put mankind to sleep during parturition 360.
-Race God 348, 433.
-reached man through air 380.
-regent of Moon 333.
-regime of, followed common group spirit 351.
-separated sexes 346, 347.
-unable to work through brain 361.
-union with 433.
-unity impossible under 380.
-works in desire body 395, 404.
Jehovah, religions of, see Race Religions.
Jericho, falling of walls of 122.
Jesus and Christ Jesus 374-383.
-belongs to our humanity 378.
-body of, attuned to Christ vibration 382.
-body of, best of earthly vehicles 378.
-body of, treated by Essenes 382.
-born at time stated 379.
-born into passionless body 378.
-consented to surrender of vehicles 382.
-disciple of high degree 381.
-distinguished from Christ 378.
-educated by Essenes 379.
-evolved body to highest efficiency 378.
-gathered new vital body 408.
-gave lower vehicle to Christ 381.
-guides esoteric organizations 409.
-had pure mind 378.
-had trod the path for ages 378.
-immaculate conception of 378.
-knew his destiny 382.
-not Egyptian Initiate 379.
-seed atom of physical body of, returned after crucifixion 408.
-record of incarnations of, Memory of Nature 378.
-taught disciples after crucifixion 409.
-"the only begotten Son of God" three distinct Beings 374.
-worked upon Initiates of middle ages 409.
Jesus Christ, see Christ Jesus.
Jesus of Egyptian Initiation 379.
Jews aided by America 315.
-American born most progressive 315.
-and mission of Christ 313.
-Archangel Michael, race spirit of 334, 405.
-as Abraham's seed 352.
-cunning, mental trait 310.
-Jehovah concerned with 334.
-lost tribes of 310, 314, 335.
-not led out of Egypt 335.
-of pre-Christian era 351.
-pride of race crystallizes 306, 312-313.
-prohibited from eating blood 349.
-rebellion of 310.
-rejection of Christ caused dispersion 314.
-wandering in wilderness 335.
John and Elijah 169, 405.
John, St., symbolizes the Venus Initiation 502.
Joseph, high Initiate 378.
Judas Iscariot 502.
Juices in vegetables 37.
Jupiter field of evolution for advanced beings 259.
-and its "eighth sphere" moon 259.
-retains heat 258.
-third planet thrown off sun 258.
Jupiter Period, deception impossible in 70,418.
-divine spirit absorbs conscious soul in 425.
-divine spirit absorbs human spirit 428.
-earth will become etheric in 199.
-five elements 234.
-forces of dense body added to vital body 422.
-first Great Initiation gives key to 502.
-globes of, like Moon Period 199.
-good and evil segregated in 418.
-humanity of the animals 70, 342.
-human spirit most prominent in 423.
-humanity of purer type 70.
-lowest globe in etheric region 422.
-man able to work with plants 299, 428.
-man becomes highly creative in 427, 428.
-man first works with life in 298, 427, 428.
-man's accurate mental conceptions in 418, 419.
-mind vivified 422, 427.
-picture consciousness 418.
-superphysical beings at man's service in 419.
-thoughts seen in 418.
-vital body densest vehicle in 240, 242.
-vital body reaches perfection 422.
Jupiter Revolution (fifth) of Earth Period, critical point of 229, 231, 235.
Juvenile court 385.

- K -
Karma, see Consequence, law of.
Kathopanishad does not teach human rebirth in animal or plant bodies 158.
Key to Bible 319.
Keynote 123, 368-370.
Killing to eat 458-462.
Kingdom, animal, pioneers of 234.
Kingdom of God and little child 5.
Kingdom, mineral, see Mineral.
Kingdoms, four, see Four kingdoms.
King James version of Bible 318, 326.
Kings by grace of God 273, 297.
Knights of Grail, under Jesus 409.
Knights of Round Table 409.
Knowledge, first-hand 21, 430, 497, 528.
-from concentrated thought 487.
-higher, open to seeker 401.
-of cause 84.
-of cosmogony 191.
-of self to be regained 537.
-prerequisite of judgment 7.
-superphysical, result of training 25, 41, 480.
-Tree of 278, 362-363.
Krishna, Shri, sayings of 406.

- L -
Labor, distribution of products of 393.
Lamentation, injurious effect of, on dying 101, 118.
Land, Promised 310, 335.
-our present Earth 310.
Languages, all, spoken by Initiate 433.
-desire body gives ability for 433.
-holiness of 295.
-one only in future 433.
-purpose of 295.
Larynx, built by creative force 269.
-built when body was baglike 269.
-horizontal, under group spirit 236.
-originally part of creative organs 269, 536.
-required by ego 86, 236.
-reproduction from in future 363, 425.
-to speak creative word 363, 425, 537.
-rose in place of 538.
-traversed by currents in aspirant 477.
-vertical, essential for speech 86, 236.
-vertical man's high achievement 236.
Law, all sinned under 383, 407.
-first, of occult science 460.
-must be superseded by love 384.
-purpose in establishment of 309, 310.
-race religions based on 380, 383, 386, 392.
-same, governs world, man, and atom 410.
Law of attraction 46.
Law of Consequence, see Consequence, law of.
-before Christ, humanity's debt under 407.
Law of Cosmos, as to vehicles 379.
Law of Rebirth, see, Rebirth, law of.
Laws, each world has its own 29.
Laws of nature, great intelligences 49.
-reflecting man's morals Rosicrucians 506-507.
Lay Brothers, not Rosicrucians 528.
-leave bodies consciously 523.
-pupils of Elder Brothers 523.
Legend of Light Elves and Night Elves 418-419.
Lemniscate of Caduceus 413.
-currents of Earth Spirit 507, 509.
-currents of ninth stratum 503.
-currents of unused sex force 173.
Lemurian continent destroyed by volcanic cataclysms 291.
Lemurian Epoch 265-275, 331, 332.
-Abel type of man of 166.
-atmosphere of 275.
-beings who worked in 265.
-consciousness of body 283.
-death first recognized 283, 362.
-desire body added 165.
-consciousness of body 283, 287.
-desire body divided 394.
-desire world real to man 287.
-earth's crust molten 275.
-fifth day of Bible 331.
-man involuntarily clairvoyant in 241.
-man's food, milk and plants 166.
-milk as food in 166.
-Moon thrown off from earth 264, 331.
-red blood developed 269.
-schools of Initiation 272, 281.
-science and art taught in 281.
-separation of sexes 267-268, 346.
-soft skeleton formed 346.
-spoken word creative 363-364.
-(Third Epoch) 165.
Lemurian Race, acquired upright walk 269.
-animal-like 165, 289.
-birth and death unnoticed by 277.
-bodies of plastic 275.
-could hear and feel at birth 276.
-could not see physical world 287.
-descendants of 289, 304.
-developed magic of best kind 281.
-education of 278-281.
-enlightened by Lucifers 287, 288.
-formulated idea of good and evil 280.
-given germ of mind 265.
-had inner perception 277, 283, 287.
-had sensitive spots for eyes 276.
-inspired by feelings 295.
-language of 276, 278.
-lived in latter part of Lemurian Epoch 275.
-lived upon islands 275.
-memory developed 279, 281.
-not distinct until end of epoch 271.
-parturition painless 277.
-perceived light inwardly 276.
-physical consciousness produced by pain 277,279.
-propagation directed by angels 277.
-seed for Atlantean races 289.
-spiritual perception due to purity 282.
-unconscious of body 277.
-word of power 278.
Lens, mind corresponds to 52, 426.
Lesser Mysteries, seven schools of 523.
-open to man in Mercury half 413.
Levitation, forms subject to, in Desire World 29.
Liberator 523, 529.
Life, and form in Bible stories 336, 344.
-breathing things 331.
-creation of, beyond man's present power 427.
-cycle of 146.
-distinction emphasized 289.
-ensouling animals 224.
-ensouling man 73, 205.
-ensouling mineral 232.
-ensouling plants 226.
-ensouling tree 495.
-excellent division of 470.
-existence of, in intangible state 210, 248.
-experiences feeling 32.
-four streams of 31.
-Hebrew Nephesh 332, 345.
-in every particle of food 457.
-in first heaven 113.
-in four kingdoms 85.
-in purgatory 96-112.
-in second heaven 121-129.
-in third heaven 129-133.
-limited by form 210, 247.
-merges into form 247.
-need for higher 469, 481.
-not in many foods as germ 461.
-of God in everything 495.
-positive pole of spirit 247.
-prevalent theories of 148.
-primordial fount of, in earth's seed stratum 504.
-problem of 19.
-proceeded form 223.
-purpose of 131.
-related to form 223.
-school of experience 132.
-second chapter of Genesis deals with 336.
-seven rays are streams of 246.
-successful 431.
-taking for food 446, 460.
-tree of 363.
-uncreated 332, 504.
-value of, lessened by conditions at death 101.
Life, ether, avenue of procreation 36.
-polarity of determines sex 36.
-positive and negative 36.
-ripens with birth of desire body 143.
Life force inward and outward manifestation of 337.
Life, higher, requirements 469.
-evolving, improves vehicles 338-340.
Life panorama, see Panorama of life.
Life, sentient, requires desire body 57.
Life Spirit, awakened in Sun Period 212, 225.
-cared for by Lords of Individuality 220.
-Christ's ordinary vehicle 376.
-contains true memory of nature 398.
-differentiation ceases in 378.
-interpenetration all planets 216.
-linked to divine spirit 212.
-linked to human spirit 215.
-most active in Venus Period 423.
-perception of, in world of 398.
-receives physical world pictures through reflecting ether 398.
-reflected in vital body 266.
-related to blood 397.
-seat of, in pituitary body and heart 397.
-sixth stratum of earth corresponds to 506.
-spirit of love 399.
-substance of, second veil of spirit 216.
-to be absorbed by divine spirit 428.
-to control blood circulation 399.
-to control brain areas 399.
-world of, reflected in etheric region 51, 397.
Life waves.
-angels 222, 349, 376, 427.
-animals 70, 224.
-archangels 22, 349, 376, 427.
-four 74, 75.
-Lords of Mind 222, 376, 427.
-man 205, 426, 428.
-minerals 230, 232.
-must remain in borders 342.
-plants 226.
-reabsorbed by God 200.
-thrown off with earth 264.
Light ether, builds eye 36.
-circulates plant juices 37.
-deposits color 37.
-developed in third septenary period 144.
-generates blood heat 36, 143.
-positive and negative 36.
-sense perception result of 36.
Light existed before creation of luminaries 328.
Lime phosphate, injurious 443.
-not found in urine of children 445.
Link, missing 342.
Liver and red blood in cold blooded animals 69.
-desire body rooted in 68.
-great vortex of desire body 10.
-makes the "liver" 70.
-passing of currents through 69.
-same meaning in different languages 70.
Lives, memory of past 171.
Lives of man on earth 275.
Logic, and semi-circular canals 126.
-best teacher 203, 440, 493.
-developed in Aryan Epoch 309.
-safest guide in all worlds 493.
Logoi, seven great 178, 181.
Longevity, desirable from occult standpoint 444.
Lords of Destiny, see Angels, recording.
Lords of Flame, aid man 216.
-aid man voluntarily 206, 216.
-awakened divine spirit 207, 221, 225.
-brilliant luminosity of 205.
-give germ of dense body 206, 207, 221.
-left our evolution 220-221, 326.
-link human spirit 216.
-most active between Saturn and Sun Periods 207-208.
-reconstruct dense body 211.
-the "Thrones" of Bible 206.
Lords of Form, assisted man in Lemuria 265.
-assisted man in Polaria 262.
-assumed charge of human spirit 220-221.
-did actual work on bodies 220.
-given charge of Earth Period 221, 240, 265.
-reconstruct dense body 240, 242, 265.
-reconstruct vital body 240.
-used evolving life as instrument 220.
-vivify stragglers 265.
Lords of Individuality, give germ of desire body 215.
-given charge of life spirit 220.
-had charge of Moon Period 214.
-reconstruct dense body 214.
-reconstruct vital body 215.
Lords of Mercury, aid man toward self-mastery 273.
-communed with God 272.
-created kings 272.
-initiated humanity 272.
-instruct man in leaving body 274.
-sent to aid humanity 272.
-stragglers 260, 272.
-work on individual 273.
Lords of Mind, become creative 222.
-considered evil 222.
-expert mind builders 222.
-Father, highest initiate of Saturn Period 376.
-give germinal vital body 211, 215, 221.
-human in Saturn Period 376, 427.
-implant separate personality 243, 266.
-work with man 222, 247.
Lords of Venus, leaders of humanity 272.
-messengers of the Gods 272.
-stragglers 260, 272.
-teach sacredness of speech 278.
-withdraw giving free will 301-304.
Lords of Wisdom, give vital body 211, 221.
-given charge of Sun Period 211.
-have charge of divine spirit 220.
-highest hierarchy of Earth Period 220.
-link divine to life spirit 214.
-originate vital body 215.
-reconstruct dense body 211.
Lord's Prayer 435-437, 462-466.
Lost tribes 310, 313, 335.
Lost word, see Creative word.
Love must supersede law 384.
Love, of personalities must be replaced 406.
-to guide reason 311.
Love, universal to be desired by man 464.
-altruistic, increases cross-stripes of heart 396.
-creative soul-force of 285.
-must supersede law 399, 405.
-selfish personal use of 285.
-transmuting hate 419.
Lower will, expression of desire body 394.
Lucifer Spirits, aim to help man to gain knowledge 287.
-are demigods 286.
-bring pain and suffering to man 287.
-enlighten man 287.
-free man from outside influence 287.
-half way between angels and man 286.
-instigate mental activity 288.
-much maligned class 286.
-nature of man's temptations from 287.
-needed physical brain 287.
-result of, temptation 287, 361.
-serpents of Bible 288.
-spoke to woman 361.
-stragglers of angelic host 286-291, 361.
-unable to assume dense body 286.
Lungs, air in, tribal or family spirits work by means of 350.

- M -
Macrocosmic, concrete mind 142, 145.
-desire body prevents excessive growth 140-142.
-vital body, wisdom of 139-141.
Magi, the three, see Wise men.
Magicians of Lemuria 280.
Man, acquired ability to make sound 219.
-activities of Jehovah with 345-347, 352.
-aided by beings from Venus and Mercury 271.
-all four ethers dynamically active in 59.
-and his evolution 87-146.
-and his religion keep equal pace 367.
-and origin of life 504.
-an open book in Jupiter Period 70, 418.
-applies himself to Earth life 167.
-ascends to God in four steps 302-303.
-becomes creator in three worlds 270.
-becomes highly creative in future periods 427.
-Biblical creation of 332.
-body of, once round in shape 257, 536.
-brings disorder into nature 468.
-brotherhood of 355, 385, 393, 399.
-builds body in heaven 128.
-builds form to suit environment 252, 339.
-carnivorous in Atlantis 166.
-compared with other kingdoms 57-60, 71.
-constantly improving vehicles 340.
-constitution of 59, 86, 88, 95.
-created present environment 154.
-creative ability of, limited in Earth Period 426-427.
-cultivation of "self" frees from family and race spirit 358.
-danger of being enslaved by possessions 386.
-develops superphysical faculties by training 440.
-directs force inward to build vehicles 255, 337, 536.
-directs force outward in building environment 337, 536.
-disposition affects length of life 456.
-education of, in Lemuria 279.
-emancipation of, through love 399.
-enlightened by Lucifers 287.
-evolved from unconsciousness 185, 284.
-evolution recapitulated in embryo 255, 343-344.
-expanding consciousness of 414.
-fall of 282-286, 360-364.
-free will gained by 84, 287, 363, 301-303.
-gained death from Lucifers 287.
-gained knowledge by his functions 277, 537
-gaze turned outward 190.
-higher type than angels in human stage 69.
-in animal stage lacked warm red blood 69.
-in Atlantis, not indwelling 534.
-individualization of 355.
-individualized, law unto himself 72.
-inherently a virgin spirit 398.
-initiations of 416.
-inverted plant 86.
-in Moon Period fed by milk of nature 477.
-is an indwelling spirit 367.
-keynote of each 369.
-know thyself 535.
-loses half creative power on gaining brain and larynx 285, 300.
-loses memory of spiritual existence 167.
-loses spiritual sight 167, 287, 300.
-loves and thinks selfishly 285.
-must conquer race religions from within 380.
-must expand consciousness 189.
-must learn by experience 131, 383.
-never inhabited bodies of present animals 341.
-not descended from anthropoid ape 341.
-neglects earth conditions 167.
-never inhabited other planets 275.
-next step in development of 190.
-nine numbers of 500.
-origin of faculties 59-64.
-physical hardening of, through life 442.
-pineal gland first sense organ of 262.
-plantlike condition of 166.
-power of, in Lemuria 278.
-present power of, limited to chemical region 298-299.
-progress of, through seven periods 189, 190.
-relation to anthropoids 342.
-relation to God 177-182.
-represented in symbolism of cross 86, 534, 538.
-response of, to solar and lunar currents 267.
-self-generated when plant-like 535.
-separate personality in Earth Period 243.
-sevenfold constitution of 88.
-seven human principles of 88, 435.
-should follow promptings of heart 398-399.
-sorrowed over loss of inner vision 359.
-started evolution in Saturn Period 205, 427.
-still under race spirit 384.
-tenfold constitution of 95.
-thinks in his heart 398.
-type of, in Atlantis 292.
-two forces work in 288.
-will create by spoken word 364.
Man, see also Humanity, Races, ego vehicles.
Manichees, order of 418.
Manifestation, active, depends upon separateness 247.
-day of 183-184, 190, 244, 388, 411, 495.
-implies limitation 181.
-progress in 249.
-seven great periods of 188.
-various stages of 184.
Mankind, most advanced of, initiated by Mercurians 272.
-help needed during stage of individualism by 401.
-nature forces aroused by anti-spiritual tendencies of 508.
Marriage, chastity of imperative 471.
-honeymoon trips 219.
-in clan commanded by race spirits 353.
-in clan retains pictures in blood 355.
-international 355, 359.
-reproduction the duty of 469.
-tribal 353.
Marrow, necessity for 143, 145.
Mars, action of, in blood 268, 274
-canals of, atmospheric currents 259.
-desire body of, interpenetrates earth 268.
-life on, low development of 259.
-man never lived on 275.
-mystery of 259.
-orbit of, has changed 268.
-polarized iron 268, 274.
-thrown off sun 259.
Mars-Mercury occult name for Earth Period 274, 411.
Mary highest type of purity 378.
Masons, have little of occult 501.
-system of Initiation in past 501.
Masoretic translation of Bible 320.
Mastery of matter, purpose of evolution 201.
Material Science, and story of Atlantis 291.
-attempts of, to "create" life 299.
-doctrine of amphibians of 332.
-efforts of, to discover origin of life 504.
-gradually accepting occult ideas 511.
-plays the part of God 323.
Materialism, causes volcanic disturbances 113, 510.
-age of, dark from spiritual standpoint 529.
-combated by Rosicrucians 113, 518, 529.
-destroys all vehicles 231.
-disease caused by 113.
-effect on post-mortem progress 112, 113, 510-511.
-effects of 409, 511.
-hardening tendencies of 113, 511.
-may cause ego to leave evolution 231.
-of present, alarmed Leaders 113, 518.
-theories of, require a Creator 323.
-theory of death of 149.
-theory of, regarding origin of religion 367.
Materialistic theory 149-150.
Materiality, acme of, has been passed 199, 401.
Materialization 62.
Mathematics, cultivates abstract thought 203.
-liberation gained through 203.
-proficiency in, due to semi-circular canals 126.
-requires space-perception 126.
-study of, advocated by Pythagoras 203.
Matter, all forms of, chemically the same 31.
-crystallized spirit 120, 186, 247.
-densest in Earth Period 199.
-devoid of feeling 31.
-merges into spirit in chaos 247.
-molded by mind 149, 537.
-of Bible 322.
-primordial 375.
-related to spirit 121.
-resolved into spirit 120, 121, 247.
-shuts spirit from consciousness 76, 216.
-spirit's pilgrimage through 87.
-worlds of various states of 29.
Meat, see also Food.
Meditation, an aid in building inner vehicle 489-492.
-deals with form side 494.
-exercise of 489-492.
-history of object traced by 494.
-richness of knowledge gained by 489.
-union of higher and lower natures accomplished by 465.
Mediums, centers of desire body of, revolve counter clock-wise 473.
-have retrograded 241.
-lower vehicles loosely connected 62.
-read reflecting ether 38.
-unreliability of 41, 474.
Mediumship, development of, easy 474.
-produced by looseness in vehicles 62.
Memory, Conscious, promotes growth of Intellectual Soul 96.
-conscious, cultivated by Lemurians 281.
-in Atlantis greater than now 296.
-intellectual soul grows by exercise of 424.
-relates to experiences of this life 91.
-storehouse for thought forms 90.
Memory of nature, exists in three regions 38, 398.
-candidate for initiation watches revolutions and epochs in 525-526.
-explains heart anomaly 396.
-man sees his ancestors in 354.
-thought forms recoverable in 29.
Memory of past life, incident of 171.
Memory, three kinds 91-92.
Memory, sub-conscious, blood the vehicle of 353, 397.
-expunging record from 111.
-impressed on vital body 91, 462-463.
-in patriarchs 354.
-in reflecting ether 101, 526.
-of family history 354.
-of this life 91.
Memory, super-conscious, engraved in life spirit 92.
-impresses reflecting ether of vital body 92.
-not always subject to reason 92.
-of past experience 92.
Menstruation due to positive vital body in woman 60.
Mental consciousness of Earth Period 420.
Mental pictures in blood 353, 354.
Mental types on earth strata 511.
Mercurians work to help man toward Initiation 274.
Mercury (metal), as medicine 274.
-frees ego from dense body 274.
Mercury (planet), beings from, aid man 271.
-beings from, far advanced 272.
-emerging from planetary rest 275.
-influence of, increasing 275.
-man never inhabited 275.
-polarized metal 274.
-staff of 410, 412-414.
-thrown off from sun 263, 272.
Mercury, Lords of, see Lords of Mercury.
Mercy urged by heart 393.
Mesmer sent by Elder Brothers 512.
Messengers of Gods 272, 301, 304.
Metals, significance of 499.
Michael, Archangel 405.
Microbes expelled by vital body 63.
Migrations, of birds 219.
Milk aided evolution of desire body 166.
-as dietary factor 447.
-correct way of drinking 454.
-of St. Paul's simile 520.
-special gastric juice required in digestion of 237.
Millennium, self-government, a requisite of the 273.
Mind, acquired in Earth Period 222, 426.
-acquisition of, required change in desire body 394-395.
-activity of, instigated by Lucifers 288.
-aids lower will 394.
-and heart, chasm between 17, 393.
-arrogates rule of ego 394.
-beneficial training of, in mathematics 202, 203.
-birth of 142-143.
-coalesced with desire body 298, 394.
-concepts of, furnished by 89, 353.
-confers separate personality 266.
-contributes to spiritual growth 95.
-control of matter by 149.
-development of, at first Great Initiation as at end of Earth Period 502.
-during sleep in Desire World 93.
-extracted at death 97.
-focusing point of ego 89, 95, 393, 426.
-germinal, given by us to humanity of Vulcan Period 428.
-given by Lords of Mind 222, 265.
-given to man in Atlantis 298.
-gives purpose to action 298.
-goes with ego into Desire World 103.
-highly creative in Jupiter Period 427.
-in mineral stage 298, 426.
-is not yet one-pointed 426.
-linked to desire 395, 465.
-macrocosmic, concrete 142, 145.
-method of working of 89-91.
-mirror or focus of matter and spirit 266.
-most important instrument of spirit 425.
-mystery of, revealed by first Great Initiation 502.
-necessity of 57, 75, 298.
-of child who dies, etc. 117, 172.
-open, advantages of 7.
-organs of, undeveloped 75.
-prayer for 435, 464.
-race religions given to emancipate 395.
-resolved into threefold spirit essence 129.
-to attain creative perfection in Vulcan Period 422.
-to be absorbed by divine spirit 428.
-to create living, growing forms in Jupiter Period 427.
-to create living, growing, feeling things in Venus Period 427.
-to create living, growing, feeling, thinking things in Vulcan Period 427.
-unfolded by man 166.
-union of, with heart 18.
-unorganized 75, 76, 481.
-use of 57, 75, 298.
-waking activities tear down body 92.
-wedded to desire 395.
Minds, Lords of, see Lords of Mind.
Mind stuff, basis for thought 30.
-manner of selection of 133.
Mineral, all gases are 166.
-becomes human in Vulcan Period 428.
-compared to man 56.
-consciousness is that of trance 85.
-entered evolution in Earth Period 232, 428.
-group spirit of, in Region of Abstract Thought 74, 85.
-has no feelings 65.
-inert, due to lack of finer vehicles 58.
-lack of conscious activity in 58.
-latest life wave in Earth Period 74, 428.
-lowest ether only active in 58.
-planetary ether envelops 58.
-present humanity works with 427, 428.
-responds to impacts without consciousness 32.
-will reach human stage in Vulcan Period 342.
Mineral state, forms of stragglers go back to 343.
-breaking of, gives Earth Spirit pleasure 65.
Mining operations give feeling of relief to Earth Spirit 505-506.
Missing link 342.
Mission of Christ 367-410.
Missionaries, foreign 163, 308.
Mixing Blood, ceremony of 145, 353.
Mongolians, see Atlantean races (subhead Mongolians).
Monkeys, see Anthropoid Apes.
Moon, abode of failures of life wave 264.
-and Sun forces in propagation 283.
-beings of, degenerate 334.
-eighth sphere 264-265.
-emanations of, crystallizing 265, 334, 346.
-field of disintegration 264.
-Jupiter's fourth 259.
Moon Forces, active in form building 265.
-cause death 265.
-in intra-uterine development 334.
-work in female as imagination 267, 268.
Moon Period, all-consciousness lost in 216.
-atmosphere of, "fire-fog" 213, 217.
-beings of, had gill-like organs 228.
-beings of, had horizontal animal spine 228.
-characteristic of, moisture 213.
-Cherubim aid man in 215, 221, 229.
-classes evolving in 226.
-consciousness of, internal pictures 217.
-dense body reconstructed in 214.
-described in Bible 328.
-division of globe 218.
-evolutionary status of man in 216, 217, 228.
-flowing currents of 217, 219.
-globes of, were water 213.
-human spirit linked to divine spirit in 215.
-human spirit linked to life spirit in 216.
-humanity of, the angels 222, 349, 376.
-Lords of Individuality took charge of 214.
-Lucifer Spirits progress in 286.
-man becomes able to make sound in 219.
-man fed upon milk of nature 447.
-man gains germinal desire body 214-215, 422.
-man in animal stage in 217, 228.
-man suspended by cord 217, 228.
-migratory propagative flights in 219.
-mineral-plant soil of 227.
-muscles acquired in 214.
-pictures of, seen involuntarily by man 473.
-pioneers of, fruit trees 342.
-plants and minerals in 227, 228.
-satellite of 219.
-Seraphim awakened germ of human spirit in 215, 221, 228.
-sympathetic nerves originated in 239.
-stragglers of 265.
-three elements 234.
-three kingdoms of 234.
-vital body reconstructed 214-215.
Moon Revolution (third) of Earth Period 242, 243.
-work on desire body in 209.
Moons, beings of, may return to parent planet 260.
-dissolution of 260.
-encircling planets 255.
-purpose of 218, 259-260, 264.
Moral growth 39.
Morning Exercises 697.
Moses, face shines at death 406.
-is reborn as Elijah 405.
Mosses, lowest degenerations of plant kingdom 343.
Motives, four admirable 464.
Motion, an aspect of Supreme Being 178, 181.
Mountain, place of initiation 169.
Muscles, atrophying 473.
-expression of desire body 395.
-originated in Moon Period 214.
-operated by desire body 455.
-operated by ego 89.
-stronghold of desire body 455.
-two kinds of 396.
Muscles, Involuntary, controlled by will 396.
-heart only involuntary muscle cross striped like voluntary 396.
-lengthwise stripes of 396.
Muscles, Voluntary, built by desire body 394.
-stripes lengthwise and crosswise 396.
Music and color, relation of 123, 124.
-and work upon archetype 123, 124.
-in sounds of nature 123.
-of heaven world produces color 123.
-of the spheres 119, 122.
-second heaven home world of 80, 119, 123, 124.
-spiritual wings of new Slavic race 305.
-vibrations of, affect form 122, 369, 375.
Musical ability 126.
Musical keynote of every ego 369.
Musician, mission of, to connect man with heaven 127.
Muspelheim, south fiery boundary of Chaos 247.
Mysteries, greater 529.
-probed by heart and mind 18.
Mysteries, lesser, and earth's strata 499-500.
-deal with Earth Period 525.
-deal with Mercury half of Period 413.
-given to Lemurians 414.
-nine degrees in 501, 525-528.
-religion, science, and art taught in 517.
-schools of 438, 520, 529.
Mystic, usually devoid of intellect 520.
-unused sex currents of 475, 478.
Mystic Cross and Star 389.

- N -
National spirit, influence of, to be transcended 393.
Nations, rise and fall of 289.
Nations, separate, originated in Atlantis 296.
-have had their day 437.
Nature, changes of, slow 184, 226.
-processes of, slow 226, 348, 368.
-with acquisition of thought man loses power over 298.
Nature Forces, agents of retributive justice 506-507, 508.
Nature spirits, dead work with 126.
Nebula, fiery, is spirit 249.
Nebular theory related to occult science 249, 322-325.
-fails to explain many facts 514.
-requires a creator 323.
-theory 205.
Negro, dense body of 290.
-descendant of Lemurian 304.
-helped by one of own race 313.
Nephesh, see Breath.
Neophyte must understand what he sees 480.
Neptune influences astrologers 260.
-not of our solar system 260.
Nerve, pneumogastric 398.
Nerves, an expression of desire body 353.
-and vital fluid 63.
Nervous system, divided in Earth Period 239.
-expression of desire body 353.
-originated in Moon Period 214.
Nervous system, Cerebro-spinal, built by desire body 394.
-and brain, secondary vantage of human spirit 397.
-under control of will 476.
Nervous system, Sympathetic, controls involuntary muscles 395.
Nervous system, voluntary, started in Earth Period 239-240.
Neshamah, Hebrew word for soul 350.
New Galilee, sixth epoch 303, 305, 311, 360.
New heaven and new earth 311.
New Jerusalem in First Heaven 116.
New Race led by highest Initiate 304, 305.
-progenitors of 311.
-seed of, from America 305.
New Testament, Christian Teachings of 315.
New Year, birth of 390.
Niflheim, cold foggy north boundary of Chaos 247.
Nimrod, type of Atlantean 166.
Nine, number, hidden in age of Christ 501.
-most significant number 500.
-number of Adam 500.
-number of beast 499-500.
-number of humanity 500-501.
Nine strata of earth 499-500.
Noah and wine, symbols 168
Norsemen and test of blood mixing 145, 353.
Nose, base of, stronghold of divine spirit 397.
-vital and dense bodies congruent at 293.
Not peace but sword 383-388.
Nuclei of world globe persist in Chaos 247.
Number, an aspect of God and Man 253.
-of Adam 500.
-of the beast 499-500.
-of humanity 500-501.
-of the saved 501.
Nutrition and assimilation 457.
-chocolate, importance of 452.
-facilitated by cheerfulness 456.
-importance of water in 446, 449.
-phosphate of lime retards 443.
-phosphorus, element of, in vegetables and fruits 453.
-science of 441-457.
-sugar important in 447.
-sugar, no phosphorus in refined 453.
-value of plants and fruits in 452, 458-460.
Nutrition, see also Food.

- O -
Objective consciousness 417, 421.
-creative 419, 421.
Objective Consciousness, see also Waking Consciousness.
Observation, important aid to aspirant 492.
-necessary in superphysical worlds 25, 492.
-student should learn by 131.
Obsession, how to diagnose 173.
-in anger 144.
Occult discovery of earth's third motion 512.
-exercises, warning concentration 399-400.
-key to Bible 319.
-knowledge, acquirement of, without proper motive dangerous 22.
Occult schools, correlated to seven rays 438.
-rites of initiation vary in 502.
-seven orders of 438.
-six steps of "Preparation" in 502.
-teachings of, not definite about periods preceding and following Earth Period 503.
Occult science, first law of 460.
-seven secrets of 506.
-teaching of, respecting sex function 471.
Occult scientist, does not merely "believe" 147.
-finds answer to heart anomaly in memory of nature 396.
-food of 505.
-investigates earth 498.
-sees one life in all 495.
-uses concentration as prayer 463.
Occult student learns by observation 131, 132.
Occultism, and science 99.
-valuable books of, reconciled 270, 274-275.
Occultist, sees twelve colors in spectrum 253.
-test of true 400.
-unused sex currents of 475, 478.
Oceanic region 50.
Old Testament contains Jewish religion 308.
"On earth Peace, Goodwill toward men" 391.
Only Begotten, see Word.
Organs atrophying and developing 473.
-dormant 473.
Original Semites, see Atlantean races (subhead Original Semites).
-chosen people of Jehovah 309, 334.
-dense and vital bodies become concentric in 300.
-developed cunning 299, 309, 335.
-difficult to guide 309.
-lose sight in inner worlds 300.
-married outside race 310, 335.
-see objects clearly defined 300.
-used faculty of thought 299, 309.
Original sin esoterically explained 278.
Original Turanians, see Atlantean races (subhead Original Turanians).
Osmosis first form of assimilation 263.
Ossification of dense body 442-443, 453.
Ova, difference in, indistinguishable between higher animals and human beings 343.
-impregnated, worked on by mother's desire body 138.

- P -
Pain and bearing of children 278.
-educational benefits of 131.
-factor in developing independent thought 363.
-factor in developing Lemurian's bodily sensibilities 279.
-in amputated limb 64.
-in education of Lemurian 279.
Paine, Thomas, liberation of, from race spirit 350.
Painter learns to build artistic eye 126.
Panorama of life and retrospection 111.
-basis of pleasure and pain 109.
-ego watches 101, 102, 114.
-in desire world 108.
-in etheric region 102.
-length of 102.
-obtained from blood 398.
-read in reflecting ether 135, 161.
Panoramas, two 129, 130.
Paralysis from condition of vital body 63.
Parturition, painful, cause of 283.
Passion, region of 44-45.
Past lives, memory of 171.
Paternalism supersedes individualism 393.
Paths, mystic and occult 520.
Patriarchs, long life of 354.
Patriotism, eliminated through international marriage 355.
-fanatical, bar to progress 307, 312.
-from race spirit 350, 359, 360.
-superseded by altruism 355.
Peace and a sword 387, 388.
-on earth 387.
-that passeth understanding 122.
Peat, mineral-plant 227.
Pentecost and gift of tongues 433.
Perception in Atlantis 293.
-of higher worlds 24.
Periods and corresponding states of consciousness 189, 417, 421.
-and seven days of creation 327-433.
-comparative length of 420, 421.
-cosmic night of rest between 196, 243.
-man's progress through 189.
-not related to planets 190, 412.
Periods, Seven, from man to God 188.
-harmonize with Bible teaching 317.
-incarnations of earth 188-193.
Perpetuation of race by angels 283, 288.
Persistence, no results without 487 -reward of 496.
Personality in desire body 243.
-desire body seeks to rule 348.
Phallicism taught spiritual regeneration 534.
Philanthropist works in heaven 120.
Philosopher's Stone, each makes for himself 438, 519.
-formed of concrete material 519.
-formula of, given esoterically 438.
-handled by many 438.
-making of, symbolized 519.
-wrought by Christ 520.
Philosophies recognize involution and evolution 185.
Philosophy of Rosicrucians logical 8.
Phosphorus, brain needs 452-453.
Phosphorus, found in vegetables and fruits 453.
-necessity of, for brain in mental and spiritual work 453.
Physical world, chemical region of 29-34.
-densest 29, 187.
-etheric region of 34-38.
-man must conquer 300.
-matter and force inseparable 149.
-occupies less space than higher worlds 180.
-reflected in higher regions 43.
-seven divisions of 30.
-transformed by imagination 426.
-valuable as experiment station 32.
-world of form 119.
Physical world, see also Earth.
Picture consciousness of animals 83.
-dream or internal 74, 83, 217, 415, 419, 421.
-self-consciousness 418, 419, 421.
Pilgrimage through matter, beginning and end of 87.
-culmination of 429.
Pillar, Him that overcometh will I make a 158.
Pineal gland and pituitary body 473-477.
-awakened by training 477.
-degenerated 262.
-dormant at present time 473.
-first sense organ 261, 262.
-now connected with voluntary nervous system 477.
-organ of clairvoyant sight 477.
-third eye 262, 473.
-vantage of human spirit 397.
-vibratory union with pituitary body 479.
-will again connect man with inner worlds 473, 477.
Pioneers of animal kingdom 234.
-of Earth Period receive mind 265.
-progress of, result of adaptability 337, 342.
-provided for 372.
Pituitary body and pineal gland 473-477.
-awakened by training 477.
-dormant at present time 473.
-now connected with voluntary nervous system 477.
-spiritual exercises for 478-479.
-vantage of life spirit 397.
-will again connect man with inner worlds 473, 477.
Planes, see Cosmic Planes.
Planetary ether interpenetrates form 58.
Planetary desire world interpenetrates physical world 65.
Planetary spirits, bodies of, spherical 255.
-collectively they are God 253.
-differentiated hierarchies 182.
-replaced by regents 182.
-God's ministers 180.
-possess vehicles 252, 253.
-Seven Spirits before Throne 180, 252-253.
-threefold 182.
Planetoids, see Asteroids.
Planets, birth of 258.
-bodies of planetary spirits 255.
-each has three worlds 53.
-evolution of 256.
-satellites of 255.
-seven, circle around our sun 255.
-thrown off from Sun 259, 271, 272.
-unknown, in our solar system 513.
Plant as food 458, 460.
-chaste generation of 535.
-circulation of sap in 37.
-compared to other kingdoms 56, 57, 86.
-consciousness of 85, 458.
-deposit of color in 37.
-explanation of inertness of 58, 69.
-extirpation of, causes pain to Earth Spirit 65, 505.
-group spirit of, in center of earth 85.
-group spirit of, in Region of Concrete Thought 74, 85.
-guided by angels 349, 427.
-life of seed of, withheld by group spirit 461.
-of Hyperborea 331.
-of today molded from Hyperborean 331.
-only chemical and life ethers active in 58.
-remains of, found in polar region 512.
-started evolution in Moon Period 226, 427.
-vital body of, built by angels 222, 349.
-will reach human stage in Venus Period 342.
Plato's theory of world soul 85.
-story of Atlantis 291.
Pliny the Elder 510, 511.
-elder 510-511.
Pneumogastric nerve 398.
Poems (quoted).
-Chambered Nautilus. Oliver Wendell Holmes 159.
-Creed or Christ. Max Heindel. -Dying and bringing to birth. Johann von Goethe 249.
-I am the Voice of the Voiceless. Ella Wheeler Wilcox 460.
-One Ship Sails East. Ella Wheeler Wilcox 163.
-Sun intones his ancient song. Johann von Goethe 119.
-Though Christ a Thousand Times Be Born. Angelus Silesius 389.
-Vision of Sir Launfal. James Russell Lowell 115, 116.
-When self-control he gains. Johann von Goethe 137.
-Who is the Grail? Richard Wagner 389.
Poets inspired in Heaven World 120.
Poetry soul's expression of feeling 119-120.
Polarian Epoch (first) 261-262, 330-331.
-dense body in 165, 263.
-earth and man ethereal in 165.
-evolution of earth during 261.
-function of pineal gland in 261.
-humanity evolves in a fiery condition 261.
-man of, mineral-like 165, 261.
-mankind confined to polar region of sun 261.
-mentioned in Bible 330.
-recapitulation of Saturn Period 263.
-reproduction of man in 262.
Polyps, last degeneration of mammals 343.
Possessions, worldly, a source of worry 386.
Power, first aspect of Supreme Being 178, 374.
Power, in words 295.
-an aspect of Supreme Being 178, 181.
"Powers of Darkness" 222.
Prayer and concentration 463.
-Lord's Prayer 435, 462-466.
-misuse of 386, 434.
-proper use of 434.
-saves post-mortem misery 463.
-unceasing 434.
Precession of equinoxes and rebirth 159.
Primordial substance 321.
Prisms, vital body built of 10.
Prisoners, humane treatment of 385.
Probationers, enter service of humanity 531.
-must sever connections with other occult orders 531.
-must shun "circles" or negative gatherings 531.
-spiritual exercises performed in private 532.
Progress in Salvation 229.
-result of adaptability 223, 303, 337, 340.
-three factors in 337.
-through loss of some faculty 300.
Progression or retrogression 341.
-spiritual or physical 515.
Promised land, present earth 310, 335.
-our present Earth 310, 335.
Propagation in Polarian and Hyperborean Epochs 262-263.
Propagation through life ether 36.
-duty of 472.
Proselyting 308.
Physical Research, Society for 140.
Psychometrists 38.
Ptolemaic system has points needed in physical world 514.
Puberty, changing of boy's voice at 536.
Purgatory, avarice eradicated in 105.
-benefits from 104, 109, 114.
-children exempt from 117.
-drunkenness eradicated in 105.
-experiences built into seed atom in 114, 120.
-life is shortened in, by restitution 107.
-method of avoiding 111.
-occupies lower region of desire world 112.
-purpose of 110.
-suicide's experience in 104.
-suffering in 107.
-time in, usually one-third of life in physical world 107.
Pythagoras demanded study of mathematics 203.
-and music of the spheres 119.
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Re: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel

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- Q -
Quartz, significance of 499.

- R -
Race bodies, development of 289.
Race, must not identify ourselves with 307.
Race Religions aid humanity 433.
-based on law 380, 383, 386, 392.
-creators of sin 380, 383.
-enumeration of 374, 383.
-fifth, conquering world of matter 168.
-fundamentally separative 384.
-influence man from without 380.
-inspired by same spiritual impulse 515.
-Jehovah the author of 334, 374, 380, 383, 433, 435.
-Jewish 312.
-peculiar to Earth Period 271.
-point to one who is to come 386.
-prepare for union with Jehovah 433.
-present insufficiency of 383, 395.
-purpose of 395, 433, 435.
-spiritual solar impulses via moon 403.
Race spirits, the archangels 334, 349, 403.
-considered a group before the individual 352.
-exercise a protectorate over evolving humanity 348.
-foster patriotism 350.
-gain entrance to blood by means of air inspired 350, 356, 380.
-guide the races through the blood 350.
-instigate wars 334.
-promote pride of race 351.
-realize deficiencies or religion 383.
-still work with man 359.
-unrelenting law of 384.
-under rule of, groups were considered before individuals 392.
Race spirits, see also Archangels.
Races and their leaders 270-273.
-degeneration of 289, 290.
-evanescent feature of evolution 311.
-first evolved in Lemurian Epoch 271.
-of fifth epoch 305.
-of future aided by Mercury 275.
-perpetuation of, controlled by angels 288.
-progress through epigenesis 344.
-sixteen in our evolution 271.
-sixteen paths of destruction 306-307, 312, 401.
-steps in evolution 312.
-to end with coming epoch 305, 312.
-worked upon by race spirits 350.
Ray, Brothers of same 438, 439.
Rays, seven, of humanity 439.
Reality of higher worlds 28.
Reason, cunning transmuted into 309.
-based in desire 396.
-frustrates designs of ego 399.
-gained in Aryan Epoch 298.
-in conflict with heart 393.
-superseded by love 311.
-to satisfy, aim of Rosicrucians 439.
Rebirth and Law of Consequence 147-174.
-and precession of equinoxes 159.
-Christian doctrine 164, 170.
-compatible with justice 153.
-continued embodiments in perfecting vehicles 153, 338-340.
-ego's preparation for 133-139.
-evidenced by genius 155.
-not adequate for stragglers 401.
-proved by occult investigation 147.
-provides purpose for living 132, 133.
-purpose of, gaining experience 130, 131, 158.
-reconcilable with Christ's atonement 401.
-regulated by sun's position 159.
-temporary suppression of truth of 167, 168.
Rebirth, Law of, allows free will in detail 129.
-applies to evolution of earth 412.
-brings ego back to work for self and others 133.
-compatible with evolution 151.
-connected with planetary movements 159, 160.
-differs from transmigration 157.
-explains life 157.
-law of, not unalterable 160-161.
-law of, secretly taught 160-169.
-meets individual need 161.
-public teaching of, forbidden by Christ 164, 165.
-repeated embodiments in gradually improving vehicles 153.
-taught in story of blind man 170.
-taught prior to Christ 167.
Rebirth, see also Consequence, law of.
Rebirths of our Earth 190, 401.
Recapitulation always on higher spiral 208, 245.
-and embryo 255.
-as spirals within spirals 245, 420-421.
-Bible refers to 329.
-in ante-natal development shows past stages of evolution 255, 343-344.
-necessary at beginning of each period 208.
-of previous periods 208-209, 420-421.
-shows past stages of evolution 343-344.
-takes up new work 209.
Reconstruction of earth's surface 129.
Recording Angels, see Angels, Recording.
Red blood and indwelling spirit 86.
Red blood, warm, and indwelling spirit 69, 86, 268, 274.
-outgoing current of 69.
-cold, currents of, directed inward 69.
Redemption, see Salvation.
Reflecting ether, carries pictures to life spirit 398.
-records of, unreliable 38.
-records of, used by mediums 38.
-reflects memory of nature 37, 38.
-retains record of every happening 37.
-transmits thought 38, 90.
Reflection of higher worlds and regions in lower 51.
Regent of earth 408.
Regents of planets 182.
Regions of physical world 30, 54.
-of thought world 30, 54.
-subdivisions of different 30.
Regions, see also Worlds.
Reincarnation, see Rebirth.
Relaxation preceding concentration 485.
Religion, evolution of 367.
-evolves with man 367.
-four steps in 302, 303.
-proselyting objectionable 164, 308.
-true, embodies science and art 516.
Religion of Father, see Father, religion of.
-orthodox, fetters of 519.
-universal, to be Christianity 367.
Religions, earlier, preliminary to Christianity 164.
-hidden teachings in 520.
-pre-Christian, taught rebirth 167.
-various, necessary 371.
Repentance 107, 111.
Replenish, significance of word 332-333.
Reproduction, duty of 539.
Repulsion and attraction 42, 43.
-dominates lower desire world 42.
-in thought processes 46, 89, 90.
-mainspring of, is self-assertion 45.
-shatters vice 47.
Rest between periods and revolutions 250.
-compared with sleep 94.
Restitution, purgative effect of 107.
Retrogression or progression 341.
Retrospection advances aspirant 111.
-review of day's happening 111.
-shortens purgatory 111.
Return of good for evil 393.
Revenge imprinted on vital body 463.
-form of memory of desire body 46.
Revolution, circle of life wave 196.
-present 199, 209, 245.
Revolutions and cosmic nights 195-200.
-as correlated to man's vehicles 209.
-globes and periods of 412.
-in Bible narrative 327.
-of Earth 199, 209, 236-245.
-recapitulate period 208-209, 212, 245.
-rest period between 243-245.
-three and one-half completed 199, 209.
Rhythmic vibrations, power of 122.
Rib of Bible narrative 347.
Rmoahals, see Atlantean races (subhead Rmoahals).
Root of Nose, seat of divine spirit 292-293.
Rose Cross, aim and end of human evolution 519.
-Initiation of 519.
-points to man's ultimate perfection 519.
-reveals Philosopher's Stone 519.
-symbolism of 534-539.
Rosenkreuz, see Christian Rosenkreuz.
Rosicrucian only known by brothers 250.
Rosicrucian Brotherhood, Christian Rosenkreuz link with higher council of 523.
-consists of thirteen 522.
-devoted to making Philosopher's Stone 519.
-emblem of 522.
-five brothers of, never leave temple 523.
-formed on cosmic lines 521.
-founded by Christian Rosenkreuz 518.
-guards secret of creation of life 299.
-head of, hidden from world 523.
-Hierophants of Lesser Mysteries 520.
-invisible power behind governments 520.
-lay brothers live in world 523.
-mediators between man and Gods 304, 327.
-one of the seven schools of Lesser Mysteries 438.
-seven brothers go into world 523.
-teachings correlate spiritual truths with science 521.
-teachings for intellectual 439, 478, 521.
-work of, for world 529.
Rosicrucian Brotherhood, see also Elder Brothers.
-Fellowship 530-533.
-greeting 538.
-methods aim to make pupil self-reliant 531.
-Bacon 251, 518.
-Baldus 251.
-Boehme 251, 518.
-Comenius 250.
-Goethe 249, 519.
-Helmont 251.
-Paracelsus 251.
-Saint-Germain 433.
-Shakespeare 251.
-Wagner 389, 519.
-first occult school giving particulars of periods preceding and following Earth Period 503.
Round table, knights of 409.
Royalty, Atlanteans institute 295.

- S -
Sacrifice, of Christ beacon of hope 373.
-of self to Christ 372.
-law of the spirit 368.
Saint-Germain, Comte de, incarnation of Rosenkreuz 433.
Saint-Germain, see also Christian Rosenkreuz.
Saint Paul believed in rebirth 315.
-gives deeper teachings to qualified 320.
-had an inner and outer teaching 520.
-had knowledge of race spirits 350.
-sayings of 389, 434, 506.
-"third heaven" of 146, 528.
-uses allegory 319.
Salt injurious 457.
Salvation, and forgiveness of sin 373, 402.
-Christian doctrine of 400.
-evolutionary plan 229.
-is progression 229.
-needed by many 402.
-promised 315.
-theology's plan of 150, 151.
Saturn destroys his children 206.
-second planet thrown off sun 258.
Saturn Period, Biblical narrative of 327-328.
-candidate consciously views evolving life in 525-526.
-consciousness of, trance-like 206.
-darkness and warmth prevailed in 205.
-dense body and divine spirit gained in 207.
-densest globe in region of Concrete Thought 204-205, 222.
-evolution of 195-196.
-in world of divine spirit 216.
-life of incorporated in globe 205.
-Lords of Flame work on globes of 206.
-Lords of Mind humanity of 222, 376, 427.
-man mineral-like 205, 212, 427.
-one element of 234.
-sense organs, ability to develop in 206.
-stragglers of 224, 230.
-virgin spirits in world of divine spirit in 216.
Saturn Revolution, (first), brain formed in, of Earth Period 236.
-first work on dense body 208, 236, 239.
Savages, descendants of Lemurians 289, 304.
Savior, physical and spiritual 391.
Science and Art, corroborates occultism 99.
-deals only with form 185, 248, 342.
-embodied in true religion 516.
-erroneous conclusions of 342.
-must become reverent 299, 410.
-taught in initiation temples in Lemurian times 281.
Science, orthodox, fetters must be repudiated 519.
-overlooks degeneration of form 291.
Science, occult, harmonizes with science 322.
-theories of, regarding earth strata 498, 511.
Scotch, clairvoyance of 354.
Second Coming depends on separation of church and state 386.
-in sixth epoch 360.
-unifying effect of 384.
Second sight, see Clairvoyance.
Seed Atom, Dense, blood etches pictures upon 398.
-fastens silver cord 98.
-forces of, leave body at death 97.
-forces of, retained from life to life 97.
-forces of, retained in all vehicles 97.
-gathers new material 134.
-in left ventricle of heart 97, 396.
-nucleus for next body 97.
-of world globes persist in chaos 247.
-placed in semen 137.
-returned to Jesus by Christ 408.
-withheld by group spirit 357, 461.
Seed Atom, Desire, extracted in First Heaven 120.
-nucleus for new desire body 134.
-seat of conscience 120.
Seed Atom, Mind, gathers new mind material 133.
-Vital, forces of, extracted after death 103.
Seed-Race, but few of, remained faithful 310.
-under care of Jehovah 334.
Seeing not synonymous with knowing 25.
Seer, true aim of 68.
Seismic phenomena, scientists seek physical causes of 498.
Self and Not-Self 358.
Self-assertion, mainspring of repulsion 45.
Self-consciousness, object of descent into matter 189, 216.
-possession of, enabled man to exercise will 166.
-until attainment of, man led by higher beings 166.
Self-cultivation necessary 384, 393-394.
Selfhood, conversion of, into selfishness 397.
Self-mastery 273, 537-538.
Selfishness routed by altruism 368.
Semi-circular canals 126.
Semites, original, see Atlantean races (subhead, Original Semites).
Sensation due to separate vital body 504.
-of earth exists in fiery stratum 504-506.
Sense Organs, ability to develop, given in Saturn Period 206.
-of genius 155, 161.
-to be outgrown in future 262.
Sense perception, Lemurian had at birth 276.
-through light ether 36.
Senses, higher, dormancy of 24.
Sensitives, stragglers or pioneers 241.
Separateness, limitation of life by form 247.
Separation of sexes, see Sex separation.
Septuagint 320.
Seraphim, aid man voluntarily 215.
-awakened germ of human spirit 215, 221, 228.
-did not aid in creating form 326.
-not mentioned in Creation Story 326.
-passed to liberation 220-221, 326.
-worked in Moon Period 215, 221, 228.
Serpentine Path of evolution 413, 414.
Seven Spirits before Throne, see Planetary spirits.
Seven unspeakable secrets 506.
Sex, alteration of, from life to life 160.
-current necessary to work in inner worlds 478.
-determined by life ether 36.
-origin and end of 364.
Sex Force, abuse of, prompted by Lucifers 287.
-aspirant must conserve 471.
-half of, feeding brain 285, 467.
-manifestation of, in inner worlds 267.
-proper use of 472.
-reflection of Holy Spirit's creative energy 468.
-stored in blood 144.
-transmutation of 467.
-used in inner growth 284, 536.
Sex Function, abuse of, causes pain 278, 283, 288, 362.
-and opening of man's eyes 283.
-controlled by angels 277, 283.
-designed solely for perpetuation of species 288.
-for propagation only 468, 469, 471.
-mania leads to insanity 536.
-obligation of 468-469, 472, 539.
Sex Separation, Biblical story of 347.
-brain and larynx built by 269, 284.
-consummated when earth was thrown off sun 268.
-in Lemuria 267-270, 346.
Shakespeare, William, authorship of 251.
Sheep and goats, no arbitrary division of 224.
Sight gained in Atlantis 276.
Silence of Second Heaven 122.
Silent Watcher, see Divine Spirit.
Silver cord, both ends meet in vital seed atom 10.
-completion of, ends childhood 10.
-connects higher vehicles to dense body 97.
-grown anew in each life 10.
-joins heart, solar plexus, and liver 10.
-rupture of, causes death 98, 102.
-shape of 98.
Sin, against Holy Ghost 468.
-natural consequence of race religions 380, 383.
-purgation of, in purgatory 107.
-taken away by Christ 408.
-visited upon children 468.
Sin, forgiveness of, see Forgiveness.
Sinners, salvation of 402.
Sixteen paths to destruction 231, 306-307, 312, 401.
Sixteen races 231, 271, 306, 312, 401.
Skeleton indicates state of consciousness 456.
-material expression of divine spirit 397.
-originated in Moon Period 214.
-pliability of, in Lemuria 275, 346.
Skepticism blinds to truth 6.
Skin important eliminating organ 444.
Slavs, future of 306.
Sleep, blood leaves brain when body goes to 239.
-compared to death 102.
-compared with rest 94.
-fatigue of body removed in 94, 481.
-induced by collapse of vital body 93.
-lower ethers active during 482.
-not an inactive state 93-94.
-restores harmony 93.
-similar to perfect concentration 483.
-work of aspirant during 484, 485.
Solar energy exhausted in digestion 239.
-energy utilized by vital body 63.
-fluid in vital body 63.
-forces in Hyperborea fed man 269.
-Plexus negative center of development 241.
Solar system, coagulation of 187.
-creation of 183, 321, 323.
-creator of, a logical necessity 29, 323.
-God the architect of 179-181.
-goes through birth and death 183.
-planetary spirits in 180, 253.
-reason for 246.
Solar systems departments of God's kingdom 180.
-float in world of life spirit 55.
-purpose of creation of 183.
Son, religion of, see Christianity. Son, the creative word 181.
-highest Initiate of Sun Period 376.
-unifying religion of 384.
Sons of God marry daughters of men 310, 335.
Soul amalgamated with spirit 425.
-creation, stories of 344-346.
-intellectual, absorbed by life spirit in Venus Period 425.
-is here to acquire experience 432.
-of all flesh in blood 350.
-scientific attempts to weigh 99-101.
-spiritualized product of body 95.
-theological doctrine of creation of 148-151.
-transmutation of bodies into 425.
-yearns for power 17.
Soul, animal 482.
Soul force, twofold 284.
Soul growth depends on spirit's activity 96, 424.
-method of producing 95, 96, 424-426.
-promoted by activity of dense body 96.
Soul Life, region of 47.
Soul Power, attained by evolution 189, 429.
-region of 47.
Soul, Threefold, constitution of 95, 424-425.
-evolved by spirit within 424.
-spiritualized product of bodies 95, 96, 424, 435.
Souls, transmigration of, no basis for 158.
Sound builds climate, flora, and fauna 125.
-in Second Heaven as color 124.
-in Second Heaven builds bodies 124.
-music of spheres 119, 122.
-power of 122, 181, 369.
-vibrations of, change form 122, 369.
Sound, harmonious, factor in amalgamation 124.
-rhythmic, creative power of universe 181.
Sounds of Nature, Earth's "tone" 123.
-in Lemuria 276-277.
Space, non-existent in higher worlds 29.
-significance of 247.
-uncrystallized spirit 249.
Spectrum, invisible colors of 253.
-and seven rays of virgin spirit 439.
Speech in Jupiter Period 234.
-Lemurian considered most holy 278.
Spermatozoon embodies human will 284.
Spheres, music of 119, 122.
Spinal cord, Lucifers work in 361.
Spine, vertical, required by ego 86, 236.
Spiral, evolutionary path is 151, 152, 227, 413.
-of attainment 420.
-prevents duplication 227, 428.
-within spirals 245, 420.
Spirit, independent of form 31.
-involution of 337.
-limitations of, in matter 81.
-matter, states of 179.
-meets form 266.
-one, pervading all space 31, 247.
-positive pole of, life 248.
-refracted divisions of 398.
-treasures of, retained from life to life 431.
Spirit Divine, see Life Spirit.
Spirit, Threefold, see 421.
Spiritual force from Sun 86, 390.
Spiritual growth 431.
Spiritual perception, faculties of 25, 41, 480.
-of Atlanteans 294.
Spiritual powers to be regained by man 300.
Spiritual sight, see 305, 306.
-same wave of, inspired great religions 515.
Spleen, gate of vital body 63.
-now controlled by desire body 455.
-post-mortem suffering of 104.
-specializes solar energy 238.
Sport, killing animals in 461.
Staff of Mercury 410, 412-414.
Stages, four great, of past and future 416.
Starfish, plant-animal 234.
Star of Bethlehem 389, 391.
Star of Ross Cross, symbolism of 522.
Stars, successively become pole star 160.
-the clock of destiny 163.
Stellar forces and creative function 278, 283, 362.
Steps, thirteen, and their correlations to stages of consciousness 416.
-thirteen in animal kingdom 416, 500.
-three, to achieve union with higher self 432.
-four great, to God 302.
Sterility and death of races 290.
-cause death of races 341.
-produced by strange blood 357.
Sthanu, signification of word 158.
Stimulants injurious for dying 101.
Stomach, blood accumulates in, after feeding 239.
-ego acts upon 238.
Stragglers, and newcomers 223-232.
-Christ came to aid 401.
-classes of 226.
-distinguished from failures 264.
-form dark spots in sun globe 225.
-Lucifer Spirits are 286.
-may overtake pioneers 224.
-of Moon Period 228.
-of Sun Period 225.
-promoted in Moon Period 229.
-redemption of 265.
-take forms outgrown by pioneers 340.
Strata of earth 499, 503-504.
Students of Fellowship Teachings are not Rosicrucians 528.
-enrollment of 530.
Subconscious memory, see Memory subconscious.
Subjective activity, illustration of 207-208.
Success through concentrated purpose 487.
Suffix of surnames, origin of 351.
Sugar, contains no ash 447.
-refined, no phosphorus in 453.
-valuable in diet 447.
Suggestion, as an aid to medicine 63.
-man becoming less amenable to 83.
Suicide, archetype of, persists after death 104.
-post-mortem suffering of 104.
Sun, breaks up into zodiac 256.
-central 258.
-effect of, upon earth 265, 390.
-emanates from central source 258.
-exalted beings occupy 180, 181.
-evolution of, demands expulsion of stragglers 258.
-human evolution confined to polar region of 261.
-light of, contains all colors 253.
-man's highest influence from 86.
-planets thrown off from 258-260, 264, 271, 272.
-planet evolves into a 256.
-symbol of spiritual power 181, 390.
-wobbling motion of 160.
-works in male bodies as will 267-268.
-works in vital body 265.
Sun, spiritual, and Holy Night 391.
-forces of 258, 390.
-impulses of 515.
-promotes soul growth 515.
Sun Period, alimentary canal and glands started in 211.
-animals were mineral-like in 224.
-Biblical mention of 328.
-Cherubim work with man in 211, 212.
-Christ highest Initiate in 383.
-Christ regent of 407.
-consciousness of, dreamless sleep 213.
-dense body reconstructed in 211.
-densest globe in desire world 349.
-germ of vital body given in 211.
-globes of, gas-like consistency 210, 213.
-globes of, were sensitive 210.
-highest globes in World of Life Spirit 216.
-humanity of archangels 349, 376.
-life spirit linked to divine spirit in 212.
-life spirit started in 212.
-life wave traverses globes of 198.
-light existed before creation of sun 328.
-Lords of Wisdom work in 211.
-man plant-like in 213.
-stragglers caused sun spots in 225.
-two elements in 234.
-virgin spirits blinded by second veil of matter in 216.
-work on vital body begun in 210, 211.
Sun Revolution (second) of Earth Period, vital body reconstructed in 240.
Sun Spirit, Christ is 391.
Sun spirits, see Archangels.
-name of, in ancient race religions 383.
Sun spots, atavistic remainder from stragglers 225.
Sunlight, reflected modified vibrations of 403.
-spiritual floods earth 407.
Superconscious memory, see Memory, superconscious.
Supreme Being, architect of universe 179, 374.
-dissolves universe at end of manifestation 375.
-known as The One 181.
-three aspects of 181, 375.
Surnames, origin of affix 351.
Survival of the Fittest, law for the body 368.
Sword, not peace 387.
-perverted cross 392.
Symbols in three-dimensional world 534.
Sympathetic nerves, originated in Moon Period 239.
Sympathetic nervous system, see Nervous system, sympathetic.
Syphilis, mercurial treatment of 274.

- T -
Talmud 320.
Teacher, attracted to neophyte 495, 496, 524, 525.
-confidence in necessary 440.
Tears, cause of 60.
Temper, injurious effect of 144, 455.
-control of 463.
-of youth and desire body 144.
Temperament, a factor in spiritual development 520.
-and heredity 138.
Temples of Initiation, in Lemuria 281.
Temple, midnight services in 529.
-no golden key to 524.
-of Rosicrucian Order, lay brothers visit 523.
-veil of, rent 390, 407.
Temples, face the east 383.
-in past open only to Initiates 390.
Temptation, purpose of 110, 282.
Tenfold, Constitution of Man 95.
Terms, (in this work) best available 227.
-relative 233.
Teutonic-Anglo-Saxon Race 290, 305, 392.
-American branch of, has most flexible bodies 290.
The One is the Supreme Being 181.
Theological theory 148-151.
Theories, three, of life and death 147-148.
Third eye, pineal gland 262.
Third Heaven, see Heaven Third.
Thought, abstract, beneficial effects of 203.
-activities selfish 285.
-acts upon brain 89.
-breaks down nerve tissue 399.
-burns its way through obstacles 487.
-controlled by life spirit 399.
-cost of 270.
-creates image on photographic plates 537.
-cunning first attempt at 309.
-destined to become objectified 417, 418, 427.
-destroying power of 92, 399.
-determines character 398.
-developed in Aryan Epoch 298.
-effect of twin forces upon 89.
-existed before brain 18.
-expression of, highest privilege 236.
-function diminished after eating 239.
-gained in Atlantis 297, 299, 309.
-gained with sacrifice of power over Nature 298.
-generation and projection of 89-91.
-great power of, usually wasted 486.
-ideas transformed into 88, 486.
-molds body 149.
-molds matter 537.
-must be generated by spirit from within 486.
-physical world trains ego to use 33, 426.
-protects as guardian angel 47.
-reflecting ether transmits 38.
-related to memory 90, 91.
-result of unchaste 472.
-transmission of 90.
Thought, Abstract, Region of, location of 48.
-reflected in Desire world 51.
-seed stratum of earth corresponds to 504.
Thought force, means of gathering knowledge 487.
-permanent 29.
-ultimate reality 28.
Thought forms clothe ideas 49.
-permanency of 28.
-return to their creator 91.
Thought, Concrete, Region of, archetype in 49.
-divisions of 49-50, 54.
-emotion as atmosphere in 50.
-furnishes mind stuff 48.
-models of Earth in 125.
-region of, clear pictures of memory of nature in 38.
-tone apparent as color in 124.
-water stratum of earth corresponds to 504.
Thought, logical, semi-circular canals cause 126.
Thought, World of, central position of 48.
-ego functions directly in 88.
-extends beyond desire world 53, 179.
-forms of, act as balance wheels 49.
-highest of man's present evolution 48.
-man obtains mind stuff from 30, 49, 88.
-realm of music 119.
-regions and subdivisions of 48, 54.
-relation of four kingdoms to 70.
-second heaven in 119, 146.
-spirit and body meet in 48.
-third heaven in 119, 146.
Threefold Soul, see Soul, Threefold.
Threefold spirit, see Ego.
Thrones, see Lords of Flame.
Thymus gland, stores blood in child's body 143.
Time non-existent in higher worlds 29.
-amplitude of 388.
Tlavatlis, see Atlantean Races, (subhead Tlavatlis).
Toltecs, see Atlantean races, (subhead Toltecs).
Tone produces color 123, 124.
-creator of form 123, 369.
Torah 319, 321.
Trance 149.
Trance-like consciousness 74, 85, 212, 415, 421.
-abeyance of recuperative forces in 94.
-experiences in 149.
Transmigration of souls, no basis for 158.
-retrogression 157.
Transmutation of baser metals into gold 438.
-of bodies into soul 425.
-of evil 43.
-of motives 464.
-of sex force 467.
-work of, by Elder Brothers 529.
Tree of Knowledge 278, 362, 363.
Tree of Life 363.
Tribal Spirit, appears as a cloud to trained clairvoyant 350.
Trinity, Christian doctrine of 253, 376.
Trinity, of good, true and beautiful 517.
-of religion, science and art 516.
Trottes worked on by Jesus 409.
Truth, higher always ahead 440.
-is eternal 23.
-many aspects of 321.
-shall make you free 23.
Tuberculosis, cause of 113, 511.
Turanians, see Atlantean Races, (subhead Original Turanians).
Twelve and One, a cosmic grouping 521-522.
Twin feelings, interest and indifference 46, 54.
Twin forces, attraction and repulsion 46, 54.
-will and imagination 284.
Twofold energy, universal creative force 324.
-man uses selfishly 285.

- U -
Unbelief, injury from 440.
Upright walk required by ego 86.
Uranus first thrown off sun 258.
-life on, backward 258.
Union with God 495.
United States, melting pot 305, 306, 315.
Universal Brotherhood 311.
Universe, formation of 324, 325.
-logic in 440.
-maintained by God 324.
Unselfishness will release creative force 537.
Urinary system, saves man from early grave 444.

- V -
Vegetables contain very little ash 446.
Vegetarians versus meat-eaters, contests of 459.
Vehicles center at root of nose 292.
-prayer for 452.
Vehicles, higher, have no specialized organs 75.
-improved by advanced egos 289.
-leave body at death 97.
-must shine to attract teacher 496.
-of Christ Jesus 377, 406.
-of each kingdom 73.
-of new-born 139.
-of the Trinity 376.
-positive forces of individual necessary for use of 141.
-retain ovoid form 255.
-separate, importance of 58.
-spiritualization of 124.
Veil of Isis 293.
Veil of Temple rent 407.
Venus, one side always to sun 219.
-beings of, more evolved than man 271.
-pole of, points to sun 219.
-thrown off from sun 263, 272.
Venus, Lords of, see Lords of Venus.
Venus Period, consciousness of man in 419.
-desire body perfected in 422.
-divine spirit absorbs life spirit 428.
-essences of bodies acquired by desire body in 423.
-globes of, as in Sun Period 199, 200.
-Initiate of, the Apostle John 502.
-intellectual soul absorbed by life spirit in 425.
-life spirit most active in 423.
-mind creates in 427.
-minerals, the animals of 428.
-plants human in 342, 428.
Vesuvius, eruption of 508.
Vibration, atoms have rate of 375.
-each world has different rate of 187.
-of pituitary body 479.
-rhythmic power of 122, 369, 375.
-varying rates of, determine substance 40.
Vicarious Atonement, see Atonement, vicarious.
Vice shattered by repulsion 47.
Vikings understood spiritual effects of haemolysis 353.
Virgin Mary 378.
Virgin Spirit always gives wise counsel 398.
-clothed in vehicles 87.
-man is 398.
-to acquire soul power and creative mind 189, 429.
-triple phase of 223.
Virgin Spirits, become unconscious 201.
-constitute creative hierarchy 326.
-differentiated within God 188, 216.
-evolution of depends on adaptability 223.
-expressing as animals 81.
-have independent will 189.
-potentially God 189.
-seven rays of 246, 438.
-total number of, saved 231.
-World of, atomistic stratum of earth corresponds to 507.
Virgin Spirits, World of, ego conscious of God in 189.
-become unconscious 189, 201.
-becoming experts in building chemical bodies 222.
-constitute creative hierarchy 221, 326.
-have being in 87, 189, 216.
Virgin, zodiacal sign of, on Holy Night 390.
Virtue, built by attraction 47.
-distinguishable from innocence 282.
Vision, suitable glasses recommended as an aid to faulty 492.
Vital body, absorbs solar energy 63.
-amputated limbs and pain in 64.
-anesthetics affect 62.
-angels work in 283, 349.
-appears to expand after death 108.
-belongs to physical world 97.
-birth of 141-142.
-blood and glands expressions of 238, 397, 455.
-builds and restores dense body 60.
-built by angels 222, 349, 427.
-causes menstruation and tears 60.
-Christ's vehicle at Second Coming 381.
-collapse of, produces sleep 92, 93.
-color of new-born peach blossom 60, 63, 253.
-composition of 58-61, 482.
-congruent with dense body at root of nose 293, 294.
-constructed of prisms 10.
-decays with dense body 102, 103.
-determines shape of dense body60.
-development of, object of esoteric training 381, 481-482.
-division of 481.
-effect of hypnotism upon 62.
-effect of prayer upon 434, 463.
-eliminates disease germs 63.
-embedded in dense body 61.
-essence of, absorbed in Venus Period 424, 425.
-ethers of, separated by Initiation 482.
-expands after death 108.
-forms particular type of brain 135.
-function of, to soften and build 455, 456.
-given by Lords of Wisdom 211.
-has straightened out 255.
-immortal part of 482.
-impressed with pictures of coming life 135.
-impressed with revenge by desire body 463.
-in animals 77, 293.
-in four kingdoms 58.
-in Jupiter Period absorbs dense body 422.
-in Jupiter Period man's lowest vehicle 242.
-in likeness of physical body 240.
-in medium 62.
-in ordinary individual interlocked 62, 241.
-in third stage 75, 76.
-Initiations affect 404, 405.
-intuition from 92.
-looseness of, causes clairvoyance 241.
-lower ethers active in sleep 482.
-macrocosmic 139-140, 141.
-matrix of 137.
-medium of propagation 283.
-memory resides in 94.
-method of purifying 111, 482.
-molds dense body 60, 137.
-must conquer desire body 463.
-next to physical body in organized efficiency 240.
-now being separated from dense vehicle 242.
-obtained in Sun Period 211, 212.
-of Atlantean 293.
-of different kingdoms 58, 59, 77.
-of Lemurian woman developed memory 280.
-of man 60.
-of woman 60.
-panorama of life in 91, 135, 397.
-perfected in Jupiter Period 422.
-positive, causes menstruation and tears 60.
-prayer for 462.
-prepared for Initiation 404, 481.
-prismatic seed atom of, in solar plexus 10.
-promotes sex love 397.
-purification and control of 433-435.
-radiations of 63.
-reaction on dense and desire bodies 441.
-reconstructed in Earth Period 240.
-reconstructed in Hyperborean Epoch 262, 263.
-reconstructed in Moon Period 214, 215, 240.
-Recording Angels mold 135.
-repetition builds 434.
-requisite for growth 58.
-ripening of ethers in 143.
-rooted in spleen 10, 63.
-seat of memory 481.
-seed atom of, withdrawn at death 103.
-sensation due to separate 505-506.
-sensitized by prayer 92.
-separate vehicle 240-241.
-separation of ethers 481.
-silver cord, both parts meet in seed atom of 10.
-spiritualized product amalgamated with life spirit 124.
-started in Sun Period 422.
-unhealthy radiations of 63.
-vehicle of sense perception 94.
-vehicle of soul flights 482.
-vibrates dense body 61, 62.
-victory over desire body 463.
-war with desire body produces consciousness 455, 456.
-weighed by scientists 100.
-will surpass physical vehicle in efficiency 242.
-withdrawal of, in sleep 93.
-withdraws at death 97, 100, 102.
Vital force becomes rose-colored 63.
-carries message to muscles63.
-comes from sun 62.
-expels germs 63.
-stopping of, causes sleep 93.
Vital forces from ethers 35.
Vitality element in Region of Concrete Thought 50.
Voice, vibrations of, form geometrical figures 369, 537.
Volcanic, action, and materialism 508, 511.
-destroyed Lemuria 291.
-eruptions and earth's constitution 498-514.
-nature forces cause 508.
Vulcan Period, consciousness of 421.
-corresponds to the week 411.
-corresponds to white containing all colors 413.
-creative powers in 427, 428.
-divine spirit strongest in 423.
-emotional soul absorbed by human spirit 425.
-essences of bodies incorporated into mind 423.
-function of man in 428.
-globes of, as in Saturn Period 200.
-Initiation of, symbolized by Christ 502.
-last period of our evolution 411.
-man perfected in 427.
-mind becomes purified 422.
-minerals become human 428.
-minerals humanity of 342.
-recapitulations of preceding periods 411.
-revolution, (seventh) work on Divine Spirit 209.
-seventh day of creation 366.

- W -
Waking consciousness 74, 83, 300, 415, 420.
Walk, upright, necessary to ego 86.
War, industrial, more destructive than military 393.
War between heart and mind 17, 384, 393.
-death as result of 118.
-race spirits instigate 334.
Warm red blood, and indwelling spirit 69, 86, 268, 274.
-outgoing currents of 69.
Washington, Booker T., and help given Negro race 313.
Water brings forth life-breathing things 331.
-changed to wine 169.
-earthy matter in 444.
-important in nutrition 446, 449.
-in Atlantean Epoch 291.
-lines of force in 27.
Water, distilled, valuable 445, 446.
Wealth, opportunities to serve through 464
-purpose of 432.
Western peoples, vanguard will offer their bodies as "living sacrifices 316.
World, Western 113, 510, 518, 520, 521, 523, 529.
"Whatsoever a man soweth" 106.
Wilderness, wandering of Jews in 335.
Will, an aspect of God 182, 183.
-and experience 131.
-expression of desire body 394.
-first aspect of God 178, 324.
-indispensable soul force in propagation 284.
-male power of, allied to Sun forces 267.
-man frees himself by 362, 485.
-office of, in thought 89.
-power, cultivation of, in Lemuria 281.
-projects ideas into mind 88.
Wine added to diet 168.
-counterfeit spirit 169.
-evolutionary factor 165-172.
-water changed to 169.
Wisdom, cosmic, in World of Life Spirit 398.
-an aspect of God 182, 323.
-Eastern, teachings of, misconstrued 270.
-human and animal instinct 79, 84.
-obtained through striving 22.
-second aspect of God 324.
-should guide motion 324-325.
Wisdom, Lords of, see Lords of Wisdom.
-acquired by evolution 282.
Wisdom of Nature, will supersede brain knowledge 363.
Wise men 389.
Wolff, Caspar, his theory of generation 338.
Woman, allied to Lunar forces 267.
-and Lucifer Spirits 361.
-and painful parturition 283, 362.
-developed memory 280.
-education of, in Lemuria 279.
-intuition or 92.
-pioneer in culture 280.
-positive vital body of 60, 280.
Word, creative, see Creative Word.
Word, aided in creation 374.
-"Alone Begotten Son," the 374.
-aspect of Supreme Being 181.
-highest power in universe 374.
-lost 363.
-made flesh 181.
-spoken, in Jupiter Period 418.
-spoken, of power in Lemurian 278, 295.
Words, spiritually understood 234.
-use of, highest human privilege 236.
Work of ego, union with higher self 432.
World, Christ took away sin of 408.
-has dominion over man 386.
-unwilling to consider anything "too" selfish 385.
World, Desire 29.
World, each, requires separate vehicle 57, 379.
World globes and chaos 247.
World of Divine Spirit 29.
-virgin spirits unconscious in 189.
World of God 29.
World of Life Spirit, see Life Spirit, world of (See also 29).
World, Physical, see Physical World (See also 29).
World Savior, humanity led by star to 389.
World Soul crucified 85.
World of Thought, see Thought, World of (See also 29).
World of Virgin Spirits, see Virgin Spirits, World of (See also 29).
World, Western 17, 113, 315, 470, 510, 518, 520, 521, 523, 529.
Worlds, higher, man now creates in 270.
-higher, at crucifixion 407.
Worlds, called into existence separately 188, 375.
-denser than ours 233.
-each of seven, subdivided into seven regions 29.
-each planet has three 53.
-each vibrates at different rate 187, 375.
-evolutionary scheme of 186-188.
-five, field of man's evolution 87, 188.
-formation of 187, 375.
-higher, created first 188.
-interpenetrate 53, 55, 187, 233.
-logic safest guide in all 440.
-man loses touch with 294.
-seven, vary in density 29, 54, 186-188.
-three densest, comparatively evanescent 188.
-universe divided into seven different 29.
-visible and invisible 24-55, 186-188.

- Y -
Yoga systems used in India 437.

- Z -
Zodiac and rebirth 160.
-as "clock of destiny" 163.
-of Denderah 512.
Zodiac, signs of 221.
Zodiac womb of solar system 256.
Zohar written by occultists 319.
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Re: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel

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Morning and Evening Exercises Performed by the Rosicrucian Aspirant

The Evening Exercise

The Evening exercise, Retrospection, is of greater value than any other method in advancing the aspirant upon the path of attainment. It has such a far-reaching effect that it enables one to learn now, not only the lessons of this life, but lessons ordinarily reserved for future lives.

After going to bed at night the body should be relaxed. Then the aspirant begins to review the scenes of the day in reverse order, starting with the events of the evening, then the occurrences of the afternoon, of the forenoon, and the morning. He endeavors to picture to himself each scene as faithfully as possible -- seeks to reproduce before his mind's eye all that took place in each pictured scene with the object of judging his actions, of ascertaining if his words conveyed the meaning he intended or gave a false impression, or if he overstated or understated in relating experiences to others. He reviews his moral attitude in relation to each scene. At meals, did he eat to live, or did he live to eat -- to please the palate? Let him judge himself and blame where blame is due, praise where merited.

People sometimes find it difficult to remain awake till the exercise has been performed. In such cases it is permissible to sit up in bed till it is possible to follow the ordinary method.

The value of retrospection is enormous -- far-reaching beyond imagination. In the first place, we perform the work of restoration of harmony consciously and in a shorter time than the desire body can do during sleep, leaving a larger portion of the night available for outside work than otherwise possible. In the second place, we live our purgatory and first heaven each night, and build into the spirit as Right Feeling the essence of the day's experience. Thus we escape purgatory after death and also save time spent in the first heaven. And last, but not least, having extracted day by day the essence of experiences which make for soul growth, and having built them into the spirit, we are actually living in an attitude of mind and developing along lines that would ordinarily have been reserved for future lives. By the faithful performance of this exercise we expunge day by day undesirable occurrences from our subconscious memory so that our sins are blotted out, our auras commence to shine with spiritual gold extracted by retrospection from the experiences of each day, and thus we attract the attention of the Teacher.

The pure shall see God, said Christ, and the Teacher will quickly open our eyes when we are fit to enter into the "Hall of Learning," the desire world, where we obtain our first experiences of conscious life without the dense body.

The Morning Exercise

Concentration, the second exercise, is performed in the morning at the very earliest moment possible after the aspirant awakes. He must not arise to open blinds or perform any other unnecessary act. If the body is comfortable he should at once relax and commence to concentrate. This very important, as the spirit has just returned from the desire world at the moment of waking, and at that time the conscious touch with that world is more easily regained than at any other time of the day.

We remember from Lecture No. 4 that during sleep the currents of the desire body flow, and its vortices move and spin with enormous rapidity. But as soon as it enters the dense body, its currents and vortices are almost stopped by the dense matter and the nerve currents of the vital body which carry messages to and from the brain. It is the object of this exercise to still the dense body to the same degree of inertia and insensibility as in sleep, although the spirit within is perfectly awake, alert, and conscious. Thus we make a condition where the sense centers of the desire body can begin to revolve while inside the dense body.

Concentration is a word that puzzles many and carries meaning to but few, so we will endeavor to make its significance clear. The dictionary gives several definitions, all applicable to our idea. One is "to draw to a center"; another from chemistry, "to reduce to extreme purity and strength by removing valueless constituents." Applied to our problem, one of the above definitions tells us that if we draw our thoughts to a center, a point, we increase their strength on the principle that the power of the sun's rays is increased when focused to a point by means of a magnifying glass. By eliminating from our mind for the time being all other subjects, our whole thought power is available for use in attaining the object or solving the problem on which we are concentrating; we may become so absorbed in our subject that if a cannon were fired above our heads we would not hear it. People may become so lost in a book that they are oblivious to all else, and the aspirant to spiritual sight must acquire the faculty of becoming equally absorbed in the idea he is concentrating upon, so that he may shut out the world of sense from his consciousness and give his whole attention to the spiritual world. When he learns to do that, he will see the spiritual side of an object or idea illuminated by spiritual light, and thus he will obtain a knowledge of the inner nature of things undreamt of by a worldly man.

When he has reached that point of abstraction, the sense centers of the desire body commence to revolve slowly within the dense body, and will thus make a place for themselves. This in time will become more and more defined, and it will require less and less effort to set them going.

The subject of concentration may be any high and lofty ideal, but should preferably be of such a nature that it takes the aspirant out of the ordinary things of sense, beyond time and space; and there is no better formula than the first five verses of St. John's gospel. Taking them as a subject, sentence by sentence, morning after morning, will in time give the aspirant a wonderful insight into the beginning of our universe and the method of creation -- an insight far beyond any book learning.

After a time, when the aspirant has learned to unwaveringly hold before him for about five minutes the idea upon which he is concentrating, he may try to suddenly drop the idea and leave a blank. Think of nothing else, simply wait to see if anything enters the vacuum. In time the sights and scenes of the desire world will fill the vacant space. After the aspirant has become used to that, he may demand this, that, or the other thing to come before him. It will come and then he may investigate it.

The main point, however, is that by following the above instructions the aspirant is purifying himself; his aura commences to shine and will without fail draw the attention of a teacher who will depute someone to give help when required for the next step in advancement. Even if months or years should go by and bring no visible result, rest assured that no effort has been in vain; the Great Teachers see and appreciate our efforts. They are just as anxious to have our assistance as we are to work. They may see reasons which make it inexpedient for us to take up work for humanity in this life or at this time. Sometime the hindering conditions will pass, and we shall be admitted to the light where we can see for ourselves.

An ancient legend says that digging for treasure must be done in the stillness of night and in perfect silence; to speak one word until the treasure is safely excavated will inevitably cause it to disappear. That is a mystic parable which has reference to the search for spiritual illumination. If we gossip or recount to others the experiences of our concentration hour, we lose them; they can not bear vocal transmission and will fade into nothingness. By meditation we must extract from them a full knowledge of the underlying cosmic laws. Then the experience itself will not be recounted, for we shall see that it is but the husk which hid the kernel of worth. The law is of universal value as will be at once apparent, for it will explain facts in life, and teach us how to take advantage of certain conditions and to avoid others. The law may be freely stated at the discoverer's discretion for the benefit of humanity. The experience which revealed the law then will appear in its true light as of only passing interest and unworthy of further notice. Therefore the aspirant should regard everything that happens during concentration as sacred and should keep it strictly to himself.

Finally, beware of regarding the exercises as a burdensome task. Estimate them at their true worth; they are our highest privileges. Only when thus regarded can we do them justice and reap the full benefits from them.
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